why does it matter if kylie says her baby’s name?



It's because she announced the name, introduced the world to Wolf and then said SIKE


Her post was like “oh you still calling him Wolf?!! Lol we changed it 😂🤭🤫”


Yeah the tone of it was so funny. Like we were weird for calling him Wolf when she picked it🤣🤣


“I just keep seeing wolf everywhere” yeah no shiiiii girl!


Idc personally but it is super odd to announce a baby’s name then announce a name change but leave out the current name. Also, the perception is that she’s not protecting his privacy but saving the announcement for a big PR moment- aka when /if Astroworld causes more outrage. Edit: a word




Khloe does it too and I’ve also noticed Jen Atkin shows her daughter but tries to hide her son


Yes and it’s simple it’s cause she’s a girl. They are all following in their mothers footsteps. Using the girls like how they were used and casting the boys to the side. It’s sad really


I think it’s simply because she made the mistake of showing Stormi and sees how the world judges everything so chose a different approach with her second child. She’s already shown stormi so wouldn’t bother stopping now.


Ya but she could (and arguably *should*) stop showing stormi if she feels that way


People will still have something to say, for example you right now.


Yeah I agree..I’m curious too, but ultimately it definitely doesn’t matter. I think of it this way, I have a baby (she was born the day after Kylie’s son lol) and I don’t really share much about her. I’ve been asked why I don’t post more of my child, and there’s a ton of reasons but the ‘ be all/end all’ of reasonings is that she’s * my * baby, and I don’t want to. When I post a pic it’s because I felt like sharing that particular one, nobody’s entitled to it ya know? I can only imagine being a public figure and people just expecting you to share your child with them, so weird.


i’m sorry but i don’t have my glasses on and i read it as “i don’t really care much about her”😭i was so concerned for a second


lmao I was about to comment the same thing. I did a double take 😂


Agree with this but as others pointed out there’s a lot of context to as why people thought it was weird. If she cared about privacy that much she wouldn’t have (1) announced his name in the first place before deciding to change it & (2) although Stormi is already in the spotlight what has been done to increase privacy? Seems v hypocritical to me.


I actually think she still hasn't announced it for a completely different reason to everyone else; I honestly feel like it's because it's been so long that she almost doesn't know how/when to do it now, it's probably really anxiety inducing. She must love her son, and obviously enjoys spending time with her daughter, but now she can't just casually post a cute pic with her son cause she's left it too long and people will make it weird


Dude what. Just pretend it’s been announced then and carry on with life and use his name.


I mean she gets hundreds of comments a day asking what his name is lol how do you pretend in that circumstance??


No hate towards the baby, but who fucking cares about another Kardashian baby lol?? It's not special that they're reproducing and the name give us nothing


ong i think everyone should think this way. ain’t no justification for why you care so much about someone else’s kid lol


I agree completely! Everyone on IG needed to know the name immediately. I thought why would anyone be so invested into knowing this child’s name. Maybe bc they share so much? Maybe not used to them keeping something private? She hid an entire pregnancy. People figured it out by her nail color. The internet detectives blow my mind. They could literally work for the FBI


bc people feel entitled to the lives of celebrities, if she doesn’t want to share the name of her baby, she doesn’t have to idk why people care so much .


I’m just astonished and impressed she has been able to conceal it and her entire first pregnancy as much as she’s in the spotlight.


Kylie once mentioned that she’d heard about protecting your energy when you’re having a baby. Kendall said that she believes Stormi is so calm and peaceful because Kylie kept her pregnancy private. Kylie didn’t keep the second pregnancy a secret and her being pregnant during the Astroworld tragedy may have affected her mental state and pregnancy (don’t come at me, I know it’s not about her, but so many people were affected by how sad and horrendous it was and to be there, to be so close to someone who people blame for it must have been damaging). So I think she’ll wait a year before announcing the name and sharing pictures. To protect the baby’s energy and privacy in his early stages. And kudos to her for it. I’m with her.


She tried to keep the second pregnancy a secret…


Tbh, i don’t care at all. But I do compare those kinds of people to people in the uk. In the uk, there are people who feel entitled to seeing everything about a royal baby’s life bc “oh we pay taxes and whatnot” (something like that idk uk taxes and royals that well), and that’s what ppl obsessed with seeing the kar jenner babies remind me of. Maybe there’s some feeling of entitlement because these people have always been invested in them/spending money on them, so they want to see their kids? Either way it’s weird. I also think there may be some curiosity mixed in. They’ve always shown everythhinnnggggggg about their kids and now people may be wondering what changed? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad there’s at least some kids that aren’t being primed for fame from the second they’re out the womb, but what made them change their mind for one kid as they continue to show off the others? Those are what I think are the two biggest reasons behind people showing interest in their kids.


>I also think there may be some curiosity mixed in. They’ve always shown everythhinnnggggggg about their kids and now people may be wondering what changed? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad there’s at least some kids that aren’t being primed for fame from the second they’re out the womb, but what made them change their mind for one kid as they continue to show off the others? i think it’s js kinda funny that people complain about them exploiting their kids on social media, then get mad when she finally decides not to. but i agree with the entitlement thing it is weird


It’s kinda weird when she still posts her other child though. She’s cool with exploiting one but not the other, to an extreme degree too. We haven’t seen him or been told his new name. I’d think if it was for privacy, she would stop posting Stormi too.


im saying people always have something to say about their family posting their children, then when kylie decides to wait before showing her newborn it’s a problem. not talkin about the logic behind her decision whatsoever (bc idgaf what she does with her kids). what im really asking is, why do y’all care what she does regarding her kids? they are her kids.


I personally don’t care what she does. I don’t like her at all lol. But I think it’s wrong to say she cares about the privacy of her kids when she’s only actively protecting the privacy of one child. I think that’s why people get weird about it, because it makes no sense and she also had no issue announcing his name at first.


no one said “she cares about the privacy of her kids.”idk where you got that from. once again, my post is asking WHY ppl care about if she keeps the name private. like my whole post is about her FANS. nothin about what SHE decides to put on social media. I’m asking WHY does it matter to y’all? nothing else


Where’s the realness in the reality tv? Tell us normal things like that. We know stormis name.


Because it pisses people off when your whole family are famous millionaires from exploiting daughters and then they protect their sons purely because of their born gender