This certainly didn't age well.

This certainly didn't age well.

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Why does he have so many videos of himself smoking crack?


Because he’s high on crack…


that wasnt me Rhonda! how you goin sleep if you high on crack




AND that children, was the first time I sucked a dick for crack BUT IT WOULDN'T BE THE LAST


50+ style points


I’m literally dyin 😂😂


Why's he high on crack? Cause daddy smelt all the other kids more than him.


Smelt ore, not kids.


Then drop it on Middle Eastern children from an F-35


Then we’ll see whom smelled smeltiest.


I shouldn’t have laughed at this as hard as I did


I’m trying to figure out how dude isn’t paranoid as fuck posting this shit…


Not everyone is affected the same way by drugs 🤯 everyone’s brain chemistry is different illicit substances are just like any other regular substance. Not every crack head has super powers, not every tweaker is good at disassembling microwaves but some how terrible at putting them back together, and not every junkie will steal your wallet and help you look for it later... ehhh actually that last one is bull shit 😉




You're assuming he was filming it, and whoever had access to his webcam.


As a recovering meth addict myself, i can’t even understand this. I used to get pretty wild with the shit going into psychosis and everything, but my drug addled brain still knew better than to document the experiences!


To prove he's not on the street. Otherwise he'll be taken


Fuck else you gonna do on crack lol


Vacuum the lawn, fold the dishes, rub one out.


Because he was being recorded through his web cam. He likely did not know he was being recorded.


He def documented himself.


Yeah but the videos were on his laptop though right?


You mean the laptop the democrats say does not exist?


I thought Rudy with his melting brain, had it


I mean the dude knew what he was doing. He was talking to an under-age girl naked high on crack and bragging to his Dad about it. Or russia did it.


Tom Sizemore also liked to film himself smoking rocks and shards. I think anything that gets you tweaked lends itself to fidgety, compulsive yet dumb as hell behavior. You just gotta *do things* maaaaan.


Vladimir Putin and the KGB were forcing him to smoke it for over a year and no one knew. Not even when Joe snuck out of stuff to go visit him.


That’s crazy 5 years for a modest amount of crack. Like one nights worth for a casual crack smoker if there is such a thing. That’s wild


putting drug addicts in jail does not reform them, they just come out and cant get jobs so its back to drugs im all for violent people going to jail but sending drug addicts to jail just makes more criminals


Sending recreational substance users to jail for use or possession is a crime against humanity


“Stop trying to make yourself feel better! You selfish piece of shit!”


"If I beat my kids they'll start obeying me and get right and better!" Same mindset from these people.


Thats how my Dad raised me. My perception of right and wrong as a kid boiled down too will I get a beating for doing it. Ultimately my dad taught me how to be a better father by doing mostly the opposite of what he did in situations. When my kids go wrong, we sit down and have a discussion to understand thier mindset, tp discuss where they made mistakes and what was inappropriate, and then agree on an acceptable for of punishment. Say if they get mad and break my controller playing a game on the console, we talk through it, and they understand their reaction was inappropriate, and what the appropriate reaction would have been, to step away and take a break. They then have to help me with projects or do work for neighbors to earn the money and buy a new controller. It's my goal to raise responsible, accountable, informed, consulted decision makers instead of the anxiety addled person I am.


> It's my goal to raise responsible, accountable, informed, consulted decision makers instead of the anxiety addled person I am. .. same.. and same. The first few years were really hard as they are complete random, but as they get older, this seems like the only way to actually do it.


A common pathway to drug abuse is not having access to the healthy pathways in life to find fulfillment so drugs act as a substitute. Taking away someone's ability to support themselves (making someone a felon who can't get a job except maaaaybe one with poverty wages) doesn't really fix that problem...


Absolutely agree.


Putting people in cages for making decisions that only affect yourself should be illegal. Yah, if you harm/impede someone else’s freedom for your crack, go to jail for that.


And takes up a lot of tax payer dollars. Look into how much tax money is spent annually on people in prison for non violent crimes. It’s insane. Hopefully some day all drugs will be decriminalized and we start trying to actually help these people instead of throwing them In a room


*sending drug addicts to jail makes more money, specifically for the people who run the jails, courts, and cops.


