TikTok people are delulu. I said north was left outside the met gala by herself and someone said the secret service was protecting her 🫨🫨



Secret Service? Bodyguards, probably. Secret Service? No way in hell. Porn stars/reality stars & their families don't qualify for Secret Service protection. Kim stans are truly delusional & many of them aren't very bright. These are the ones who will swear up & down that Kim graduated law school & is a lawyer in California. 🤣


SECRET SERVICE ????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


>many of them aren't very bright. That's a prerequisite.


>These are the ones who will swear up & down that Kim graduated law school & is a lawyer in California. 🤣 I got severely downvoted on Youtube once for trying to correct a comment where a stan called Kim an attorney. Their response? "Pete wouldn't have tattooed 'my girlfriend is a lawyer' on his chest if it wasn't true! 🤦‍♀️


People are nuts! Pete is not known for always making the best of choices. Kim's stans are truly delusional.


Kims sheep , are simple, minded, and easy to brainwash![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|downvote)


Yes I’m sure there were body guards but they were keeping their distance as if she’s an adult who wants their space. But she is a child who should feel an adult presence.


The secret service on their day off protecting north from strangers while her mom goes to the met gala: ![gif](giphy|3ov9jGSRDihwOxv1ni|downsized)


Lmao @ the fact they thought it was the Secret Service and that the Kardashians are worthy of presidential security😅🤣🤣🤣


Secret service? Come on


Like she’s the actual president or some shit my god 🤣


TikTok’s average IQ is beneath the room temp with these bot farms all over the damn place


It's a data mining application owned and controlled by a puppet company for the Communist Party of China. They want people this brainwashed and stupid.


The difference to Facebook is which? Facebook literally has torn down half the pillars of liberal democracy before TikTok was even a brain fart. Trump, Brexit and a literal genocide in Myanmar with the Rohingya. Even aside that data mining is what Google, Meta and Co. are doing as well. I want my data neither collected by Americans nor Chinese. Potato potahto.


The thread is talking about TikTok. No one was arguing against the fact that Facebook also leads to severe brain rot


You know that making a comparison is a valid form of addressing a topic, right? And the statement I commented on made TikTok look like a singularity which it isn’t and the cause is obviously political rivalry on top level being used to create fear based on sinophobia which is a fundamental building block of the United States since the Chinese Exclusion Act. Sry to educate about a topic I wrote my Master’s thesis about especially when people just put professional looking statements with big words out there which aren’t giving the factual overall context on the societal and political impact of social media platforms.


And it’s working, clearly. I feel bad for the west. We have been so corrupted and brainwashed


Add in the website T E M U Same thing.


There probably is an algorithm they all follow, if ‘North’, ‘alone outside’ and ‘Kimothy bad mom’ appears in a comment, they snap back that the kid was surrounded with secret services or had earpieces or whatever. It’s possible but it costs a certain amount since it takes humans to regulate the process. It also takes some interns to scroll down through dozens of Google pages (if the unpaid and thus uncontrollable news about the Klan make it that far) to garner these key words and the more accurate it is, the most expensive it gets, since only the human brain can get every possible twist of human words. A bot can only stick to one kind of speech register, typically. Simple commands like commenting ‘Kimothy is so beautiful’ or ‘Kimothy is the best’ or ‘Kimothy is so inspirational’ under any posts with the key words ‘Kimothy Kartrashian’ could cost less money and that’s what they do on their IG accounts, hence the need to slim down their comment sections, but they have cumulated scandal after scandal recently and need to be everywhere to damage control. The Klan does not necessarily need to swear allegiance to the CCP (lol) but whoever can snuggle the farms on the app, definitely has words with the current execs (who are, for most, in China) and it’s not easy nor cheap. So to say, the Klan gals bleed money as we speak. No wonder they hustle so hard with butter, sparkling water, toothpaste,…


And it’s working


Oh US could be nuked by Russia or North Korea but sure let’s look after North West at the Met Gala.


