Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To : : Chapter 241

Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To : : Chapter 241


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Something about seeing a rolls royce through a fast food driveaway is pretty hilarious


Even Miyuki was surprised at how easily he want to the takeaway.


I saw Royce at an old Shawarma joint in Oman once. Lady drove up, ordered food, got the car cleaned and drove off. XD


Even rich people gotta eat Teriyaki Burgers!


Hey man, rich people like fast food too. Just look at all that cold ass McDonald’s Trump ordered for his guests at the White House and posed for a picture showing it off.


Or Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrating NBA championship and his historical final game at a Chick-fil-A drive thru ordering "Not 51, not 49, 50 nuggets and large drink: half Sprite and half Lemonade" with an NBA trophy in his car


What is more american than that lol


I cant decide if kaguya's brother is a decent lad or an asshole, but also holy hell their dad looks like he is straight up dying, chapter once again reminds me that shirogane is the poorest dude in the student council while the rest are basically filthy rich, heh good to see that the manga still has comedy going for it.


IG Aka is telling us that Unyo is the Kaguya who didnt have Shirogane and chika in her life so Aka is portraying him as a victim


Yep see [Volume 19 extras](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/191-1/7/)


Now that would be an amazing way of telling the difference friends can have.


In theory all of the Shinomiya siblings is a victim. Gan’an is a shitty parent


You could just extend that to every Shinomiya ever except the first though. Gan’an probably received the exact same raising from his parents that his children got. The difference may very well be that both Unyo and Kaguya weren’t children of the first wife, with Kaguya in particular being illegitimate, so they were treated differently enough to turn out differently. Compare Unyo to Oko, who we also saw and you see a pretty distinctive difference.


Oko is more menacing than Unyo, and while Unyo admits he's a cold person, he does not have an aura of being a bad guy, despite looking like one


That's actually sad, and actually plausible, you really see how power really takes the best of you, you can see it on Kaguya on the earlier episodes and manga, but slowly used less and less of it. pity for him tho, i have a good feeling its going to be a decent ending.


I think that the answer is a solid "yes." He's a Kaguya who only had the Shinomiyas and no one else.


Even though Ishigami is rich, he's amazed at Fujiwara's riches. And then there's Shinomiya rich.


Ishigami seems like mid to high-mid class. His family isn’t ***that*** rich as far as I remember.


Ishigami and Iino I think are "working rich" rather than how stupid rich Fujiwara and Kaguya are.


As far as I’m aware, Iino is indeed this type. Her dad is a magistrate while her mother work overseas a lot. Meanwhile, Ishigami’s dad is apparently the owner of a normally wealthy toy’s company. While his mother is a florist. The difference is very clear. Kaguya (Unrealistically rich) > Chika (Stupid rich) > Iino (Well earned big sized wealth) > Ishigami (wealthy) > Shirogane (currently mid class but still in debt).


Even if his mother is a florist, an owner of a big company would still earn more than diplomats or judges on average. Ishigami and Iino seem to have very similar amount of wealth since both of them get the same allowance from their parents, but Iino is an only daughter while Ishigami is the second son.


And even within the filthy rich, some are filthier than others ahaha


It's easy to forget just how much of a wealth gap exists even among the wealthy. Someone with 1 million USD only has 1% of the wealth of someone with 1 billion. For us middle/lower class people anything past the millions just sort of blurs together.


Well... not to be too ACKSHUALLY about it, but one million is only a tenth of a percent, so that gap is even greater than that. It's wild.


Damn, even I forgot and I was pointing it out lol


I dead ass believe Unyo keeps his hair long to show up Oko in the one thing he doesn't have...HAIR!


You think the middle brother just keeps his hair short out of being less insecure?


Just when I thought Miyuki and Un’yo casually ordering fast food like two bros couldn’t be more hilarious, they sit out on the steps near the river like an anime couple


A nice bros-in-law moment


I wouldn’t mind if Un’yo gets a redemption arc


He’s been implied as such in the past. That scene with Hayasaka’s mom, and in one of the extra’s, he’s described as “Kaguya if she never joined the student council”


>If you think that a ragtag group of high school students can do something about it, you need a reality check. Good news: Ishigami hasn't realized he's in a manga yet.


Or it's Aka telling us that this indeed won't be just some power-of-teen-friendship thing.


