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Drug abuse (including weight loss injections)


Fr, using diabetes medication to maintain weight loss is something I totally believe


Ftr, my mom doesn't know or care anything about the Kardashians and I visited her in California a couple of weeks ago and she happily told me that her doctor recommended a medication called "Ozempic" for her weight loss (she's been complaining to him for months that she can't lose weight). Also ftr, this isn't a normal doctor, she pays a lot for him.


i work in a pharmacy and every doctor is peddling this. ozempic is on hold with the suppliers bc it's being so overused and people who need it for diabetes can't get it


Yeah this is not just a Kardashian thing. A doctor I saw earlier this year way before the rumors about their weight loss started coming out tried to push me to take it. I didn't because I have a history of ED and knew it would be a bad move but it's been peddled for weight loss for some time.


I just want to tell you how incredibly strong you are and as a person who has also had an ED, I am so proud of you for knowing your patterns.


Right? In a country where so many diabetics are struggling to even obtain their subcutaneous hypoglycemics, and they’re probably just abusing them for weight loss instead, shows that they have no regard for others or human life- just vanity.


I think it’s the doctors faults for prescribing it in this manner. They are the ones supplying the demand and taking the meds from the diabetics. Yes, people are vain but ultimately the shortage in supply is caused by the docs.


I have been wondering lately where this conspiracy originated from? I know about it, but what’s the source?


Its almost so true to me I barely consider this a conspiracy hahaha like its just a lesser known fact to me!! Lol




Not just the Ozempic. These girls are continuously on a cocktail of uppers (adderall or vyvanse) as well as benzos and opiod painkillers to come down. With all the procedures they have done, and their expectation to always be on the go, they are most certainly popping pills constantly. Their behavior makes it so obvious, I’m surprised it’s not discussed more


Melanin injections too


See I’ve thought this too but lots of photoshop can seem like you 24/7 got the perfect tan, the only thing from fully making me believe melanin shots is untouched paparazzi pics of Kim/Kylie they are white as a ghost


👀🍿 ![gif](giphy|8b9Xax6L7qtAkAimGm|downsized)


How do you think these white girls look so perfectly tan all the time? Injections that stimulate your cells that produce melanin


Wait, seriously? I’ve never even heard of this.


Me niether and my green Mediterranean self living in the Midwest would like them so I can stop being green half the year.


I’m still not convinced its real. I’m an Irish redhead. My skin is practically transparent.


Excellent points. The KJs know no bounds 🫠


Kim uses melanotan 2.. I tried it for about a month and it worked but I freaked out and stopped because it’s sketchy and not FDA approved


The way they joke about benzos openly on the show


I’ve recently heard them talk about “beta-blockers” and I know for a FACT they are not using just those. They’re definitely using benzos


I’ve always thought beta blockers is their word for Xanax


That a lot of their “wealth” comes from black market or faux designer goods trading and selling. Their Birkins were revealed to be fake a few years back.


I believe that. And by selling things they were gifted, potentially even stealing loaned items and selling.


stealing?! the Kardashians?! I for one am shocked. shocked I tell you


Yea isn’t that what the kardashian kloset site is just all the gifted brand items ?


Like, but in theory it wasn't supposed to be. It was supposed to be a way of sharing themselves with their fans, by allowing the fans to buy -at little discount if any - the items the KJs bought with their own money and wore on their own bodies [sometimes also bought with their own money]


You mean their version of OF feet pics…


Wouldn't that burn bridges with brands sending them things? It wouldn't surprise me because they don't seem very smart.


Really? Receipts please 🧾 🙏🏼


Rumor has it that back in the day PMK got banned from stores for trying to sell off fake birkins


Who’s PMK?


pimp mama kris 😂


Title of my rap album


Wait, wait, wait. What?




They’re not as rich as they want to appear…


I fully believe this.


Never saw rich people trading their kids privacy for money


Case in point Kylie's exaggerated billionaire status! Kelly Cutrone talked about this on a financial podcast or Youtube channel and I wanted to know more! She said the biggest scam is that celebs aren't as rich as you think and many are broke.


I completely believe this. Same with people like Elon Musk. I'm not sure if I get this right, but I heard that celebrities can include their "brand" and how much they believe they're brand is worth into their net worth. So Kim could say that she was once able to demand 25 million dollars for a deal and one year she got 5 offers, so she includes an extra 125 million in her net worth... but none of that 125 million may actually be *there* because she may not have accepted those 5 deals for a number of reasons (like their contract was too demanding, too much travel, etc...)...


