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If you listen to the video and read the article it’s clear that she did not mean coming to the school on Monday with guns loaded. In fact she also stated that she would not allow here children to be forced to wear masks at school. Ms. King stated … “No mask mandate! My child … my children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on … that’s not happening. I will bring every single gun loaded & ready to…I’ll will call every” Ms King was cut off at three minutes by school board member. Ms. King is guilty of a poor choice of words and nothing more! In any event, the school board voted 4-2 to approve the “parent choice” policy. During the board meeting later that day Ms. King apologized to the board in an email read aloud by a board member. Read and listen for yourself … https://triblive.com/news/world/virginia-parent-accused-of-misdemeanor-for-threats-to-school-board/ What’s more important is that most of these school boards across the country are out of control and totally corrupt. Most school board members are overpaid and/or on the take, but there is a solution to this problem. Anyone interested in knowing what that solution is?


So? Lmao still a terrible choice of words and she absolutely gets what she deserves. Imagine airport security checking your luggage and you say "yeah, I packed some fun stuff. It's going to be the BOMB." You think they care if you only meant the expression?


What exactly did she mean by saying she would “bring guns loaded”? What context is missing? What was she trying to say that wouldn’t be construed as a threat


So what “take” are school boards on? Who is paying them?


The deep state leftists want to teach our kids in a safe environment smh!


I mean this feels like you missing the point cos you wanna "PwN CoNsErViTaRdS" rather than talk about the corruption through America that really doesn't care about political alignment. Your schools are just as fucked as your government and police lmao.


You’ve never heard of big pencil? That lobby is everywhere…


Unsecured?!? So now they can follow through.


Tell me you are a white woman without telling me that you're a white woman.




Black person would have been in a for-profit prison quicker than you could say "modern slavery".


Barely apparently if you let out someone who makes blatant terroristic threats on a $5000 unsecured bond. Our justice system is a fucking joke.


She pays 10% bond so that’s 500 dollars you stupid fucks, what justice was served?


This entire comment section might as well have a disclaimer reading "literally nobody in here understand what bail is, proceed at your own risk". The justice comes if and when she's convicted, for fucks sake.


You realize the bond isn’t the punishment right? She’s still charged with a crime and will have her day in court to receive her sentence. The bond is just to ensure she shows up to her court date.


Let's just hope that doesn't give her the opportunity to carry out her threat of terrorism in the meantime.


You do realize the amount of bail is related to the severity of the crime and how it’s punished? A 5,000 bail crime is not going to lead to anything in the courts. Informal probation and a fine


You do realize no human being on planet earth has ever listened to someones opinion after "you stupid fucks" so nothing you say matters or will be listened to or cared about, right? You just reek of the kind of person that "Is just honest", and "keeps it real" aka someone with zero ability to use words, immature beyond belief and most likely under 14 years old with all the life experience of the 3 week old cum sock they keep under their bed.


The bail amount is discretionary and doesn’t make anything to do with the impending sentence


Ah, delicious justice


That's it?


No, that's not it. Bail is discretionary, she will have her day in court


(Serious) Isn’t this a mere slap on her wrist? What does $5,000 bond mean? Is it a fine she has to pay? She can go on with her life after that? The least I’d expect is to put her on FBI’s list and take away her guns and right to own a gun in the future.


Why don't you look up what bond and bail actually are.


This is just so she can walk around free before the trial. She still has to go to trial and face charges. Edit: Checking the code, because of it being an oral threat, this would be a class 1 misdemeanor. Had it been written threats, it would be a class 6 or 5 felony. I don't know about Virginia, but federally you wouldn't lose your firearms over this.


A misdemeanor for such an overt threat of terrorism is a joke. Punishable by *up to* 12 months in jail, which will turn out to be nothing once you subtract the white privilege, parent privilege, a plea deal, and a 2nd Amendment trigger diddler as a judge.


It's also Virginia, so she'll likely get off on anti-government sentiment. They are the state that marched on their own capitol when their governor was trying to implement a bit of gun control.




Actually its worse than that. This is an "Unsecured" bond, or in some states a "Personal Recognizance" bond. Which means she didn't pay anything to get out. She just owes that much money if she doesn't show up for court... they'll have a hell of a time getting it from her.


I would love to be white just for a minute


Candace Owens, is that you?!


A bail bond is collateral submitted to be released from prison. If that person doesn’t show up to court dates, that bond can be made forfeit and go toward hiring a bounty hunter to find and bring them back into jail.


Likely had to post 10%


You pay a bond so that you can be temporarily released on bail while your case proceeds through the legal process. It's common, and you're not off the hook, you just don't have to sit in jail if you're not considered a flight risk.


