C/S car didn't sound like a truck yesterday

C/S car didn't sound like a truck yesterday


We know a customer who parked at a gas pump, walked inside to put money on the pump.(said the line took about 5 mins cause someone was buying scratchers lol) Came back out and her Tacoma sounded like a cummins. Dude should work for a Pit crew honestly lol


An accomplice of the cat thief was probably buying scratch cards with the proceeds from the last cat job, in order to hold the line up...


You sir are a wizard. I didn’t even think about that! I don’t give the smokers around my shop enough credit hahaha


Is it bad that I thought the same thing .. I've lost faith in humanity.




Cutting metal with a sawzall at a gas pump is a big time "you gotta risk it to get the biscuit" move. maybe I just dont think like a thief but i would probably try to do it in a less flammable environment


Bro that’s what I said! That person either has brass balls or too high to care hahaha


Maybe used one of those chain style cutters? Can't imagine it would produce any sparks, nice and quiet, and if you're fueled by meth probably pretty quick too. I hope I didn't inspire any assholes with this, cause the typical Sawzall method seems much more prone to failure.


I'm voting for the latter.


Not to mention how hot the exhaust must be on a vehicle that was running less than 5 minutes earlier.


As a mechanic this gives me flashbacks


Ehh…. It’s a sawzall…. Not a cutoff wheel….. when we gotta cut the structural sheet metal roof decking on occupied places(AKA places we can’t shoot sparks into and risk fire) we specifically use a sawzall. I guess if you were cutting right above a puddle of gas it could go badly….


Work in a muffler shop. Sawzall 100%. Under a minute per side as long as you stay out of welds and double walled pipe. And no sparks to worry about either.




Haha sounds about right, it goes by pretty quick


Jesus. One more reason to pay at the pump.


What are your other reasons?


Convenience mostly. Not having to talk to another human is another good reason.


police report and pull the surveillance footage.


Man that would be too easy hahaha in this dump of a neighborhood you gotta grease palms to get security footage! The gas station has perfectly positioned cameras to catch accidents in the neighborhood.. only way that footage isnt “deleted, or missing” is if that manager gets a cnote hahaha


Seems worth the cnote.


Someone stole the Cat?




Straight pipe time!


Nien, open headers


Depending on the engine more like 8 open headers. Maybe Six.


K, real talk here. Why aren’t scrap dealers held accountable for this shit!? These should be banned from sale to scrappers. Fucking barnacles and scum crawling under cars with cordless reciprocating saws can fuck off and die.


And they are fined when found guilty of it. It’s just the profit they bring from the crackheads vs people who know what they’re worth is insane it’s like a 10 to 1 chance the scrap yard will only take 10%+-


Montana corporate owned recyclers are requiring DLs, plate numbers, and a local address to drop them off. Thieves are still active here but they haul them out of state. I am sure someone living the life can find an in state buyer, but it definitely makes it difficult. Pacific Steel decided it’s not worth burning their reputation, time, and money getting caught up in the illegal side of Cat recycling.


Great way to curtail it is just requiring one copy of the triplicate warranty paperwork from a new cat in order to sell the old one. Can’t sell it if you didn’t buy a replacement. Make the paper travel with each cat from the person who replaced it to the guy who extracts the precious metals. Edit: car to cat. Twice…


Won't work if your scrapping a vehicle or replacing a cat with a pipe


Replacing a cat with a pipe is against the law anyway. If the entire car is scrapped, send the title with the cat in lieu of the triplicate sheet.




Well maybe if those cunts had “summa dat jew money, hollahhhh!”, they wouldn’t be acting like cunts.




Reddit avatar checks out.


Das espensive


How expensive?


2700$ excluding tax expensive


Shit! If that were my car, I'd be better off just throwing the whole car away.


That’s the BS part about cat thefts. Neighbors cats were stolen off his ‘99 Montero with half a million miles on it. That SUV isn’t even worth the scrap price the thief got for the cats and surely didn’t have full coverage insurance to lessen the financial blow.