Yes, I think you are on to something. What happened w/ Kylie is her business was overvalued, and I'm assuming projected to eventually be worth a certain amount if it continued to grow like it was.


Yep. They totally inflate their companies’ value.


there's a difference between 'valuation' and actual wealth they are 💯 not as wealthy or financial "rich" as they represent. the vast majority of their apparent wealth is tied up in the valuation of their respective businesses. those businesses come and go as well, case in point, the now defunct KKW Beauty it'd be super interesting to see how much actual liquidity they have on hand at any given time. this is also proven by how often they shill cheap ass products on IG or take part in Lord Disick's "follow everyone who follows this account for a chance to win all this merch" type posts. i'm sure they get a quick cash paycheck for those.


They launder money.


Isn’t this basically a known fact? Kris owns a “church” that they donate large sums into. Obviously money laundering right? (Someone pls explain money laundering to me, I’m drunk and second guessing myself rn 😂)


You’re correct! Money laundering is when you have a legitimate business and make it seem like all your illegitimate money came from the business instead of wherever it really came from. If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, it’s why Walter and Skyler buy the car wash.


What kind of illegal activities are the KJs doing to bring in illegitimate money? Anyone have any ideas or guesses??


It can be money gained from illegal activity like selling fake goods, but it can also be a way to skirt taxes and bring cash revenue into bank accounts without claiming taxes on it


All of them are high class escorts, but especially Kim. I feel like there's tons of proof for this just below the surface, but when you realize how that world works, it becomes obvious.


Lmao is this why they did the whole episode where she became a pastor?? To cover all the details up and really lay it on thick they have a church bc they are GODLY, yall.


i feel this has less to do with money laundering and more to do with tax evasion. but i'd love to see some solid research uncovering her church scam.


100% they do


alex roldan fathered khloe


Also Todd is Kendall's father.


False- Kendall took a 100% accurate test that said she had Olympic genes




Todd is Kendall’s father indeed. Not sure why this isn’t a public known thing




Wait what?




Scott kourtney and Khloe carried the show in the earlier seasons.


Todd kraines was one of the funniest moments in reality tv sorry i dont make the rules 😂😂😭😭😭😭


Todd Waterman. Another one of Kris's affairs.


I see it.


I came here to say this 👍🏼




That Kim and Kourtney loath each other and Khloe just jumps back and forth with who she’s closest with but ultimately doesn’t really jive with either aside from wanting a sense of family. I saw something about how Khloe wouldn’t let true sleepover at anyone else’s house in the family and I think that may be a window into that she knows some neglect/abuse and just overall inappropriate treatment for their young ages is happening at the other sisters houses.


Khloe is SMART for that one. Kim probably allows creeps in her home. And Kourtney seems like she let's her kids run wild and is too distracted by Travis to even know what's up.


Wait, when did you read that? That’s crazy!


Khloe said it herself in last weeks episode or week before!


I refuse to give them any views on their new show so I had no idea the only tea I get is from this sub.


Girl same and anyways this sub is always more entertaining than their dry shows!


😂 didn’t consider that!! Fair enough!


Im not alone 😂


This is dark but I’ve always felt Khloe herself is a survivor of CSA and I could see her being very protective of all the children.


baby John Does are named Astro and Tristan Jr and that’s why they’re being so protective of their privacy and names.


I do not care about the baby names at all unless these are the names and I don’t doubt it, but that feels like them just wanting to use a kids name to spark controversy. Just considering the context of both of those names, it would be really embarrassing for both khloe & Kylie’s life and soul… it just emphasizes how awful and out of touch they are, and that they lack any self respect (khloe) & clearly don’t respect their sons either.


Imagine being so 🤡 that you not only name your baby boy after their cheating/shitty/noncommittal father (or something that their father likes) and THEN make it a game of cat and mouse with the media where you just show the back of their head all the time, pretending you know wtf you’re doing


Kendall and Cara had a fling, Ru has been Travis’s side piece/main piece for nearly a decade


I won’t lie, my brain immediately went to RuPaul being Travis’ side piece and I can’t unsee it


Exactly where I went 😂




I’m still there. Who is Ru?


theres some tiktok account called like robigfatfaker or something on tiktok and it disproves every single thing that ru girl has ever posted about travis and showing her doing the same thing to drake like 10 years ago


I just had a look at the account and I found it really hard to follow but there’s not really any concrete proof that it was all fake and their history dates back to like 2012-13(?) before Travis was even famous so I find it really hard to believe she started creating this narrative almost a decade ago because she knew Travis was going to become huge and date Kylie Jenner… idk this isn’t gone girl lol


Have you read the celeb deep dive on Travis and Ro? Just curious if so, your thoughts?


