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Lol at ye covering the logo with his political sticker


Kim probs: “I get Balenciaga in the divorce!”


Omg I didn’t see the one w the wine glasses. That made me want to cry. Kim and kris are grotesque. There’s no way they were not shown this campaign before it was published since they are brand ambassadors. There’s a blind that’s saying they offered their kids up to be in this shoot, but was told no. I know people get upset when blinds are brought up bc they can be Bull, but this one rings true bc brand ambassadors are always shown new campaigns and Kim follows the woman that fashions these shoots. Her Instagram is full w this kind of stuff add in demna and what the photographer has said about cp there’s no way in hell Kim didn’t know


She’s probably upset cause she has photos of her kids edited and ready to publish to fit her aesthetic IG feed that now she can’t use. Kim: “literally, it’s just a bear?!”


What tje actual *fuck* is that wine glasses picture - the fuck are these even supposed to be advertising


That one in particular gave me Epstein vibes.


With the child lying on the bed like that, it's so sick🤮


Expensive stuff for rich pedophiles


Balenciaga is suing….themselves?


Sounds like it because there's no way in hell they showed up and had no idea what the set of a designer fashion photo shoot was.. too many hands it had to go through did this to be an oversight..and you're telling me if it was a surprise not one person was like, hey.. this is weird.


This entire situation is so disgusting and it's opened my eyes to how disgusting Kim really is. I knew she was trash, but the Balenciaga thing makes me nauseous because of how obvious it all is - the pictures are creepy af, but then the ad with the legal documents about that 9orn case and now the books with nude children - WTF was going on there!? It can't be denied and it was right in our faces and could've easily been overlooked if not for social media. This is something the brand *should* give a deep look into if it was a "mistake", but I'm sure they know exactly why this is out there. Kim must really need this money or something, which still doesn't excuse anything but it's just so sick and sad.   Also, there are MORE pics that aren't in the media (but I guess that's good for the kids involved). The other children are a little boy who is either Hispanic or Indian/brown-skinned, and a little black girl whose body language looks super uncomfortable (her arms are loosely crossed like she's scared). I feel sad for all of the children photographed in these gross settings But wtf were their parents thinking???


What’s the devil picture? I can’t see what’s wrong in that one.