She can’t delete the fact that her marriage to Kanye produced her 4 beautiful children- and she probably doesn’t want to! Keeping these photos is a part of that. I wouldn’t take them down either.


I agree, it was a part of her life and I don’t think she should delete them. Kanye will always be in her life in some capacity because of their kids.


the caption on the 4th photo aged badly. I don’t think she will unless people start harassing her. She will probably archive them.


Yeah she might archive them once she's in a serious relationship. Possibly not the ones with the kids in though




I love the last picture 🥺


Sameee i love it


I definitely see Kim archiving her whole page and starting fresh EDIT: Not because of the divorce. Maybe when she runs for office. 💀


I love this theory! I think you’re right


Ooh this is an interesting prediction!


They look like they had some happy moments


The first pic is stunning ✨




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I doubt it. Considering she has a box of stuff from her ex boyfriends from years ago.


Picture 6 looks like a star war


This is off topic but why does she wear some of the worst dresses to the biggest events? She’ll wear some sick outfit to go out to dinner or something but then wear that ripped up dish rag to the Vanity Fait Oscar party.


I used to hate the dress actually but [reading this Harpers Bazaar article](https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/a30849393/kim-kardashian-vintage-alexander-mcqueen-oyster-dress-oscars/) really changed my mind a bit. I still don’t love it, but it’s a really interesting art piece and I think it’s fascinating to see how it was altered from the original McQueen Selection from the article: “The Oyster dress is labelled by the museum as "a poetic rendering of a disaster at sea". The hem of the skirt, like the wavy lip of a giant mollusk, further emphasises the seashell quality of the gown. But unlike Aphrodite, who was born in the foam of the sea and borne to shore on a scallop, McQueen's beauty is a bruised pearl encased in a deconstructing oyster, the tumbled survivor of the violent action of waves.”


That does make a difference in how I see it, thank you for sharing this!


i LOVE he way she looks in that dress. i know lots of people thought it wasn't right for her, that the thin (obviously) model who debuted it wore it better but i strongly disagree. i think she looks fantastic.


I think her curves actually enhance it, they really emphasize the aesthetic. It feel like a sweeping wave. I just wish the gown hadn’t been altered so much, they took away some of the fabric and changed the neckline a bit so it reduces the grand feel and does end up looking a bit like a used tissue lol. But it is a work of art and she wears it well


it does seem like a sweeping wave bc of her curves, you're right. now i forget what the original dress looked like but i do remember noticing changes had been made. i love the thought of her slowly drifting/swaying down that long hallway in her house wearing this dress. i know she doesn't do repeats but that would be a photo shoot/video i'd really love to see.


Oooh, yes! Seeing it on video in slow motion rippling behind her would be sensational. Unfortunately, the dress was a gift from Kanye so I doubt we will ever see her in it again, sadly. I could see it potentially turning up at a Met Gala in a couple years, altered, as a commentary on the passage of time/dissolution of a megastar’s relationship/rebuilding after traumatic divorce. It would be so fucking cool to see it shined up and polished, less ragged and more pearl-like! Saying “I’m still me, but I’m reclaiming myself and I’m not just a muse anymore. I have rebuilt myself and proved that I’m not just Kanye’s wife, I’m Kim fucking Kardashian”. It would be really neat to see the thematic conclusion of a precious pearl born from the turbulent waves and friction that an oyster experiences.


i love that idea. but good grief kanye would have a stroke.


Babes that dress is iconiqueee!! It's a piece of art!!! Not a cutesy fashion item.


I am always perplexed when people delete photos… why? It’s not like it never happened. I think it’s pointless and I don’t understand why anyone does that.


I never did it, but I get it when other people do it. Like you don’t want that constant reminder, especially if it’s an abusive or exceptionally toxic relationship.


This..and not every new partner is secure enough. I personally wouldn’t want my boyfriend to have pics of his ex still on his IG but were regular people and no ones checking for us 😭


completely agree. as long as it isn't a photo reminiscent of a bad/sad/toxic etc. relationship, something you don't want to see. besides that i saw no need to delete anything. in fact i framed a photo of my husband with an ex GF because he was only 19-20 (we got together when he was 30) in it & he looked so adorably baby-faced i wanted to be able to see it all the time. but he & i were unlike many couples i think. we both told each other all about our past dating/sex lives etc. because we loved knowing everything about each other.


When my first serious relationship ended I was planning on not deleting. But when I started dating everyone was asking if I had a boyfriend & my ex deleted them so I just deleted too


Eh. I deleted the ones with my ex after we separated. I don’t want that energy or memories on my own timeline which I do occasionally scroll back thru. I have physical photos for my kids that they can look at whenever they want.


I get it for some people but she has thousands of posts it’s not like it’s right there for everyone to see all the time. You gotta scroll a while to find it lol


I don't think she'll delete them. Especially those where they're with the kids. Tristan cheated on Khloé and has a whole new baby but Khlo still has the post she made last year on his birthday on her IG. And even the other times when they were broken up, she still had the posts from back when the relationship was still new. So Kim will probably also keep these ones up. These make me so sad because I've always been a KimYe stan and I highkey wanted them to work things out.


These pictures are important to her children too. She should leave them up and insecure boys can look elsewhere. Women are allowed to have a past, and I understand erasing it when you don’t have children, but that’s their father and erasing it is like erasing those years as a *family*


Why would she want to delete the best thing that ever happened to her? They were a stunning couple who had four amazing children together. I really don’t think she wants to erase that at all. She’s proud that Kanye is her baby daddy


They truly did have a beautiful family. These pictures look so cute! On that note, I wonder how Kim feels emotionally lately.


What shoe debate?


she's so beautiful in that first pic gonna cry


The last picture is so freaking cute. 😭


I bet her ex-box has some really sweet things in it from the first few years from Ye.