I see Aka had been reading Overlord


"I'll remember this for the future, when I pretend I'm rich" said the physical god of death as he lay on his bed in a room that could easily pass for a penthouse in a 5 star hotel as the ominous staff of doom floated menacingly nearby


As his big tiddy succubus underling humps his daki in the other room.


The moment he gains self-awareness, all of us are doomed.


Ishigami would become God when he reaches that level.


Godhood through meta awareness [only leads to Bad Things](https://i.imgur.com/rypPEMz.png). Let's spare Ishigami.


Damm you yuu💘 😂😂😂👌🏻




*Cough cough TR kids wannabe gangstas *cough cough


Ishigami for sure knows how to give good jibes like this.


Lmao both Prez and Un'yo have no idea "what's going on here"


Both of them coming up with the same thought within seconds was so funny.


damn Hayasaka's curses came true... "drop dead, you shitty old man"


Even Aka himself adheres to best girl… even tho he was the one that wrote her lol


It's just like the Attack on Titan meme (AOT manga spoilers) >!That Isayama, the mangaka, is being controlled by Eren.!<


That is one of the most bizzare theories i have heard about the AoT ending


We got some horseshoe-theory, time shenanigans going on


OOOOOH SHIT Daddy Shinomiya in the house(pital bed)!!!


\*Papa, Gan'an Shinomiya is Kaguya's father iirc


Woops, I stand corrected! Dude aged straight up appallingly.


Nahhhh, he’s just super old: his three elder sons are all working adults, plus Oko is already bald and looking kinda crusty (although we technically don’t know their ages)


It's pretty common in the high class people of this world that old rich men marry the young, (not in a pedophilic way but i'm not sure as well)


Kaguya's mother was a consort, he was probably already very old when they had her.


[Guess power of friendship isn't gonna save the day.](https://imgur.com/a/RH4k0yU) and Gan'an isn't the final villain either. Keep us guessing Aka. I like it.


I'm pretty sure it'll be Oko, since this is literally the first time Gan'an's face has ever been shown in the series. And thus far he's been shown to be apathetic toward Kaguya, not outright malicious. Contrast with Oko who strongarmed Kaguya into abandoning her plans to escape the family and attend Stanford, causing her to break her promise with Shirogane and put their relationship in jeopardy. Oko's gotta go down if this story wants a happy ending.


In Summary : Fuck Oko


Oko can go off and turn himself into a 3/3 Elk


Hopefully not literally, given Kaguya's fears that successive children of the Shinomiya clan are used as pawns in their neverending games of power. I don't think it's been confirmed if any of Kaguya's half-siblings have produced children or not.


I remember her saying she had a niece or nephew when she said had did it before and she thought doing it was kissing


That gives me flashbacks to /r/magicTCG two years ago


Was that Kaguya's brother's attempt to bond with his brother in law? Almost cute.


I think the Manga at some point stated that he and Kaguya were the closest with each other, out of all the siblings. Probably he sees that Kaguya isn't too concerned about being the leader of the Shinomiyas and sees this opportunity to take the rest of the family down. Edit: Can somebody tell me what the name Gan'an means by the way?


>he and Kaguya were the closest with each other Not difficult when the others are miles away


Someone please chapter


[Volume 19 extras](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/191-1/7/) has his character bio infodump. Nothing quite so specific as that, though. Other than that - might be good to reread the chapters he was in previously, starting from [chapter 182](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/182/1/). (Or I guess last page of [ch. 181](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/181/19/). A few super minor appearances before that, but nothing too telling.)


The fact that he never breaks a promise eases my worries a bit. He's not likely to go back on whatever deal he's about to make with Miyuki, though he will obviously have a huge ulterior motive.


It's interesting that in the family tree from the [Volume 21 extras](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/211-1/12/) for chapter 209 he's described as a "liar". 'course, that same graphic describes Kaguya as "a bad girl", so take with a grain of salt. I kinda wonder who, if anyone, is supposed to have drawn/written that family tree in-universe.


Gan'an is labelled as "Shitty old man", which is how Hayasaka once described him. Also the cutesy aesthetic points to it being her doodles.


If it's Hayasaka's POV then it figures she would only see Unyo as a liar, assuming it has to do with the fallout between him and Ai's mom.


Also, when Kaguya was little, she was with him at events.


