$0 and keeping it that way


#10k on Rob’s hot sauce, duh.


And another couple stacks on socks


Screaming! 🤣🤣🤣🤣




LOL if that’s the case then I’m guilty




I haven’t bought any skims but I feel like that’s the only brand worth buying if I had to choose


Skims is dope tbh but pretty expensive


Love this sub💖


Saw Kanye and Travis in concert, and I've tried a lipkit or two. Are we also counting the Travis Scott McD meal? 😆Also, one of KKWs crystal fragrances because I liked the bottle. I think that's it 🤔🤔 So far I've been successful in resisting the skims cozy knit set, but only because when it came out they were out of stock for awhile. And now I'm over it haha


$1000+ on good American over the last 5 years, and I regret nothing lol.


Is the quality that good? Everyone raves over the jeans and I’m considering it


So good. I promise lol


Same. They have my monies


Wow! What do you like about them? I’m pretty particular about my jeans. I only wear joes jeans right now but always looking for new ones to try


They have all held up very well over the years. I got rid of every pair of jeans I had and now GA is the only brand I have. They lift your ass and fit your waist and your thighs at the same time. For me, I have a big ass and big thighs but a small waist- no BBL lol. So I’ve always had a problem where my jeans are loose on the waist or too tight on the thighs. Until good American . At the same time, they are tight but stretchy.


You just convinced me to order a pair :) can’t wait to try them!


How much is Skims? 500?


Skims items all range in price. You can check the website. I only have a few things from the skims collection. I’m a huge supporter of good American though.


I once got the Kim Kardashian old perfume as a gift


Heeeey, if you still like the fragrance but have run out, they've got it at Walmart. It's right next to Beyonce's "Heat!" A true story that happened several years ago.... Me- "Hey mom, here's that new Beyonce fragrance! You should try it!" ....My mom after spraying some on her wrist... "Oh HAYLE NO! THIS sh*t smells like formaldehyde! I'll keep my Pheromme, thank you!" 😂😂😂😂😂


unfortunately i dont live in the USA 😢


0$ because only kylieskin and kc are available in my country and they're too expensive even when they have discounts. I would be very curious to try GA jeans and anything skims, but I'm not gonna pay an arm and a leg for delivery from US to Europe. Plus, I would like to see/feel them live before buying.


Does KKH game count? I used to throw the odd fiver in back in the day for K stars.


Skims, kkw beauty, kylie cosmetics, kylie skin, talentless and Yeezy have gotten a good chunk of change from me 😩


Oop i clicked 1000 but meant to click ZEROOO 💀


Travis Scott’s McDonald’s meal (a few lol) and two of his shirts. One from Space Village in Houston and one from a high end resell store.


I own a pair of Yeezys and a few vinyls for Travis and Kanye. I’ve also tried the Travis Scott meal if that counts lol


$0 but my ex got me the selfie book as a present and I loved it tbh


Tickets to astroworld and rolling loud. Cacti is basically all I drink now. Kylie cosmetics. KKW beauty.


I have like 6 pairs of yeezys so GUILTY


Life of Pablo merch, Donda listening party, and Cacti. I sound like a man hahaha


I have a lot of Skims sets and pieces and yeezy slides. I rarely take off the slides especially since I’m home most of the time. They’re incredibly comfortable.


Saw Kanye 2x and Travis 4x, I have cacti merch, and drink cacti pretty regularly. Probably over $3k




I'm too ashamed to admit how much I spent but I have to admit, I have a pair of those gad awful, extremely expensive Yeezy's. I must admit...I'm a sneaker head and a label ho' though. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


I considered Kim’s body makeup because I have a lot of scars, but never got around to it. I used some Nard foundation I didn’t like on my face, but it’s great on my legs. 🙂


I’ve only bought a nice bag from Kendall and Kylie Collection and I still use it (I bought it in 2019). Money well spend


I bought one lip kit back in the day because it was the perfect bloody red. The quality sucked but it looked dope in pictures.


I bought a few lip kits from Kylie when they first came out but that’s it.


I bought Selfish when it first came out. That’s it.


I bought 2 lip kits and a highlighter when Kylie first started her business. Wouldn’t buy again but I keep hearing how everyone loves skims and says how comfortable they are so I’m probably gonna get a couple things.


Like two minis from Kylie, and in my Ipsy bag I got an Addison Rae promoted item 😂 Has anyone bought anything from Talentless?


I think Skims and GA are the only worth it brands they have tbh


Bought a few lipsticks and wanted some fragrances. That’s about it - no clothes!


1 kylie pallet (that broke) and I made my ex buy me Kim’s perfume for valentines day


When I was 16 I bought a kardashian kollection handbag and I have some leave in conditioner I barely used in my cupboard probably from 2010 also


I'm obsessed with the Nude lips perfume


Kim’s Body II perfume, Kylie Skin toner and vitamin c serum, and the lucky me I see ghosts hoodie.


Pit ticket to the Yeezus tour 😅


i bought kims selfie book from someone on depop for $27 so i chose the first option. i also have her contour stick set but i stole them edit: i also have a kendall & kylie minidress i got from goodwill for $3 but it’s SOO short like i don’t know who it’s meant for, it doesn’t cover my ass at all 🤦‍♀️


Oh, I forgot to mention Kanye's music. I have his first three masterpieces. He's seemed to fall off afterward but I'm willing to purchase a bootleg Donda though.


Lipsticks from kylie cosmetics and kkw. I like kkw more.


I saw Blink 182 in concert.... Thats the closest thing I've got 😂