the funniest thing is how everyone was/is arguing about which of the "elites" is more deserving of attending .... like crazy to me how us normies are sitting around arguing which one of these rich people should attend this rich people event loool


Same! A chunk of this sub complains day in and out about “eat the rich” and shitting on how the Kards are mega rich and how tacky they are to flaunt their wealth but yet still actively follow and watch an event that’s literally a bunch of rich elitist getting together to kiss each others ass. And I know it’s good for fashion designers but it’s still a fucking pretentious event.


Exactly, especially people praising “socialites” and old money as if they’re any better (morally or otherwise) than the Kardashians.




Y’all really thought she wasn’t going? https://preview.redd.it/y8lwdvep4kpa1.png?width=1169&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=80d6656e87a87e27d0fbf0c11f7de2d36f2d62f6


It was said in the doomed page six article itself that it was "unconfirmed" lmao 🤣 everyone just made their assumptions cos of that clickbait-y title


I didn’t believe this for one second lol . Like it or not Kardashians are legit now. They’re not getting banned from any major events lol . And I’m saying this as someone who dislikes them very much. But i have common sense


Right? People should have got the memo when Kim got a solo Vogue cover after the divorce. Like her or not she’s here to stay. And Skims has been a gamechanger, idk why y’all keep denying that 💀


Sorry but if you dislike them so much then why are you following their Reddit page? Genuinely curious about that.


I love the drama lol . It’s just entertainment. The sub and community itself is fun. I don’t need to like the Kardashians to follow it.. I hate most people on 90 day fiancé. But I still watch it and follow the page


Oh ok. I guess I find it weird because for me (and I guess I wrongly assumed for most people) the least fun can come from diving into things I hate. That would be the antithesis of fun. Everyone's different I guess. Ps: also hate 90 day fiance lol. I used to make good money writing about the people on there, but had to quit because it was killing my soul.


Hahaha yeah I mostly like reading the comments tbh. I have not watched the Kardashians show though. I find their show boring tbh.but the general antics they’re upto keeps me interested. It’s just a way to kill time when your job is boring lol . I hate them cause of their misogyny/racism/bullying/ pathological lying/ zero empathy/ getting surgery and selling their products saying that’s how they got them/ wearing fur…etc etc. I’ve watched 90 day though. But not properly. Here and there. Some couple are interesting, some are boring. Wait wait I wanna know more about your 90 day fiancé writing experience 🤓


I mean she made an unflattering spectacle last year…


I don’t mean for this to sound condescending, but most of the general public (not all since I know someone will say that) either didn’t know or care about the dress debacle as much. It’s simply just true


The name of the game is attention. Any attention.


Sure, for the KJs. Not sure if Anna agrees.


Girl... Anna rode for Kanye until he came out as a literal Nazi.


Kanye isn’t Kim, and they were separated when the dress fiasco happened


I'm saying expecting Anna to have higher morals and some problem with what the Kardashians do is fucking ridiculous when she put up with Kanye's shenanigans for YEARS


No, I think it’s about image and not wanting someone who brings such tacky drama to the Met, which is supposed to be considered classy


Lol ok. You're naive if you think the priority is in any way upholding some semblance of "class" in 2023. The event is founded in charity and publicity, not just for the Metropolitan Museum, but for Vogue and Conde Nast. "Tacky drama" or not, it raises the profile of the event, gives clicks to Conde Nast and all of their publications that are putting out photos and live feeds of the event, and works in Anna's favor. Idk if you're one of those snarkers salivating over the thought of the Karjenners falling from grace, but if so, you're gonna have to find a way to cope when Kim shows up on the carpet this year. If not, I'm just serving the truth of the matter and hopefully you can see reason 🤷‍♀️


Anna whimped out. Totally


I think there’s a strong chance they won’t be invited. The ratings are low, the person who introduced them to that world has pretty much burned all the bridges possible and there’s not so much interest about them. A younger influencer could get more attention nowadays. But idk, anything can happen atp.


anyone who truly believes she wasn’t invited (along with the rest of the family) didn’t read the full page six article https://preview.redd.it/3recze923kpa1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=162901854c2ba5838062420d106023bbf04b792d


I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim, Kendall, and Kylie are the only ones who are invited to the next one. God bless them, but Kourtney and Khloe aren’t exactly known as the biggest fashion icons and last years gala didn’t do much to disprove that.


if james charles can go…


Tbh I don’t think Kylie or Kendall are fashion icons either, they just cater to the right audience.


