I can imagine your reaction watching Kamen Rider Kabuto... A character like Ace and Tendo work if there was a character like Keiwa and Kagami as a point of view. The problem is that Keiwa lost this role after the first DGP. And believe me, with the recent revelation (Episode 26), Ace being so smart and experienced makes more sense than Tendou in Kabuto.


Kabuto is justified because of his grandma


Geats is more justified. Just watch the episode.


I did does not have a grandma cant walk the oath of heaven


lol i was about to bring up tendou too lmao


Alright. I understand that Geats is basically Reiwa's Kabtuo... But I honestly don't think that works well mostly because, up until the point I've gotten to, the DGP has been a Competition instead of just a Desprite Fight to save the world from a Monster Menace, so it just feels like he's Cheating rather than doing things for the Benefit of Humanity like Super Man. It's like if Ryuki had Geats Style, it just wouldn't make the show as interesting if he kept shitting on all the other riders like it's No Biggie. I guess that's my main problem. If it was just a fight against Monsters instead of a competition I'd think Geats is as badass as I do Kabuto...


You really can’t see the DGP as a heroic struggle to protect humanity, because for its audience, its staff, and most of the participants it is not that at all. About the only Rider participating for truly humanitarian reasons is Keiwa. Most of the DGP Riders fight because they have to in order to obtain their largely if not completely selfish wishes; protecting people from the Jyamato is a means to an end, but beside the point. Now that’s not to say I don’t love a lawful good protagonist, because I certainly do and I think that is the default for iconic Kamen Rider. But not every Rider is going to be that guy, and not even every protagonist in general, and that’s okay as long as their story is still engaging. Ace is not that kind of protagonist, and that’s fine with me because Keiwa exists, and Keiwa’s fight is considered just as valid. (Also Ace has morals and is perfectly willing to do the right thing, as is Neon, but for the end result that it benefits them primarily and innocent people second.) If we didn’t have Keiwa in this series or someone like him to champion true heroism, then I might also be annoyed.


I'm with you on this. I really love the design of the rider suits but damn. This season has a lot of that Deus Ex Machina thing going on. A lot of things unseen happen and are important but there is no way to know because it's all off screen stuff for Ace. Plus by the nature of his character being a sly and cunning fox you're supposed to kind of just accept that as reason enough which I find a bit frustrating. I know a lot of rider seasons have had some Deus Ex Machina sort of thing. In fact a lot of Japanese shows do but this season of KR just feels more prominent to me.


You’re entitled to your opinion. For me, Ace is a breast of fresh air from the usual mains I notice (naive, myopic, overly self-righteous). I like how Ace treats his persona as a facade; masking his traits, thoughts, feelings. Gives that tough love approach to supporting characters & puts ass characters in their place. He’s cool and doesn’t even have to try. I feel he isn’t self centered & wouldn’t brag or put it all up to everyone’s faces including the audience. Tendou was annoying and an obvious pretentious. I don’t get that vibe from Ace


How tf do you define "self-righteous"? Because self-righteous people are bad person, more often applies to (anti-)villain who does bad things as they think "right".


The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides. That’s how tf I define it


No I dont, the show is very self aware about how perfect the guy is, it doesn't try to sugarcoat it. If you compare him to someone like Touma, the guy that is pretty much worshipped as god, Ace's writing is way cooler.


Agree with you and I'm not gonna get into later details cuz it will be a spoiler for OP


What is "very self-aware"? Kinda another writing has to go this specific particular way that the only good way is to add awful or messed up traits in someone.


They made a point out of it. Like in episode 22, one of the key reasons Keiwa figure out the imposter was because he believed that Ace wouldn't be that careless. If it were like in Saber, then the characters wouldn't think he was was the imposter because he's such a great guy, no way he would do something that heinous (I'm not trying to take a shot at Saber, but Touma is one of the awful things to come of that show)


I think you forgot that everyone treated touma as a traitor in saber


Yeah, but its more of a plot dictated moment, for the long run, my point still stand


So it's about other character's reaction. It's actually not all well-received regarding Ace's "shilling" in ep. 15. > If it were like in Saber, then the characters wouldn't think he was was the imposter because he's such a great guy, no way he would do something that heinous Then again Touma is someone more similar to Keiwa (in morality), so it makes sense on why the reason would be like that. Like didn't Keiwa got that in ep. 19?


I like keiwa in geats he's either really background goof punching bag or i steao the spotlight


Kinda understand you hate him, I did too But you have to keep watching til the latest ep trust me, something surprising there kind of


If ace annoys you then I'll say don't watch kamen rider kabuto if you haven't already hes basically everything ace is, but I I agree that his perfection isn't something appealing to some since the show makes it seems like he can do no wrong, basically his excuse that can enable all this is the fact he's much more experienced compared to the other riders


Nope, I enjoy watching perfect protagonists (Decade, Kabuto). That's why the story is more focused on Keiwa's POV and how he comes in terms with dealing with this arrogant, hacks on, rival. It feels nice to see a normal person try to compete with this level of protagonist. However, this is coming off last year's Revice of Ikki, where he seemed to be just there, and i needed more "Umph" in a rider show.


Story wise, after the revelations in the latest episode it makes sense why he comes of a perfect guy. I see Keiwa as someone who's at the beginning of their heroic journey while Ace is someone who's already at the middle or end of his heroic journey. Plus, it's fun to have an MC who's OP like Geats.


nah he's dope. that is the real MC. he already badass from get go, what else you can ask. we already have the same MC tropes for how many times now, its good that it changes for a while. i like Geats because he is kind the MC i root fore. but I understand if you didn't like him. i mean i didn't like Tycoon he is a joke. i hate that kind of character. Na-Go start to get interesting ok, Buffa is interesting but it keep dragging. it would be better if it was only Geats and Buffa.


At least the latest episode justify why Ace is written like that.


Ace is great because he's competent and he's competent because he has experience. A lot of his tricks are set up in advance too. Like him getting back into the game, we clearly saw that wish earlier and lot of people managed to call that he'd have to die to be eliminated from the DGP. My only problem was at the end of the second game where Keiwa and Neon gave up and Ace had to come back to solo the boss. But even that had Keiwa and Neon saving the day the next episode, with Keiwa tricking Ace and Neon using her connections.


Just watch it till episode 26, you'll probably get it why he's like that.


Yea I’m with you mate


You do have a valid point. I personally am not bugged by this but if it stays this way Ace could end up being one of the most boring and underdeveloped protagonists of modern rider.


I did appreciate the build up for how ridiculous Ace is. He’s essentially not even human!


I can't say that Ace is 100% perfect and a Mary Sue. Back in episode 13 or 15, you can see that Ace has been stumbling and struggling a lot because Giroli made Ace go into the corner. Thus, Ace couldn't do anything effective until Keiwa comes up and tricks both Ace and Giroli with the help of Neon to make Ace win the situation. This shows that Ace isn't truly perfect and has some struggles such as with his sleep deprivation from Boost Mark 2 but I understand why that's the case. Now that I think about it, I think we need to see Ace do a few more guff up or show that Ace doesn't get a upper hand again in the future. Even then, I still loved Ace a lot not just because of how he makes himself mysterious but also showing care and confidence towards himself and others and how he embodies the spirit of never giving up. We can't be fully the same as Ace but we can learn something valuable from him so I felt he is a really good character!!