In all fairness a brand new catalytic converter for a 99 Montero is nowhere near $2700 even including labor lol. But yeah still worth more than the montero itself.


Does insurance typically cover cat thefts?


Yeah it’s filed under comprehensive. Like a vandalism claim


Unless you have liability only then you're just fucked.


Not mine lol idk abt tht tho good question


Holy shit it’s definitely straight pipe time


holy shit the rebuild for my transmission was 3k! 2.7 for a cat..... fuck that shit


New car parts, New car prices...


Nothing like N. Texas meth heads


Here in Germany, you get a weld in cat for under 200 bucks and the shop put it in, plus the O2 sensor or sensors. But you are under 500 bucks in most cases. 20 min welding, we have pipes for that, so you dont weld in the car, just how long they have to be and are flared open at the end, so we clamp them in.


for All shops: can remind customers with stolen cats about (and offer to install for them) aftermarket guards whether kevlar straps https://www.catstrap.net/buy-now options with Alarms, or universal cages https://catclamp.com/shop/ or full metal shields https://getcatsecurity.com/purchase-online/ols/products or rebar especially if they are a repeat customer or certain areas.


While those are a deterrent, they're not infallible. I manage a fleet of delivery trucks, and we have the cat clamps installed on them. (Your second link). About a month ago we had 7 cats stolen overnight. There was 15 trucks in the yard, so out of 30 or so cats, they only got 7. So I'm sure it helped slow them down, but it did not stop them.


Every stolen-cat car that comes in, I try to push the writer to offer to install aftermarket protection but they never even offer it. Sure, means it'll be rolling back in for more juicy insurance labor and parts sale, but I am also lazy and don't like doing the same job twice on a car if It can be helped....


Best deterrent is changing it out for a universal style aftermarket cat. They are easy to identify as a “bad one” as they don’t usually fetch more than $5-10 as they contain far less precious metals.


Finally, me being a cheap ass is paying for itself.


Yeah, that thing was loud when it rolled onto the drive this morning.


Didn't know ppl on this sub reddit worked with me wow o-o


I’m a Valet, I do Express Pay


I speak perfect English, I know all those words yet I don't understand what you wrote


I’m a Valet(I park and bring up cars) and I’m in charge of what we call “Express Pay” which is where we get cars ready and parked closer so the clients are in and out quicker.


Ok yeah I understand, so like valet at a restaurant or hotel? Thanks brethren for the elaboration


Yes, similar but not as many tips unfortunately.


Sucks they don't pay you a livable wage without tips


I mean $400 a week and a 401k ain’t bad. But if tips were more prevalent I’d probably be like $600


My girlfriend's honda element had the cat stolen yesterday. Seems to be an increasingly common trend although I guess it's always been happening.


ugh, that sucks. I'm adding "garage" to "things I'm thankful I have" ... though i guess cat thieves could strike at work as well, but at least at night my car is protected.


Happened where my mother worked. Police came to their office next day asking for camera footage. Asked why and a patients cat was stolen off their car while they were getting an eye exam done. Reality is it is happening everywhere and manufactures need to start covering them or engraving vins on them so they can’t be sold.


Or grocery store parking lot, or street parking if you go out, etc. Garage definitely helps but I've seen plenty of people with a garage still lose a cat. Really sucks.


Elements in particular have been big targets. Valuable cat + a little ground clearance for access


On a Toyota 4Runner it’s practically gift wrapped to a thief. It’s fully exposed, and the car is 16” off the ground. My dog can straight up walk under my suv. No ducking.


Agree. It's been alot worse in my area lately.


Are you willing to throw a state or region out there for situational awareness? I recycled a truck load of metal in MT a few days ago at a large corporate recycling company. Chatting with the front staff, I was told unless your an old rancher bringing in one or two cats or a well known auto shop they will tell you to eat it and beat it. On the flip side, the organized gangs doing this are skipping the local recycling centers and taking them straight to the same large recyclers that the local centers take them to.


South dakota here. I always wondered how they get away with selling them. Seems like a huge red flag.


