"Bible Code" theory is essentially independent of the long and beautiful tradition of Jewish Torah exegesis, and from a statistical/cryptological standpoint it's laughable. I don't know how it would contribute to replicating the tablets anyway. Human technology cannot enable any replication of the tablets because they were carved all the way through, but miraculously could be read from right to left on both sides, and the center of each mem or samekh was miraculously suspended in place. On account of the first miracle, you couldn't even build a 3D model of them in a computer, much less construct a replica. The best you can do is carve regular tablets with the same dimensions and the same text, and that was possible for several thousand years before the development of 3D printing. Finally here is an [article](https://rchaimqoton.blogspot.com/2014/06/squared-vs-rounded-tablets.html) describing debates between different rabbis concerning whether the tablets would be included in the law against replicating the Holy Temple or any of its associated objects.


By referring to the "Bible Code" was just a short way for me to encapsulate the matrices that were given in such work. Since we know the matrices, wouldn't it be possible to just print those on permanent surface?


I don't think you're following what I'm telling you. The tablets weren't inscribed with matrices except in the trivial sense that any ordered list of statements can be represented as an nx1 matrix. That's because they were inscribed with the Ten Commandments as written in the Hebrew Bible. "Bible Code" stuff is useless. It's worthless "scholarship" by Jewish or secular academic standards. It is not possible for anyone or anything other than G-d Himself to meaningfully replicate the original tablets, because they were miraculously composed in a physically impossible way. It has always been possible for people to inscribe the Ten Commandments into permanent surfaces. You'll see exactly that on many a menorah. Out of morbid curiosity: what do you suspect would be accomplished by 3d printing a replica of these matrices?


What the heck is the “Bible code”?


Gobeldygook masquerading as a serious way to understand the Torah.


"The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin c1997 "Bible Code II: The Countdown" by Michael Drosnin c2002


Yeah that is not respected as a legitimate thing. You could do the same thing with any other book. It's all about manipulating the data until you see something you like.