Someone said Kim was a good mother on TikTok. I had to mention Kim leaving north outside at the MET. PMK was quick to remove that video!!!



Unhinged is the only energy on Tiktok


I deleted my account for this very reason


It reeks of creep like...the whole platform. I kept thinking of that show Black Mirror when I went on it. Nope, not for me, delete.


It's a data mining app owned and managed by a puppet company of the Communist Party of China. They want it unhinged.


Yes it does make her a bad mother. My friend freaks out when her 5 year old daughter leaves her sight at the park, I can’t imagine her even letting go of her daughter in any city.


So they can judge someone's life by only seeing a glimpse of it, but when someone has something negative to say it's automatically a lie


That’s what I was trying to explain to them 😭


Except we haven’t seen a glimpse. We’ve seen their entire (I say this loosely) lives. She’s repeatedly shown poor parenting choices. Now, is she as bad as someone that physically abused their kids? No. But, she is showing to her kids that they are not as worth as much as she is, so she will always take priority. She’s shown time and time again that her needs are of the utmost importance regardless who’s needs need to be met.


The basic mentality of a stan ![img](emote|t5_5mhcrd|19653)


This reminds me of the argument I got in with someone in the other sub. I commented that Travis Barker will forever make me uncomfortable bc of the way he treated his ex and the sexual comments about his literal newborn daughter, and the other commenter said he was a good person bc he’s known to be nice to servers?


Tik tok is the fakest most propaganda-y social media there is.


It is propaganda! Owned and controlled by a puppet company of the Communist Party of China. It's a big time data mining application, and who knows where they're selling that data off to.


The people (or bots) on there are far more argumentative than Reddit has ever been. They completely make up stories to cause division. Whenever I made a response video correcting the information with receipts from several eyewitness accounts (the topic was the history of US slavery so they didn't even need to fabricate stories to drive home how inhuman the institution was), I had people commenting saying "that's not what my grandpa experienced". Like, how old is their grandpa? I included excerpts from multiple narratives of former enslaved people, and said I felt they would know the more about it than us since they were actually there, yet it fell on deaf ears. I was called racist anyway.




What does PMK stand for? Also, why can they judge her as a good mom by watching those few moments on TT, but you don't have enough info to judge her as bad?? Me thinks they might be a tad ignorant.


Exactly my thoughts lol. I might be wrong but I always read PMK as pimp mother Kris lmao


Pimp Mama Kris


Piss Mama Kris


It is !!


gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss


are there people out there who DONT think that her abandoning her 9 y/o daughter makes her a bad mom??? i'm in my mid 20s and get anxious if i can't find my mom in a grocery store 🤣🤣


That throw a tv comment seemed personal lol think they’re explaining their own circumstances 🤣


I replied saying idk what parents you have but mine don’t do that 😭


🤣🤣🤣 fr fr


All anybody has a glimpse. Some see the glimpse and buy in, some see the glimpse and understand the glimpse reveals shitty people being shitty parents 🤷🏼‍♀️


lmao the tv comment was beyond insane