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the lips are looking especially bad here lol 💀


The nose…


I used to think people were exaggerating about her Michael Jackson nose but it’s true. She really does have that nose.


How fucked up and distorted is her mentation to not think that she looks botched AF? The way that I would be freaking out every time I looked in the mirror…


Flair checking in 🫡


The human!


She looks awful


First thing that came to mind. She looks Absolutely Awful


Khloe face is literally shape like a skull💀


The black and white filter is not helping lol


💀 on top, 🦷 on bottom


So don’t workout then


Exactly, they could just do an hour at the gym every other day like normal people. They aren’t overweight at all, what is the need for all the excessive training?


Yeah unless their metabolism is hindered or they’ve got thyroid issues, this is unnecessary working out for maintaining weight (nobody in this family is working out for strength or endurance). Although it is sort of anorexic behaviour? And as someone who naturally wakes up at 5am, I don’t get why she doesn’t just get up at 6am, why not schedule the workout for a time that feels more natural to her body, have all this money but still in a prison of playing a role nobody expects her to play.


There is -100% chance she actually does this except once every couple weeks to cosplay. If she’s daily working out at all it’s def at like 2PM


Technically she doesn’t 🤣 She has zero muscle definition and when they post the videos of them “training” it’s embarrassing how bad their forms are. How they don’t hurt themselves is beyond me.


Go to work Lmao shut the fuck UP




Yup, just rage bait


Right the audacity 🤣🤣🤣


Right?! Where?? Lol she just pays people to do things for her. 8 hr day of straight doesn't even exist to them... and fucking posing or sitting in a makeup chair doesn't count. How ridiculous they look pretending they work for anything.


"I'm there with you". Most people don't have gyms in their homes.




I'm beginning to think that these type of videos aren't for the everyday, hard working people. THESE type of videos are for the rich and ~~narcissistic~~ relatable people like them to flex how "hard" they "workout". Now, what's for the rest of the world are their videos shilling their sub par products! Buy their shit but for everything else, unless you're rich, it ain't for you!


Paid Advertising videos.


woah, so true!


I had to ignore the abusive comment, considering domestic violence ruined my entire life, separated my kids from each other and me, and I was almost strangled to death in January.(only a mini stroke i suffered) It's hard for me not to rage at these idiots but they honestly have no clue.


I am so sorry and I hope you and your kids are in a better situation now 🫶🏻


I really admire and appreciate you sharing this. I'm a huge believer that by sharing and demystifying all these things we've historically been taught to feel shame over, even one person might seek help sooner. I sincerely wish you the best and hope you have some gentler days from here.


I agree. That's why I became a mental health peer support worker. I share a lot to destigmatize. Thank you. 🫶


I'm so sorry you went through that I hope you are okay :( they are just fools for their out of touch remarks!


I was literally about to say this! I drive an hour to make the 6am Pilates class during the week. She needs a reality check


I admire your dedication. Seriously. I could never do that.


Thank you 😌 there aren’t any Lagree Pilates studios in my area so I have no choice 😭


The only time she went to the gym at 5 am, was when she was setting Lamar up as a stalker..


I'm gonna add onto all of this! Having a personal trainer that gives you everything down to the rep is such a privilege when working out. Staying committed to that is 10x easier when you have someone holding your hand the entire time ( and that's speaking from experience)




I wish I had an award to give you but, alas, I am too poor.


whoever you are that wrote this post you are brilliant and amazing. THIS!


She can shut the fuck up right now. She has nannies , personal chef, a maid, and a personal trainer with her own gym.


I don’t think they understand how Hulu is very close to cutting them off and they need to start working to make money. They’re kind of just taking this as a joke so once they are canceled which I hope is soon, they shouldn’t wonder why.


Since Hulu just ordered two more seasons (20 more episodes) I'm starting to lose the hope that they will be cut off any time soon.


That was only an extension because Hulu didn’t get what they felt they paid for so they have to work overtime or at least should be but instead they’re just ruining it again. Not surprised.


Really? Do we know that for sure or is it just speculation? I would love for it to be verifed.


Yes In articles it says their show is “extended”..not renewed. but Kim and khloe said their show is being renewed but they didn’t even seem thrilled or happy when they showed up to an appearance last week in NY. so they are not being paid more for more shows.


Exactly. It’s not going to last much longer at all. That’s why I think khloe was like “ woooooo !! “ Kim has to get up and work like she told everyone in season one. She’s so tone deaf.


