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Yeah that wasn't an accident, that was weird as fuck Kim.


The amount of hoops and levels of approval that ANY campain has to go through proves that this was a very intentional move on Balenciaga’s part. It’s not like they can blame it on a rogue intern and just say “oops! We missed that one!” They were clearly trying to be edgy and missed the mark in a horrific way. It’s so gross


That's what I was telling my boyfriend earlier this week. We are talking weeks if not months of planning, hiring staff, hiring the kids and prepping the set and editing after the shoot. It was no accident.


How could she give up those free ugly outfits for something as trival as child porn? I mean c'mon guys🙄 I truly can't stand this woman!


BuT tHe PoOtS!😭


What actions are you expecting to see Kim?


waiting for the check to clear


This might be her worst shit.


It’s funny bc I knows she’s like viewing this as a hardship and trying to “be able to pivot” in crisis and how calmness is her superpower And Kris a everyone will tell her how graceful she’s handling this When it should really just be a simple easy choice


So she's "revaluating her relationship with them". INB4 literally nothing changes.


She’s gonna be like “They apologized so I’m going to keep getting dressed by them since no one else will.”


She will never, ever give up her relationship with Balencicaca.


She posted this to her IG story also. A full hour after she posted the original


She’s not very good at responding to things in a timely fashion.


'' Something that never should have happened '' = show the world how they really are. Hollywood etc. are so much into pedophilia and child exploitation that they don't consider it a big issue and they obviously forgot that people outside of that circle do not tolerate that kind of shit and it's not normal.


Pimp mama kim yall!!!


This fake bitch… unable to fake her way out of yet another situation that plants a microscope directly on the kind of piece of shit she really is. Love that for her.


Rich people literally don't care. Thats why Balenciaga thought they could get away with it. The people buying their trash don't care. Why else you think all these wealthy people were good with Jeffrey Epstein. You think they didn't know what gross trash he was....they didn't care until the media got a hold of it


Posts this and then is seen outside her house with her balenciaga bag in tow. 🙄🙄


I👏cringe👏when👏people 👏write👏like👏this👏


Soo….. she still supports them. Basically.


Lmao. She knew. She knew of the concept. She saw it, she didn’t care until Candace Owens called her out.


They weren’t promoting child sexual abuse. They photographed a child and the pictures could be misunderstanding, like so many other things today gets. So of course she shouldn’t cancel her contract.


… I think you’re lost.


All the way off is where this perspective can fuck.


Even Kanye disagrees with your statement and that’s saying something


What do you think they were promoting then? Could you please interprate the "art"?


"They" Who do you mean "they"? There was a concept for this advert. It passed through multiple people. They have stylists / scene directors/ make up artists/ prop organisers / photographers/ photoshop experts/ a legal team/ publicists the child models have agents/parents. All of these people participated in the creation/execution and release of this advertisement. They have a team of PR experts and a vast amount of money. Which of these teams , (which are likely to be experts in the field & are sure to be paid a lot of money) are the "they" that you mean? . . There are 5 types of sexual abuse with regard to children- 3 of which are relevant here - *exposing a c to p**n & photographing a c in a sexual pose. The photo which has been taken amd distributed around the world is c abuse. The best case scenario is that they "didn't know". That does not excuse this. . . . . As someone who works in child protection- you don't get to accidentally abuse c and get to continue to be around them. People need to be held accountable for this. . . What I think happened - is some publicity wh*res knew that this would be edgy ,knew it would be cool. Knew that they would face public backlash with little to no consequences. They knew they would profit. You may be able to deny that this is p*rn but there is no denying that it is child exploitation. . . . . . "Child sexual exploitation is a form of child sexual abuse in which a person(s), of any age takes advantage of a power imbalance to force or entice a child into engaging in sexual activity in return for something received by the child and/or those perpetrating or facilitating the abuse." Fuck these people & honestly fuck you for defending this garbage.


IDK. But they were associating children with BDSM, and also referencing a child pornography case with a ruling that “struck down a portion of the Child Pornography Protection Act after it deemed that online child pornography is protected free speech.” So, the subliminal messages in these pictures (in one a little girl is lying down on her stomach, the BDSM bear placed on her butt, and then there are empty wine glasses on the table), paired with the photographer’s choice of including a court case that protected the freedoms of online child pornographers, paired with a previous tweet of his asking “Why restrict child porn, but not guns?” (Which is highly questionable, because why even bring child porn to a gun discussion, when both can be handled separately?) I think that they are definitely trying to push how far they will be allowed to get away with, in normalizing pedophilia and child porn. That’s what Hollywood does, there is a large and evil network of child abusers in the modeling industry and most powerful positions in Hollywood and the fashion world. It really wouldn’t surprise me that they attempt to normalize it by doing thinks like these, photo shoots that are seemingly innocent. Honestly just shut that whole house down, they are only known for trashy fashion anyway.