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Ah yes… Cthulhu saves The World. I should do that one soon.


Kids next door jump but you havent seen the zombie movie, the feminization future episode, or not being good enough to keep your memories as a teen agent. There is some fun stuff tho such as dodgeball wizardry, ice cream, and the worlds best cake recipe (just make sure to memorize it and not to eat the cake after the hamsters are through with it).


The Kids Next Door Jump is cool, and then I remember all the times the world almost ends, and the numerous way you can get mind-whammed and I realize I have to come back later.


How bad can a manga about punching food be?


Bleach. Don't think about it unless you've read the manga becuase the anime stops before the final arc and the Quincy blood war is a touch crazy.


Yeah, Yhwach is fucking insanely higher power level than the previous antagonists, and Aizen had a reality bending marble on his side lol.


Overlord. Sure really powerful fantasy character but considering the setting and political schemes at work; your gonna have your work cut out for you.


depends on how you drop in, are you level 100, friend of Ainz, and Co-Overlord of Nazarick, or are you some smuck in the kingdom


Nah man you still have to deal with political schemes and I just remembered the church of the sunlight scriptures. True you can be powerful but once word gets out about you expect a kingdom to try recruit you or destroy you. Or worse the platinum dragon finding out about you and now you’re in a world of trouble


If you are Lvl 100, have your own guild, and buy the perk that makes the entire Ainz guild like you, your pretty set. The Downfall of King & Country isn't that big a problem since you know about it. Honestly, your biggest issue is trying to rein in Mormonga's NPC from flaying people and Albedo from forming a Player hunter party.


That last one is a serious problem.


Literally me in DC jump when I chose the DCAMU timeline


Anyone who sees Sailor Moon as just an easy magical girl series ain’t about to have a good time. It’s actually an incredibly dangerous jump.


Rule #10 about anime jumps: Most magical girl anime are hard core and freaking metal when you think about it.


Yuki Yuna is a Hero is definitely one of these.


How bad could 40k *really be*?


No, that one doesn't count. No sane person would question that.


In all fairness there's bad and then 4k. 4k doesn't even feel bad... it's kinda funny to be sincere. I cannot take that series seriously because it's so ridiculously bad... Is like everything needs edge on the edge of it. See this dark thing? It's darker now and edgier.


DCUO cause I had a Crysis nanosuit that could assimilate the power giving nanotech. Jump got interesting inthe Chinese sense of the word after Braniac heard about that.


Kirby takes this cutie to the extreme


Kirby can be surprisingly dangerous.