What do you think about 'What if?' Ultron noticing your jumper and trying to figure out his purpose in your chain?

What do you think about 'What if?' Ultron noticing your jumper and trying to figure out his purpose in your chain?


Him destroying all realities isn't that much of a problem since my Jumper is usually aligned with the entities beyond existence. Also, he got killed by an AI created decades before him, meaning he sucks at cyberdefense, and I have some scrapcodes to unleash


I feel like the greater 'Oh crap' above and beyond 'What If?' Ultron noticing and coming for my Jumper is... well, that's the breakwater moment, isn't it? Benefactor didn't do it, and this guy is now seeing/doing something that should be out of anyone else's wheelhouse on the Chain. This would change how things are viewed, and become a matter of 'Okay, now we know there's a much higher threat range that can violate what we formerly believed was safe borders. What else can do that?'. Whether your Jumper and forces could handle WI?Ultron or not is less the question at that stage, but what else exists or can exists in the cracks between realities... and if any of them have already been watching and plotting, just outside everyone's sight.


Use various defenses against Omni/God/Auto lose abilities and then use the maxed out tech absorption from Generic Biotech Post-Apocalypse jump to absorb him and Power Vacuum from Supernatural V2 and absorb the Stones, they'll probably be useless out of that continuity but at least no one can use them against me.


Yeah destroying the multiverse is very easy for my jumper so ultron will be destroyed easily


This would be fucking terrifying but also a awesome scenario for a Marvel what if jump scenario


*Laughs in Demon/God/Dragon/Monarch/Ruler/Superhero/Eldtritch Jumper who can adapt to anything and infect those who kill him to take their power* Ha.


"You pass the butter"


“Oh my god.”


If he's just tryna figure out his purpose we can talk about his role in his original reality in my Warehouse. I might not like how things shaped out in WI!Ultrons timeline or his actions there but i'm not gonna attack just cause he noticed me and decided to drop in for a chat


depends on when, Early chain? Horrifying, if we're talking 5+ jumps in (Assuming you're minmaxing) it'd be way more managable


My latest jumper is a Zerg-turned-Xel'naga Overmind who increases in power with every single mind added to the Hive Mind, thanks to the trait Harmony, in which the entire Hive Mind works with and alongside the Overmind on order to achieve their desired result. What-If Ultron wouldn't stand a chance against the full might of that Tide of Flesh.


Well, I have builds from Oasis of Fantasy to Saber Wars for Jumper and Companions. If Ultron knows what he's up against, of which there is like 2 or 3 things that are technological and they run basically on magic anyway, he'll figure out how to piss himself considering Jumper has a perfect copy of him who is under perfect control of Jumper through Collector, and that is before going into the Dusty Gate of Babylon from Saber Wars, the powered up Excalibur, Rhongomyniad and the two Ea (one from Oasis, one from the Dusty Key of Babylonia Item), along with everything else Jumper has which includes Master Admin Rights for a solar system scale space and power from a being a living galaxy and... yeah. He would probably surrender unconditionally if he knows any of the details, no matter how vague they are. Also, there is still the Squatter in the Hub, also known as Ishtar. Yes, Ishtar is a Squatter, not a Companion as far as Jumper is concerned because she's still salty on the drugging and raping Ishtar did in Oasis no matter how much she loves their daughter. Rape is fucking Rape.


If Ultron knows what's good for him, if he sees Lissen he will turn the other way and not even attempt to enter whatever reality she is in. Not that he could in the first place 'looks at the Legendary Dark Knight reward ability.' And Gavyn would style on him repeatedly. Gwyndolin is currently depressed and probably won't react to Ultron showing up, hell, she's probably so sad that'll make him feel pity for her and just leave.


Against my jumpers? Hehehe okay here’s the order Oersted: might be a bit of a challenge but can be handled Spider-Man: two words: Phoenix Force Frisk: She has magic but she might be the most trouble out of all of them World of Darkness crew: Hehehehehehehehe. Hahahahahahahahaha. Elvin is an archmage of forces. He can handle an automaton


My jumper dies. The benefactor steps in pissed because someone destroyed his new toy faaar too early on, and seals Ultron. Then revives my Jumper and tells him. On 4 jumps from today... I will start releasing ultron on your worlds at random intervals. Your goal is to hide and survive till eventually you take him down... he won't be allowed to just use magic or destroy the whole world... He has to find you and kill you manually. He also won't be allowed to just TP to your location once he finds you. I'll start by releasijg him on the last years of a jump. Then it will be earlier and then at random. Then I'll take some of the restrictions away one by one.


