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Kylie has already posted pics with her son on Instagram. You can't see his face but other than that it's a couple of full photos


Yes!! Kylie and Khloe have posted 22,000,0000 full-faced photos and videos of their daughters whereby you can see their faces and none of their sons (formally known as Wolf, but legally still a Wolf, but won't actually remain a Wolf and name unknown Thompson). The BIG secret they are holding onto is the identity of these two boys (which is their right to do) and according to my sources is the tease to keep you watching season 3 of their show. HOWEVER, history tells us, Kris Kardashian Jenner will have the others post bomb social media with "HOT" content and will put out "according to our sources" (paid) stories. This is done to take the heat off of the one in crisis - in this case, Kim because she is getting shat on by the public and the media


Oh I meant that yesterday or today she posted pictures showing more of her son. I think your prediction was correct bc she did exactly that. Posted of her and her son together and the pictures didn't show his face but they showed more than she has of him so far.


💜💜💜 you were way ahead of me!!


She supports **anyone** to keep herself famous. **disgusting and pathetic**


I love how they pray on the show all the time but then pull this Kim walking on water crap. Blasphemous much? And yep, I agree. Time to see those boys’ faces and learn their names.


That's supposed to be water? I thought it was dried up mud or wet ground.


I was like ‘maybe it’s ice’ but you don’t usually get skies like that with lightning over ice. (At least not here in Canada). 😂


It’s mud like from their runway shows


That’s because she’s an old sea hag.


I just don’t understand why she’s the face of the brand now? Is it because they’re the only ones who will publicly align with the shit they’re spewing/advertising now? The CP and abuse depictions?


They can make her walk on water but they left the scraggly hair 😂😂😂😂


I can’t wait for her to just be cancelled


Happy cake day 😊🍰


They can’t do it this week. It’d be too obvious.


You were right Kylie did a photo drop with the boy who was once named Wolf.