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As an aside, if anyone's confused as to why they're seeing this post again - I posted it for half of a second last night, but lost all the images and references, and so had to take it down so that I could make sure everything was properly sorted and cited lol.


I'm sorry but I still don't understand what you're trying to say,I know that real jujutsu must have something to do with death but what is real jujutsu.Ever since I first read the manga in the arc of the cursed fetus must die, I always thought about Sukuna's words about true jujutsu.What will you be able to do to him when you achieve real jujutsu, in Naruto if you get rinnegan eyes you will be able to use the 6 way technique.What is the real jujutsu CT or CE


Fantastic post!! Looking forward to seeing the second part. I’ve been working on a theory mainly focusing on the nature of innate techniques, cursed spirits, and Sukuna. What I’ve read has shifted my thinking quite a bit. So on one hand, I love your thought process and ideas. On the other hand, fuck you - I need a rewrite.


If that ain't a whole mood tho lol


I felt the frustration line so hard. I didn’t know Reddit didn’t save images, so I’ve spent at least 2 hours of my life resetting the images before working on the theory. Then having to do it again every time


Awesome theory, I've always speculated on the nature of the Divine in JJK and what it may entail, Sukuna's divine Domain, Megumi's divine dogs and his Divine general Mahoraga, Gojo's six eyes which is so broken it has to be divine (I think someone made a connection to it and Buddhism) and then Angel who seems to be a divine being. It's not surprising that these four are involved in a scheme of their own with Angel wanting to kill sukuna, sukuna being heavily invested in Megumi and Megumi potentially matching Gojo in strength. It's comes together even more when you realize there are different aspects which could makes these four beings "divine" in a loose sense of the world. Gojo has a divine trait (The six eyes), Sukuna has a divine Domain, Megumi possibly has a divine technique (His technique is based on the Ten sacred treasures), and Angel is possibly a divine being herself. I really hope Gege goes along with this route. It would be extremely interesting to follow up.


is a cool theory and your writeup is entertaining. I've read through a few times and I'm finding some difficulty understanding how you got to certain conclusions. Can you clarify a few of these points? >At the time, it was easy to be confused and to dismiss the Chapter 27 line as some kind of error in translation. What do you think is confusing about Sukuna referencing the Binding in this situation? (Re: "Humans linger beyond \[death\] as well.") >The implication here seems to be that humans also reincarnate. In fact, we know because of the culling games for sure that they do just that. Some of them with the memories of their old lives completely in tact. This is a pretty big jump from one line on death in Ch. 116. In the immediate context of this quote, Sukuna is referring to death being a mirror for humans and Mahito acting as that mirror. The entire quote can be interpreted a few different ways but we gotta agree here it's vague. I think there are two general ways to interpret this: 1. Sukuna refers specifically to Jujutsu, Techniques, or Cursed Objects (including Object reincarnations, because that is what Sukuna is) that allow humans to stay around even after they die. This is what you're getting at. or 2. Sukuna states a general maxim that human souls aren't wiped out of existence upon death, but they can remain or delay passing on. Human reincarnation is mostly an abnormality. Sukuna is the obvious example of course, but we can't lose sight of the fact that except for a recent international criminal's mastermind plan to reincarnate hundreds of humans at once, this kind of thing is not just a common or regular occurrence in Jujutsu. Historically this doesn't really happen. Reincarnations are an anomaly, which doesn't seem to fit this idea that, in general, "humans linger after death". I get the impression here that this line means something else. Can you explain more why you think the implication of the line in 116 is necessarily about human reincarnation? >This tells us that souls are something of a closed loop system inside the world of Jujustu. And if that's the case, it leaves us with the implication that - in the space between life and death - might be where Heavenly Restrictions are born. I've read this section a couple times and I'm missing what prompted your conclusion here that links Bindings to the space between life and death (henceforth SBLAD cus I aint typin that out again). Can you expand on this? >Which leads me to believe, that yes, this ritual, and this space is in fact about death. And really, you don't have to go as far as the Hagakure to make this point. I agree that the concept and nuanced handling of death pervades in JJK. What made you reach the conclusion that the CG is about death from what you quoted/said of the Hagakure? Also, can you be more specific in what you mean of the CG being "about death"? >All of these give us context clues to tell us that heavenly restriction likely happens in the space between life and death. And it's there - in this realm of the sacred, of the divine, that I think you'll find true jujutsu. I want to note that we see no direct indication or even mention of a sacred/divine realm in Jujutsu or JJK's world, although the theme of Buddhism and its mythology certainly pervades. Gege is not hamfisted with moral or religious principles. In fact, he's very hands-off. Not contesting this point of yours, just a comment recognizing where you stand on the JJK use of Buddhism political compass. There are a few different ways to define Buddhism's role in JJK. On on end of the axis, you can interpret it as merely flavoring JJK in its mythology, themes, and references, as if it's aesthetic or cultural ornamentation. The other end of the spectrum identifies Buddhism's values as the absolute guiding principles which hold true sovereignty over the characters, morals, and plot. To some degree you have to decide what the author's intent is with sewing the threads of Buddhism into the narrative. I get the impression you're moderately on the sovereignty side--let me know if I'm understanding that correctly. >Tells me that it's not too much of a leap to assume that the level beyond Jujustu is divinity. I gotta level with you, the evidential juice here for divinity being the next step is lacking. Sukuna and later Yuji being called a 'demon/fierce god', and Sukuna's DE in Shibuya being called a "divine Technique" can easily be interpreted as simple descriptors, rather than referring to an implicit ascended level of Jujutsu. I'm interested to hear more on this though and I enjoyed reading your theory. I've also hit that 20 image limit and cursed reddit, but good news! They just added a new feature where you can embed images in comments and we're discussing enabling it on the sub.


