**Other Fixes** **North America** * Fixed Centroamerica’s Somoza not being correctly promoted to the AutDem slot. * Fixed Silverio Ortiz not being promoted correctly in Democratic Centroamerica. * Fixed the Combined Syndicates’ election cycle remaining yearly after Butler's coup. * Fixed the Combined Syndicates’ 1948 election for Norman Thomas not firing. * Fixed Jack Reed losing support in swing states, when he denounces Alf Landon. * Fixed El Salvador’s missing general descriptions. * Fixed Canada’s missing description for King Edward and King Albert. * Fixed puppet Cuba joining factions. * Fixed Lazaro Chacon being incorrectly retired from Guatemala. * Fixed NatPop Mexico joining the Entente. * Fixed Mexico’s missing leader descriptions for all of its generals. * Fixed SocDem Mexico not getting elections. * Fixed New England’s “Joint Navy Training” not giving the correct experience type. * Fixed New England’s “All Behind New England” event firing twice. * Fixed Nicaragua’s missing general descriptions. * Fixed Henry Arnold, Harry Hill and George Marshall not using their correct general descriptions in the Pacific States. * Fixed a Pacific States event firing for China. * Fixed Floyd Olson dying twice. * Fixed some America Light Cruisers being allocated as Heavy Cruisers. * Fixed a couple of minor US election bugs. * Fixed SocLibs not being added to the US Grand Coalition. * Fixed the text for Floyd Olson’s death - should correctly display the loc for if he dies mid-war vs after the war. * Fixed the West Indies Federation SocLib mechanic firing late into the game, after the second election. * Fixed the West Indies Federation getting planes from a France who has an inappropriate ideology, and asking for them when the receiver of the event does not have enough to give. * Fixed the West Indies Federation integration timer never firing. **South America** * Fixed Peron not going back to Argentina if it's puppeted. * Fixed Argentina’s missing leader description for Farrell. * Fixed Bolivia’s missing general descriptions. * Fixed Intermarium divisions spawning in Brazil. * Fixed several missing Brazilian events. * Fixed non-socialist Chile remaining in the Phalanstère. * Fixed Paraguay being unable to get its final research slot. * Fixed Paraguay's victory event against Argentina not firing. * Fixed Paraguay’s Estigarribia not having his leader description changed if he was democratically elected. * Fixed Paraguay committing ritual suicide by attacking an Argentina that has peacefully unified. * Fixed São Paulo not having Salgado as leader when it rises up against Vargas. * Fixed overlapping battalions in Patagonia’s expeditionary divisions from the Third Internationale. * Fixed the formation of Andesia requiring the wrong state. * Fixed Peru’s Benavides’ missing general description. * Fixed socialist Uruguay getting dragged into the Reichspakt or the Entente by Brazil. * Fixed Uruguay’s missing leader descriptions for Luiz Conrado Batlle Berres and Luis Alberto de Herrera. **Europe** * Fixed Albania’s assassination events not being correctly accounted for. * Fixed two states missing from being counted as British colonial claims. * Fixed German puppet Britain peacing out with the Entente, if Germany collapses. * Fixed puppet Britain peacing out with the Entente. * Fixed Teschen becoming a colony state. * Fixed Bulgaria removing the State Protection Act even when having not enough deputies. * Fixed rump Bulgaria starting Entente-Reichspakt wars. * Fixed Bulgaria dragging Austria into war with the Ottomans. * Fixed three Bulgarian national foci with contradictory triggers. * Fixed Croatia’s rebellion attempting to spawn troops on states belonging to the Socialist Republic of Italy. * Fixed several bugs with Denmark’s Scandinavian focuses. * Fixed an untriggered Danish event chain. * Fixed Denmark’s Vilhelm Buhl not being created correctly after Stauning's death. * Fixed Shkuro not being promoted if the Don-Kuban Union is puppeted. * Fixed PatAut Estonia being sometimes unable to join factions. * Fixed a victorious Finland not getting a non-aggression pact with a defeated Russia. * Fixed socialist Finland having access to the pro-German naval tree. * Fixed Flanders getting Refineries via event, without having them researched. * Fixed “The Twilight Struggle” event firing, if the Commune of France fell in the war. * Fixed the “Fate of Southern France” event not allowing Entente members to give land to their allies. * Fixed Galicia not getting Lwow when released by Russia. * Fixed Wilhelm II not dying. * Fixed the second German national focus about the Don-Kuban Union bypassing