Just here to say that these types of threads are my absolute fave on this sub!!


That Khloe named Tristan Jr, Tristan Jr Kim really did go to the UK thinking she could krash the queen's party but was completely turned away. All of them have had *at least* half a dozen surgeries, minimum. Pete really did dump Kim ahead of schedule & it was because her life is a shit show. He just couldn't take any more which who could blame him. Travis B absolutely shot his shot with Kim at least once. Kendall & Kylie were both at Astroworld front seat to the whole thing and able to see things hit the fan. Kim & Khloe really did actively destroy Rob & Chyna's show by throwing their BBL weight around. Chyna didn't fit their clone image & wasn't a slave to the brand, she was only interested in doing her own thing Khloe **DEFINITELY** knew about Theo before knocking up her surrogate but only pretended to be shocked so people wouldn't know how stupid she is. Kendall would have never been more than a catalog model, least of all the HiGheSt pAiD iN tHe WorLd if not for the fact that a) tall, & b) a Jenner. Kris was the one who put her there, not skill. Kylie only got back with Travis S to have another baby by the same father. Kris is actually one of the Lizard People. The only princes in Kim's DMs were Nigerian. Kim was never truly scared of a 2nd tape. And just to be honest, the Paris robbery will always be suspicious to me. You honestly can't put anything past them because they've given you no reason not to. No lie is too big for these kinds of people.


Can I have more tea on the queens party? Hadn’t heard that before and it’s hilarious to me. 100% khloe knew about Theo before the surrogacy and lied bc nothing was going to get in between her and her delusions of trying to make a happy lil family with the scummiest guy on earth


Iirc the queen had a jubilee that only THE elite were allowed to attend and it was invitation only. Kim was not invited. She then flew to England the same time it was happening and rumor is she showed up trying to get in and was rejected. I believe this one too because as soon as people started suspecting this, all kinds of articles came out saying that she did NOT try to go to the party. Kim, the puppet master of controversy, lover of good and bad attention, felt the need to clarify that?? It sounds like her ego was severely bruised and she didn’t want people to think of her a certain way, which would only make sense if it were TRUE!


Pretty much this. She & Pete surfaced in the UK the same time is the ultra exclusive private party for the queen's milestone jubilee. They just as quickly departed & rumors started immediately that they had tried to get into the party but couldn't. I 100% believe Kim is delusional enough to conflate with American celebrity with world politics. She thinks royalty is just status & a tiara but the reality is there were literal heads of state there and other figures of political importance. No one in the English monarchy would even want to be associated with the tacky American KJs. I can't even imagine how hard she's tried to get into Meghan Markle's circle. She'll do anything to be accepted by any kind of royalty. ✨️Princess Kim✨️, only in her imagination.


Wouldn’t be the first time Queen Lilibet handled Kim [https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/reports/a33335661/kim-kardashian-queen/](https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/reports/a33335661/kim-kardashian-queen/)


All of these! I'm dying over "only princes in Kim's DM's were Nigerian. " 🤣


Even Prince wouldn't be in her DMs, God rest his soul.


YES! Can we be friends?


I was looking for the robbery here. I hate to sound callous but I just won’t put anything past these people to drum up drama for attention. And people counter argue that arrests were made but Kris is such a schemer that I wouldn’t be shocked if she paid those people for their troubles. It sounds fucked to even type out but this family will stop at nothing for press.


I think Kim was unaware of Kris’s plan. Kris would have kept her out of the loop to keep the reaction genuine since she knows her kids aren’t good actors. I think Kourtney and Kim are both able to piece together the “coincidences” of Kris’s suggestions and planning but wouldn’t talk about it since what’s the pint of putting that to light


Even before they got their paramilitary force, they still had plenty of security. It just doesn't add up. If it really did happen to her, if she truly feared for her life, I have nothing but sympathy for her. That being said, I just don't believe a word they say about anything, ever. They just spend too much time pathologically trying to control the narrative that I spend the entire time trying to decode it with skepticism.


This. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye was involved too. Remember when he tweeted Mark Zuckerberg asking for money because he was in debt? Both this and the robbery happened in 2016.


Girl, you are my hero. PREACH 🙌🏼


fyi “lizard people” is an antisemitic conspiracy theory created by david icke and pushed by other antisemites like alice walker. kanye probably believes in it.