BET. Ah. It is pretty late when I'm reading this but just know I did see this comment and do intend to offer a reply come tomorrow when I'm not exhausted. Generally though there is a lacking amount of linking/clarifying statements from me on certain points so I will try to rectify that. Unfortunately I have adhd, so it isn't super uncommon for me to skip over stuff without actually giving proper context or supporting statements because i get too wrapped up in my own thought process. 😅 Just know it's not on purpose and I AM sorry lol


Goat. Take your time, I'm looking forward to it


istg the jjk subreddit is one of the smartest ones I've ever been on, cuz everyone on here has to have majored in history and mythology of Buddhism or something like that. Also in a funny sense jjk was the series that introduced me to how cool Buddhist cosmology really was. I'm definitely getting a lot of escaping the cycle and attaining nirvana and that only there can divine jujutsu lie, or something like that. Those who only seem to live for themselves ie sukuna (who's a crazy hedonist who does whatever he wants and respects no one) and Megumi (who made it a rule that he only saves those that he wants to), have more promise than Yuta who just wants to be strong to protect others, and Gojo himself who already views himself at the top in a sense. (also it'd be rlly interesting if Megumis shikigami eventually became the 3 poisons that lie in the center of Buddhist mythology with him having to defeat each one to gain further power or something) Also despite his overwhelming power, it seems that Gojo is also unable to separate himself from his responsibilities and attachments, and honestly a lot of his moments feel so human in a way. He didn't despose of Geto properly because of his attachments to him, leading to his body being used by kenjaku, and although he wants to fix the system, he's limited to focusing on only one way of doing it ie by raising a generation against them rather than just going over to where the executives are and dealing with them himself. There's a certain mindset you have to have in order to be at the top of the jujutsu world that even the strong don't always have, and it made a lot of sense to me why sukuna favours Megumi so much as he has shown the ability to discard everything except for his aggression in order to win a fight. I also see a lot of parallels for this with the series Blue Lock as in the fact that the type of goals and ego you have will determine how much you grow and the heights you can reach, and many skilled characters have fallen behind just because their drives and motivations aren't strong enough. (I kinda fell into my own tangent but I do love how much this series is crafted around Buddhist concepts and how to live one's life in the best way)


also sorry if I misunderstood anything and I look forwards to pt2 of your analysis


JWU drinking coffee and reading this. Good theory holy crap :-)


Good theory, but... The big thing about a lot of these old world sorcerers is that their mentalities are wrong - and this, by rule of shonen - is showcased in the win/loss of our protagonists(of which they've lost zero fights).