incorrectly. * Fixed Germany having to choose between annexing Limburg and giving Belgium its claims. * Fixed Germany starting with cruiser submarines but not the tech. * Fixed Germany being able to release an independent French Republic, just after beating them. * Fixed Great Britain potentially attempting to reclaim Kivu, instead of Kenya. * Fixed Greece raising World Tension, when renouncing their claims. * Fixed Greece permanently not being able to join the Reichspakt if they seize Germany’s industries, instead of temporarily. * Fixed Iceland’s missing leader description for Stefan Johann Stefansson. * Fixed the Socialist Republic of Italy declaring on syndicalist Switzerland. * Fixed the Latium state breaking Italian unification, if it was previously taken from the Papal States and cored by the Socialist Republic of Italy, before being conquered by the Italian Republic. * Fixed Latvia's decision to join the Internationale not appearing. * Fixed puppet Latvia changing government. * Fixed some Lithuanian flavour events of the LKDP and LTS. * Fixed Lombardy and Venice having elections every 3 months instead of 4 years. * Fixed puppeted appropriate countries being excluded from the Mitteleuropa Ostwall system. * Fixed the Netherlands leaving the Reichspakt, when they undergo a pro-German coup. * Fixed the Netherlands’ CNA Schism event firing for coalition CNA. * Fixed socialist Netherlands joining the Reichspakt. * Fixed Northern Ireland’s peace mission firing for the wrong country. * Fixed Norway's Rikshirden leaders not being created correctly. * Fixed NatPop Norway not being able to complete certain national focuses. * Fixed a few untriggered Norwegian events. * Fixed the Ottomans joining a faction while already leading one. * Fixed Ottoman Empires’ missing leader descriptions for Sultans Abdülmecid II and Osman IV. * Fixed Kemalist Ottomans longer getting “the Fate of Sudan” event if they annex Egypt. * Fixed a potential loophole allowing for the Ottomans to attack Bulgaria, even if they reconciled. * Fixed the Ottomans inviting countries from other factions into the Association of Muslim Nations. * Fixed Ottoman Empire’s “Greco-Turkish Accord” national spirit instantly invalidating. * Fixed the Ottomans gaining Kardzhali without Western Thrace when intervening in the Fourth Balkan War. * Fixed Poland handing over Transylvania when selling Bucovina to Romania. * Fixed Poland not losing the “Monarchist Sympathies” national spirit if puppeted. * Fixed Poland getting locked out of its foreign policy, if Austria goes the Military Occupation route. * Fixed Poland getting the debate event chain after going socialist/military. * Fixed Habsburg Poland becoming a republic. * Fixed Portugal not being able to progress down its focus tree if Mittelafrika collapses. * Fixed King Duarte not being properly removed, when releasing republican Portugal. * Fixed Romania committing its units to Serbia during the war with Austria. * Fixed Romania being locked out of its economy tree by winning against Austria too quickly. * Fixed Romania not annexing Cernauti in a peace conference. * Fixed Romanian events involving Cantacuzino and attacking Hungarian air bases not firing. * Fixed Romania’s “Obligatory Labour Camps” national focus not being available in the Cantacuzino path. * Fixed puppet Romania being unable to integrate Transylvania. * Fixed Tsar Wrangel being replaced by a Kirill impersonating his son. * Fixed Socialist Russia’s missing national spirit names. * Fixed the Russian-Ottoman peace firing, even if Russia doesn't own the Caucasus. * Fixed Russia keeping too many units as garrisons. * Fixed Russia sometimes being unable to properly invite potential members into their faction. * Fixed Socialist Russia not getting their generals back from France and Patagonia, when the Second Russian Civil War starts. * Fixed Russia annexing an isolated Transcarpathia. * Fixed Sardinia using heavy tanks as suppression templates. * Fixed Serbia being able to release Croatia and Bosnia, after declaring war on Military Occupation Austria. * Fixed the flavour event about the Fourth Balkan War firing out of context. * Fixed Yugoslavia's revolts firing while the country is occupied. * Fixed the “Replace the Habsburg Legal Code” national focus not bypassing upon finishing the Serbian Yugoslavia mechanic. * Fixed Slovenia being led by Milan Stojadinovic. * Fixed the Spanish Civil War not firing if the CNT-FAI won an invalidated election. * Fixed the Spanish king not being created on all ideology slots. * Fixed Carlist Spain joining the Entente before the Spanish Civil War has finished.