My dealership is located in Dallas Texas


Yep. Dallas is bad right now. I am worried about putting a suspension lift on my GX because of cat thefts.


Yeah, I caught park place lexus on there. good dealership. my wife's rx350 came from them


>Seems to be an increasingly common trend although I guess it's always been happening. ^ This, it always happened but not to the extent it has in the last few months, also it is like a worldwide trend, when I started seeing it happen I thought it was only here but then I started seeing online it was also in the UK, US, Germany, Italy, it's crazy


The city I live in has had over 300 catalytic converters stolen this year. My city is about 250,000 people. They've been catching them on cameras doing it but nobody has been arrested. I guess they can't figure out who's doing it. They're (my city) going to try to pass regulations to make it harder to sell and scrap catalytic converters. Who knows if it'll help. The best thing anyone can do especially the cars more likely to be targeted is install a plate to cover the catalytic converter hopefully making it harder or impossible to steal.


At least here on the West coast I think they are being exported after being stolen. It's definitely an organized crime thing and not just some junkies. The people who steal them have a reliable place to sell them.


The junkies are probably doing the grunt work of cutting them. But it’s definitely something organized buying them.


Yeah I should have said that clearer... it's junkies but not JUST the junkies.


Absolutely organized. A respected recycling company in Montana said we have traveling groups that pass through MT towns hitting for a night or two, then haul them out of state to large recycling centers. Would have to be people on the take at the large centers looking the other way when the theft gangs drop off 100-500 at a time.


Lincoln NE?


I know here where I live in indiana, they finally passed a law that went into effect July 1st,that in order for us(I work at a salvage/scrap yard) to purchase any vehicle or catalytic converter,you must show proof of ownership of the vehicle the cat came from,and all titles to cars must be in your name,no more jumping titles. If you don't have the title, you have to fill out a certificate of authority for disposal with al your information, including VINs,send that in to the state and wait for it to come back with the indiana state seal stamped into it.


As a claim adjuster for one of the big insurance companies in the US FUCK CAT THEFTS, WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME AND MONEY


This. Even at the muffler shop we typically figure in the price we will get for the core as discount for your replacement cat. And $2-300 difference in the price might make the difference in affording a repair or not.


Please do not the Cat


Ayy a fellow dfwer - we bought my sisters rc from park place


Nice! I may work on ur car at some point lol


That a grand in hunts point maybe more just saw 400H


Client was quoted 2700$ o_o


I meant as scrap. but the dealer buying and installing it $2700 is not bad


Maybe it should be removable so you can take it with you, like a bike seat.


We had two cars in our employee parking lot get their cat converters stolen. We caught the thieves on camera, and damn, they’re fast. It takes them a minute to do it. They also brazenly did it at 5:30PM, right about the time people are leaving working.


Someone's using cdk.


Dammit. There’s a tweaked fresh out of jail living up the road from me and my house was broken into two days ago. Got a security system/cameras yesterday, bolted my safe down, put out trail cameras around the property, gave my dog a steak for scaring the fucker off most likely. Here I am thinking everything is secure as can be, and my truck and my wife’s care are just sitting ducks….


Second picture tells the story.




Resonator and let it eat


Actually, it’s more common to steal the catalytic converters right now to sell for the precious metals.


I know. I’m just saying weld in a resonator and call it good


On that new of a vehicle, it’s almost certain to have an O2 sensor to monitor catalyst efficiency. That wouldn’t work.


Scangauge permanently mounted to clear the code. As long as the state doesn’t have inspection no one will find out.


Now you’re fuckingn talkin


Just take the bulb out lol


Can you still do the "spark plug non fouler" trick and just mount the sensor farther out?


Catastrophic failure..


I've had the exact thing happen to one of mine "sounds like a truck" description and all


Cat delete lol


Friend got hers stolen off her Honda Accord. We just clamped in a flex pipe in it's place because she's not going to pay over a grand to have it replaced since insurance is trying to claim she was negligent in securing the vehicle (the fuck?). If Oregon bitches at her about not having a cat, she'll have words for them too. "I'll replace the cat once the cops get off their ass enough to prevent this shit so I don't have to do this again next season."