> Edit: Can somebody tell me what the name Gan'an means by the way? It's not necessarily about meaning, as often the kanji of a name just get chosen for "looking cool" etc. Anyway, in 雁庵 the first kanji "gan" means "wild goose", and the second "an" means "hermitage, retreat".


O kawaii chotto


Although it was awkward for both, it was a good start from him.


Unyo: Bro..... Shirogane: Bro.....


He seemed healthy the last time we saw him, guess Hayasaca's curse worked lol. Wonder when the middle brother will appear


Perhaps the middle bro is the final boss since we didnt even hear anything about him and just uses oko however


I think he is gonna be an ally, would be a nice twist. Maybe he was plotting something with the Shijos in the background


Since its a manga its usually alot of times the final boss get revealed at the end lol. XD


Un'yo was stated to be the most like Kaguya compared to the other brothers, from the extras after the first time he appeared. He's the ally, the least slimy Shinomiya, a 'vision of who Kaguya could have become' with less support.


I don't think we've seen Kaguya's father till now. This is probably the first time.


We saw a glimpse of him when Kaguya visited him in new year, he definitely wasn't this frail


I don't remember which chapter he last appeared. Can you tell me?


He had a [brief appearance](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/44/7/) in Chapter 44; as far as I remember, that's the only time we've seen him before now.


Oh wow, look at that. We're finally meeting that "sh\*tty old man".


Looks like Hayasaca's curse got to him.


>If you think that a ragtag group of high school students can do something about it, you need a reality check. Has Ishigami never played Persona?


To be completely fair, the Metaverse doesn’t exactly line up with normal expectations of reality.


Amusingly enough ishigami also looks a little like minato


And his first name is Yu, and he was falsely branded a degenerate for trying to protect someone like Joker, and Persona 1 and 2 probably exist somewhere too


1) In the United States, when Justice authorities try to take down an organization they believe to be operating as a criminal enterprise, they start by arresting people at lower levels of the organization. They then get these people to “flip” on their bosses (ie, help investigators & testify before a grand jury) by promising them lenient sentencing in exchange for their cooperation. When they have enough evidence to move on to the next level, they arrest those bosses and the whole process starts all over again until you reach the top. Prosecutors call it “climbing the ladder”, and the technique has been used to take down everyone from fraudulent banks to organized crime. Since Japan’s legal system since W.W. II is roughly modeled after the U.S., it stands to reason that their prosecutorial techniques are probably similar. Thus, arresting 21 executives of the Shinomiya Zaibatsu is **exactly** how I would expect a “climb the ladder” campaign against them would start. Make no mistake, the senior members of the Shinomiya group are being targeted; it is probably only a matter of time before the authorities come for Oko. 2) Hayasaka is absent. Likely she’s gone to wherever she believes Kaguya has been stashed (Osaka?). I have visions of Hayasaka going all [Hard Boiled](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5lmx9zc0Y8) now. 3) My wife sometimes has to fly in a private jet owned by one of her clients. Iino’s reaction to how much it costs to maintain a private jet is pretty close to my wife’s reaction when she was told. 4) Maki and Shirogane’s interaction was a little heartbreaking, and perhaps a foreshadowing of the turmoil to come. Her apology makes me think she knows something that she can’t tell Shirogane. 5) Okay, minor detail I noticed. The steering wheel on Unyo’s car is on the left side; Japanese cars have their steering wheels on the right, because they drive on the Left side of the road. This means Unyo’s car is probably an import (my guess, a Cadillac). (and no, the page isn’t mirrored; notice in the drive thru, it’s the passenger side facing the cashier window, not the driver side). 6) Unyo wanted to use Kaguya for his schemes, but that was when he thought she’d become as cold and conniving as the rest of the Shinomiya family. It may even be that Kaguya kept that face whenever family was around (which would explain why Unyo was surprised). But now, Kaguya has become much, much more of a caring, good natured person - and useless to a rat like Unyo. Shirogane needs to be very, very careful if he decides to ally with Unyo. 7) And now we meet Gan’an. There are essentially two possible ways for this to go: “Stay away from Kaguya” or “You two have my blessing.” If the former, Gan’an will probably threaten Shirogane (“If you interfere I will have you and your family killed.”) and perhaps try to bribe him (“I’ll give you your dad’s company back if you stay away.”). If the latter... I will be very pleasantly surprised. Perhaps Gan’an has noticed how good Shirogane has been for Kaguya, and recognizes in him someone worthy of her. Or... perhaps he believes that Shirogane would be much better as an asset for the Shinomiya clan than a potential enemy. However it goes, its almost certain now that Gan’an is not long for the world. Which may mean a Shinomiya power struggle is about to kick off. And we **still** have not yet met the middle brother. 8) More than anything right now, I want to know what Papagane is up to and what he thinks. This is quickly escalating into something where Shirogane **needs** his dad’s knowledge to navigate. Shit is about to get real. **ADDENDUM** Can't believe how much this post blew up...