It’s beyond speculation. Watch Tisa Tells videos amongst others for a better break down on this issue.


She can barely get names or information right in her videos. Even videos about Shanquella Robinson had pictures of Kim and Ye in the entire video, and that is messy because if she watched or edited her videos, she would have seen them in that video over and over. Plus, she is constantly getting things completely wrong because she will run with the very first story. There is no checking info or rarely. She may get it right once in a blue, but there are so many other reputable youtubers out there that definitely put out great info on this horrible family


I love Tisa, she's gorgeous and hilarious but she's not the place to go for stone cold facts lol. She's more pure entertainment


I think she’s great, I think everyone makes mistakes. There are others, which is why I said “amongst others.” Ultimately it’s your choice. But there are many others, that have some of the best information you can find on there, too. I watch Solan Hooks, Tisa, etc. there’s so many that give great information. Fact remains, it’s an extension. They didn’t really do the work they should’ve.


Yes, Sloan is awesome. Idk if you watch Spill Sesh. That channel is great. Yes, it definitely is a choice on who you like and get great info from. I just wanted to say what I have noticed because Tisa seems like her heart is in the right place, which is a plus when it is an emotional story she covers. But yes, to each their own, and yes, I agree there are so many that just put out something and do absolutely no work and then some great ones that you definitely see their hard work.😊


Interesting! I'll have to check them out.






What in the actual fuck is THAT face?! 🤡 Clown ass Frankenbaddie


She photoshopped herself into chiclet teeth. Like a toddlers and tiaras filter on her ‘gram.


Listen here Khloe Jermasty Jackson, Guuuurl, you need to get a GRIP! Nobody relates to your priviledge life, your million dollar home gym, team of nannies and chefs and whatever you call 'WeRk' that apparently is over each day in time for school pick up...AT what, 3:00pm? Please go sit down somewhere and shut tf up. Gurl. BYE


Jermasty has me in a chokehold! Why, just whhhhy did you go there? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wait...isn't that one of the Jackson's sons? The one that the woman had children by Randy and Jermaine?


his son's name is...jermajesty lmao


Yup! You're right. Lmao!!


Is this a deleted scene from Blair Witch 💀


The physical resemblance to PMK is frightening...


Whoa! That was a jump scare!


What a stupid delusional person. Honestly, I’m actually peeved at this 🥹


The constant bitching about normal life having kids is not very relatable. What are they thinking!?


“woe is me” these Narcissists act like they do everything without help and that’s why it’s so annoying - they never give credit where it’s due as annoying as chrissy teigen is, at least she gave her nannies appreciation on mother’s day


She's ridiculous. She makes it seem sooo hard and like she's the only parent in the world. It's the most basic schedule for any parent. Between her and Kim this week, my eyes are sore from rolling. Kim complaining about the most basic parenting and putting her millions of offspring that she chose to have, to bed. And they have so much more support than the average parent, from financial, close family, and hired help. Cry me a fucking river guys.


Omg. I work 9 hour days. I just did a 30 minute work out with a trainer, and home to make chicken tacos. Give me an f'n break.


I think they’re just in pure rage marketing mode now. Everyone is so over their bullshit they’ve just embraced being the villain. This trout mouthed tramp needs to stfu already.


I’m now convinced they post/do this stuff to rage bait people into interacting with their socials.


Yes! To stay relevant


Right ?? I have had this theory for a while now ! They are beyond desperate


Ughhh shut up khloe, you have to have your nails perfect to the point you’ll need them done if you’re ever out in a coma. I’m a mom who works, idek the last time I got my nails done. Sometimes I’ll paint them myself but usually don’t have the bandwidth. Not after waking up at 6:30, getting my kid ready for school, making sure her school uniform is clean and ironed, packing a lunch, taking her to and from everywhere (no personal drivers!), doing all household tasks myself, working 8 hrs/day, I could go on!


Even if she DID do all of that, (which I doubt she did) I can guarantee that’s not a daily routine like the rest of us have to do. Lol


“Working out” at 5:30 with what looks like makeup on isn’t a workout at all.


Definitely a filter! Which is even more bizarre.


It's so frigging blind of them to post these whingey posts when other...normal mom's have to do all that without the help of chefs, nannies, cleaners and millions in the bank. What does she think? That people are going to pity her?


Her face gives me the creeps


So tone deaf! Try driving to a gym at 415am just so you can make it back in time for hubby to go to work and for you to drop kids off at three different schools. Then actually go to work yourself. She could never. Lol.


