Times your Jumper went "...oops."

Times your Jumper went "...oops."


The Allspark does not get plugged in to a Borg cube and jumper is not allowed to do SCIENCE! while under the influence of hallucinogenic substances.


This reads more like skippy's list


What was the result?


Well the cube got transformed into the Herald of Unicron. Not sure how, I was blackout drunk.


It’s literally a piece of robot god, you ain’t gotta reason scrap. It just works… also, how the slag did you handle that?!


Well jumper hopped in his megazord and did a three way fusion dance with Optimus Prime and Voltron... not sure how that worked either.


“Behold! Voltronimus Primaximum Megazord!”


Decides to be the Beyonder in the MCU, ends up with Tony and Dr. Strange creating a pseudo Illuminati to deal with the threat of a vast reality warper. *Oops.*


It was during Undertale where he fought Undyne but did so using fire magic he perfected training with Toriel. It left her covered in burns and he threatened her to never come after him again, then left her lying there. She went to Asgore to go get healed and then talked about the really powerful human with fire magic and how Asgore's the only monster who could stand a chance. Usually, Asgore would sit in his castle and wait for the human to show up, but instead he took his army and went to Snowdin. It lead to a massive confrontation outside of the burger joint.


Sometimes when being a hero, helping the locals and forgetting to activate 'friendly fire' Had to help batman rehabilitate after removing a lot of bullets


Being a highly magical mermaid in disguise on the Atlantis expedition was less ripples and more akin to just chucking a stone in the lake. To start with, just by helping fund the expedition from some fairy deep pockets bought a place on the crew for themselves, their sisters and friends. Which already had most suspect of this rather unknown rich socialite and their own cast of crazies. The mechanical leviathan? Crushed under rapidly shifting water pressures, curtesy of their magic. This necessary tip of their hand regrettably not unseen by some on the team. The Ulysses was safe, however, and the entire operation proceeded ahead in full. There were very few casualties as the expedition could bring more gun and manpower to bare against the roadblocks that lay ahead and by the time they reached Atlantis itself, they had the man-power to not even play pretend at niceties. Atlantis was conquered rather quickly, several of the people, including Princess Kidagakash taken hostage to kowtow the king and the looting began. This sent the timeline bonkers. Kida never channelled the energies for the city and was taken as a captive to the surface, Atlantis itself became a point of study as more scientists and tomb raiders ventured down there in repeat trips, the natives quickly being exploited and abused, with a doomed rebellion a very likely outcome in the near future. I took the OC companion, Kida's younger sister, and she teamed up with several of my companions, namely Moana, to stage a break-out of the Atlantis natives whilst I was seeing how much pull I had in the politics of the world to push things that way. In the end armed rebellion took place in the city itself, but Kida and her sister had managed to activate the ancient engines and rose the city to the surface and a stalemate was forced on the world's stage. The rest of the jump was politics in securing Atlantis's place as a legally recognised nation, against the rapidly deteriorating alliances and counter alliances spider-webbing Europe because some Austrian Archduke went and got himself shot. >!Oh, and then World War One played, but everyone had reverse engineered rayguns from Atlantis technology.!< A return trip will be a necessity in the future otherwise a certain historic event in the late 30s may see the end of Atlantis.


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The Justice League does not take kindly to The Jumper making a country sized Hakai orb, even if you're using it to threaten villains. Keep the Hakai orb as insurance when the heroes show up, cause some just start swinging at the first odd face they see.


Audrey spent a couple months recreating Pokémon from first principles in Wheel of Time: The Trolloc Wars. Trollocs invaded her house in the meantime. She had the Choedan Kal, so she could have utterly destroyed the entire Blight on day one, but she was focused on giving people the tools they needed to defeat the Dark One's forces. In Power Rangers Zeo, she mass-produced Zeo Ranger gear, leading to a significant escalation from the Machine Empire. Earth wasn't entirely destroyed, at least... After that, she started taking threats *very* seriously. In Young Justice, the Light didn't survive the first week. (Except Klarion. Tricky customer.) In Kingdom Hearts, she managed to give hearts to the Organization members who were amenable to reason pretty much straight away, disrupting the Organization something fierce. But this counts as breaking things; due to Xion and Roxas having hearts, Sora's heart can't be completed. They all worked together to fix it in the end, but Sora spent a fair bit longer in the restoration tank.


Jumper was posing as 100 yo wizard teacher at Hogwarts during Era of Marauders, who knew there would be a death eater at Hogsmeade and it would turn out to be a fight. It was hard doing a thing like fighting with a body even more feeble than Dumbledore with a drawback. It caused Voldemort to know about silly old jumper being good at fighting and later on send assassins IIRC.