Where's a free award when you need one!?


Fine. I'll do it myself.


Forget the free awards, their comment's getting gold now.


The car is a Rolls Royce Phantom... It should be on right side, since it's a Britsh car. Britsh cars also are on right side.


I'll take your word that the vehicle is a Rolls Royce Phantom; looking at Google, it seems to fit. But Britain drives on the Left side, same as Japan. Australia and New Zealand also drive on the Left side. So Left-side driver versions should be available in Japan. (and Google search shows both Left and Right side versions of the Phantom) Maybe he bought it in Taiwan or China, and ferried it over? Just an odd, curious detail. Certainly doesn't mean anything other than Unyo likes expensive things. *(:::looking at price tag of Rolls Royce Phantom::: Yikes!)*


believe on me... Rolls Royce Phantom is "Cheap" and "Affordable" in comparison with cars like Aston Martin Valkyrie or Koenigsegg Jesko or Bugatties... Nothing display more Wealth than own and maintain a Bugatti


Roll Royce is considered “middle class of the rich” luxury in China, Vietnam, Singapore these days. Keep in mind that all three countries impose very high tax on luxury goods. The type of Roll Royce that is considered as true luxury is the custom-made one. Elites of those countries only buy those custom-made cars not the generic ones in the US/EU.


or Gan'an might be acting sick, I wouldn't put it past him to do that to avoid any conflict/consequence of his actions from the law.


> I have visions of Hayasaka going all Hard Boiled now Remember the one chapter with her going stealth into the Student Council room?


4. I really want her to just say "fuck it" and start scheming with them to put Kaguya on the throne or some shit. Though that might not be needed or good, if Nii-san is maybe going to be helpful. Maki has long since been my favorite character after Kaguya and maybe Yuu, so I just want her to have some more relevance


I feel like maki is apologizing for something Mikado will do or will be forced to do about Kaguya


Nice breakdown


>how much it costs to maintain a private jet Oh yeah planes are expensive. They just gulp jet fuel which can be pretty expensive. They can burn 100 gallons an hour which can cost about $1000 per hour. Maintenance and replacing parts also costs money. Engine parts for example are pretty expensive due to being high precision and/or made of heat resistant metals and can see high wear due to constant movement.


Just an FYI, the plea bargain system is actually very new to Japan. It has only been around since 2018. The most famous usage would be leading to the arrest of Carlos Ghosn on the tarmac at a Tokyo airport.


Now this is what I call a breakdown. Great job dude.


I am in a tight spot, wether to look at the burger or pay attention to what's going on?


Freaking called the Umyo redemption Arc! You know where to send my lifetime achivement award.


Who would've thought we'd see the day that Shirogane is eating fast food with Kaguya's older brother


Never could have guessed it


Thank fuck my prediction for a chika ramen episode isn't real.


Next time would be her coronation as the 5th Ramen Emperor


Then she will have to fight one of the four ramen emperors to become a formal emperor herself before finally becoming the ramen king?


Probably gonna fight two at once, and a third one of them's gonna be revealed to be her childhood mentor who gave her her ribbon a long time ago


You know I actually really wanted it to happen.


I fully expect that the final Chika Ramen chapter will tie itself into the main plot somehow, but I have no idea how Aka is going to do this


Oko is the final and greatest ramen emperor, and they will duel for the fate of the world.


This but unironically.


The final emperor is the taxi driver.


Last ramen king who hasn't eaten with Chika yet is J. Suzuki the taxi driver from the fireworks arc, probably will be a mirror of the fireworks arc where they need his fast taxi driving skills for something, like running away from the Shinomiyas or something, idk.


Don't worry, that's next chapter


Well we did get her once again being an obnoxious rich kid, as well as Unyo going out for food.


Imagine the the ramen saga finale will be the last chapter of the series. I honestly think it's a possibility.