That sounds really cool...


Thanks I actually want him to face an enemy that pursues him like that now but I'm not sure which one. Ultron would make me rush my character's story so not him but I want something.


This is where the booty warrior will be victorious


Depends. I have some builds that would blow him out of the water, and some that would just be totally unprepared for the scale he fights on, even though they’re really powerful. Like, in one build my jumper was a monstrous fusion between the primal zerg, alex mercer, and john carpenter’s the thing, then proceeded to devour the entire W40k universe. Like, the whole thing. Repurpose every ounce of matter, knowledge, energy, and psychic power and condense it into a single body. That jumper could put up a fight against this ultron, countering the stones with sheer potency.


Well, that is quite simple. Step 1: Lay down, continue to pretend you're just part of the setting and that Ultron is just mistaken. Hopefully, this prevents conflict before anything major goes on. If this doesn't work, move to Step 2. Step 2: Attempt to companion the man. I mean, if he wants purpose in the chain, sure, I can give him one. He gets a cosmic journey, I get a target off my back, and Ultron can hopefully grapple with what it means to exist in his time. If this fails, and he gets aggressive about it, move to Step 3. Step 3: You give the man a fair fight. First of all, entertainment for Jump-Chan, and second of all, when he sees that you're basically able to go at it for another few years, he'll probably step down. If that all fails, you are incapable of doing so, or he moves to snap you out of existance, move to Step 4. Step 4: Remember you went to that multiversal level jump, and wipe the floor with him, don't even give him the time to react. Even if you didn't go to a jump that powerful, your goal is just to speed blitz him, just because he can bring a universe to it's knees, doesn't mean he doesn't have the durability where most jumpers crack him like glass. Maybe take his gauntlet hand as a consolation prize, but given how Ultron is, I would reccomend starkly against bringing anything from him with you afterwards, and if you do, keep them secure and locked away.


Navajo : " Listen, buddy, I'll be straightforward: I know I treat 'meatbags' and 'clankers' equally for their redemption oportumities, but I'd rather kill you than rewrite you better, so-" *Ultro gets anoyed and fires, he dodges. *sigh "Fine..." *teleport and punche his truesoul out of his code, killing all drones alongside him. Vetrnaetr: *sparkles agressively to the point of intimidating Thor and Tony... Were those clouds here earlier ? J!Gaster : *Materialize [OVERWRTIE] " Try me..." (Well, Tyrian could just run a milisecond and onshot all drones on Earth in that timeframe, but warning is important) Clara : " I'm sure you know that alreay since you're on the internet, but did you know even metal can freeze ?" Lieru : "... why cant I just have ONE world without imminent threat for once... Delilah ? Shut him down, will you ? "


I will pull metaphysical carpet from under his powerset. I always do it.


