FOR THE RECORD While waiting for an appointment I searched Amazon every which way possible to come up with a result whereby Lemme was the BEST SELLER If you figure it out, Lemme know or post a pic


They’re so lazy it’s laughable……also insulting how dumb they think everyone is to believe this shit


I might be understanding this wrong but if this is only showing the green tea supplement category on Amazon that’s a pretty specific category to be #1 in lmao congrats?


I say we all go click it that way they have to pay. Cuz I'm reading it if we click it they have to pay for it.


a new low for them


Lemme - coming soon to your local Dollar Tree after no one purchases it on Amazon lol


We have to do more deep dives into the Simon & co they are just as Komplicit.


Isn't he part of Skky?


wait how do you know its fake? I don't get it and I want to get it


if you go on the Amazon app and search “green tea” her supplements don’t even come up lol, but if you search “matcha supplement” then Lemme pops up and it says “sponsored” in grey above the supplement name. I went on desktop and searched the best sellers section under Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements and Lemme was nowhere to be found. Further proving that this is completely photoshopped


I work within Amazon’s web/advertising services and this is virtually impossible lol. “Best Seller” tags are gifted based on strictly highest sales volume (this specific rank doesn’t consider reviews, product availability, etc.) within a specific category, which in this case would be vitamins. If you search for vitamins without any specific modifier, you’ll see that those labeled “Best Sellers” have upwards of 200k reviews. Lemme averages 50 reviews per product. One can confidently assume that sales volume is drastically higher for products with 400x the amount of reviews, even if you consider the longer purchase history for older products it’s still far exceeding that of Lemme. As OP called out, they removed the “Sponsored” label which indicates a paid ad, hence why they’re in the top spot despite having such low review volume TLDR: she a god damn lieeeeeee


Thanks for explaining this!


it was also on sale for cyber monday, so can't be doing THAT well


Who would ingest a kj fam product???


https://preview.redd.it/2ievzkr8893a1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=8d98ed89f8a19261ba192e6cd4a48ac8e9dd6598 Lemme doesnt even break top one hundo 🤧


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