In the UK (Liverpool to be precise) there used to be a programme for heroin addicts to go to their doctor and be prescribed heroin. Not methadone. Heroin. The doctor would infuse cigarettes with heroin and when the user felt like they needed a hit they'd smoke a cigarette. Under this programme unemployment was low, crime was low, deaths were low. Then Thatcher was elected and she decided to mirror America's War on Drugs. If you were an addict you were a criminal and deserved punishment not rehabilitation. The programme in Liverpool was ended. Now you had to go to a street dealer for heroin. Unemployment went up. Crime went up. Deaths went up. Simply put, the War on Drugs is demonstrably bullshit.


Best part is its only 5 years if you're poor! Rich people do coke all the time and never get in trouble


>casual crack smoker You mean crackheads?


No, no, no dude. I don't smoke crack *that* much. Now help me look over here I just know I dropped a little piece here.


I guess. There’s a wide range I suppose.


I’ve heard legends about their exploits.


I did a breif internship as a crack smoker. No idea what all the hype was about IV cocaine is the way to go if you’re gonna fuck with it.


I’ve done crack twice got high as shit and felt the chemically sensual sensations. Dug it but the duration is so short that I almost felt disrespected. A good Cheeseburger Is a better drug than crack if you ask me.


Fat men of the Internet unite! Burgers for lunch today then? Ok.


I’d love to provide solidarity beyond the mutual drug use but I’m not fat I just fucking hate stims compared to downers. Cheeseburgers are the real fucking deal though.


>casual crack smoker black casual crack smoker


Are you just now realizing that ol Uncle Joe has a major role in escalating the drug and race wars in America? That’s why this whole schtick of his, pretending to be just a lost old man, is absolutely sick. The dude is a monster.


Not at all bro I’m 100 percent with you


There's certainly a case to be made for a politician 'flip flopping' on an issue over time being proof of being fake or not caring. You can't completey detach from what their point of view was then. But, I'm more grounded in the knowledge that politicians are only electable and able to facilitate change If they do what 51 percent of their voters want. I don't think I'd want a politician that never entertained the idea of compromise or evolving cultural norms over 30 years. That said, I was a child in the 80s and 90s, the war on drugs was popular. And supported by way more than 51 percent of the country. So monster seems a bit harsh.


And your entire bank account and everything you own stripped from you plus having a felony status which makes life harder than you can possibly realize until you have to go through it




“I don’t want to know why they do it” Direct quote from Joe talking about crack addicts. Seems like he doesn’t want to take any blame


I think you ~~over~~ *underestimate how much one night's crack is. Crack goes quick and you chase the high all night. A slab the size of a quarter is not a lot at all. Edit: bad at words


I’ve smoked plenty of crack thank you. The high sucks and it’s fleeting and short lived. If that’s your thing you can probably suck down a couple thousand bucks worth of rock down in a day I’m sure.


Not my thing. Fuck crack in every way. Had a friend a long time ago that on multiple occasions smoked over a grand over the course of a weekend on multiple occasions. He'd actually intentionally spend that money going in. Such a fucking waste. Edit: a letter


That’s wild. Of all the drugs, and I’ve done them all, cocaine was 100 percent the least bang for your buck across the board. A good complimentary drug to other better primary drugs, but nothing else. Just a great way to burn through money. Fantastic compliment to opiates, amphetamines, even with weed or hallucinogens on occasion. As a solo drug? Trash OPS right there.


Hard agree, pun not intended. I've done most of the standard drugs, none of these newfangled designer drugs and research chems. Never could get a taste for opioids myself and coke always seemed like such a waste, especially hard. Just don't like the chase that comes with it. Makes me feel too fiendish. These days just a little weed and a drink or three and I'm fine. I'm too old for that shit.


Coke and heroin is like peanut butter and chocolate. Too good together. I got caught up on that train for almost 2 years. They get super fucked up together because they cancel out the bad parts of each other. Appear normal on the outside because of the cocaine keeping you awake while the heroin courses through your veins.


Yeah fuck anybody who thinks that's a reasonable way to handle our drug addiction epidemic. Dude says he doesn't care why people turn to drugs, that makes him a piece of shit.


It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no senator's son, son It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no fortunate one


When he used that song in his ads it gave me a chuckle


The boss makes a dollar, While I make a dime. That's why I smoke crack, On the company time.


Hard to check what you are doing with your time when *your company* is in Ukraine


*Starts setting up another gulf of Tolkien(edit: Tonkin) as a pretence to invading Vietnam*


Gulf of Tolkien seems like a dope movie


Gondor just faked a bunch of attacks as an excuse to go to war with sauron.


Lord of the rings porn?