>RNG from the Russo-Ottoman deal. Does this mean that the Russian will stop attack the Ottomans director after the deal was signed?


How do you get the decision to play as Korea?


Korea is puppet only. You can't play as them unfortunately.


Are we ever going to see a change to the League flags? (The ones you get after League war are ugly tbh, just keep the normal one)


All the **chad** Alash Orda fans out there can just get my Alash Orda focus tree submod :>


>Fixed Paraguay committing ritual suicide by attacking an Argentina that has peacefully unified. lol


Where is Florence Barnes?


Is this the proper place for bug reports? I'm in the middle of a wonderful Left KMT -> China run where I've united all of China and having some success in a war on Russia. But then a message pops up that my request for military access in Transamur has been accepted, and they promptly take over a bunch of my territorial gains. I've tried savescumming, but it keeps popping up. I love the mod, but this really kill my enthusiasm for this run, especially since I'll eventually have to take on the Co-Prosperity Sphere.


So I know I’m very late, but all bug reports for KR4 go here (which requires a GitHub account, but that’s free): https://github.com/Kaiserreich/Kaiserreich-4/issues


* Fixed Jack Reed losing support in swing states, when he denounces Alf Landon ​ Not to be rude but, that wasn't the problem, it was Long gaining support in swing states


Thank you KR team for making what is, in my opinion, the greatest mod for any strategy game. You continue to fulfill my interest in video games and help me pass countless hours by creating such high quality content. I love what you are doing and am anticipating more great content in the future.


Thank you for at last making Sardinia something I would enjoy playing more than once. They always felt like the shafted member of the entente.


Still sad that Korea is only divided into "Southern" and "Northern" Korea. It should divided along the historical Eight Provinces of Korea, instead.


adding more states does take a toll on the performance tho, and korea not being a playable tag doesnt justify enough adding more


With the new character system implemented, any chance that Austria can get its puppets' generals in the future?


This might be a bit nit picky but still: >* Monarchist Bulgarian-lead Yugoslavia is now known as the Tsardom of Yugoslavia, rather than Kingdom. Why? Tsardom means empire. Why would an occupying Bulgaria “promote” the Yugoslav monarchy to its equal?


It doesn't allow Yugoslavia to become Bulgaria's equal... it changes the meaning of Yugoslavian to mean Bulgarian. Bulgarian-lead Yugoslavia is purely Bulgarian chauvanism, saying that they are all for a new identity and brotherhood and whatever, but really only using it as a front for Bulgarian supremacy over the other south Slavs. This is the same in the Bulgarian monarchy, as it is in the Zveno path. All this change is, is that Bulgarian monarchy Yugoslavia is called a Tsardom rather than Kingdom.


And in the system of world tension. If a nation joins the international or the Moscow agreement, does the tension increase? And can the opposite happen if a nation joins the entente or Germany? Does it also require a certain kind of tension that Japan requires to attack Germany in the Pacific as well as increased tension if a nation unites with Japan or conquers a new territory like Insuliland?


\>Poland (expanded current options) .... Where are those expanded options ?


You can now pick between the different socialist leaders / ideologies in that rule, previously it was just socialist in general. There's also a new rule for the elections / monarchy path too.