Yeah cause that's gonna work out


whoever steals a cat off either of my vehicles is gonna find out later bout that " rear spark plug defouler" lmao fuck it flex pipe. if EPA cant find them thieves my excuse for that smog violation (pending a truly ornery pig) will be "I cant do my job if law dont do theirs. Not guilty" "too bad here's a fine" -judge "sorry cant do any better than $5/wk money order sent usps certified with these meager covid wages. so round n round we'll go with taxpayer dollars. see yall next week for the next ticket."


My truck is offended by being compared to an overpriced Honda




I’m contemplating installing an electric cutout on my 7.3 Godzilla because it doesn’t sound like a truck either.


Can I ask, what about a cat converter makes them so lucrative? Is a cat converter as valuable as people who steal copper for example?


There's alot of platinum and other precious metals (even more so on hybrids) and each one goes for 3-500$ (keep in mind I can just saw one off in less than a minute)


I'm not a criminal nor involved in that world. But who do they sell it too? But then again I'm sure some dodgy person would melt them down and sell the metal blocks? Or can anyone buy a "second hand" one and just weld it in place as long as it fits. I love mechanics, I want to train to become one. Thank you for answering my question. Have a wonderful day.


Scrap metal dealers, the same as the meth heads who steal copper pipes.


You can pretty much sell them anywhere, some people weld them to vehicles that need them (not really the best use) others take them apart and sell the metals individually since they're relatively pure. I've seen them on ebay, Craigslist, and fb marketplace or any other 3rd party market


I can’t imagine anyone trying to second-hand use them. It’s actually illegal to install a used cat, so no reputable business is going to do it. Shady shops would likely have a hard time finding someone to sell to them as you can buy universals for most vehicles that are easily/commonly stolen. They are cheaper than the core values of cats right now.


Hybrids have lower emissions so the cats are typically in better shape. That's also why they are a bigger target these days.


Condition of a cat is irrelevant. It is 100% based on the presence of the element inside. The reason hybrids are higher value is because they contain more precious metals than other vehicles.


And one reason hybrids contain more precious metals is because the cat effectively has far less usage than other cars on average.


Good thing I only run straight pipes 😉


My bad Rice


Park Place Lexus…I think that’s is Dallas, right? I had my cat stolen from my truck a month ago there. Cost me just over a grand to have it replaced, went to Ken’s and 2 hrs later was back in business. Cops wouldn’t even investigate.


Yea its super common here actually, we get at least one a week


Now I'm researching about how to straight pipe my 2015 Corolla Incase my cat gets jacked. Cause a new one is almost 1k, and illegal to purchase in my state, I would have to take it to a factory dealer, and that bullet would be over 5k.


Do you think the cat on a 1989 Chevy 1500 would be stolen? I am inheriting one and it is going to be outside, not in the garage.


I highly doubt a 89 Chevy 1500 would even have a cat if I'm correct about the timing of emissions system requirements


I looked online and it looks like they started 1988? But I will look tomorrow, when we are picking it up.


Ah ok, guess I was wrong. But a cat for one of them would be on the cheaper side due to the relatively lax emissions requirements of the time, so you'd probably be looking at a couple hundred for a cat if something was to happen


Some of the older ones are quite valuable. Those old breadbox style cats are in the wide open under that truck. That means easy to cut, and quick entry and exit. And I got $175 for the last one I sold. I work in a muffler shop and sell about 100-150 cats a year.


Even if it gets stolen, just replace it with a pice of pipe. You computer won't even know it's gone


Longtubes and a tune. Sorry I can't afford this environment with all these crack heads stealing cats


I mean...FoMoCo engineers their F-150s and all foreign brands engineer every truck specifically *not* to feel or sound like a truck


Getting ripped tonight. RIP that cat.


As someone who works at a Lexus dealer I hear that all the time "Guest states vehicle is extremely loud inspest and advise" then go to find out the whole cat is missing.


I mean, they wouldn't be wrong.


Love 7.3 Cant kill it