This is masterful


"I wrote the damn bill man, C'mon.."


crack is wack


I smoked crack one time. Its just like coke without all the sinus shit


Coke is dope


Come on man!


You're a lying dog-faced pony soldier and if you have to think about whether or not you're gonna vote for me then you ain't black!


To a taxpaying citizen: "I don't work for *YOU*!!"


I mean, at least he wasn't lying right?


As a non-american, can someone please explain what "lying dog-faced pony soldier" even is? I can't even picture that in my mind. What is pony soldier? What does dog-faced even mean?


Dog faced means ugly, and a pony soldier is one who is a coward, they are tasked with watching The pony that has supplies, rather than engaging with the enemy. So, he is calling her an ugly coward, probably because in his opinion the question she asked seemed designed to make him look bad


Joe in one of his incoherent rants, decided to call a young lady a dog faced pony soldier while also referring to himself as a caucus.


Nuh uh, **HE HAS A STUTTER!!!!** /pedo apologists.


It was made a thing by Biden during the Democratic primaries in 2019, [here's](https://youtu.be/HmgWBubpj2s) the video


I know where it's from, but what does it mean, if anything?


Nah it doesn't mean anything, it's just incoherent ramblings from a senile old man.


It is not a real saying. It is the result of dementia.


Lying dog faced pony soldier will get me every time 😂


Listen fat


Most of history is how we got everything wrong.


We're just on a slow boat..


More like a short bus.


People are serving life sentences for possessing less than homeboi showed on film Then again they are black


Hey that’s my boy Hunty! How ya doin, champ?


painting pictures! pretty pictures!


You’re a box of pills man


Hunter always buys less than the size of a quarter so he's good


I don’t really care about the hypocrisy factor. Tons of people are hypocrites especially when it comes to family. What I do care about is that Biden thought it was a good idea to send people to jail for 5 years after being caught with crack. That’s insane. Bernie should have been more aggressive. I’m not saying he didn’t bring this up but he should have constantly slammed bidens record, none of this “my friend Biden” bullshit.


The war on drugs in general has been loaded with massive mistakes, but there was a huge consensus all around that the crack epidemic was out of control and people wanted action immediately. Very few people actually opposed harsh sentences at that time. We now know that was a big mistake though. I'd love to see Biden take steps to fix this type of thing.


Government needs to do some reverse psychology and declare war on sobriety.


I’d once again like to congratulate drugs, for winning the war on drugs


Bill Hicks, right?


“I loved when Bush came out and said, 'We are losing the war against drugs.' You know what that implies? There's a war being fought, and the people on drugs are winning it.” Bill Hicks


The sad part was that the crack epidemic was more myth than fact. There definitely was a poverty epidemic, but that's not as sexy. Newspapers were writing whole damn articles everyday about the emerging crack baby generation that was growing up.


Yeah I don’t really get it, I was born in 95. Like too many people are using something that’s harmful for their body so let’s harm them more by putting them through the prison system? Mandatory rehab would make more sense but even then some people who use crack aren’t addicts I’m guessing.


Well it might help you to understand that at the time, the belief was that somehow, crack was uniquely capable of turning good people bad. Like there was this idea that most people found at least credible or plausible if not outright proven, that crack seems like an innocent drug to the user, but they smoke it and then they are hooked, and then it reverse exorcises the Jesus out of them, and then a few months/years down the line they are crackheads sucking dick for the fix, breaking into homes and cars, driving around in their cars and shooting all the jobs. They thought that crack was worse than prison, and they thought prison was the only solution, and they had strict rules so that they could use them to put people suspected but not proven to be associated with drug dealing, creating, distributing, importing or whatever into jail and get them off the streets even if they were caught for a different crime. Yes it was a bad idea, but people at the time, thought it was a good idea. Back in the day, Black community and business leaders were asking for more policing, asking for safety, asking for rule of law, and the accusation was "you don't care about bad things happening to black folks, so you don't send cops to our neighborhoods, and you let those thugs abuse us because you're not allowed to abuse us yourself!" or something to that effect. [Here's an article from the Atlantic about the demand for policing back then,](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/06/when-black-america-was-pro-police/524481/) and at the peak of support, Biden was being their champion, trying to get crime bills passed with good intentions and horrible mechanics, that Americans didn't believe were horrible, because they refused to listen to the kinds of theorists that had built the Norwegian model successfully.