The secret service? That was the best comment yet. Make it a flair!. 😂




The secret service??? ![gif](giphy|3oz8xIQOoVcbzw6XAI|downsized)


How old are these ppl?


Fr im 18 and live in the uk and I have common knowledge on what the American secret service do


How does that make it better? Her own mother left her behind so she could party. People are delusional.


The secret service?! Kim isn't the president or the pope. I feel like I have to dumb this down more so they can understand it. ![gif](giphy|3oz8xxeUtHCkc8bokw)


Kim would love to think she’s important enough for the secret service to waste their time looking after her mini-me


That statement is our voice of the future. We are doomed.


![gif](giphy|h4Z6RfuQycdiM) Not the Secret Service…


Im sure these securites in particular are the best at what they do. Try explaining to a stan, security is not going to protect her from psychological trauma inflicted by her mom. Pointless. Yes we know there is security there. Doesnt make it ok to abandon her. Imagine some rando leaving there 9 year old at the security desk at the mall to shop? I can already hear the name calling. The stans cant see past the money.


![gif](giphy|MDxuzRvxF39VwnYu9B) lmaoooo secret service. doesn't make her leaving north outside alone right though ffs.


That’s amazing.


Are they bots?!


she’s going hard for kanye 2024 presidency 🤪


Secret service? 10 year olds talking about their peer North should not be on tik tok lmao


Really? Those security guards worked for the Met, not Kimberly. Tf [*Delulu*] 😂🤣


Dude. I replied to a comment where someone was saying North wasn’t uncomfortable at the met gala and that she was loving the attention, and ALL I SAID was “she’s 9”. That’s it. Someone else replied calling me ugly, making an entire TikTok about how ugly I am, called me old (my age isn’t even listed nor do I even have any tiktoks) and basically just went ballistic on me about how North is allowed to have feelings and want attention. For saying… she is 9…. Which is true???? So yeah. I’m right there with you on people being delulu as hell




Even if it was the secret service surrounding her, that’s not the issue! You really think she didn’t feel uncomfortable, standing there with a bunch of grown men, while fans scream her name from across the street? She should have a parent or at LEAST a family member/close friend there with her.




"...quite literally..."


I see alot of people like this everyday on so many social media platforms. They just follow the bandwagon. They can't think for themselves. They follow anything popular and support anything popular. They have no personal thought process. Whenever I see them on social media, I always call their bullshit out and them block them immediately. I hate fools


Ahh yes. The secret service. Protecting the president and the Kardashians. 🤦🏻‍♀️


The worst to me was when I came across a TikTok comment section talking about how horrible North is as a child. Saying she’s a spoiled brat, acting too grown, rude, manly, and bitchy. I’ve never seen North acting bratty, and even if she does then so what? Her mom constantly exposes her to paparazzi when she just wants to be left alone. She gets dragged to all sorts of events that no 9 year old needs to attend. Her family is crazy. Her parents had an ugly divorce. And her mom admitted to not even spending much time with any of her kids. She has none of the stability and familial love a child needs to thrive


Kris was an absentee mother as well, so her maternal instincts are weak


They’re usually very young. 14-15 year olds lol


She did have bodyguards and her handlers around her and she was out there because she was watching her mom go up the stairs and that’s where she could see that without entering the event. Kim’s still a horrendous parent. This isn’t an example of it necessarily though.


They weren’t her handlers im pretty sure they were working for the met


I was there, they got out of the car with her.


Well I mean Ye is running for President


So Kanye really did become President, then? XD


😭😭😭😭😭 Secret service. There’s no way


The Secret Service investigates financial crimes and North is basically a financial product to her mom so this tracks


I’ve learned some hard lessons about the internet from commenting on TikTok. It’s… a lot. The emotional distress isn’t worth it, IMO.


It’s 👏 the 👏 principle 👏 Was she safe from harm? yes. Was she cast aside for her mothers ego and vanity? Also yes. Facts are facts. That’s your child.


They are slow