I hope she gets a new personality soon because that gym era of hers is so boring 🥱 @khlozilla sis start some drama with maralee or something




Ok that is terrifying


Looks like those creepy robots from that will smith movie


Looks like those creepy robots from that will smith movie


She looks like Kris. And Kris looks like her mom MJ who I think looks super creepy 🤣


With a full face of makeup!


As an average person who runs a business and is a single mom of a 2 year old: eat a bag of dicks, Kong.


OMG, these people hire a professional surrogates to have their fucking children. How dare they pretend they’re just an average person dealing with the day today struggles of life? Disgusting.


Jesus Christ KHLOGRE (my favorite nickname for her lol) there are millions of mothers who do MORE than you're complaining about EVERY DAY. I'm not even a mother myself but my mom was a single mother and got me up for school every day and WORKED ALL DAY not getting home until like 7-8pm (I was a latchkey kid). Just STFU god damn.


"go to work"?? 🥴


Not Alexandra Roldan trying to be relatable 💀


No one believes these people work out. Their bodies do not look athletic at all. If they were really working out they would have muscular arms and legs.


Going to work... where? Doing what?


She sounds different... Does she ever mention her son


I'm gonna need Michael Jackson to simmer down about her hard life.


"Go to work" AKA do 3 photoshoots for instagram and only post them after they've been edited to oblivion


She's so full of shit. I bet anything the nanny or nannies gets True up.


Well I agree that 5 30 is not my hour either but fuck up with the WoRk... get an actual job then you have the right to bitch about it...


I’m so glad Kim senior is catching on 😂


Khloe has to get up from her princess and the pea bed, walk downstairs and grab a bite of food waiting for her from her personal chef, walk to her private, fully functioning massive gym in her basement, then walk back upstairs to shower and text the nanny, who lives in the servant quarters by the gardening shed, to wake True up and get ready for school. Then Khloe has to go “carpool”….you are a lying POS KK.


Bitch, True has 2 nannies, TT probably has 2 too..the hardest thing you have to do everyday is deciding which filter you're using...the Lakers lost, get Trystan to help..


Girl go and complain to your man that you oh so are in love with. Don’t talk to us about your problems. What? Like he isn’t answering his phone and took off find my friends? Awww! Poor you.


To tired to workout but she’s got the energy to do full makeup and hair? 🙄


These gals are hilarious with their tough lives. They sound ridiculous.


Someone please do a real life swap show with them and show them what a real poorly paid job is and that should finally make them wake up and stop moaning. This is really embarrassing that they believe this nonsense.


I had to get up after my Nannie’s did everything for my kids so I could go into glam and get my hair and makeup done and pretend. To workout bc I can’t even squat proper. Then I had to go thru Tristan’s phone and make all the girls he’s sleeping with sign ndas as to not embarrass myself more. No wait I had my assistant do that bc I had a filler appt and had to shave the nostrils again. But ya life be hard.


All snark aside, I’m seriously getting worried about her addiction to plastic surgery. She’s looking more like Michael Jackson everyday. My husband had a jump scare the other day when I showed him the side by side pic of her old vs. current face.


First off, why the make up at 5.30am or is it a filter? Who looks that glam at 5am?? Second, why are you pretending like you have a real job with a regular schedule? It’s not like you’re a nurse who needs to go a do a 12h shift or a teacher who needs to drop her kids off before you head into school that’s an hour away. Bitch, please. Shut up and sit down


And these corny ding dongs can’t figure out why they’re falling off 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 STFU


I think I’d I had to talk to these people I’d just slowly nod with my eyes kinda widened just because


i never listen to these. what is she even going on about? what could possibly be so damn important to continually blast a closeup of that grotesque mug flapping those rubber sausages? honestly WHAT?!


Botched af


We all know she went back to sleep after making this right?


“5:30” workout = 5 mins of bs exercises and 45 mins of selfies and videos to make it look like a workout


They so badly want to pretend like they actually do shit LOL. How desperate and bored can you be?? Get a life.


she’s giving me motion sickness w this video


Working out in full make up at 5:30. As if she can’t send the nanny to do carpool.


Soon enough it’s gonna be hard to breathe when her nose ceases to exist


It’s kollapsing as we speaK ![gif](giphy|4VXVA0H5geRSQdw1Pe)


Wait did she say ABUSIVE? thats a gross gross misuse of the word…


Oh god. Again ??!?!!!? Really? Yes hun 👏we👏get👏it👏 you can do 6am, but not 5.30 because 5.30 “is abusive”. … and yet here you are at 5.25 .. doing it .. and telling us once again how you “can’t do 5.30 but you can do 6” 🙄🥱I think I would honestly rather watch paint dry than watch her. SHE GIVES NOTHING.