>Removed NatPop Brazil’s national foci for “rescuing” parts of Africa. >Apartheid now permanently sets South Africa to the highest segregation level, and is no longer beneficial. >The Korean Revolt and Puppet Monarchy have been removed. >Outside of using Game Rules, wargoals can no longer be justified before the Second Weltkrieg. NO FUN ALLOWED


\> Removed NatPop Brazil’s national foci for “rescuing” parts of Africa this is because with the West African Federation being an entente puppet whenever MAF explodes, those BRA focuses would exist without any possible use ever. \> Apartheid is no longer beneficial i dont really have to explain this right \> The Korean Revolt and Puppet Monarchy have been removed this is because Korea's puppet content has been reworked and the previous one was based on nothing and made frankly no sense \> Outside of using Game Rules, wargoals can no longer be justified before the Second Weltkrieg. this was always the case already, its been changed just to accomodate the WT rework


I know this is a pretty bad place to report bugs, but - the description for the tooltip on the *Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria* have Kenya’s localisation, I assume that this is a mistake?


You are right, this is a bad place to report bugs. Report it on the Bug Tracker, link on the sidebar.


Cool thanks, I’ll do that now then!


Federalist Zhongchang Bottom text


Wait, Anastasy Vonsyatski is available in Russia ?


You guys are awesome and thank you so much for making all this amazing content for free! Y’all need to get hired by paradox lol, cuz you’re blowing them out of the water!


Green Hungary 🤢🤮 Purple Croatia 👍 (but I like Illyria's cyan better)


Any new endonyms?


Damn, the new Serbo-Croat voiceover made me jump. What's the source on the voiceover for it?


Actually really happy with the reduced focus trees for Australasia, cant wait to give them another go


Expected release date anyone? Also please keep hungarian colous


It's out.


F for Korea


wait what?


Avanti Sardegna!


I was really excited for new Italian content, but Sardinia seems unplayable atm. The third international will always intervene if you declare on the socialists. 😥


so when we play can play on computer


Holy heck this in an impressive update.


>CNT-FAI is now led by Buenaventura Durruti. based


Cool but.. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS WITH AUSTRIA'S PUPPETS? I liked the colors :(


[Green Hungary](https://www.reddit.com/r/Kaiserreich/comments/veqzc2/oh_boy_i_cant_wait_to_see_the_new_focus_trees_and/)


Yess why tf is hungary green niw


In that case, just set AI Austria to the Military Occupation path.


My man Zhang Zongchang now can serve Fengtian! Take that you Zhili traitors, big Zhang will wave his penis alongside the five colour flag! ​ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


When is Turkey Focus Tree?


Just needs more testing really, no ETA's but it's very far along


They did add a member of the rfp so that Savinkov doesn't become the reichkommisar of Moscovien appointed by Otto von Kursell. Caspian sea becoming useful is really nice. And the nerf of the indochinese union is really good. With nsb, the strat was to retreat to hue pakse and naval invade them to death. I hope it won't be the meta. I hope claming mongolia/tibet is available to everyone that can form china and not just the major unifiers. I find controversial that east turkestan can join russia, it should be really late and ottoman should be able to invite them to Istambul pact.




No Step Back DLC


>Savinkov doesn't become the reichkommisar of Moscovien appointed by Otto von Kursell. Jesse wtf are you talking about


Because when you were doing a german state run, it was quite stupid to see Savinkov reappointed as a puppet if he was already the leader before.


> I hope claming mongolia/tibet is available to everyone that can form china and not just the major unifiers. It's all unifiers.


I did test with Kum under Fan and it didn't show the option to assimilate it. Maybe it only works after proclaming the republic


> Maybe it only works after proclaming the republic Yep


the focus where pataut norway fire’s it’s military leadership & replaces them, the replacements don’t actually appear 😰 didn’t see it mentioned


It’s in the Other Fixes comment


If you see a bug, please report it. Bug Tracker linked on the sidebar. It'll get fixed in the next hotfix.


>they took away "The Green Mountaineer" from startup I'll never forgive the KR team


But now it's in game!


Finally, after a millennia of waiting, we gamers shall grind kaiserreich once more.