Lets just say being a mute and unpopular student with the mind of an eldritch horror in a magical school where two of the most plot relevant characters for the downfall of the main antagonist have low-level mindreading abilities is not a good place to antagonize one of those characters with pranks. Now Jumper has two drooling vegetables ~~once the screaming finally stopped~~ and there's still an immortal asshole out there!


Somehow, I don't see that as a problem. Then again I would have already dealt with Voldemort before the end of year one, one way or another.


J-J-J-Jump please for the low level mindreaders


I forget the Jump I used to become all eldritch minded.... but it might have been one of the creepypasta or horror ones... was it a Generic? I can't remember... The Jump this happened on was Harry Potter. Snape was pissing Jumper off something fierce, so Jumper retaliated creatively. Snape was not above using Legilimency on a defiant Jumper.... and Dumbledore was rather desperate to learn why his ~~mole~~ potions master wouldn't stop screaming up blood... and Jumper failed to warn him in time... It did not improve Jumper's reputation at school... I really shouldn't have taken that drawback that spreads rumors about Jumper.


Jumper tried to deal with the Entities in Worm by using a recursive magical detonation to destroy Shardspace. As it turns out, this is a bad idea for the general health of reality.


Nameless, already a casual country razer : *arrives in fate/SN after all Legends and Zero (companions have light amnesia because it was their first timeline shift) *Get summoned as an 8th, ruler class, because he made it a safety feature of the grail in case Angra happens. "Well at least I could try a smoother reconciliation than UBW for our little time traveller." *Find out there IS a 9th "Oh..." * 3h later, half of the servants are dead, the othe suspicious of him, because the 9th is JUMPER with extra angst yet smort "Ooooooh... " * JUMPER doesn't care if any of us die, as if he either win, lose, raise the country or makes no damage, his plan to burst the Angel Note Timelock will succeed anyway. " Smart boy. Why then don't we-" * JUMPER raise weapon at Nameless. Which is basically an EA+ btw. "... Fuck..." * extra pain : Gil is alive and around to still deal with after that.


I sometimes feel like Oops is my jumper's default state. Helped an X-Men Evolutions version of Emma Frost overthrow the Hellfire Club... she was possessed by the Shadow King and he didn't know it. He got possessed next. Spared some orcs to take back a message that said 'stop attacking and we'll try diplomacy'... They brought a planet eating kaiju maggot next time (technically it was a drawback but Jumper didn't know that). Decided to keep Sauron alive to drain energy off of with Rogue's power absorption. Do I need to say more? First use of a 1 up. Celebrated Christmas. Wait this one needs more explanation? Well it was in Disney Villains Victorious so Oogie Boogie ruled all the holiday towns and the Halloweentown inhabitants decided that if someone was celebrating Christmas they needed to make Christmas. Jumper only realized this the 2nd year... where they had (re)instituted Christmas across Mordor and France... Jumper has quite an adventure that day and got forced to take over Halloween to stop it from happening again.


I accidentallied the Kyoto prefecture, breaking the masquerade hiding the supernatural and became the most wanted nogitsune/yako in centuries. I just wanted to see what would happen if you microwaved a ward focus, so stole one... and didn't check anything about it. Such as if it was linked to anything, if it was a primary one that routed power/calculations to other ward relays, and the state of the concept of magical surge protectors. Kitchen went boom, Kyoto prefecture did a solid impression of Rome and seismic events nearly cracked Nara Prefecture to the point of splitting Honshu. This was supposed to be relaxing fluffy vacation time in Meddlesome Kitsune Senko-san! Decided the best way to flirt with Yuuka in Touhou was to cause the biggest incident possible. Made a Gensokyo-wide alchemy array that neutralized alcohol to increase plant growth. Result was an army of 'soberiety fairies' born of mutated plant life pissing off literally everyone in Gensokyo even beyond what the loss of alcohol caused. Seija Kijin pretty much had a stack overflower error. Ultimately came to me getting my ass thoroughly thrashed by Yukari reverting everyone to their primordial mythological state. The Shuten Doji were **NOT HAPPY** about such crimes against alcohol... Excommunicado Jumper is responsible for Traditional Jumper starting a chain in the first place due to a 'woops'. Was visiting a mundane me in the hospital to help them out, panicked and threw a chunk of the Blind Eternities in them when the powers that be chased me down under many wrong assumptions. The ones chasing me thought I implanted an artificial newspark set for a rather violently explosive awakening, thus a chain was born to suppress it. MY EX-BENEFACTOR for Tower of God jumper counts too I guess. They disliked the hording of sparks being done for jumpchain as a whole, and were embezzling them by filing optional end scenarios as completed along with the main jump.


