So what does your Jumper do for thrills?

So what does your Jumper do for thrills?

  • By - Nerx


Tinker with his experimental machines and try to combine them with cartoon physics, try and chess master the plot in some jumps, and sometimes use his overlord arena to grind one-time bosses, Borderlands style. Edit: Seriously, an arena that effectively copies anything or anyone you’ve fought, solely so you could kill it again. With the right plans and methods, that’s the start of something broken; *especially* if you’re just loot farming.


Exploring the oceans Exploring wrecks and ruins ~~Stealing treasure~~ salvaging artefacts Learning, or at least cataloguing the forgotten lore of the world Continuing to learn how all the esoteric technology they've collected actually works ~~Practising taboo bioengineering~~ Hanging out with friends, family, companions, followers, stowaways, refugees ~~and kidnapees~~ Year-long vacations slowly circling the world, being waited on hand and foot


> Stealing treasure salvaging artefacts Would you put living beings in this category?


Generally they get informed consent from the living individual first but a few kidnappings have taken place. In regards to treasure and artefacts, it's just that. Items with significant magical or spiritual power, or just significant monetary value and would look pretty when worn. They're a tomb raider though, they won't go and knock over a jewellery store or museum. The less time running from the law, the easier it is for everyone. If this is about sapient artefacts? Well, a talking sword can be carried pretty easily.


Fighting solo vs Golden Army, Army of Anubis, Fallout Robot Army and his spawn, sometimes with other companions. Useful as training experience since the armies are pretty op themselves.


Reading, tinkering, experiments with new spells, sparring matches with companions, sleeping.


Act like a classical villain, you know the usual, gloating monologues, God complex, pointless acts of cruelty that end up leading to my defeat.


only to try again next season I mean jump, thus The Cycle Begins Anew


Yup, though "try" is not exactly the correct word, since I have no intention of winning at my stated goal. I am just playing with them and creating conflict, if I was serious it would be more like "Rocks fall, everyone dies".


That's so cruel... I love it.


Do you also have an evil moustache?


Flying a MiG-21, but the job provides enough in the way of thrills. She has to hunt down relaxation more often.


He's been hunting down first age treasures, killing demons, and studying magic/magical martial arts for so long that his "thrills" have gotten boring. Now he's currently lying on the beach and relaxing between architecture projects. Soon he'll be back to the demon hunting grind though.


Fighting Fighting Fighting Making cookies(they’re fucking delicious) Fighting Fighting Meditation Fighting Fighting Makes some more cookies(and other foods but mostly cookies though they may also be magical cookies) Fighting Fighting Bullying Gods into model Gods that people would like ruling them Fighting Fighting Fighting Teaching Aphrodite how to make magic cookies for the lols Fighting Fighting Fighting I think that’s it. I’m a boring person I know but hey it’s not bad being easy to please.


> Fighting Fighting Fighting Mood


I *know* right?


I send unrestricted Tinker Shards into the Cycle. Because what can be more thrilling than brush with certain death?


I've never read Worm >!I'm assuming this is Worm you're talking about!<, does this mean you're making mad scientists?


Sorta. Unrestricted Shards have access to a lot of bullshit. "Build plasma cannon two kilometres tall which uses whole atmosphere of alternative Earth every two seconds" kind of bullshit.


So how long do planets last once you've done this?


Not long. But being able to access more iterations of the same planet than there is atoms in any singular universe means that I could just find another one.


>Sorta. Unrestricted Shards have access to a lot of bullshit. "Build plasma cannon two kilometres tall which uses whole atmosphere of alternative Earth every two seconds" kind of bullshit. Dude, that's crazy dangerous depending on who gets the shard. I outright convinced mine to defect when it ran a brain scan on me and saw what I was capable of!


I know, but that is the point, no? And if, forwhatever reason I can't handle Tinker on my own, I have dedicated combat specialist, ready to bomb the whole world back into stone age.


Nearer the start of his Chain, going after big villains was a big draw and source of thrills. Nowadays, he's less about thrills and more about leadership and management, but if he's convinced there isn't a threat he needs to be 100% on for, he'll take up some Gauntlets or Drawbacks to restrict his power and go exploring to refresh his love for adventure.


My first Jumper likes to travel spend time with his wives and kids or experiment with some cool piece of tech he found Ten my second jumper likes to spare their companions or find some evil being and kill it Jenny likes to just explore random undiscovered places And Kylee likes to read in her spare time


Me: Uhhh well...hmmm I haven't really thought about it.


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In Lewd amount of scraps of clothing, bandolier, and axe find a battle with heavy fighting with armor or other lopsided stakes and fight until bathed in enemies and loss. Depending on the savagery of the mood tear and eat some and well... decorations and so on. At the end likely seen as a beast so lead the less gifted to some level of safety but make it clear this was "exercise" not an endorsement. Bang the rescued or conquered. Unless like really sadistic as a policy will ressurect the slaughtered, with memories and in way it hurts and leave them with traumatic impression. Shapeshift and run through populated areas to observe stuff and not get caught. Thumb through works of Dale Lazarov or other porn stories and comics and see what can make happen Run bacchanalia as the slighlty more sober and wisers senior participant, the "Silenus" of the band powered by out "Samgreus" An effect of it is to lure people of certain qualities and mindset or interests and burn out inhibititions and grant them abilities and experiences based on them. leaving them with lure to be draw back and regularly join. Experimenting with the psychedelic tf and revelry as well and libations, and more. Shapeshifting/morph dancing while high off the sensation/mood and witnesses Nude or thin dressed gall form and then loading up on guns and running a gauntlet. Made easier with the Chrysler building and Parasite Eve jump. Love just running an arsenal While more of a point than JUST thrills. have taken on Gauntlets for this reason. Cluster Truckin'; House of the Dead; Generic Stick Fighter, especially as wished to style myself more purely as a brawler; Distant Sky; even a full on jump where shamelessly broke from group. Lego Ninjago, wanted both two or three powers and items and.. Harem collecting. will go about it shopping and seducing certain figures and then go to The Seraglio and cast a summoning spell. It will lure them to me and then use Scoundrel line (pre-revision) to seduce and claim someone and put them in it. Altering them in looks, augmenting them, and tinkering with their mind or feelings. Leaving them in the world to see what they do and keeping myself somewhat mysterious also a thrill. If a setting has vampires unless super plot issues. in addition to helping arm the populace go vamp huntin/killing like some go gator/deer hunting. Forge weapons or talismans of certain character and gift them and see how play out. Shopping sprees. wandering around then then using Netorare and charisma and other skills to... move in with a family and see how best 'help' if not feeling a settled/import identity. Even in midst of working plot operations. Camping and kayaking. personal/small vehicles or mounts to ride and feel. Like spaceman spiff, motorcycles, or more unique vehicles even made by Coop or Test Sisters or go to settings to enjoy.