With Gan'an on his last legs, there's no doubt that Oko is the final boss here, we could even see more of Kaguya's past life soon and a redemption of sorts for Gan'an to make up for being a terrible Dad all of these years. Hayasaka's missing in this chapter and Maki's (bit disappointed with her this chapter) not talking, shows things are going to get worst before they get better. With the SC meeting and Miyuki meeting Gan'an, we could soon see the mobilization for war to assure Kaguya 's safety and freedom.


Just like last chapter Aka is really nailing the composition in this one too. Really interest how in the first half was a conversation between the stucom about how alien the ultrarich world of the Shinomiya family is. Something that contrasts with the other half where Un'yo demonstrates how they could be earth grounded just like any other people. Aka seems to be doing a very cautious approach for this last arc, on the contrary of that part of the fandom who believes that he is rushing the finale. Maybe he doesn't want to Kaguya to be finished in the same way that he did with IB.


iB was cancelled wasn't it? It kind of had to be rushed in that case.


Things are getting interesting.. why are chapters so small aaaaahhhhhhh


"They really live in a different world than us huh" Ishigami my guy, did you forget which school you're at?


Well, there's the 1%, and then there's the 0.01%


Chika and Kaguya would be like, the 1% within the 1%. While Ishigami and Iino's parents are rich (CEO of major toy company and magistrate/diplomat) they're going to be nowhere nesr the Shinomiya's or the Fujiwara's.


Unrealistic part of the ultra rich driving themselves around in a Rolls Royce, those are meant to have the owners be driven around by their driver. The back seats are way more comfortable than the front.


I guess that's Unyo trying to be stealthy


It looks like a Rolls Royce Ghost which is a 2 door car Those you drive yourself, the Phantom you are driven in Edit: my bad, I took a second look and saw the rear doorhandle. It is a RR Phantom not a Ghost.


The fact that even in this serious situation Chika can still go off on a tangent about business jet is truly amazing!


She's probably just coping, or she's hinting that she used her fam's business jet for Kaguya.


> or she's hinting that she used her fam's business jet for Kaguya. i like this theory


Too short


Short, yes. But the amount of information we got was quite good.


So Oko is the final boss after all. I'm assuming we'll get Nayotake's backstory next chapter. Regardless its pretty clear he's ending this fairly soon.


This chapter was the ending to a volume, so I am guessing there will be somewhere around 20 or 30 chapters left given how Kaguya volume is on average 10 chapters long. So yeah the series will likely end within the first few months of 2022.


I think it will end with s3, anime ending boost+legendary scene+manga ending boost=Unreal sales


Season 3 will likely end in either July or June, knowing how often Aka goes on break and even factoring in Young Jump breaks, it is possible Aka might try to line it up. But I am not entirely certain if he will write more the 2 to 3 volumes of the series left.


Bruh kaguyas dad is like 100 years old Edit: It’s just strange for me bc I’m around her age and my dad is 50y. Ik that’s a thing but yeahh


Well Oko is his oldest son so.....


It’s actually really nice to see Unyo being humanised like that. Just as AKA described, the man truly isn’t this bad of a person. Just like Kaguya, he just happened to be born in an omega shitty family. As much as he did truly try to use her, he actually showed genuine care him. And tried to bond with her boyfriend by eating some McDonald’s lol. I really like this type of grey character. Meanwhile, it seems like her father also has some mighty issues. Her family situation seems way more interesting and less *” villainous”* than I expected. Which is a pleasant surprise. And to finish it off, Ishigami is really the only person with a somewhat realistic mindset there, isn’t he? I feel like AKA was trying to tell us something by his words. Also, Unyo’s name sounds like *”Oh Nyo”* and I can’t unsee that.


I can't believe this mf pulled up to McDonald's.


looks like ‘shitty old man’ won’t be the final obstacle of the series


"If you think that a ragtag group of high school students can do something about it, you need a reality check." Sorry Ishigami, but this is a manga. "So even the rich go to drive thrus" If Mark Zuckerberg can rock those classic t-shirt, I'm sure everyone is just the same.


Un'yo Shinomiya ~~Can't Talk~~ Wants to Eat a Burger


Oh boy Shinomiya Civil War between the siblings fighting to be the head of the family?


