Pete had the names of his girlfriends kids tattooed on him so… don’t really see this one as a big deal, especially since Bianca is her step-mom now


Same.. Came here to say that, if they could meet Pete who was just a parent's relationship, why couldn't they meet parent's spouse


Not only meet him, but be alone with him? I feel like going out to dinner with your dad and his new wife vs. going to Walmart with your mom’s boyfriend who also has your initial and moms name BRANDED on him is different




Except this isn't Kanyes wife. They still haven't even filed a marriage certificate. He will be with someone else within 3 months. And there won't be any divorce since there was never a marriage.


Guess I haven’t looked into it as much as you have, because from my knowledge he’s married to her. Although I’m not disagreeing with you, you don’t know for a fact what his future relationship/ relationships status is going to be. Even if he isn’t married, it’s not weird to eat out with your kid and current partner…


I'm not saying there's a problem with them eating together. North is probably used to seeing dad with a new woman every time she spends time with him now. He's had her around a dozen different women the last 2 years. And I only know they're not legally married cause TMZ is keeping an eye on them and keeps posting that they haven't actually got married yet.


Poor North. My only thoughts


I think it’s a little early, but that’s based solely on what we know publicly. Kanye clearly did not take the divorce well, leading me to believe this relationship wasn’t kept hidden for awhile before being made public. Kids shouldn’t meet the new partner so soon, and unless they are serious, it can be damaging for them. I know they claim to be married, but the legality of that is suspicious. If they aren’t serious, then introducing north to her, only for her to be gone in a few months can be really damaging. It will just create more loss.


I definitely agree but he isn’t just dating her-he married her. She’s not going away any time soon and I assume the kids have seen the news their dad married someone else. What’s worse-dad married someone we’ve never met, or introducing the kids to dad’s new partner a little too soon? Shit show all around.


I agree w you, but reading the "they're married she's not going away anytime soon" bit just gave me instant flashbacks to Kim's 72 days 😅 so, you never know!


Your username is absolutely sending me rn 😂😂


I agree with all of this. I’m guessing Kim may not have been thrilled with North (or any of the kids) meeting her so early on in the relationship, but this may have been a compromise to acquiesce Ye.


Just as Ye was less than thrilled to find out Pete was taking his kids toy shopping right after he and kim started dating.


Valid and fair. I didn’t think that was great then either. Even if the bodyguard was there I thought it was way too soon for Pete to be out with Kim’s kid(s) in general, and without Kim definitely.


Kim was trying to antagonise Kanye


Kim's can't stop Kanye seeing his children and Bianca and North already know each other, she's not a stranger like Pete was.


I don’t know if they did or didn’t know each other beforehand. I’m not saying Kim can actually stop her from seeing her new stepmom, but a lot of divorced couples come to agreements on when their kids will meet any future partners.


Bianca already knows North. She's met the whole family many times.


Maybe it’s a lie, I don’t think Kim would have agreed to this and she has her word to say as she is North’s mother. Of course her own ex tattooed himself the initials of her kids, but of course men are always held to a different standard than women, as in the latter are almost always expected to be the "better" ones who care more about the kids. IMHO both parents are awful but I was really surprised that Kanye didn’t engage in a full battle over custody of their children and left them in Kim’s care. One would think it’s bc he isn’t or doesn’t want to be present, but I think it was intentional. He was tight close with his own mum and for all her flaws let’s guess Kim is decent enough as a mother. Kanye is derailing and appears to entertain his current relationship only for the purpose of pissing Kim off. I have said it before lol, they still love each other but too much stuff in the way I guess. It’s nasty either way. Since Kim herself writes countless articles, leaks stuff to the press and is well aware that Kanye is a train wreck these days and would not hesitate one second to out her schemes, she does not snap back at him when he also does it. Kanye is still a world known musician whereas Kim is nothing without her polished image. I have high doubts she would allow her kids around that woman—and even Ye himself. Maybe they aren’t aware their dad remarried, or they know her but weren’t told too much too early. Goodness, I can only hope.


They have 50/50 custody and Kim doesn't get to dictate to Kanye who his children can't be around, after her behaviour with Pete. its not like Bianca is a stranger to North either, Kim is jealous Kanye has moved on.


I mean I would want to meet my stepmom I guess.


North already knows her.


sure, but not as a MOM


I just wonder why she’s the only kid he spends time with.


Also just from reading this, it made me wonder if he has close relationships with the others. Didn’t he and Kim grow apart more around when he decided to move to… Utah or wherever he went? It could’ve been a long time coming to where he wasn’t around her/therefore the kids much at all. I imagine that’s much diff than how it was when north and maybe saint were babies. It could’ve impacted his bond/closeness with the younger ones.


Kanye moved to Wyoming when he decided to end his marriage, all four children stayed with him during the summer. He sees the younger children in private and the two eldest were pictured with him and Chaney in Miami.


Wasnt North and the other kids sitting on Pete’s lap? Didn’t he also “tattoo” their initials like the creep he is?


Yes, because Kim was trying to an Kanye.


At least she’s his wife and isn’t just having sex with her in front of the fireplace like Kim and Skete did 🤷🏻‍♀️


her explaining that to MJ on TV was fifty shades of WRONG 😓


Bahahahahahaah 💀💀💀


They haven't turned in a marriage license, so they're not really married. He could have a fake ceremony with any chick. He only did it because he just got done ranting about premarital sex. But what he doesn't understand is if you don't file a marriage certificate....you're not married! Kanye brought the kids around every chick he banged. Whether it was a week long relationship or a month long relationship. No one ever says anything about it. I'm sure by now they are just used to having a new chick around Dad every time they see him.




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Hopefully, Bianka, is a better role model for her than her own mother.


Better than having your kids sit on the lap of your new boyfriend while he drives a golf cart.