What update homie? As soon as i post this something downloaded


What are the specific changes to Sardinia's focus tree?


There is a completely new one


Any overall lore changes or is it just a Canada job where the tree changes totally but the idea remains the same


> For the Manchu Coup path for Qing, each of the three electable parties change their displayed ideologies after subsequent elections, to show they are authoritarian regimes, and not democratic ones as their initial ideologies may suggest. So what ideologies are the parties now?


Pat Aut


Presumably either Paternal Autocrat or Authoritarian Democrat.


I wanted to make NCERA go authdem but there were issues regarding other tags/decisions assuming an Auth dem QIE was run by the Zhili, so all three are Paternal Autocrat for now


Unironically based, love that I can get a PatAut Qing now


Hopefully I can get them more content in the future but not any patch soon


The intent is much appreciated, though honestly even now I really like how Qing plays. It's a great example of 'less is more'.


My guess would be: YCP: Auth Dem Manchu Party: Pat Aut Millenarians: Nat Pop


All Paternal Autocrat for now


No more blessed soc lib empire. You just replace Zhili with Zhili plus. NOW SEETHE.


Idk what people expected about ycp striving for "a royal democratic country". Still think that their zvenari/kemalist agenda is way better than the naive attempt to democratize china without a century of political tutelage.


Increased state populations for: Japan (Chugoku, Hokkaido, Hokuriku, Kansai, Kanto, Koshinetsu, Kyushu, Northern Korea, Ryukyu Islands, Shikoku, Southern Korea, Tohoku, Tokai) Damn, the devs really do be fighting the demographic collapse


No more intervention in Africa as Brazilian monarchy? What's the point anymore... ​ Jokes aside, it looks really nice, it's obvious that the devs took their job seriously. Though I wonder who deemed necessary to change the color of Uruguay


Because 4 countries shared the same colour incliding Uruguay.


Ohh okay good to know


Is it just me or is sardinias and scotlands focuses Broken?


How so?


The names are Broken, like all sardinias är Called srd/something, and THE events dont seem to trigger


Please make all American VP's a supply hub, 2ACW has become an attrition shitshow after NSB.


With every little bit more of content in relation to Quentin Roosevelt, I grow stronger.


What makes it KR4 and not just KR?


It's KR for HoI4, there's been KRDH (KR for Darkest Hour, a HoI2 side-game) too.


I think it's because it is for hoi4 and not darkest hour. I could be wrong though.


There are Kaiserreich Darkest Hour and Kaiserreich 2 versions. The Darkest Hour version is still in development (albeit with few team members).


Ohhhh, thats obvious now that you've pointed it out. I didn't make the connection between HoI4 and KR4. Thought it was because it was in its 4th year of being a HoI4 mod or something haha.


When Turkey post war?


Hopefully soon, but it's not ready yet, it's in the oven though




We don't do that. We never give dates as it's easy for something to delay them and then the entire community gets furious because someone had to take their kid to the dentist or something




Nice novel you got there. And yes, reading all this was fun. I'm a big fan of the mapping changes in particular. The devs must've had fun changing the Italo-French border just for a few 2 pixel wide mountain passes. ...Kind of weird to see all of the Habsburg realm in white though...


Wait does Korea start independent then?


no, korea's content is only for flavor for when they are released by a foreign power. there is no way for korea to become independent of japan aside from being released after japan loses a war. ​ more info [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Kaiserreich/comments/ubuai3/minor_monday_52_korea/)


No. It just has a puppet tree now. Same goes for Scotland.


Korea content is only for if you beat Japan and puppet Korea


Wait what's the point though aren't you going to be a puppet of a nation that has basically finished its content? Or is it like a UK situation where you become independent and basically start a new playthrough again?


They're not supposed to be played, they're just to give some flavor to when they're puppeted.


