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"baby boy thompson" and "baby boy webster" lol


OMG this is getting out of hand


How fucking stupid is this. The longer it drags on the less anyone cares!


right? they already have 600 kids but for some reason these two new ones are locked in secrecy


Like do they just do this anytime they post things on social media or do the seriously still address these babies as “baby boy”? I think Khloé has a name and just isn’t sharing it, but Kylie continues to say that they haven’t legally changed the name. The kids going to be damn near walking by the time he officially has name. I know it’s partly funny at this point, but I feel bad for the kid. What other reason would it take someone a year to settle on a name other than there’s simply not enough care for it. I get needing a week MAYBE two, but at this point they clearly just don’t care enough to sit down, put it in the time and finalize on a name. He has no sort of identity and he’s almost one years old. I’d totally understand it from a parent that keeps their kids offline, but I won’t buy that from Kylie for a second. Nobody can change my mind in that there’s no reason to keep one child private, but not the other. It’s not fair.


It’s sooo upsetting on so many levels. It breaks my heart that stormi will never not have an internet presence. It also makes me sad for the “baby boy”’s who don’t even get to be recognized with a name. Can you imagine in 10 or 20 years when they grow up and see how the family would literally just post one word on twitter to announce all the grand kids names and the frenzy of internet crowds wanting to celebrate with the kardashians and then realizing they just didn’t for whatever reason with you??? I honestly can’t fathom any reason that would make it ok with the way they have set up their house of kards.


He has a sassy mouth, they eliminated it lol


hes been censored lmao


He was silencED 😶👌


Was he silent or was he silencED? ![gif](giphy|n09L6MctGyqhPUMDmc|downsized)


So no name reveal here for Astro Knight and Truce Thompson. How "clever" 🥴🥴🥴


Truce Thompson 😭😭


I’m not mad at truce 🤷


Nothing like being "rich as fuck" and getting free shit


Who’s Lovey?


That's how grandma pimp mama k wants to called.🙄


Kris. The grandkids call her Lovey


Oh Lordy, that’s just . . . I have no words.


“Grandma” makes her feel old…


I’m a nanny. My nanny kids’ grandma says “grandma” so they call her Mimi. It’s not that hard, Kris!


Lovey said “you talk too much”


This just proves everything these idiots do is for Instagram. Having “baby boy Thompson” and “baby boy Webster” … like they went the extra mile to make extra cards? It’s cringey.


I assumed it wasn't the KJs that did it. I think elf on a shelf made and sent them as gifts and obviously don't know the names same as is


Omg they are beyond ridiculous atp with them undisclosed names🥱


Him not having a mouth is killing me idk why🤣🤣


Wait, I was going to say for biting the other's nut that's Penelope lol


Omg they are so obsessed with photoshop they had to photoshop the elves? That’s like next level. Now that you point it out though, Penelope’s leg is looking a little jacked up too lol


That was my FIRST thought


I’m just so disgusted that elf on the shelf has gifted this family all these elves when these damn things are $30 a pop for us normies! Thankfully I’ve got a generic elf so my kids tradition continues, but glad I’m not supporting this company. Another company to mark off my list of ever buying from!


I got mine from the dollar tree and it's surprisingly good quality!


i have dollar tree ones too !


😂 same here! I bought a little stuffed Elf at Dollar Tree years ago and it was my nieces "Elf on the Shelf" and she loved it!


Imagine if Kylie reveals the baby name and its Balenciaga.


Imagine looking back on the holidays when your face is hidden in the portraits and your name is covered up on an elf. It feels like they’re separate from the rest of the family and it will always be like this. Also, I went an embarrassingly long time thinking Travis’ last name was “Scott”


Me too re: Travis S. I was trying to figure that one out!


Accurate depiction of their curated collection of black children and how they objectify them. Revolting


ngl these dolls kinda weird me out. plus literally none of those kids want this dopey doll.


These shouldn’t be free for them.


Silenced! Hashtag justice4reign


The “royal” family pix of all the them on the wall for Thanksgiving was so over the top. They really have to show us peasants how it’s done when you’re rich & get free stuff all the time. I can’t even imagine!


Boycott these companies that keep sending these people free sh*t


If this were any other Celeb TMZ would have leaked these names by now. Why is it no one has dug up a hospital record or birth certificate. Oh yeah Harvey's on KJ payroll. On the bright side there's only so much plastic surgery can do. Every time I see a photo of Kris and Kim I get giddy there faces are literally crumbling. It's like watching a statue after hundreds of years. 😁


I thought khloe said she wanted to raise the baby on her own without tristans help? Why would she give him the last name? Especially since she had plenty of time to see how shitty he is. Ugh


Umm who’s Lovey??? Another un named child?🤔


Kris. The grandkids call her “Lovey”. It’s her grandmother name.


I was wondering too. I don’t watch the show but I love this snark board. Thank u.


That’s what these kids need, more Fkn crap!


Why is Lovey, I mean GRANDMOTHER, in there?


Mason doesn't want one! 😂


As crazy as I think Kris is, I absolutely love that she goes all out like this for her grandchildren. They truly are blessed to have that. Her other side is terrible, but celebrating her grandchild the way she does will mean a lot to them when they get older. At least she got this right. Edit: hold on, after reading the comments she didn’t even do this, elf on the shelf did?! Damn, I gotta take this back. I assumed she went through the effort 😭. I need to click on the picture next time, lol.


I'm sure the nannies will love setting these up every night


Why the fuck does she need her own elf? Anyway, I've never let one of these things in my house. I'm not trying to get murdered in my sleep.




His mouth is missing


Who is “Lovey”


the way this is all for others just because of the baby boy


Another filter fail


Someone posted Teal Thompson a while back and I concur. And why is Saint’s face all bloated ?