Thanks for providing the historical perspective. We tend to look back on people in history with superiority since hindsight is 20/20. It’s important to know the context. It doesn’t mean that they made the right decision, but we can potentially learn from the alarmist response that they clearly had.


Yeah, the bit that frustrates me is that Norway already did the right thing, and I feel like it was pretty proven that Norway had succeeded by the 90s in reducing recidivism, but I might be a bit unfairly stating how convinced the Euro academics were about the confidence that far back, it's a bit before my time in terms of paying attention to the success of the Scandinavian system, but the confidence in the harsh sentences style of crime bill is like only due to Americans plugging their ears and "lalaaalallalalalala" drowning out the Nordic truth


Can't say that I've tried it but I've heard it's quite addicting. I think a lot of the time outsiders, I mean people that haven't known a close friend or family member with a drug problem, are a lot more prone to thinking they deserve harsh sentences. In a lot of cases it's not from a place of malice, rather they just don't understand the complexity of the problem.


Cocaine has a capture rate of around 14% depending on studies Cigs are 35%


Yeah I don’t actually know anyone whose had a major problem with drugs. I just don’t get the concept of locking someone up for putting something in their own body, you can eat 8k calories a day at McDonald’s and no one will stop you.


That is an interesting comparison, the junk food/fast food one. However, as a recovering addict, I can assure you the legality of drugs is not because of how it hurts people's health. In my jaded opinion, it's because the government can't tax drug manufacturers, sellers, or buyers. It's because there's this multi-billion dollar industry that they don't see a dime of (except when it comes to incarceration). If we could tax meth cooks, crack dealers, etc. then nobody would be getting 5 years for shit. Hell, look at the pharmaceutical companies. They distribute legal opiates and caused an epidemic similar to the 80s with crack, and our government has yet to stop that shit. It's the black market drugs they can't stand. And it's way too far gone to legalize hard drugs, the pearl clutchers in our country would never stand for that; so we just continue this War on Drugs and lock up lots of people in crappy socioeconomic situations, and lots of people of color. Also, this might be a part of it too....the manufacturing, distributing, and then the street selling of drugs involves a world that cannot compare to a McDs drive-thru. There's SO much violence.


You were born in 95, so you didn't live thru the crack era. It's not what they were using, it's what they were *doing*, to everybody around them, to support their habit that was the problem. Whatever it took to make our streets safer, we were for it.


It's not that they were using it to harm themselves it's the crime that surrounded it. Stealing shit to buy crack. Violence. Etc.


Stealing and violence are already crimes.


I’m very upset that Bernie couldn’t coerce Biden into legalizing weed and decriminalizing other drugs, I’m also mad that Biden doesn’t have empathy for families ruined by drugs to look for other solutions than locking up every drug addict


A lot of people thought the way Biden did back then. It was a popular opinion amongst the public and on both sides of the aisle.


The most credible scientist the Senate JC could find at the time from Yale came in and told Joe and his committee they needed to treat people for drug addiction not lock them up. Joe didn't listen. This was his baby. The drug war was his ticket to power. He drafted the legislation with the help of a segregationist. He created the 100 to 1 sentencing disparity between crack and cocaine. He was massively influential in destroying black neighborhoods with his drug policy. Im continually astonished by the excuses people will make for Joe Biden. We only make excuses for old white men when theyre democrats. It's a fucking bad joke and it needs to stop.


I 100% care that he’s a hypocrite Reddit would post these videos to the front of /r/all nonstop if Biden had (R) in front of his name so everyone should care that he AND reddit are hypocrites for trying to hide this and cover it up.


How about Twitter banning any word of this prior to the election? They manipulated the minds of millions of people and silenced the truth so they could get their politician into office.


I care about the hypocrisy factor


Amen. But how dumb is his kid. God damn. Crack too? Like do coke my man.


Send in Kamala the enforcer


Who’s this crack head?


Biden’s son


This should've been explained


I had no idea who it was. Everyone just talking like the rest of the world spose to know.


Haha yeah almost like this should have been a major story but was somehow suppressed haha lol


No, this SHOULD be public knowledge. But the media has done an A+ job at avoiding him at all costs.


Who cares? I don’t see how this makes a difference to anyone. When Biden talked about his son’s drug problems I thought it was great. "My son, like a lot of people at home, had a drug problem," Biden said, speaking directly into the camera. "He's overtaking it. He's fixed it. He's worked on it. And I'm proud of him. I'm proud of my son." How the fuck are you still focused dumb shit that a certain orange traitor wanted you to care about?