Kendall is my least favorite, but walks in major fashion shows consistently


Hope no one’s shocked here


Twitter will be having a day 🫖🫖🫖 Can't wait to see Bethany girl's reaction


She has like a billion IG followers, she can go anywhere that needs publicity.


Gossip social media accounts make up random ass rumors to go viral and everyone runs with them


lol we been knew 🚶🏽‍♀️




Kendall walks in major shows and is on Vogue covers. Kim does Vogue covers. They along with Kylie are HUGE influencers. The end.


Dolce and Gabanna is for sure dressing her


Ewww nooo!! She can wear chanel


Kim is probably the biggest star at the Met now so unsurprised. I don’t see why Kendall would take be invited either. Kourtney can stay home. Her ugly ass “I don’t care” attire is obnoxious. Just stay home. I wish Khloe would give it another go and actually work with someone to be on theme. And not work with that makeup artist. Ill never forget the Met episode where she tried on the dress, had long blond hair and no makeup on and looked gorgeous. Only to do short harsh blond hair and extremely harsh and contoured makeup. Imagine if she was golden and glowy with long beachy blond waves with that dress. Kylie I am either or. She has actually been slaying her red carpet looks lately (minus the makeup), and she’s had some great Met looks. Last year’s was terrible tho.


Only Kim?


The invites get sent out in August/September the previous year (Kim has mentioned this before) because the stars need people to plan their designs. This is a lie then.


they arent inviting ALL of the kardashians like last year, that was the mix up. obvi her and kendall are going, im sure kylie kris and cory will pay their way in as usual


> will pay their way in as usual Wait, you can *pay* to get in? LOL, like how much?


Although the official guest list will never be revealed in full, the museum has announced who will be co-chairing this year's gala, meaning we can definitely expect to see them walking up those famous steps. According to a recent announcement, Dua Lipa, Michaela Coel, Penelope Cruz and Roger Federer will be co-chairing the event.


Everyone who believed they weren’t going is so gullible lol


Kourtney doesn’t give a shit anyway and is honestly embarrassing. Kendall is the only one who kills it every year except baseball year. We were robbed.


Maybe Kendall can come? She just recently got a vogue Italy cover. Kourtney and khloe can really stay at home


They act like they’re doing us a favor going whereas Kim and Kendall at least acknowledge how blessed they are to be there.


Khloe was forced by Kim to attend once. Kourtney on the other hand-


Soooo true about Kourtney lmao


Everyone who believed the article without any proof: ![gif](giphy|ZdrUuSEC0LygaFXtNT)


When they FIRST reported it, they mentioned that none of them were invited. Now they're just confirming that only Kim is. I can't see Kendall not being invited though. I think her and Kim will show up...oh and Kris. It wouldn't surprise me if the rest of them didn't attend. I thought about maybe even Kylie but I've not seen enough of Kylie modeling for designers and magazine covers like Kendall's doing lately.


It could have made for some great dramatic kontent on the show if none were invited.


Kim was the obvious one, the rest can stay home. Idk why yall are praising so much, the looks last year were not that impressive.




Anna chickened out & the KJ’s & Kris are known for buying awards so I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought their way into the met either.


I’ll believe it when I see it


Yea but at this point it’s embarrassing to show up.. people would think she buy her way in


Why don't they just make their own karjenner gala?


Didnt they get tickets thru Disney? They filmed all their prep for the show. I think Kourt and Khloe wont bother this year.