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so lame. think about how huge balenciaga is, how many people they have working for them. i’m sure every campaign goes through a multi step process that goes through multiple people. and no one was like uh hey, maybe this isn’t a good idea? and maybe there was someone who brought it up, but there are still people on top making the final decision who would be like eh, no it’s fine. so weird. so many high fashion brands are way overhyped when in reality they’re lazy and uncreative but it’s their name recognition that keeps them afloat.


The apology clearly says that the responsible parties are having action taken against them and it was NOT approved. What do you want innocent celebrities to do, who had nothing to do with the situation? It would be like an employee at Target Corp making a mistake, and people all over the world can no longer shop at target…


It would be more like an accident happened with the vendor who sells carts to target, and now a specific target employee is being blamed for that lol


To me it says they found a grunt to use as a scapegoat for their negligence. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. The act of suing means nothing on its own, and it certainly doesn’t mean their PR statement is true lmfao! Tho it does tend to have that effect on the public. This suit will ultimately be denied bc the claims are weak af, legally speaking. They’re betting on everyone forgetting about it before it can hit the judge’s wastebasket. And clout-heavy companies suing frivolously like this will scare off any mainstream reports


I just don’t get it. Balenciaga is fucking huge and the amount of people and departs this idea must have gone through before it was even shot and not single person stopped and said “hey maybe we shouldn’t do this because you know it’s fucking inappropriate and disgusting”. I..just really Balenciaga? For real??


The rich have been moving extremely reckless this year , it must be something in the water


100% speculation, but I think the photoshoot was gross and somebody on set was like “why tf are these children holding bondage teddy bears” and that person snuck in those supreme court CP cases as a silent protest, so that Balenciaga would get dragged.


Yeah, they weren’t there. It was a third party hired for balenciaga that used literally unapproved props.


And then they were advertised too without approval? Just hard to believe it didn’t hit Balenciagas eyes at some point..


Biggest bullshit ever. The designer doesn’t have the control or ideas of the line’s shoot and apparently didn’t come up with the idea or even approve it…. Sure.


This is not even a good apology. If celebs like Kim , Bella Hadid, or Alexa Demie continue to work with Balenciaga after this then that says a lot about them and how performative they are.


Bella posted yesterday and then quickly deleted her balenciaga ad


lol i’m not surprised whatsoever. she’s no saint.


Bella better fucking not D:


It just goes to show, America is built on child abuse.


Brands that have their comments turned off are the biggest cowards ever.


I've worked on commerical shoots before. Nothing on set is an accident.


Just as I thought……Trash.


-jasmine masters 💅🏼


I just don't understand, why would ANYONE even *think* to do this?? I'm legitimately so confused by this campaign. As for Kim, I agree. I honestly think this isn't a deal-breaker to her. Money is always her top priority so unless people start boycotting her own brands due to her support of Balenciaga, then I doubt she'll be doing anything.


they want to be edgy and different so bad but it never works in their favor.


i don’t think so. i honestly think the outrage is going to die down and in a few weeks everyone will forget it ever happened and kim will continue to support balenciaga. that’s how it always goes, unfortunately.


"Unapproved items" ![gif](giphy|1AIeYgwnqeBUxh6juu)


Wait what happened?


I had to look it up, here’s an excerpt from a NY Post article: “Balenciaga is under fire online after showing two young girls holding stuffed animals dressed in what appears to be bondage gear in an advertisement. The fashion house — which has been associated with the likes of Kim Kardashian and previously made headlines for its daring fashion choices — featured the mini models in Balenciaga apparel, holding plush toys that contrasted with the horrifying bondage get-ups. In one image, a ginger-haired little girl sported a T-shirt from the brand while holding the strap connected to a white bear, which was in a vest with a padlocked choker around its neck. In another, a brunette child donned a blue outfit while clutching a purple plush animal, which was sporting similarly BDSM attire.”


[Balenciaga pulls controversial bear ads amid child abuse fears](https://imgur.com/gallery/8czHKKK)


Ooooof. Thanks for the info 😕


YW. I know…it’s disturbing that surely *many* employees were involved in this shoot, the editing, etc. and saw nothing wrong with it until they got backlash 😵‍💫


You 👏are👏the👏responsible👏party👏. Don’t gaslight the public, Demna, it ain’t workin


when kanye was saying dumb shit they were quick to say they stand with the Jews. which is fine. but when it came to depiction of CHILD pornography which is even MORE pressing, everyone’s mouth is shut. and people on here see them as idols? disgusting. it’s all about the money to them, it always has been and always will be. they don’t care about antisemitism, they don’t care about racism or false imprisonment. they care about whatever gives them a good image and enables them to get paid, and in this case balenciaga’s the one with the purse so miss kimmy of course will keep her mouth shut.