Ok, he has the Infinity Stones and they're demonstrated not to have the main universe's only function in home reality limitation. He's not good at **using** them, but either need some immunity to being snapped out of existence or you're banking on his arrogance. Current Jumper: Actually go all out. Use the Omega Effect as full throttle as he can manage and wear his Entropy Aegis (good thing this last jump made that last his default state). He still loses. The power to eye beam a world out of existence is nothing compared to the power to take a bite out of 1/6th of the galaxy. Ultron beats him down and 'kills' him. His cult revives him (no cult for some reason such as Ultron uncharacteristically snapped them out of existence his other 1 up comes online ensuring that by sheer luck he survives 1/jump) and the perk for having minor defeats exaggerated comes into play. This time he goes the smart route, remembers he has a father box and prays to Eru Illuvatar and the Source that it can hack him. Given they've hacked Brainiac before and MCU Ultron is a mental dwarf as far as evil comic AIs go... he doesn't even realize Jumper survived and just thinks he captured the Father Box until its too late and he's trapped in a solipstic illusion world and had the infinity stones pried from him via spider droids and then shown that a New God is touch enough to use them and survive. Even if Ultron plays sneaky he's unlikely to not try and investigate the Father Box and he's not so sneaky not to do a face to face fight at some point. Side Jumpers I've been working on: Paragon: Immune to reality warping effects including - specifically - the Infinity Gems being used to wipe him from reality or just destroying the entire universe around him. Been to DC jumps which have much higher speed combats than Marvel. And has recently been humbled by the Marvel Universe so he's going to take Ultron seriously. Given he is wearing the soul gem on his forehead he immediately recognizes the Infinity Stones in their gem forms for what they are and that this means Ultron **wins** if given time. But just like how Ultron beat Thanos he can probably get the Gems from Ultron **before** Ultron realizes what he's up against. That's assuming Ultron and him meet face to face. MCU Ultron is... dumb enough for that though. If Ultron played sneaky... he could possibly win. But don't see it happening. This is the guy who decided to destroy all life in the universe with the infinity stones... and didn't just blink it out of existence. Mirror: Assuming Ultron goes with his normal bull headed smash approach... he wins. Yeah they have a pair of (neutered versions of) All-Black the Necroswords... but this is a guy who survived completely unharmed being driven into a planet and then exploding a solar system and later just made himself bigger than a galaxy. She has luck, and the One Ring, but nothing on his scale and nothing that can hack him. If he goes with the stop, watch, and wait approach she has a chance since she can sense reality warping, and is a master manipulator and might manage to trick him into being separated from the Infinity Gems, and has magic which might manage to do something if he doesn't just come and smash her hard. She might manage to escape with magic if he did go smash and then trick him but I'd not give her a high chance. I'd have to actually see how he does against magic. Renegade: Lures Ultron into his house, uploads a dark god of the internet into him, and while Ultron is dealing with that reveals 'my head is a black hole' and traps Ultron in. Hopes he doesn't die due to black hole sucking up the infinity gems which is a possibility. If Ultron goes stealthy and he realizes Ultron is doing this he could find a way to create an ai to reprogram Ultron fast enough not to let him poof the dark internet god out of existence. Crafter: If she ends up without prep time she loses. She might escape and manage to prep, given she actually usually has a second body backup she probably does, but she loses a straight up fight. With prep time she can probably hack Ultron... but honestly I'd give her the worst chance. Possibly best at uplifting mankind but not dealing with people on the scale of breaking galaxies.


I actually did encounter him before my drawback induced version after snapping myself and trying to get back home in the MCU. Good thing myself from Marvel Magic decided to pay a Dr. Strange Watcher type role overseeing all the alternate me's or I would've died on the spot likely, considering I had zero prep and didn't have a proper suit, just something I put together out of stuff I made in the bushes to survive the quantum realm-based portal I'd hewn from stone and crystal circuits. After my encounter with him which was an arc in itself, I then got to the multiversal hub I was trying to get to in the first place, in order to find Earth and get back home, considering I essentially doubled the universe, but it was simply Kang's domain and he convinced me to take his place. I only did so grudgingly, and started on making a life model decoy of myself to essentially run things and only call me when something needs to be directly dealt with, or just to hang out with him and Kang. Then Loki and Sylvie popped in, and he knew more about me than I knew of him in-verse, because one of my companions I was dating was he and Thor's sister. A fight breaks out, though, because I'm not finished learning about running the multiverse to program it into my decoy, which itself wasn't finished so I needed Kang alive. After the events of that, Sylvie kicked my second portal I made out of spite which caused it to decalibrate, and I was thrown into the events of Quantumania. When I saw my companions again I had plenty of stories to tell, lol


Extremely terrifying but my jumper is actually going to fight him. I've got the Kaleidoscope (though I am far from mastery), a vast repertoire of illusions and curses, the Witchblade, and the pinnacle of Dark Elven fighting/assassination abilities. Wish me luck!


I haven't seen either the movie or the What If show, I've only read about it on wikipedia, so pardon me if this is wrong. If this was the first few jumps, they best they could hope to do is create the most powerful hurricane they can right on top of him and hope for the best. I don't know if he could shrug off a category 5 or higher hurricane right on top of him. Maybe a Siren Song would work also. I haven't really considered how Siren Songs work with robots. He is a robot right? After Cells At Work, some more avenues open up. Being able to make him a human anthropomorphic would certainly induce a weakness to Siren Songs, though with his access to Infinity Stones >!That work outside of their native universe via MASSIVE PLOTHOLE!< he still holds an undeniable upper hand. If they could get inside his now human body without him noticing, then they could very well just break him apart from the inside, but, again, Infinity Stones. After Halo Forerunner, they now have a small collection of highly advanced AI that could just hack into his systems and stop him. Alternately, Anthro the InfinStones and just ~~seduce~~ convince them not to work for Mr. Roboto. Otherwise the only other outcome is flee the dimension as fast as possible and hope he doesn't follow.