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>The ending feels so rushed, like Akasaka just tries to finish it as soon as possible. I'm pretty sure it is this.


(sorry for the long comment, it's an interesting question so I got into it lmao) Personally, I can't say whether it's good or bad right now. I do want to get the full picture first, since the manga might be currently in its "hard to read weekly, but once you get everything it's actually not that bad" state. Iirc, the same thing was said about the Ice Kaguya arc, but now it's widely considered "the peak of the manga". That being said, I can completely understand where the criticism is coming from. I believe there's two quirks in his writing that's being done a lot in this finale: 1. Introducing and diving into characters late into the story 2. Aka REALLY going at his own pace when writing an arc For the first one, my take on it is he either missed his windows of opportunity, or found them very late into the game. Either way, idt a lot of people (including me) aren't a fan of something like this. It's way too convenient that x character suddenly appears, then suddenly becomes relevant for the current arc. As for the second, meh, can't really blame him. Fans of any medium will say something is rushed/dragged out too long, so him going "fuck it" and going at his own pace is understandable. At the very least, it's still not "80+ chapters of absolutely nothing" unlike...certain manga. Can definitely understand tho when the pace feels a little off. Why is this happening now? Honestly, there's no definite answer. Maybe he's burnt out from writing a romcom, or maybe he wrote himself into a corner and didn't realize it soon enough. The only answer that is 100% wrong is that he's doing it for money. Remember, Aka has two ongoing serialized mangas: one is already a top seller (Kaguya), and the other is finally exiting "hidden gem" status and gaining popularity (Oshi no Ko). If he was truly in it for the money, he would've solely ridden on the former and never had to do the latter. He even said it best in OnK: one work publishing weekly is borderline inhumane for mangakas. The man has two.


I don't really think it is a weekly problem since I just barely got caught up today without realizing I was almost caught up and I was thinking "Wow, this is really boring right now." Even though the Osaragi arc was stupid I much preferred it since it involved actual characters I cared about and I wasn't really sure where it was going while reading it. So I was at least kind of invested even if it was a waste of time looking back on it. But here? These new characters are so annoying to watch, I know our heroes are going to win and everything will be fine but the story is trying to drag it out for some reason without adding anything interesting. I remember reading the author note about the last arc going to be super serious and that just sounded alarm bells in my head because I just find any show that is focused on being super cutesy, funny, or wholesome gets really bad when it tries to be serious for too long, I thought maybe Aka could make it work because I had liked most of the serious stuff up till that point, but I guess even they have their limits. (Speaking of, does anyone know of more shows that actually pull off changing the mood entirely for the second half of the show? I actually really like that, but I can only think of Steins;Gate as an anime that changes the mood entirely successfully.) Fairly disappointing, I'd rather have the series go back to normal and tie up all the loose ends instead of all this drama stuff, or if they can't do that, at least let it end before I stop caring forever.


Oh my god please stop saying this arc is rushed. It has dragged long enough. Kaguya-sama has always had plot holes and inconsistencies, and it didn't matter in the past. The difference is that you are now noticing them. And that's because this arc has had no emotional payoff as of yet and we honestly don't know if it will stick the landing. Meanwhile, most of the chapters were boring setup chapters. It spent basically every non-Ishimiko chapter of the last volume setting up the arranged wedding with Mikado, even though we already knew about it? > like the teleportation of Ishigami from Tokyo to Kyoto Is it? Yakisoba party ended at the beginning of the night, and that's likely when Fuji and Hayasaka got caught and then freed by Nao. Meanwhile Kaguya left the Mansio nat 11:35 PM, which makes me think the Oko confrontation happened at midnight. That gives Ishigami some 4 hours to get to Kyoto. I think all this is saying is that Aka is just (for now) hiding from us that he used a faster-than-usual means of transportation. Maybe the Ramen King Taxi driver? But I wonder why we had a joke in 241 that detailed Private Jet flight pricing... Really makes you think. > sudden downfall of Oko, despite him being a respective and main authority in the family (chapter 185) Really? He never looked *respected*. And I don't think it's Sudden. The Hayasaka and some Butlers just stopped taking orders from him due to a technicality. By trying to find the Will he's technically going against Gan'an's orders, and Gan'an is the real leader of the house, so they can use that technicality for now. And the reason they are using it is quite clear. Although Oko is powerful, it's just like Unyo said. He lacks the charisma. All he does is make himself enemies and that usually has consequences like this. I don't think it's a big shock that many of the servants would rather not serve him if given the chance. *Specially* the Hayasakas. Nao and Masato look to be the higher ups in the Hayasaka hierarchy, and this guy used their daughter as a bargaining chip. Oko is strong but Ganan is still the symbolic figure. Oko's downfall came from Ganan himself deciding to split to give all of the children, including Kaguya a role in deciding who's next. > sudden billion for absolutely no reason to Miyuki, Shinomiya family being complete buffoons instead of a feared and capable evil corporation, the whole idea of teens fighting against a corporation (mighty student council cliche), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. None of these are plot holes or contradictions. Not liking an aspect of a story doesn't make it a plot hole.


It's a very unfortunate rush job, easily the weakest part of the series (Osaragi's arc was a mess but at least it was short).


Suffering from post-conclusion syndrome.


It reminds me of 5-toubun no Hanayome final arc, which also was so rushed and poorly written. It is a common problem in a manga world to properly finish the story and, sadly, Kaguya-sama is falling in the same pit of badly written endings with the current writing right now.


QQ sank the main ending. Kaguya is essentially done, but adds additional styrofoam filler drama. Now that I am in evil mode, cash grab, or the author miscalculated.


Yeah still no mamagane and flashback of papagane corporation 😠


It’s not just you.


Especially the art style, it feels like it’s regressing every chapter.


Hopefully it will hang together better as a binge read instead of having to wait a week or two between chapters. Call me an easy mark, though, because as long as these dumb kids get a happy ending, I won't have any real complaints.


Im still bothered with the fact that Kaguya suddenly told her brothers that she wanted to become a photographer out of nowhere


So do I, lots of stuff is just like popping out of nowhere and I find this rather irritating than a revelation


you're expecting some super fleshed out action/spy arc that's not what this is. This is the success story of a bunch of highschool lovers pulling off the unthinkable. Of course it's unrealistic and full of holes, *and that's okay*.


Nah, I like it