Do you really not know what a bail bond is?


Not everyone here is American, and I wouldn't even expect Americans to understand their own system. They could also be 12. Have you been on the internet before?


her poor kids.


All this Bull Shit over a mask? A mask. Has anyone talked with someone and got sprayed or sprayed someone with a little saliva? All of us have and do. Have you even worked with kids? The spewing, the germs, hell first graders don’t even have teeth and spew at every consonant. Masks are just offering a bit of practical safety. What would be more safe? Everyone gets vaccinated and gets off their soap boxes and we begin solving some real problems that truly matter.


With that username no wonder you are pro mask Lol Anyway agree basically one billion percent


The ultimate Karen has been served


So she's free. And if she brings guns on Monday, pulls them out and waves them around in a threatening manner, will she be shot as a threat to the children?


I would be this came with a restraining order




I won't post "oh, I hope so--to protect those she's threatening, which are parents and teachers" because such a post isn't allowed. So, I'm NOT posting that.


Announcing to school board members you are going to bring loaded guns to a school at a specific date + being sent home after paying $5000 bail with continued access to guns on the date of your announced massacre = INSANITY


Nope- unfortunately this is America, where the right to threaten a group of people with guns (over the fact that said group wants to protect your kids' health/lives) is more important than protecting the public. And when this broad goes batshit and actually shoots/kills somebody, the authorities will throw their hands up in impotent defeat and go "Welp, we did everything we could...." Absolute fuckin' madness.


This is just absurd, i would fear for the safety of my kids if they went to that school or any in the area.


America, fuck yeah!


So now she back out on the street with all her loaded guns and and she’s gonna be pissed. There should be no surprise if there’s a shooting on Monday. Cops should’ve confiscated her guns.


I grew up 10 minutes from Luray….sounds about right if you know anything about that place.


I've been to the caverns when I was a kid in the 80s. Is this the same place?


Yep. Same place. Do you remember the formation that looks like eggs and bacon or the stalactite organ?


I DO! I was 8 years old I think.


We had a meeting where the patrons did not want to wear masks. Everyone was asked to wear one and all complied but one. He was given several chances to comply and refused. He was asked to leave school property and then refused to do so. The police chief came and asked him to comply and he said what will you do if I don't. Chief said we will arrest you for trespassing since the school board asked you to leave the premises. The patron said arrest me. He was led out and given three more chances to wear the mask. He still refused. He was arrested for trespassing and he was placed in the back of the cop car. The police chief told him he was being charged with felony trespassing since the state law made it a felony charge to trespass on school grounds. The patron/arestee/could be felon flipped out. He knew he would lose lots of rights with a felony...voting, gun concealment, etc. The kicker...the guy had zero kids in the school system. Jeez.


This is a most satisfying result.


We are quite pleased.


>gun concealment, Not just concealment, but all possession. Black powder only for him!


FAFO. Now he knows.


Ohhh baby. I like your words!


It's terroristic threats while on school grounds and anything less than getting your gun permit pulled and prison time(more than a year) and not jail, is white privilege. A black mother doing that would definitely be facing an extensive prison sentence




I wonder what would have happened if a student stood up during a board meeting and said those things?


The code they are being charged under is for a class 6 felony. If they decide it's a terroristic threat then it's a class 5 felony. Either way it's a loss of voting and gun rights.


I'm sure it will get negotiated down to community service


If they're found guilty on a specific felony charge it doesn't get magically converted to a misdemeanor. Even if the sentence is lessened within the confines of the law.


Really? Cause the fat lady watching the time didn't really seem to care: "That's 3 minutes. It's a policy."


Good. Make that terrorist pay


I’m not too sure I understand, as a Canadian Teacher, how the [email protected]$k would she be released before the target date for $5000? Absolutely, this is the definition of a broken system!


Canada has cash bail too.


Perhaps, but I can’t recall such an obscene ruling in awhile! Not suggesting it hasn’t happened, but the volume of bad calls by the US justice system is simply mind boggling!


She hasn’t been convicted yet. She’s out on bond because she’s awaiting trial. There is no “target date” before you are convicted and sentenced.


BY target date he means, she inferred she was going to shoot up the school on Monday January 24th.


Only because a parent hasn’t made a threat, been released on bond, and then shot up the school. Yet. She might be the one to set the precedent. Should we start sending thoughts and prayers now or wait for it?


Someone who threatened to shoot up a school released on $5k bond. Seems all white to me.


Yep. Had she been a minority, the school 'safety officer' would have capped her. I swear it's 1963 all over again with this racist shit.


>Seems all white to me. Hahahahahaha. Zing! Love it.


Good thing she got out this weekend. I hear she has big plans on Monday and would hate to have to reschedule.