So Gan'an-sama is dying and I think that started 2 thinks. One is a "civil war" between his sons for who get in the top of the group, and the other are the Shijos interfering to take down the family


It's just the beginning of end but... WHY THERE'S A ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM WITH DRIVER ON LEFT SIDE? IT'S BUGGING MY MIND AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Chika trying to flex over her friends tho... Ishi giving the reality check was good tho... All the scene of Maki and Shirogane sound like "My family will force Mikado and Kaguya to marry for reunite the family with the Shijos at power now." But the most impressive is: Shirogane has meet Kaguya's father in his deathbed. Things will be serious.


It's probably an import, helps show their wealth.


Would explain mikados face when he heard kaguya dating miyuki.


When I saw their father , I laughed so hard, the art style is literally making them so funny


Things are now in motion that cannot be undone


[So looks like I wasn't entirely wrong on the old man kicking the bucket soon.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Kaguya_sama/comments/q3yw5i/any_theories_on_the_latest_chapter/hfw463d?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3). Is this the first time we've seen his face?




Bruh when Kaguya’s brother was waiting for him I was like “Aw shit” but he seems pretty chill to Miyuki. Almost feels like he has a soft spot for Kaguya. What could his plan be since the dad is dying?


NOW WHAT WAS THAT FINAL PANEL. WHAT WAS THAT. Definitely not what i was expecting when i imgined papanomiya.


he actually dropped dead. nice job Ai.


What a time to be alive… Season 3 announced and Chapter 241. Man, I love this manga.


This chapter felt really short 😪


I hope we see the quack doctor again


Why did Maki not want to talk to Miyuki?


I don’t forgive him, but my heart was somewhat warmed.


This is just a thought but could it be possible that the eldest brother is betraying the shinomya clan and changing sides with the shijo?. He saw the possibility of a shinomia dawnfall or the father decided he wouldn't be the heir or something like that so he switched sides and uses the info he has on the other factions to purge the shinomia empire of all who oppose him and he has kaguya as a bride to marry to a shijo "reuniting" the families with him as one of the top heads. Edit : and they are looking for hayasaka in hopes she or her family know something about the eldest plan.


Crap, i just made a comment with similar thoughts as you lol. Didnt see yours though.


Damn, we're really at the endgame, huh? We now see the head of the Shinomiya's. It's really interesting to what Aka has in-store for us. And Ishigami, a ragtag group of kids can do anything, as long as they're in a manga. And good news for you, you're in a manga!!! I can't wait for Ishigami to eat his words lol. But I'm excited to see what they can do.


This whole chapter felt like the writer's way of doing a Zangief with Kaguya's brother: Just because you are bad guy does not mean you are BAD guy


Shit just got real. I don't care what others say, but it's going better than I expected. It seems dadguya is on his last breath...maybe on his deathbed, he got a moment to look into his life decisions, and want to apologise to Kaguya but cannot face he.., so he wants prez to apologise on his behalf...(I think everyone at the end should get a chance to introspect their way of life and try to make shit right... however terrible they may have been their whole life.)... I'm curious how it will play out . I think that Baldy brother will be the final boss (forgot his name) and he is kind of overly possessive of kaguya...let's see.