Removing the ability to puppet Korea as a liberal Japan is kinda cringe. Also the fact that the autonomy negotiations they replaced that with always seem to fail is ungreat.


that's depressing


imo would be nice if the Austrian puppets were the same colour as Austria.


well it's the case with this patch


> Canadian Admiral Andrew Browne Cunningham, Field Marshal Edmund Ironside, and General Claude Auchinleck, are now instead included in the roster of the Union of Britain. What the fuck


Was an error that slipped through, Auchinleck was going to be returned to sender but we've decided to ship him off to India as he makes more sense there.


That means Ironside is staying?


Yes, it’s explained more on the discord for why he *was* moved, Auchinleck was just a mistake that everyone thought someone else had fixed 😅


I don't use discord, can I read the explanation for him being moved to UoB somewhere else? Would be curious to know.


u/Jorfou can provide a good explanation


Makes sense, thank you.


This made me so mad I downvoted your comment instinctuvely before realizing you were just the messenger. What a load of bullcrap


Next update Patton will serve the CSA


Zhang Zuolin is joining the Zhilli


For real, I wonder what the reasons behind this choice was.


See my comment above.


Thanks, I appreciate you answering peoples questions.


Paradox Mods update when?


>NatPop Brazil can no longer prevent Rondon's revolt. Literally shaking and crying right now! But damn, this is quite the patch, can't wait to try it out once it downloads.


> The Caspian Sea is now treated as a proper sea, allowing for supply and naval invasions. HYPE!


Fuck this gives me the horn so bad


Question, I recently lost a game as socialist South Africa that I was interested in retrying, do the adjustments to South Africa mentioned in the notes apply to socialist South Africa as well?


I have to say I'm very disappointed in the revolutionary South Africa rework of what I've seen of it so far. It appears they've gotten rid of its unique military tree (where you have to reform the army to fit a syndicalist nation), and now South Africa's military tree is the same no matter if you go syndicalist or not. It just removes so much flavor and has it feeling a lot less unique. Of all the dominion trees to rework, I'm kind of baffled they picked South Africa at all, given it was reworked anyway pretty recently. Of all the dominions I think the one that needs it the most is definitely Australasia, given it has the issue of very small political trees for nearly every possibly ideology.


The thing is that any full rework of Australasia is more likely to break it up into Australia and New Zealand.


Which is a bad idea to my mind for a number of reasons. One is that it splits dev attention, so you need to develop two full country trees rather than just one. It also makes the game's alt history less interesting by bringing it in closer to OTL.


Yeah I noticed that, I enjoyed the events that came with the syndicalist advisors arriving. I'll need to look at the actual bonuses, I made a spread sheet with the army bonuses from the old socialist tree, I'm interested with how they compare.


I get that. For me I'm more of a flavor player, I like there being a narrative in my nations. Syndicalist South Africa was actually one of the most enjoyable runs because it made you feel like you were working to change all aspects of a country's culture and institutions. Plus the fact the Entente tried to invade you for a while was also enjoyable, and would definitely make sense since South Africa is Canada's foothold in Africa. Now it just feels like the Entente lets you go and you just auto join the internationale, while you remain stuck with the same old army as you would've had as an imperial dominion.


Yes, in fact most of the work is exactly on the socialist paths


Ok great, thanks!!


>Slightly adjusted the Mittelafrikan Collapse. How exactly?


Goering now says the f word instead of the n word.


How does one get Korea?


Setowner KOR :troll:


I think Korea and Scotland content is only for if you puppet them.


MORE CONTENT FOR CHINA WOOOOOOOO > “For the Manchu Coup path for Qing, each of the three electable parties change their displayed ideologies after subsequent elections, to show they are authoritarian regimes, and not democratic ones as their initial ideologies may suggest.” Finally yes. No more ‘Manchu Coup Qing are blessed because SocDem/SocLib/SocCon’. Also is there any reason Sun Liren was moved from LKMT to Anqing?


Yes I did this for explicitly that reason, I would like to do more content for them one day too


Based KR Devs


Joke's on you, Manchu Coup is blessed because AuthDem.


> Qing Automatically cursed


>Yes, because he was not rlly relevant to the Kuomintang before the Northern Expedition and only acheived fame/experience during World War II and Civil War.