I really hope it includes the reference to 18.2-46.4 which would make it a class 5 felony as she's clearly threatening a terrorist act


It 100% should apply. I want to see her in jail, and I don't mean weeks or months.


What is a possible sentence for a class 5 felony in that jurisdiction?


Class 5 is a border case, or 'wobbler' between felony or misdemeanor. So either 1-10 years as a felony, or up to 12 months with a maximum of 1200$. Let's hope she gets the right sentence. https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/criminal-defense/state-felony-laws/virginia-felony-class.htm


Aaahhhhh, so that's why they love the Second Amendment so much


Standard day for a country of MAGAterrorists. She’ll probably get an internship or at least an interview on Fox News. R/conservative probymade her a mod.


And if she gets a trial she’ll win a gofundme!


A lot of misinformation about the bond. Bond laws vary widely state to state. I’m fairly confident in Virginia, a $5,000 unsecured bond means she does not pay anything to get out of jail (not even 10%), but promises to pay the $5k if she fails to appear for court or, possibly, gets rearrested. Also, remember she is not convicted yet. The right to reasonable bail is a cornerstone in the American Criminal Justice System. Downvote this if you want, but I think the oral threat is a misdemeanor, so her alleged crime would be classified as nonviolent/non-sexual misdemeanor (there’s a huge difference in threatening violence and committing violence). If judges kept all nonviolent/non-sexual defendants in jail pending their trial, our jails would be crazy full… oh wait…


I'm from VA, and considering the type of element we have in government right now, combined with how shitty our local/state legal system is, she's almost guaranteed to get a slap on the wrist from the judge and no fine. Hell, the current governor openly told various school districts to force their way against federal regulation by any means necessary if they tried to restore mask mandates.


There's a difference between threatening violence and doing violence, but either way they are terrorist. As far as I'm concerned it's open and shut if they have it recorded with witnesses. This should not be a whitewalk moment.


Ignoring this specific case, having to pay for bail is mental. It punishes the poorest.


>Threatens to shoot up teachers/school board >Nonviolent




Who thinks like this .. If we had a a tenth of the shootings you had and someone said this there would be huge repercussions




I feel like this is consistent with the level of shootings in that country though. There seems to be a huge push back for anything that might reduce shootings and when someone threatens to do another one.. you have alot of ..well not support but definetly not caution or any other normal reaction to that behavior. Enjoy ?


Her statement wasn't direct enough to be charged as a terroristic threat. I don't agree that she should be out of jail without significant bail but it was only a Class 1 misdemeanor. If she said "I'm gonna _kill_ everyone Monday with my gun" then it'd be a different story with a different charge.


Yeah she walked right up to the fuzzy line, technically, even though she probably doesn't know she did. I suppose the school could have pushed further by actually closing due to the threat, which then changes their behavior from normal operations, which then justifies the additional 18.2 etc. business as her actions directly caused the alteration through threat. It would come off as grandstanding however, and would antagonize more disruptions of school board meetings or worse. An interesting gray area, this hazy line of terrorism. Law is hard.


Yeah, it seems like domestic terrorism on the small scale to me. People should be a lot more angry about this lady imo


Yeah, was waiting for this. Even in Virginia you can't threaten to come to school with loaded guns if your kids have to wear masks.


So threatening a school full of children is a $50k crime roughly? Why do the time when you can just pay the fine


Thats $5000. For a bond


You only pay 5% to 10% of a bond, the rest is handled by the bondsman


That’s good.


This bond is unsecured.


That’s bad.


Then she better show up lol. Courts take money seriously


Do you think that money comes out of thin air and you don't have to pay it back? The bondsman just ultimately takes care of it for the rest of your life for you? 🤣 You pay a bond to get released from jail, you still have to pay it back. Edit: Please stop replying to this, I really don't care. I'm tired of blocking people 😫🤣


Bail is basically just a deposit ensuring you show up to your court date. If you get a bond and show up to court, the court reimburses the bail to the bondsman. You just owe them whatever interest they put on it.


Theres no bondsman in states with recognizance bonds. The state bonds you out and sometimes will hold just your drivers license or state ID as collateral. You WILL get arrested the day you miss court though, they dont wait for a dog the bounty hunter type thing.


You do yes but you're only getting a bond paid by a bondsman to ensure you show up to court. If you fail to make an appearance you have your bond revoked. A bond is a guarantee that you will appear. You sign paperwork to forfeit assets you posses or to accept the the debt upon failure to follow through with the conditions of your bail. Theres a reason bounty hunters exist. They get your 5% to 10% when they catch you.