Never heard that before. Thank you for telling me so I can adjust.


That Khloe and Rob have.... Done things


The way Khloe and Rob couldn’t be in the same room together and they were waiting for Kim or Kourtney to show up to break the tension was proof of this for me. It wasn’t tension like they were going to fight, it felt like massive shame and disgust. I can’t remember the season but I think it’s the one where Rob goes to tell them that he and Chyna are expecting.


oooooooooo, i would love to see this. it'd be awesome if someone could track down the ep.


I think Season 12 Episode 9!


It’s too early for this 🤢


100% weird orgies at Khlo and LamLam’s


Something happened in that house and rob has never been the same. I would not be surprised if some weird orgy between khloe Lamar and rob messed him up for good


i also wonder if someone died. example: someone is overdosing, rob too scared to call 911, person dies, then a kris kover-up. could totally see that happening. some kendall roy type shit. it would explain rob’s behavior.


Come to think of it, I don’t think Khloe’s been the same since either. Obviously divorce and Lamar’s issues are life changing but _something happened_


Idk. Probably is just strung out on drugs after a traumatic childhood. I think he’s kept private equally because his own desire and also Kris not wanting to address addiction, fatness, and his anger (chyna nude leaks on ig ex) in public. However him and Khloe do give off insanely inappropriate vibes.


Yeah that’s kind of when she lost her snark and sass and gave in to “the kardashian mold”.


Which season would that have been during?




Yep, 100% agree and she came with receipts. Cant beat that.


Kendall is 100% gay!


I think she’s only like 80% gay


i think she's bi, but leans gay


I was just thinking this lastnight! I wouldn’t be surprised


Joe Francis has something to do with the King Kylie era. She was “groomed” so to speak to be the next big thing and he was pulling the strings, making sure she had the right image and hung out with the right people. He’s a known sleazeball, the family acts weirdly indebted to him, plus that whole era was perfectly calibrated to be successful and appealing to teens but it was so short-lived. I think he set her up with Travis Scott. That pic he posted of her in a bathing suit hanging out with him on his yacht at 18 tells me that they possibly also slept together as a way of paying him back, and he was taunting them with this fact. Kylie then got pregnant which was NOT part of the plan, and so they scrambled around trying to figure out how to save this curated brand they’d created which is why it was a secret for so long. Edit: NOT TODD KRAINES I WAS HALF AWAKE 😭


You mean Joe Francis?


Lmao yes 💀


Never heard this one before! Tea!!!




👏🏽 Beyond👏🏽 The👏🏽 Blinds👏🏽Kim👏🏽 episode 👏🏽


They’ll do anything for the right price, so yes


Not exactly a conspiracy and may be obvious, but I think once Kim had North all of them started popping out babies because they didn't want their children to get left out of the family business. They don't care if their baby daddies are toxic assholes who cheat on them multiple times, they just need a sperm to have their mini me's who will keep bringing in the $$$ once their own fame dies down. Kendall is the only one who refuses to participate (because she may be the only one who has a legit career that brings in a decent income) but in one of the Kardashian episodes you can see Kris pushing her to freeze her eggs and she was not for it. Edit: A lot of speculation about Kendall's reason to not have kids but lets not forget that 1) She could have still wanted kids even if she is not heterosexual, and could have opted for surrogacy since thats so normalized within the family. 2) She is literally just 27, which is a perfectly normal age to not think about marriage and kids. 3) Kendall seems better at separating her work and professional life and lives a **relatively** less commercialized life than her sisters who like to make every breathing moment about business and money. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't agree with using children as investments.


Am I the only one who doesn’t think Kendall is into guys


There's a Kendall episode of the podcast Beyond the Blinds and pretty much every blind item was about this. October 6 episode #60: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/beyond-the-blinds/id1577848888?i=1000581838280 Not sure if the link works in other players.


I think she was into guys at one point cause there’s a whole thing about Harry taking her virginity but I think she experimented with girls (specifically, CARA) and now probably prefers girls over guys. Her relationship with Devan seemed manufactured to me tbh


Exactly I’ve just always gotten the vibe that she was more into girls. I think that’s why she doesn’t wanna have kids?


I think it's vanity with the kids thing. I don't think she would care about faking relationship with men if she wanted them to knock her up. She pretends to be the most at home in her body but if it changed I think she would die. Same with Hailey Bieber. I think Hailey is soft-launching herself as needing a surrogate because JB wants kids but all she has is her body.