What a ducking out of touch botched b**ch


If she looks this botched with a filter, I’m afraid to even think how she looks irl


Oh boo hoo Khloe


Why her voice changed and sound exactly like Kim senior?


Lips to face ratio like 1:2 wtaf


If you're wealthy with nannies, professional chefs, a whole staff assisting your "grueling" day of trading on your name built through your trashy reality TV fame and pretending that means you are an entrepreneur, you should SHUT THE FUCK UP. Acknowledge your privilege.


Now imagine not having a home gym, no Nannie’s to watch the kids, having a 9-5 and having to cook all meals.


The lack of self-awareness never fails to astonish me. Do they really think they can come across as “just one of us”?


Working out real hard with a full make-up face, I see


Okay girl


She’s looking especially Michael Jackson’ish here


Watched on mute and at first glance thought it was Kris. Pls Khloe stop with whatever it is you’re doing to your face. I never thought she looked like kris. Now they’re super similar looking… due to surgery


Her nose tip has no cartilage left. And the nostrils geez


Wow, she’s really looking like Michael Jackson. Late stage Michael Jackson.


I wonder what work she is referring to, cuz we know it’s not a 9-5 and other than this “work” all she does is carpool basically I guess, lol


Why does she have makeup on for the workout 💀💀


Girl get a reality check🙄


So relatable! I mean it’s giving “we’re the same” vibes. Lol 😂




Uhhgggg that nose! Wow😱😱 Can only imagine how freakish that looks in real life


She looks like an orangutan


why she look like that


She looks like Michael Jackson here


It’s amazing how so out of touch these people are.


the face is actually scary. She has more lip than skin on her face. The sunken cheeks, the nose. She looks like a blowup doll that's severely ill.


Gag me with a pitchfork


Her nose is Michael Jackson’s from the grave


She's always copying Kim.. She's so pathetic.


So for YEARS they’ve been all “look at me and my life is so great and omg photo shoots, events, reality show~~~” etc but now she’s making it sound like ‘going to work’ is somehow the same as having a 9-5 and work for someone else’s company…..yeah okay. So relatable~ I’d respect them a tiny bit if they were honest, but then again they’ve created such a web of lies that even their honesty would seem disingenuous.




As if anyone is forcing them to wake up at 5?? They probably have 10 Nannies, and could just schedule their meeting for later ???


Such a busy day, working out and taking your kids to school 🙄


Imagine how tired we are!! Tired from actuality struggling to do all these things too and tired of hearing them complain. https://preview.redd.it/6lpcdr40xt1b1.jpeg?width=1200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=1ee28ec43790d3486eb19ff70af06caf7f174886


“Doing shit moms do every single day except I’m filthy stinking rich and have help is hard, y’all”


She’s never really known any other world. To her this is “pressure mom-mode”. They doomed themselves to never have the perfect home with, mommy & daddy and kids with that particular dad. It’s a heavy price to pay.


Got a bitch that looks like Michael Jackson 🎶


Lmao. She can barely speak because she’s lost total sense of what moving her lips feels like


She needs to get 5G - “Good god girl get a grip!” *hat trip Latrice Royale


I swear she’s only picking up the kids and dropping them off going to work and working out there a lot of moms, parents and carers that do this without complaining lol


I literally cannot hear anything besides that horrendous botched clump on her face that's supposed to be a nose.


It’s hard to look at that nose!


oh no she’s doing HUMAN STUFF🤯


She doesn’t do shit except service trashcan’s dick.


I used to really like Khloe. Kim got to her. It’s sad.


She looks awful, she sounds pretentious, but I will say that I actually believe she works out unlike big sis Kimothy.


it's so funny how they are trying to be relatable! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LADIES.


Their new angle of trying to be relatable just ain’t hittin






Work !? ![gif](giphy|FcuiZUneg1YRAu1lH2|downsized)


Bitch, work where? You mean you gotta show up at a warehouse for 5 minutes, take a few photos that’ll be photoshopped to hell and back and then go get lunch at a pricey Calabasas hot spot? Fuck right the hell off. Also, if she doesn’t want to work, she doesn’t have to, so quit the shit, Khloe!