The constant posts complaining about the sub only divides it more. There should be a meta thread because this is getting exhausting.


This is not just at you OP but I think that when people make these kinds of posts complaining about this sub or comments in this sub they should really come with links or screenshots or something


The constant complaints of this. People are awful, and especially emboldened on the internet. People can be blocked and create new accounts to be shitty. The mods say they’re trying. At this point there’s nothing to say about it. Just don’t look at it or report it. There doesn’t need to be 16 posts a day about it. Maybe create your own sub, but I guarantee the ugliness will creep into there too. It’s not hypocrisy where there are so many members. Some people like you who don’t like to be unkind over appearances/ etc. , some people who are ugly inside, some people who literally are evil, people who don’t care, people who obsess, people who don’t like them…. Maybe you should unsubscribe because it’s the internet and there’s no way to control thousands of people.


This sub is the manifesation of back when Kim called another girl a fame whore and a tramp encompensed in large textual form.


They’re so far up Kim’s ass they’ll do anything to tear Julia down. It’s pathetic.


they'll downplay it saying ur overreacting that they don't see such comments and they only give well-deserved criticism inn a reasonable way. like u don't have eyes lol


Agreed! I can’t believe the hate she is getting in here. I try to avoid posts about her now because it’s disgusting to watch anymore. I have made comments about it and no one says anything.


“The sub” isn’t one person so how can it be hypocritical? Does it ever occur to anyone that the reason they see opposing and conflicting content on here is due to… *different people*? Why is this a tough concept?


The overall sub is hypocritical when it comes to Julia. Read the comments on any post about her people say all types of nasty shit. People even get downvoted for saying positive stuff about her on here lmao.


I could give 2 fucks if someone has a different opinion that's absolutely fine, but in this case, it's blatantly hate and bullying


i knew this post was coming eventually


I absolutely don’t see why anyone is comparing the two or putting one down to big up the other. But also not every “negative” comment about Julia is because people think they are supporting Kim, some people just don’t have nice things to say. Report the comments and move on.




still my point stands don't preach about something and not practice it


The problem people should have with her in this sub is how she is with a man who spoke poorly of his wife and kids. Give it some time, and he will be tearing her apart next in the media. She is with Kanye for her own benefit.


“I get that maybe being used to looking at people that constantly edit their pictures and get their bodies done” isn’t this body shaming though?


no that's just facts


It’s body shaming I thought people weren’t even criticizing her body


I can’t say I’ve seen things like that, but I don’t read every post either. I just think her delusion that this is her soulmate is really sad when it’s clear he’s trying to make Kim jealous. And since we’re talking about slamming looks, Kanye is total trash for the lyrics where he says “God made this, God made this.” It was clearly a dig at Kim’s plastic surgery, some of which she got for him.


Everybody will have their opinion, I’ve seen the hate Julia gets. The folks who were dead set on Kim/Ye are still reeling from the divorce, naturally they won’t be so ecstatic about Julia. It’s a natural fleeting response, criticism is allowed. Ye called Julia her “new bitch” in his song Eazy. Then Julia apparently “loves” the song. A song that Ye slanders his underage kids in. But anyways… What bothers me is when others comment about doubts on Julia and suddenly they’re a Kim stan. Uh no, because even the sensible ppl who love Kim will question or analyze her faults.


Kanye called Kim his bitch a lot and Kim went in an interview and defended him calling it “hip hop” so that’s a terrible excuse to hate Julia. She hasn’t said anything about this family or Kim and Kim doesn’t care so what’s the point of constantly attacking this woman?


I’m not attacking her. Only the outfits she’s wearing. Literally no one is hating btw. Kim doesn’t run to social media, ever unless it’s an interview. I can see Julia doing this though.