Wait this is actually such a good point re Hailey 😭


Haven't kept up with her love life as much tbh but it's possible that she isn't. Regardless she's only 27 and in the real world its normal at that age to not have/want kids and focus on your career, but its not normal in her family which is why she looks like the odd one out.


I totally agree with you. Other than Kylie, the sisters were all in their 30s when having their kids, so I don’t know why everyone keeps saying Kendall doesn’t want kids.


I definitely blame Kylie for setting the bar so low, before she had stormi no one questioned the Jenner side about having kids because it was pretty established that they're not old enough to think about it yet.


I don’t think Kendall is hetero at all


Kendall barely models anymore it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her walk a runway


She still does photoshoots for brands and magazines which I'm sure she charges a lot for as well. Even if its not for the money, she definitely tries to make it fairly obvious that she prefers staying out of the family's affairs and wants to live a relatively more normal life than them.


Never thought of this way but this is it exactly.


Not sure if it's a conspiracy but I don't think they use any product they push. I don't believe Kylie wears that cheap makeup she slapped her name on, I don't believe Kim uses her own skin care, we already know she wears Spanx brand, those goofy teeth whitening lights, the weight loss gummies, any of the meds Khloe makes commercials for, none of it. Btw did y'all know Kandle and Kylie have a bag line AT FIVE BELOW? 🤣. I doubt they even know what that store is. Just like they aren't shopping at the children's place. Also I think Kris has been paying famous men and athletes to sleep with her daughters since Kim was 14. I think she wanted to be linked to the Jackson family and brought his nephew to Kim. I think she does that with them all, which is why they hated Scott till he started generating money on the show. I think they used to call Kourtney the "slow one" because she was wasting her time with non-celebrity men. She's only been with celebrities since Scott, and they no longer call her "slow".


Rojean posts messy stuff to scare the kardashians into paying her more hush money.


If she is posting the truth, then good for her.


Khloe’s dad is the hairdresser


theres so many kris and kim orchastrated the sex tape which is now proven to be true kris family owned a plantation kris allowed tyga to groom kylie kris knew caitlyn was trans kris is a sociopath kris pimped out kendall for modeling contracts Khloe is not a kardashian, the hairstylist is her father. kylie trapped travis with a kid kim, khloe kendall and kylie are call girls the family practises incest Kim Kylie Khloe wish they were black and had biracial child to live vicariously through them and to get a pass on appropriating black culture.


I really don’t think they wish they were black. They’re capitalizing on the appeal of black culture in modern day society since being black is “cool” now and being white is out of style. But I’m pretty sure they very much enjoy their white privilege and wouldn’t actually be legitimately black if they had the option


Removing ribs


Omg I never thought of this it makes so much sense lol


They hid OJ’s knife


I don't know about "they" but pretty sure Rob Sr. did


Happy cake day!🎂


Time flies for sure. Thank you


Sure does & you're welcome!


I heard another one too that rob sr told oj not to take his medication oj took daily and knew ojs hands would be swollen from not taking it resulting in the glove didn't fit.


Oh dang I haven’t heard this one. I totally believe it.


the morning OJ returned from his red-eye trip to chicago immediately after the murders, he got out of the limo with a suitcase. he put the suitcase down to greet people, his assistant, rob sr., then turned to the police to deal with it all. as the police were distracted with him, rob sr. picked up the suitcase and put it in the trunk of another car and drove off with it. that suitcase had his bloody clothes, the knife, etc. and rob sr. got rid of it.


Kylie pays Travis to hang around and give her sperm for any babies she wants


Not a conspiracy, just things I feel may be true..... Kylie swings both ways, and actually prefers women over men. But open to both. Kim is asexual. I think it bothers her deep down. She knows though that she has an image to keep up, so that's why she always tries to dress sexy. All about maintaining keeping the male gaze. Note: There is nothing wrong with being bisexual (or however one identifies) or being asexual. Many people are, and there's absolutely no shame in it, imho. Live & let live.


I gotta agree with Kim being asexual. The way I see it, Kim uses sex as a tool to manipulate. She probably couldnt care less about having it, she only cares about using it to generate money for her own use. The Ray J explosion and leaking the truth about their sex tape really made me think it, only because I think Kim saw what a sex tape did for Paris and wanted to get that boost as well but still be seen as a victim.