I stopped reading after you said "You do, Yes"


Sounds like a personal problem to me man


Hey if its a problem for ya, than its a problem for ya. I don't let such small things concern me as much


I mean, wouldnt being upset about something be personal? Unless we project our issues outwards?


Are you still going on? 🤣 Take er easy




What was keeping her from just taking her kids to a private school w no requirement? What a looser. To think she was in a position where she 'cares' for people as a profession.


I'm guessing she can spend all the money in the world on her precious weapons, but somehow doesn't have the coin to send her kids to private school.


"What a looser."


That loser’s bank account may end up being looser.


Nice that we have her full name out there now.




5000 isn't much. Especially since you really only need a tenth of that.


The bond is 1/10ish of the crime. So $50k crime.


But there are loan agencies that require 1/10 down. They only need to come with 500 to get her out.


I knew I’d be seeing this thread.


Oops that's not what i meant....HAH.


That’s what you get for making threats.


"released on bond" Well, lets hope they took the guns away too. Otherwise that's just incitement.


It didn't say whether she actually had access to guns.


It’s so wild that these people have it so engrained in them that going out and simply spending $800 on a gun in the same way that one spends money on an Xbox suddenly makes you a tougher, more rugged person, while being completely blind to the fact that threatening violence over pieces of cloth makes them seem like the most fragile, entitled, crybaby humans to ever exist. It’s really bizarro world.


You like the feel of steel, You're hot stuff with a hatpin, And good fun with a hand gun. You're nearly a laugh, You're nearly a laugh, But you're really a cry.


I just don't understand what goes through somebody's head threatening to bring a freaking loaded gun to a school in any circumstance just because of mask mandates that is mind-boggling


reductive 'muh freedums' thought and fanaticism.


because a school board is dictating to a mother what will happen to her cubs on "their" public school property


Simply go to Texas; they now allow 18 year olds to carry on school property!


That's in Michigan, not Texas. Also, it hasn't actually been fully passed yet. The governor has to approve it, and she's more than likely going to veto it.


Wisconsin I believe https://www.cbs58.com/news/republicans-vote-to-allow-18-year-olds-to-carry-concealed-weapons-on-school-property


Our girl Gretchen will definitely veto that shit!!!


You should mention that it’s college not high school


Idk about you, but if I was to think of somewhere I wanted to shoot up, a place where everyone else also has guns would be the last place I'd want to do it.


You'd think under this line of logic, the country with the most guns per capita should have the least amount of gun violence. But the stats show otherwise mate.


I don’t know about you but children aren’t the most rational and a school full of them with guns takes one dumb argument before someone dies a preventable death.


People who shoot up places usually don’t care if they die.


$5k? That's all you get when you threatened to bring a loaded gun to a school and kill teachers and children?? Wow




I hope she bails and they send Dog after her 😂


It was a $5000.00 UNsecured bond. That means she paid nothing and was able to sign herself out. The 5 grand only comes into play of she fails to go to court. It's likely because she had strong ties to the community. She probably had other bond conditions as well. Pretrial services, possibly ordered not to leave her property. Maybe ordered not to go near the school, something like that.


Thanks for the correction.


I wish I was wrong. It's bullshit that she got that minimal a bail. I'd love to see a copy of the bond order but I'd have to ask for a copy at the court house and because of the media coverage I might be denied, public record or not.


My bail for letting my insurance lap and getting in an accident was double hers. :/


Should have threatened the other person with gun violence, now you know for the future.


It's probably 1-5% of her total bail. Her bail was probably 50k


1%-5% of $50,000 is $500-$2,500. $5,000 is 1%-5% of $500,000-$100,000.


1-5% is assuming good credit. Most likely paid 10%. Doesn't change the fact that it's between 1-10% lol


Kind of makes your first comment nonsensical then. It can't be both probable that $5000 is 1-5% of the bond AND that the bond is probably $50,000.


Then maybe if you had slightly more intelligence you'd be able to assume I meant whatever 1-10% of the original amount is. You can think for yourself right?


Yeah. I would have. If your original comment was only the first sentence.. it's OK, man. Just take the L, jeez. You're allowed to make mistakes.


"Take the L" lmao enjoy being terminally online


He said, while being online.


You actually give a shit about winning an argument over an offhand Reddit comment LMAOO




I love how you explained nothing.


Hahhaha it's still not enough, please learn to be polite.


Please learn how the judicial system works before spouting off misinformation.


??? She literally hasn’t been sentenced yet, what don’t you understand? Every person gets the chance of bond, except for very serious cases. e:charged to sentenced






There's way more than one person on reddit, duh.


Essentially she has to appear in front of court or otherwise pay a 5k fine (and then still appear in front of court) Courts will decide what happens with her