I (very vaguely) remember reading about your Yuuka flirtation attempt before. Have you posted about it before or am I just suffering from déjà vu.


Yep, its come up before. I'm quite fond of it; writing Touhou is kind of tricky after all.


Post link please? is this it's own chapter or something?


I haven't organized anything together for publishing yet; Nothing feels polished enough. Also, I have the document organization of a squirrel on cocaine. Once found one of my things for Overlord in a World of Warcraft data library folder, that I thought hadn't been touched since I stopped played like 10 years ago...


There are no mistakes, there are only happy accidents. Jumper does not say “oops”, Jumper says “I ment to do that”.


...so, your Jumper is Batly from Eureeka's Castle? XD


“Accidentally made a doomsday cult that worshiped me, after going overboard and putting a snobby wannabe pope in his place. It devolved like megamind, dungeon keeper, and Monty python’s the life of Ryan, thrown into a blender. Pretty sure that I’m a new elder god, at this point. Ah well, at least Bendy’s having fun.” —Elijah, unintentional dark god and “The Author of The End”


Me: uhh I had a heat of a moment where let my draconic side slip out when I was yelling at Twilight’s friends which lead to them have a bsod moment. Right after Twilight got captured by Tempest Shadow M. I had to snap the. Out of it while trying to save Twilight


I kind of got myself into a mess in the Final Fantasy VIII jump. Since I was already taking a drawback to go to the monster-infested moon so I could personify and court the moon, I thought there was no harm in me taking the additional drawbacks that made me the enemy of Ultimecia (the game's final boss) and made me feared by nearly everyone as a dangerous sorceress. After all, what can they do while I'm building my new monster kingdom on the moon? What I didn't account for is that Ultimecia was taking over Galbadia, and while her actions in the game led to conflict with the heroes, I just became a much more noticeable and dangerous threat once it became clear I had taken over the moon. So Ultimecia, showing more subtlety, whipped up the planet into a crusade against the moon kingdom, and I inadvertently became the disc 1 final boss for the heroes.


Wasn't the end of the world, but I ended up letting some unexpected problems develop in the Toriko jump. At some point in my jumpchain, Final Fantasy's Gilgamesh started following me around as a sort of self-proclaimed rival, and I'd gotten into the habit of letting him go wherever he pleased in between our duels. What was the harm? While he was a kleptomaniac when it came to melee weapons, he never really killed anyone, and he only took their weapons after a fair fight. But then his quest for weapons took him to Melk Mountain. See, in Toriko, Melk is this legendary blacksmith who makes the best weapons and cooking tools. Before the start of the show, he went into the adjacent Heavy Hole to work on a legendary weapon, but left things in the capable hands of his apprentice and adoptive daughter Melk II. Unfortunately, he only ever spoke in whispers, and she never understood his instructions, instead wondering if he had abandoned her. In canon, Melk II pretended to be Melk and continued handling the sharpening requests made in his absence, until the main characters met her and Melk and straightened things out. Here, though, Gilgamesh boldly broke into the workshop, defeated Melk II soundly, and took numerous weapons away - including some made by the original Melk himself. Distraught at having her master and adoptive father's weapons stolen was the last straw for Melk II, and she outright abandoned the workshop to hunt Gilgamesh down. So imagine my surprise when I learn about a looming crisis as the unfulfilled requests for Melk's services start piling up.


Well my newest jumper has had two of those moments. 1. In Touhou they almost got the Gensokyo Barrier destroyed when the Hakurei god left, though they managed to salvage it by getting Utsuho Reiuji and Suika Ibuki enshrined there instead, also Reimu was dating both of them which is why the Hakurei god left in the first place, but yeah somehow this gave Reimu some odd powers though. 2. In Highschool DxD feeling jumper was to big of a threat some idiots got the bright idea to Fuse Trihexa and Samael and jumper had to fight this monster, it left her extremely hurt, laying on her back with most of her organs outside of her body and both her arms and legs missing as she slowly regened, Luckily Rumia went completely ape-shit crazy and unlock her "EX" form before beating the monster down. After dealing with that she focused on cuddling into jumper's gaping, bloody and slowly regening chest. Turns out Anti-Dragon Poison when you are(Or count as) a dragon sucks to regen through.