Let us set the record straight first: as far as this story goes, Shirogane's only objective is *to get Kaguya out of trouble without endangering his loved ones*. Naught else is his concern, the Shinomiya and Shijo can tear at each other all they like. Thus, the first step in all this is to get a good look at the situation, so this will be helpful. With the purported nature of the Shinomiya Family, I expect that fears of reprisal and betrayal plays a large part in how they operate. Thus the primary question is "**who is going with what cause?**" Evidently the third son Unyo is still in Tokyo, and assuming they haven't driven out of the city, so is Gan'an at where I'm assuming is the quack doctor's hospital. Yet, if Kaguya supposedly flew off to Osaka, then I'm expecting that's where the eldest son Ouko is as well. For now, I'll assume that the second son is at Osaka too. We've already known from Ch 182 that the [Shinomiya Family were in a battle of succession](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/182/1/), so this suggests to me that the Family has truly fragmented. It's possible that in the wake of their losses to the Shijo, Gan'an has collapsed, Ouko has seized power, evacuated to Osaka with Kaguya and the second son while leaving his father and Unyo behind. In short, my guess is that those who are still part of the fight are in Osaka, while those still in Tokyo have left the fight. \--- Unyo wanted to find Hayasaka but couldn't, so instead he dragged along Shirogane for the ride. More tellingly, he has no servants or bodyguard with him, he's driving by himself, and in a much smaller (but still fancy) car. We know that beyond the prospective power, he holds no love for the Family. Now that power is out of his grasp, and waning at that, he is lost with himself. He had always been governed by the shackles of the Family, so what now? What should he do with himself? Who can he even turn to, talk to with so many snakes al/ready to abandon him? That is, I have a sneaking suspicion that he, in a twist of fate, is having the exact same thought process that Hayasaka did during the Kyoto School Trip when she was hunted. "[From the Shinomiya Family? Those are the people I trust the least](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/182/17/)" and "[no one stands to gain anything by helping me](https://guya.moe/read/manga/Kaguya-Wants-To-Be-Confessed-To/182/18/)". From the same pages, you could even extrapolate the possible onus for why he sought out Hayasaka, and why Shirogane is a sufficient substitute: "but I thought that you might, indirectly. Since you're already involved..." They're his only "connections" by a thin stretch that're involved with the Family but are outside of it and its vipers. While he was horrible to Hayasaka and thought he could use Kaguya, he still seemed to harbour some mercy for his sister (but not enough to be a soft spot). And even if he can't make use of Kaguya, just separating her from his brothers will still be a parting shot of sorts. \--- As for Gan'an, assuming he is as debilitated as he looks, what an outcome for him. Amassed so much power through unseemly means, only for it all to come crashing down. The character who seemed liked he would be the final boss has been rendered so feeble. It's probably why Unyo brought Shirogane to the hospital: to vent. His miserable existence was lived in reverence and fear of his all-indominating father, and this sorry state is what became of him and the Family? What was it all for? Whatever the case, this excursion will probably let Shirogane get closer to the moon. Who knows, we might even fly there in Fujiwara's business jet


This chapter was quintessential Aka chapter that I adore. There is so much detailing in it. Looks like Kaguya's secret is out in open. Yeah. Is Chika's grand pa rich? That is interesting. Why does her plane has a bow on its head. LOL. And yay no Shounen style battle. Just like that I am reeled back. Shijo is power grabbing huh. Question is who blew whistle on Shinomiya? Someone really powerful. Shiro and Maki's meeting was so accurate. They are on opposite side now. I am so glad Mikado has been brought in school. The difference was in the way they both worded their help. She wanted Kaguya to join Shijo, his was personal promise. Now if he can just help Shiro. And yes this manga needs to build him up. Shiro needs someone who understands family politics on his side. The whole council looked lost. Miko did crack me up when she talked about Kaguya - it is easy to forget her extraordinary family. LOL. This is - "I am Shinomiya, hear me Roar"- Kaguya we are talking about. She is hardly subtle about her family. But then I guess Iino has not been to Kaguya's home, has not been bribed by thousand of yens or has not chased by her bodyguard in black suits. Only crazy in love guy like Shiro might forget. Iino needs to stop giving that cold look to Ishi- otherwise she will have shortest romance in this manga. I am so glad Unyo is back. Better than some unrelated adult worrying about Kaguya, at least it is man who cared about the girl when she was young. His demon eyes showed white when he saw those photos. You stupid Softie. If Unyo was more younger and Haya was lot older, I might not have been worried about him asking about the girl. Is she still at school though? Nice cliffhanger at end.


Hopefully kaguya is fine. Please no “I’m fine but actually not”


This was a strange chapter, but oh baby that ending!! Very interested to see how this goes; I was not expecting a "clocking hours with the brother-in-law" chapter at all. The segue into the final panel was great too I'm surprised that Kaguya's father is shown to be moribund, because in the fireworks arc he seemed to be moving fine when Kaguya and Hayasaka were waiting for him. I wonder if something happened between then and now that Un'yo will tell us about...


Shit is starting to go down. I also feel like kaguya might be the one doing this. I also love how the manga isn't straying from its roots of comedy. Still got that laughs




I knew it, Unyo letting go off Kaguya was only the beginning of his character development. The guy clearly doesn't like what Shinomiya Group has turned into for a long time now, and is ready to help our guys as long as Oko gets fucked over and he can go up the hierarchy.


