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Fantastic post. So important to be vigilant.


That's what they always do which is what others users were trying to explain on that post yesterday with Candace Owen's video. It's not the message that's the problem, it's the intention of the messenger. Many conspiracy theories have a kernel of truth to them. That's how they get people to buy into them. Some start to think if Candace Owens is defending kids, and she was right about Kim and Balenciaga, then she must be right about this too. They don't stop to think that CO and Republicans wouldn't be associated with some of the people they are if they really cared about kids. There's a list of 800 republicans. Actions speak louder than words. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/4/17/2092543/-Republican-Sexual-Predators-Abusers-and-Enablers-Pt-31


Exactly! Someone posted a Candace Owens video? Like what the fuck???


Could be that they’re not American like me. I came across her video about this on YouTube and thought that this was very well said, then I checked her up and felt a little dirty inside.


And that’s not your fault! That’s why people who are aware should not do things like this.


They probably agree with her overall. I sure as hell wouldn't promote her. I couldn't even listen to the whole video. I really don't care what that woman has to say because even if I agree with her she'll eventually lie and twist into hate against another group instead of the actual pedos.


Someone just posted her again lol


I just scroll past


Thank you! This is exactly what I was saying. Who we give a voice and platform to matters greatly. Do not promote people who are nazi sympathizers, transphobic, grifters, antisemitic, anti-black, misogynistic, etc.


Yeah, been seeing some QAnon-nonsense on here lately.


thanks for this ❤️❤️❤️


Yes. Thank you.


I love you for this post !


Thank you. Many of us with loved ones are already on edge because of this narrative being pushed. Unreal that I’m being downvoted for speaking the truth. I’m tired of people claiming those I love are sadistic when that is untrue. This is all their narrative.


Thank you thank you thank you 🫶




This isn’t about politics. This is about the harm that is being perpetuated against the LGBTQ community, and many are living in fear since someone took it upon themselves to shoot up a club during a drag show. Lies that this community is harming children when that is NOT true! This is about LIVES , not politics!


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