Great theory, I do think the "divine" terminology will come into play at some point just because of how it is used. Here's a few other peculiarities you may want to add to your thinking. 1) Sukuna kills "soul" Yuji while Yuji's body is completely dead. This implies Sukuna can straight up resurrect the dead? According to the fanbook holding on to the spirits of the dead is impossible. Or is RCT good enough to just bring back long dead corpses. 2) 6 eyes may play a role in here somehow. Not sure how but it's weird to see how the community just takes it for granted. It's not a curse technique, it's hereditary, it's bound by fate to Tengen and the SPV. What exactly are these strange super eyes?


I'm so confused, first you talk about Yuta then you change subject to Heavenly Restriction then to Kenjaku, is it a theory about true Jujutsu or Sukuna's binding vow ? I feel like I'm the only one confused by theories here lol


Part 2: Closing remarks. ​ As I said, at the end of that post. I believe there is in fact a level BEYOND Jujustu. And I think it's divinity. Both because of all the cited inferences prior, but also. Because of one moment that I know everyone who's up to date with the series remembers. ​ ​ ​ Here it is. The Shibuya Incident. ​ ​ Now. This should have been a break in Sukuna's binding vow. As he already told us, he was forced to interact with its conditions. ​ ​ ​ And in fact, it may well have been! This is after all, only a theory and speculation post. But if he didn't break his vow. if he's still receiving the benefits of that earlier deal? ​ Then it means that, to Sukuna, everyone in Shibuya wasn't a person. A view point that would certainly be reinforced if you were something like, say. . . ***An Imaginary God.*** https://tenor.com/view/sukuna-jujutsu-kaisen-yuji-itadori-yuuji-itadori-megumi-gif-19837745


Sukuna didn't break the binding vow because he didn't say enchain. The binding vow is that once Sukuna says enchain, he'll gain control of Yuji's body for 1 minute but can't hurt anyone in that timeframe. In Shibuya he only came out because an unconscious Itadori was fed 10 fingers at once.


Enchain wouldn't have been the aspect that broke the vow. Killing a few thousand people while in control would have. It's a total breakdown of the established relationship he and Yuji are supposed to have.


Did you not read what I wrote. The binding vow is this 1. Sukuna says enchain 2. Sukuna gains control of the body for 1 minute, but can't hurt anyone You can see that the first step for the binding vow is missing in Shibuya


Yea sorry man but your wrong sukuna need's to chant enchain for the binding vow to be put into effect


From Sukuna chapter 6 "what if I promise I won't kill or hurt anyone during that minute?"


Sukuna gaining control wasn’t because of the binding vow. It was an external circumstance that didn’t involve him taking over Yuji’s body when Yuji was in control. That’s what enchain is all about.


>Here we come to one of the many battles of the Culling Games. In this five-six chapter micro-arc, we get a snap shot of Yuta, one of the few special grade sorcerers still on the playing field post Shibuya incident. He's just defeated reincarnated sorcerers Takako and Ryu, the latter of whom is the one telling Yuta this after having just defeated them both. The same is also true for Takako, as we have confirmed a page later, here: you repeated this twice


Ok, you got me interested, waiting for the second part


> At the time, it was easy to be confused and to dismiss the Chapter 27 line as some kind of error in translation. But it's been a few years now, and no corrections have been made. Which leads me to the conclusion then, that this must be accurate to some degree. If that is the case, then it has MAJOR implications about not only the setting as a whole, but what it is everyone keeps talking about with regards to "What lies beyond the Horizon of Jujustu Sorcery." I don't understand this part. What is it about that line in Chapter 27 that's being questioned as a translation error?