I thought that was Alexander wang , I never heard this about Demna




Youre thinking of gosha, demna has a husband stop spreading misinfo smh


That’s the designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. You should think about deleting this.




Ur thinking of gosha


This says "unsettling documents", which sounds like it is referring to the artist's books that are in another ad. Is this even addressing the child with the bear?


It’s addressing the United States vs Williams court case paper that was under the AdidasxBalenciaga bag shoot


Thank you for confirming. Too many issues with this brand to keep up. Kimmy was wearing AdidasxBalenciaga last night 🙄 I was still upset over the trash bag purse made from calf skin.


The text and the book in the background I could understand if they went unnoticed (and even then… it’s a high status brand, they literally pay people to notice this shit) but the bdsm teddy bear was clearly part of the DA. This is not a mistake at all.


Cristobal Balenciaga is probably rolling in his grave right now with all of this nonsense.


I just can’t get over how stupid people involved in this must be to think that NOBODY would notice… Here’s where I’m at… this oversight means any of the below: the disconnect from reality is REAL bad and an attempt to be edgy/cheeky/artiste etc failed miserably This was a set up for blackmail or something similar by someone out to hurt the brand Blatant psychopathy


> This was a set up for blackmail or something similar by someone out to hurt the brand > > Blatant psychopathy Kanye are you around?


The creative director of Balenciaga didn’t know about the creative direction of his own campaign… OK


I’ve been in this space professionally for almost a decade and can tell you unequivocally that “unapproved items” didn’t just sneak their way into a fucking BALENCIAGA campaign. That’s a literal lie. And even if that somehow happened (even though it wouldn’t), it would have quickly been caught during the extensive review process post-shoot. It’s not even just a bullshit apology. It’s a totally bullshit scenario. And THAT is actually now more annoying to me than the apology sucking. And before anyone tries to come for me. Let’s even put aside the fact that if they used a third party agency… the creative direction still comes from them lol. The agency is just there to execute. But putting that aside, please know that there’s a 99.9% chance they had someone in-house on set to oversee the shoot. But even if for some reason balenciaga decided to let this agency run the show with zero oversight, they would have immediately raised a flag when they got the raw images had the agency actually gone completely rogue and incorporated “unapproved items” or any creative elements that didn’t align with the brief. Would’ve been flagged in the first rev. Never would have made it any further and most definitely never would have seen the light of day. They’re lyingggggg and they’re little sickos. That’s all!


The irony , these celebs are afraid of kerring cutting ties with them


Oh okay so it wasn't some weird conspiracy crap this time? I mean, there is so much conspiracy crap online accusing people of being pedophiles that my first reaction is to think 'sure, whatever' But there actually were fucked up documents in these pics? Does anybody know what they said? All I saw was really blurry zoomed in pics with nothing readable.


The ad had [these documents](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Williams_(2008)) printed out and partially visible The court papers displayed are from the 2008 Supreme Court case, United States v Williams, which criminalised the pandering of child pornography. The ruling reaffirmed the constitutionality of the PROTECT Act, a federal law that increased penalties for sexual exploitation and other abuse of children.


That's very strange.. so now the question is who put those documents there


He turned off his comments.


Am I the only one not surprised by this? They aren’t the type to apologize for their own shit, let alone this kind of thing


everyone i’ve spoken to about it understands that what they did was wrong and can’t comprehend the amount of eyes that saw and approved these images before posting them. and even the concept of the shoot is WEIRD. who do they think they’re fooling???


One of your duties (which should be instinctual as a parent, an adult even) is to keep dangerous and inappropriate things away from kids. It’s definitely a load of bullshit


Of course they will, they always support shitty peoole. Alexander Wang and D&G for example.


This surprises nobody who’s ever looked past the fancy facade of Hollywood & the “that’s just a conspiracy, that’s not happening!” crowd.


I think it's time for a huge cultural shift. Anyone else just so fucking sick of these rich cunts?


I know a lot of people don’t like Lala Kent but I saw she called balenciaga out


I think it was because a third party shot that shoot, which is why balenciaga is going to take legal action against those photographers and set directors.




They are all very aware of the nonsense that goes on in the entertainment industry. They will play the game to stay relevant, so they can remain in the spotlight and have their children become famous.


Back tracking...


Can someone please explain to me, like I’m a child, as to what exactly is so offensive about Balenciga?


I’m ready to fucking riot FUCK this brand