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Exactly this. I have been on plenty of shoots where maybe there weren’t executives. However there was definitely creative director present. And usually a creative director is pretty high up. These were 100% approve by the brand before they were released. The idea is pitched to the brand or the brand as an idea. Either way concept is brand approval before during and after the shoot


Yes! Point being, the ad agency just didn't up and take some pictures and put out a campaign without going through MULITPLE levels of approvals from BOWLinciaga


Can confirm. I work in corporate at a major apparel/retail company and the amount of people that exist to review and approve these things is insane. People would be surprised at the level of scrutiny that goes into every image, every Instagram caption, etc.


So then it’s really worrying. Why would the brand want the creepy paper, the creepy certificate and the creepy book ? It’s not like it was to be "edgy” since no one notice that kind of stuff. So unless it’s "coincidences", it’s just... weird winks for those in the know ? I mean when I thought it was like one creepy dude on set it was bad enough, but now it means that the brand is run by creepy dudes who likes to make creepy allusions to who even knows ?? Maybe I don’t get it idk


Can confirm. These campaigns are over analyzed by several different departments. Most likely 20+ ppl contributed, designed, filmed, organized, recruited and approved this campaign. All the way up the chain.


I’m a creative director at an ad agency, and while I have the creative liberty to take a campaign in a direction I want, not ONE piece of communication will ever go out without the brand’s approval - and a brand’s approval means multiple stakeholders from several departments, including legal. They’ve analysed these images well, and given the agency the green signal. So Balenciaga can go fuck itself with this shifting of the blame. We see you


PR agency here. can confirm.