But he was training to become a civil engineer and only pursued a military career due to the divided state of China and to fight against imperialism. Him working for Anqing, especially after a failed northern expedition seems to be out of character? Is there a new background lore for him?




\>Poland can no longer core Transcarpathia. Cringe


> Swaziland no longer starts as a puppet of Germany. wait what?! in what sense was this a feature before? Swaziland is occupied by South Africa in the old start > Japan can now be released as a republic by anyone (the AI will only do it if socialist, American, or republican Chinese). but... the USA literally released Japan as a monarchy irl


A mistake while writing the changenotes - it's Sudwestafrika, not Swaziland.


ah thanks


"Moved the general Sun Li-jen to Anqing, from Left Kuomintang" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rip there goes the bromance I had every LKMT game with Lin Biao and Sun Liren as my two mains


I usually goes with Lin Biao and Xu Xiangqian and Xue Yue. LKMT has so many tactical geniuses that you can use them as spam generals. After all, most famous CCP and KMT generals are in Fujian...


Sorry can someone clarify what it means by, "custom country path" That bit confused me sorta


The options you have to force a country to go down a certain path in the game rules section




It was a collaboration between me and two of the other artists (Blackfalcon and Rylock) and I hope you like it! I'm very pleased with the result.




Not separated from the other ones I don't think, but you can see them all by going to your steamlibrary folder, then steamapps folder, then workshop folder, finding the KR one in there, clicking the GFX folder, clicking the leaders folder, and then pick whichever country you want to see! A bit of a hassle, but that's the only way I know!


Amazing patch as always just one thing, why is Sun liren in anqing now? And can he be recruited by the kmt?


Wasn’t he an civil engineer before turning to a military career due to being disillusioned with the Beiyang Zhili Government, wanting to support the nationalist ideal of unifying China and getting rid of foreign interference in OTL? Him being in Anqing seems to go against his characterisation, unless his entire history was rewritten in KR.


And just like that my posts on South Africa's syndicalists are thankfully out of date! It was great to work with the devs on touching up this small part of the mod, even if my role was nothing compared to the real work that went into making these changes. Lookin forward to a full playthrough tonight!


Dude, I saw South Africa go syndie and I saw David Ivon Jones was no longer HoS and I thought of you and your post from last year! I love it when the community influences the development of the game like this.


Yes, we have Durruti now




Thank you for hard and diligent work, this looks massive!


Being able to restore Roosevelt's Presidency is a great choice.


Save America and restore the rightful President




the entire sub on their way to play sardinia in the next couple of mins


Best mod stays winning


Claude Auchinlek now serving the Union of Britain along with Andrew Cunningham was not what I was expecting


>Added an event where Quentin Roosevelt may now be restored if MacArthur is arrested, and Olson was previously the President. Can you uncoup the federalists?


If you play as PSA and get a ceasefire with the Feds, Mac has a chance of stepping down (greater odds the closer to Washington you are). When the Feds try and negotiate with you, demand MacArthur’s arrest as a condition for unification. If the previous President was restored as a Puppet President (Landon and Garner), they’ll lose the Shadow President trait and just be a normal president. If Olson was overthrown, and Roosevelt managed to get MacArthur arrested before 1940 (he doesn’t run again in 1940 if you are PSA), you get an event where you decide if you keep the guy Mac installed as provisional President or you put Roosevelt in charge. Regardless, as long as Mac is in jail your politics in-game will be as if he never couped anyone (except you get one flavor event “MacArthur’s last speech” signaling he still has supporters)


That's so cool!


I wrote the loc for the event so I’m pretty biased, but I like that the success of the PSA directly correlates with the likelihood a post-coup Federalists will end up demcoratic


Will the mod be updated on the Paradox Plaza soon?


That'd be awesome.


"Syndicalist and RadSoc Combined Syndicates now have the same flag." Which flag do they both get?


No more trypophobia in Argentina huzzah!!


My disappointment is immeasurable


so you're very not disappointed to the point your disappointment is so low it cannot be measured? good thing to know.




>Added train names to Poland. best pach ever