She’s definitely a boring sex partner and her new flings she has definitely find it out and after a little the whole “dating a kardashian” thing gets old


i 100% believe this one, I've been thinking the same thing for months. Kylie pre-surgery reminds me of myself as a young teen (only she was much cooler lol), her Tumblr remains suspicious, and her relationship with Jordyn definitely leaned romantic on her end. Kim is asexual but she also needs to sell sex because of her looks and mother and neuroses, the rest of the family followed suit since it's always worked for Kim BUT Kim doesn't get the appeal of sex so now, despite their main marketing tool being manufactured sex appeal, none of them (except like Kourtney and maybe Kendall) can move past selling a bizarro funhouse mirror version of the whole thing.


She and stassi have hooked up 100%.


All of them. And Kim getting some ribs removed for a smaller waist. She’s disgusting.


Justin Bieber is reign’s father


Does anyone think there’s a possible truth behind this? Because he legit looks like a carbon copy of justin


I believe there was speculation she had hooked up with JB before she and Scott got back together around that time


Sameee! He does look like a baby Bieber to me.




Kim and Kourtney are closer than the show want them to appear and Khloé has been always the third wheel. Kim actually is very wild but “tries” to give role model vibes. And has done all the drugs in existence. Kris doesn’t love her grandchildren or truly anyone and sees her family as circus monkeys just to make profit out of them. Kylie hates being a mom. At least one of two of them are bi, gay or asexual. Kendall is actually dull af and doesn’t do shit ever. 😂 The older sisters were in shady kinda escort activities / being groomed, leaded by Kris.


Nailed it!


Khloe and Rob have definitely had sex


Rob is a fat farm for their bbls




Lou Taylor stole $600 million from Britney Spears and laundered it through Kylie and Kim’s bank accounts.


kylie is bi


Alex Roland is Khloe’s Dad.


The Kardashian curse!


All of them


saw someone awhile ago say that there was some sexual/incest relationship going on between rob and khloe 😳 anyone have any thoughts ??


Definitely a witch coven.


Stassie and Kylie were in a relationship at one time


Kylie and Jordyn too


I saw a TikTok the other day that said a conspiracy is that the reason Rob was fat was so that they could use him for their fat transfers..




Kimothy & Kanye were a PR marriage. Kayne was seeing Riccardo Tisci. [link to article ](https://www.latintimes.com/kanye-west-gay-designer-riccardo-tisci-reveals-he-had-affair-man-who-known-127530)


I try to bring this up all the time but young people don't believe me. But I swear on my children this happened. Back in the early 00s when Kanye was a new artist, Wendy Williams was on the radio. I listened to her show every morning. And she had a little dude working with her named Charlemagne Tha God. They would talk about Kanye being gay all the time. They would have people in the industry call in and talk about seeing Kanye at parties with men. I remember thinking how progressive and forward Kanye was for being the first openly gay rapper. Then around 2005 he started speaking up saying it's not true. But people were still seeing him at clubs. Fast forward to the 2010s and Wendy got her tv show and she would talk about Kanye being with men on her after show that was on her website at the time, before it moved to YouTube. Then Wendy says that Kris got ahold of her and asked her to stop talking about Kanye because it was causing stress in the family. I distinctively recall her saying she spoke to her "woman to woman". This was even before Amber Rose insinuated he was gay. Now young people who weren't even alive then expect me to have radio recordings because they don't believe it ever happened. Sorry but I wasn't recording Kanye convos. No one knew what the future would hold. But I believe in my heart the reason he doesn't publicly go after Charlemagne is because he knows Charlemagne knows his secrets. If you have listened to the breakfast club recently Char keeps making fun of him calling him Yams and Sweet Potatoes. Char is like thisclose to bringing it back up. Anyway, I believed it back then and I believe it now. I think he's ashamed or embarrassed of himself and that's why he's so damn angry and always playing the victim. He could have done so much good for the community if he could just be open and honest.


Co-sign on allll of this (damn I used to listen to Wendy on 106.1 coming home from HS!!) but don’t forget: *Kanye spent Kim’s ENTIRE pregnancy w North in Paris!*. With Tisci. His lover 🤷🏻‍♀️


“The Kardashian Kurse” that the men’s lives are basically destroyed after their relationship.


That their church is used for money laundering.


Kris and Kim were behind the sex tape leak. Oh and Kris totally knew about Caitlyn.


Khloe Roldan


They use parts of robs belly for there BBLs


That the Kardashians(mainly Kris and Kim) and deep into witchcraft and are actually succubus. Almost all men in their lives end up worse for wear. Kanye, Rob, Lamar, Caitlyn the most glaring example.


Idk Cait is a bad human but she’s gotten to live as herself after the kardashians which I’m sure is more comfortable lol