Maybe MtG Kamigawa's >​Siblings Across Spirit and Body \[200\] This allows you to exist as two ‘siblings’ at will. One is the Kami of your soul, forming the major part of your spirit, and the other is the original mortal body and now the pair of you exist as two minds and bodies unified and yet able to move and do as you wish, think of it as a perfect clone of yourself though if your other half dies you’ll be dealt a mortal blow in turn, communication between the two of you is done as if you were one mind but two consciousness. Other options that come to mind is the (Generic) Cyberpunk's >​Ghost in the Machine - 100 What are we really. There isn’t any single mote in either the body or the mind that we can truly call the self. It’s shapeless, formless, a ghost in a machine of either meat or metal. Maybe it’s because you understand this, but your self, soul, or consciousness doesn’t seem to be tightly bound to any particular form. As long as you have some means of mentally connecting with something that can hold a mind you can simply shift into it effortlessly, with no loss of self or continuity of consciousness. With organic brains you simply slide into the driver’s seat without issue, and in artificial systems such as computers you’ll find that your mind strangely doesn’t take up any of the device’s storage capacity. See the notes at the end of this jump for more details. \+ >Deus Ex Machina - 600 The future marches on, and what was is surpassed by what will be. You’re never going to be just a relic though, because as a living mind you possess the capacity to evolve, to transcend your limits. By having some sort of mental connection with a computing device you have control over or similar processing technology you can network and synchronize it with yourself, allowing you to add it’s processing capabilities to your own. Whether by bolstering your capabilities with it’s own, running additional parallel copies of your mind as a sort of gestalt consciousness with you in completely control, or otherwise. Through some strange quirk of this ability you don’t seem to have to worry about network speeds or lag, once the synchronizing is complete then the effect will remain as long as the connection does. The connection being disrupted will result in losing what the device contributes, but you can always re-synchronize once it’s re-established. With enough resources, your mind could grow behind all comprehension. Or if those don't work some means of dividing your soul coupled with Generic Space Opera's >Quantum Locked BUS \[400 CP\] - No matter how far apart subsystems or avatars that are part of you are, you will still remain one coherent being, your parts capable of communicating instantly and lag free, even over interstellar and interdimensional distances. Furthermore, any time a copy or new instance of you is made, you can decide to seamlessly incorporate it into your being. Those come to mind, but I'm sure there are other and more perfect options out there. There's a looooot of things in Jumpchain (even without getting into things with 'build your own power' sections)


Oooh. I really like that first one.


A somewhat silly but possibly workable one I just thought of is Egyptian Mythology's >​Egyptian Soul – Free for Jump, 200cp to keep There are many parts to a person’s whole ‘self’, each necessary to keep them alive and well in the living world. The khet, the physical body. The ib, the heart and mind. The ka, or ‘double’, the essential animating power of life. The ba bird, the personality and individuality of a person. The shut, the shadow, and the sah, an astral or spiritual body. Your ‘self’ now has all of these spiritual components, and this makes you…spiritually complicated. You may think with your ib, the heart located in your chest instead of your brain. Your personality in the form of your ba may survive an attack on your ib that erases your mind or memory. A voracious soul-eater may bite down but find it has only eaten your sah. The sah and shut of a mortal is an ethereal presence, normally anchored to the body, but the sah and shut of magicians and gods with heka may roam freely and even draw sustenance from offerings. You get heka for free in the jump, and (from my admittedly limited knowledge) the sh(e)ut as the back-up copy/reflection of your soul should be able to be put into an Eva to make it well you, maybe the sah could instead.


Giant Things from Floornight allows you to divide your soul and merge back the pieces of your soul at will. The split pieces of your soul become a hivemind. Nearly anything in the material realm can function as a body for the pieces of your soul.


That's perfect! Never heard of that jump, but reading through, it looks really cool. Thanks!


Something like Bula Race from Coiling Dragon?


Dark Souls 2 has something, but I'm not sure if it's quite what your looking for. > -Maidens of Black (400CP) – “The shard Nadalia, like her sisters, sought out a king. When she arrived in the Iron Kingdom however, great frustration overtook her over the discovery of its ruin, and so she danced, splitting herself apart to corrupt what was left through numerous bodies. You too possess this ability, dividing yourself into fractions, splitting your body, mind and soul up as many times as you like. Despite being fractured and scattered, a kind of core identity remains in the middle, coordinating all splits while retaining your will to keep them on the right track. The more you split yourself apart, the weaker you get, obviously. You may also control whether body, mind and soul or split, or just mind and soul as such things are inserted into hollow constructs nearby. Splitting pieces into defensible places in this way makes you quite hard to kill.”


Here’s a thought: controlling a minion designed for piloting an Eva, just turn off pain connection and your golden.