I could see Kanye doing a Jagger and have four more kids. Either that or snip it. Tristan will probably have one annually. I could see Scott starting a "new" family at 50 with someone 20-25 years younger. Travis scott? No idea, he could be on contract for two more kids with kylie. He could have 5 more babymamas or no kids at all. Rob, i hope he gets his shit together and finds someone. He seems like the kinda guy that really would want to be a dads dad, soccer practice dad (at least in theory).


lmaoo annual thompson babies. would it be a nation holiday for Canadians? 'baby poppin day!' then him and future do a collab and have their bm give birth on the same day


I can't see Scott having kids with anyone else unless Kourt and Travis have a baby. Then he'd do it to spite her. I can see Kourt and Travis having a baby to bring both their families together. Kanye - I'm on the fence I can see it going either way no more kids or lots more kids. Travis S - Well what's he going to do from now on? I think he'll have at least 1 more with Kylie then depending on how Astroworld plays out leave her or have another with Kylie and then leave and probably have more kids Rob - I can't see him having any more kids Tristan - I'm sure he'll have a dozen by the end of the decade


Hopefully the rest of the sisters wouldnt act like those kids dont exist and arent their children siblings like Khloe does with Prince


Yeah I definitely don’t think Kanye is done, he’s always said he wants a lot of kids. I think he will be like Rod Stewart, having kids into his old age.


kanye didnt have a kid until his 30s , so he seems to be practicing safe sex ofc we wont truly know he could have paid people on the side to abort i dont think kanye would intentionally get someone pregnant again, i think its 50/50 if kim gives him attention he might not invest his time in other women and the second scenario is if he gets over kim then i can see him not minding having another kid but ye has 2 half-siblings and isnt close to them in the slightest so he might not be an advocate of his kids having half siblings. Also who can top kim k as the mother of your kids?


Kanye definitely seems to be taking on this "holier than thou" parenting persona right now. I don't know if he would want half-siblings or out of wedlock children. (No shame in out of wedlock kids - I have one!)


yeah i also agree, but i think his religious persona was attached with kim and once he gets over her it will slowly decay


A lot of people actually can top Kim as being a mother to his kids. Just because she has money?


No I mean name/fame wise


kanye is unpredictable but i don't think julia wants kids, at least for some years. she is young and seems like she's gonna focus on her career. she also seems to have a problem raising her only kid alone. she doesn't strike me as a mother material.


I really don’t see any of the other men, a part from Tristan, having more kids with someone else.


iirc they said on the show that Kanye wanted seven kids (probably for numerological reasons is my guess). No idea if he still wants that obviously. My guess is if he gets married again, definitely more kids, and even if he doesn't there's a not insignificant chance. Zero idea what that would look like because....Kanye. I think Kim would be happy for Kanye and for her kids to have relationships with their half siblings, she'd definitely acknowledge them etc. Maybe the kids would get a cute ig post on their birthdays? I really hope Scott does get over Kourtney and manages to move on (and not with a teenager etc), and that might involve a kid or two. I think Kourtney would probably love being Aunty Kourtney to Scott's kids haha. The only half siblings we'd see on the show. Travis and Kylie don't seem that serious or stable despite having two kids (not living together, the W mag article), so I would say, yes, he might end up with more kids not with Kylie, but not any time soon since he's too reliant on Kylie and the Kardashians given he probably can't even get insurance for his show etc. Can't decide if we'd get sweetheart Kylie if it happens or if she'd take after Khloe. Dream is the best thing that ever happened to Rob but I think he's probably functioning at capacity. If he got significantly better, yes, he clearly loves being a Dad and the weird conservativeness of the Kardashians probably would really celebrate Rob having a boy to pass down the name.


Kanye I could definitely see having more kids,‘ I don’t see him getting married again though, more just like “planting his seed” and spreading his name and legacy. I think this would cause a LOT of friction with Kim and the kids… I don’t think Kim is having any more, Kourt MAYBE with Travis, but I also feel she is now in the “fun” part of her life where she’s enjoying just being free and enjoying herself; she spent so many years essentially being a single mom to her kids it’s now her turn to let loose a bit. Khloe I think MIGHT have another but I can also see her just being happy with True and not necessarily feeling the need to have another one as much as she felt it a year ago. Kylie I think will for sure have one or two more, with Travis if he sticks around… I don’t believe Scott will have any more kids; I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he got a vasectomy. He plays around with all these young women, and while he can be an ass he’s not stupid. He knows what getting someone pregnant would do, he knows a lot of these women would love to milk that kardashian money…I feel like he was so in love with Kourtney that no-one else will ever fill that kind of void in his life , so he just resigned himself to having fun with no commitments. I don’t know anything about how Rob is as a father, but I have a feeling he is/will be pretty involved and encouraging…I have a bad feeling that if he ends up in another serious relationship/ gets someone pregnant, it will be someone who is after his money. He seems pretty easy to manipulate honestly, and he is Kris’ “baby” who she will always take care of financially. I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Kris has paid off terminating some secret or alleged pregnancies by him in the past.


I don’t think Kanye has any emotional attachment to that woman, and would under no circumstances have children with her. I only think Rob will want to have more children, if he ever feels better mentally and starts dating again.




I’m honestly shocked that Scott hasn’t got someone pregnant by now