This is suppose to be a serious chapter, but I can't help but feel that this is still lighthearted In a sense. Especially with unyo trying to bond with miyuki and both of them not understanding what is happening lmao


Somehow I've never been able to pin down just how dangerous the Shinomiya family is, or how the dynamic as an absurdly wealthy family with shady businesses works. In some instances they almost seem like a mob that could flat out murder anyone that so much as looked at them the wrong way but they have left people go pretty much unscathed (like during the Hayasaka arc). Am I looking too much into this? Or did just misunderstood? Would like to know since this will be a prevalent topic during this finale. Sorry for the clunky comment; I'm typing from my phone.


> Am I looking too much into this? Or did just misunderstood? Would like to know since this will be a prevalent topic during this finale. I mean, it's really hard for normal people like us to try to understand how wealthy and shady families are like. My take is that they try to keep a low profile; if they did something to Hayasaka back then, it could surely weaken his position in the family, or the worst case, start an war from inside, due to Hayasakas having worked for them years and being highly valuated.


Un'Yo just wanted two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese and a large soda


Already spending time with the in-laws, I see.


So much for all the doomposting about "IshiIino story already being done". Aka immediately comes back to them in the very next chapter. Sure, they are not the focus right now, but its fine. They are not going anywhere, in fact Aka is planting the seeds for them to be involved in this whole Shinomiya stuff. Most likely Iino will try to oppose Shinomiyas in her own way and Ishigami will have some kind of disagreement with her about it, and they both might even open up to each other about all the secret help. And even if thats not gonna happen - we still have summer break, where we already have a lot of stuff planned - Fujiwara training, Fujiwara ramen, possibly a real summer vacation (thats why Shirogane needs swimming training) and a fireworks festival. Sooner or later situation will stabilize and we will come back to normal chapters. When Aka ends a storyline, it's pretty fucking obvious, and that dance was not it. IshiIino romance will continue in one way or another. I'm not sure if we are getting another arc, but at the very least they will get a proper conclusion.


Shijo and Shirogane’s part in this chapter, while short it just gave me chills Holy Hell, we are not ready for what’s about to come


For some reason my brain read this chapter in a black filter,I don't know,everything feels chaotic.


>the fact that CEOs are already used as scapegoats are kinda wild I mean this happens IRL too, Boeing scapegoated it's CEO to avoid getting regulated after the Boeing MAX debacle


Some CEOs are brought in to push through 10 changes, get fired, then the next guy pulls back like 6 of those changes. But don't get tricked - those 4 changes that remain were the original goal all along.


This chapter really doesn't sit right with me,, what the hell is Un'yo Shinomiya doing outside Shuu'chin looking for Hayasaka if he "didn't know what was going on either"?


I think that Un'yo's "didn't know what's going on either" was more about the awkwardness of sitting with your sister's bf eating Mcdonald's burgers in silence, rather than the whole mess with the family and whatever it is with Hayasaka


yea I got that on the second reading, thanks :)


Isn't he and others under the impression Hayasaka has like, all the insider info? That's why he went after her in the first place. If you thought she knew things that could help you out in this situation, you'd go to grab her again too.


> if he "didn't know what was going on either"? he was talking about the situation in which he and shirogane were eating burgers together


I like this chapter a loooot! One of the best ones I've seen in ageees!!!! It will lead into the rest of shimoniya family's characterization really well. Interesting to see how unyo himself doesn't know what's going on.


Now that's a banger of a start. Fujiwara didn't leave a single opportunity to flaunt her wealth. Like Ishigami said, Rich are definitely living in different world. And Maki definitely knows something, the way she said sorry means she's got good hunch. But the biggest surprise was Shirogane going to meet Kaguya's father, that wasn't expected.


Shinomiya group’s collapse reminds me of Yamaichi Securities during the Japanese bubble collapse in 1990s.


This chapter has foreshadowed a lot. A strong theory is that Gan'an's sickness has triggered Oko to attempt a complete takeover of the Shinomiya Group (perhaps also by ousting several executives to the police). Unyo may try to leverage Miyuki in some way to stop Oko. This also may be the issue that Kaguya/Hayasaka are dealing with in Osaka. The likely cause of the need for Kaguya and Miyuki to separate is that Oko wants to use Kaguya for an arranged marriage with an influential family to grow the Shinomiya Group's power. All while this is happening, the Shijo group are trying to prevent the Shinomiya group from being too powerful - Maki cannot tell Miyuki about Kaguya's situation due to the arranged marriage.