The hiring process anywhere, let alone at a major news org, takes longer than a week and a half, so at this point, no news is just... no news. And don't count on any contact if you don't make the cut. Rejection emails are becoming slightly more common, but they're still not standard.


A week is a pretty short amount of time to wait in response to any job application, let alone one that probably has thousands of applicants given the prestige of the organisation in question. You need to give it more time.


There's no way it'll be done within a week. The best thing for your life, given how competitive this position will be, is assuming you didn't get it and moving on to the next thing. In the very small chance that they do get back to you, it'll be a nice bonus. I say this as someone who has lost out on many, many jobs I never heard back from.


It took a half a year before I heard back from a *fellowship* I applied to several years back. Just gotta give it time. You may never hear anything back. Keep applying in the mean time and if you get a call back, congrats


In my experience, the smaller news orgs sift and interview as they go rather than waiting until the closing date. The beeb strikes me as a very by the book organisation so they would not have sifted until the closing date or after the closing date. Hundreds of people will have applied. It's likely they are genuinely reading everybody's application especially if it's for a specific programme. I wouldn't consider 8th Feb to be mid Feb either. I've applied for a job at the BBC before and do remember getting an email rejecting me so the fact you've not heard yet does not necessarily mean you've been rejected. It won't help if you keep telling yourself you've been rejected. Keep positive and keep visualising the next step - i.e how you will feel when you get the interview and when you get the job. Hopefully that helps.


They might review applications in chronological order. But after a week, it's definitely okay to send them an email! "Greetings! I'm very excited to let you know I submitted my application and am looking forward to hearing from you. I understand the process is a lengthy one, so I'm brushing up on my roundabouts and the Royals in the meantime. Keeping Calm and Carrying on!" -signature Maybe attach a Corgi pic?