I don’t know about anyone else but personally I have memorized the list of every person to ever smoke crack


Hunter Biden, son of the current US president.


LOL HOLY SHIT. Is this old news or so new this is the first I'm hearing of it? Fucking insane


It's pretty old news that he smoked (smokes?) crack. I guess it just got swept under the rug pretty quick because of the election. But then again, he even wrote about it in his book.


It was all over the internet though


Rules for thee, not for me.


Is the premise here that Joe Biden shouldn't say crack is bad if his son happens to smoke crack?


You can also really notice the considerable stutter and speech issues he has that so many have said to have been plaguing him his entire life, too.


It's actually really cool to see videos of politicians when they aren't senile. Like watching old VP Bush clips or President Jimmy Carter clips or 90's Trump interviews makes you remember just how badly the brain can deteriorate with age.


Yeah, Joe is speaking very well here and you can just see the fluidity of his cognitive processing. He's an absolute disaster in comparison today. It's pretty scary to think that these people have a hand in shaping the way this country is run when they get to these mental states.


But that's the sad reality of it, ain't it? The people in this country are too obsessed with the sports game of politics that they won't ever allow an outsider (and no I'm not referring to Trump) to be a leader. Every time some random joe gets elected to any office everyone shits on them for "not being qualified" while in the next breath bitching about how "Congressman X has been serving for 50 years this system is a joke!" It's just so annoying. I'd love to run for office and attempt to make a change, but unfortunately would need to win the lottery or something even for just a House seat.


Agreed. Trump.. just did too much damage. Some of that was indirectly of his doings. People freaked the fuck out, and he's a brash egomaniac to say the least. I honestly don't know how to remedy this, because like you said, the contradictory nature that everyone approaches these people/situations doesn't seem like it will ever allow it. In a perfect world an outsider with true intentions to follow through with their proclaimed desire for positive changes would get elected and we could see how they do but there will always be half the crowd that disagrees/wont want it.


Cool guy club🎸


This guy knows 🎸 Way to follow proto there bud we’ll be in touch 😎


Fellow ymh watcher


War on drugs is a joke, glad it's slowly going away.




Even Bill Clinton admitted his part in the war on drugs only made the problem worse.


Going to be a hard fight to win against shrooms when PTSD combat vets are telling Congress they are saved by it. We shall see, it will take a long time regardless.


Is it tho? Cause it just got ramped up a lil.


Hunter looks bored while having 3 ways with hookers because he misses his crack pipe.


I didnt realise this was Joe Biden speaking, here Joe sounded verbelly coherent.


more clips you won't see on CNN or MSNBC...


Or NBC, CBS, Yahoo etc. anywhere that isn’t a conservative news site.


Remember, if no one except for conservative media is reporting on it, then it didn’t happen and it’s Russian disinformation.


And he makes more money in a week, just because of his name, than you make in a year.


Guys it’s just a little bit of crack, get off your high horses 🙄🙄🙄


People give crack to horses?!


Well, usually just ketamine.


Haha 🐴🥴




^(don junior prlly does drugs too.)


There is absolutely no way that entire family isn’t high as shit 24/7


*trump small hands, don jr cocaine addict confirmed, fascism 1/6 ree, take this post down*


Trump only does Sudafed, not sure about his kids though


Its different when it’s ur own kid I guess.


And not a peep from the media.


This thread is the perfect example of how the US has to choose between a douche and a turd.




And the Biden administration has terminated all staff who admitted to smoking weed in the past, except Kamala.


How many still believe the laptop and all the evidence of corruption doesn’t exist?


Is he getting his dick sucked in that second video?


Ruling class has different laws, rules and fringe benefits than the average everyday, joe smoe from the We the People class.


correct. you live inside an episode of black mirror


I’m more interested in how strange it is to see Biden with hair!


How bad is Trump that he made a politican with such a history of trash ideas look great by comparison


Isn’t it funny too that we don’t see any late night host, comedians, or really anyone who would usually make fun of this bare all radio silent here? This should be the weekly joke making rounds on all late night tv but nope they don’t say a word. That’s weird right?


Fuck the media. If this was don jr just fucking imagine what they would’ve done with the footage. Instead it’s Biden.


I thought he was supposed to have a stutter?


Hypocrite and a clown


One rule for us, another rule for them. Get treaded on slave


Hunter is so cool


Anything that dmx and hunter Biden are both doing is undeniably cool as fuck


This should be the number one comment 😂


Dudes rock 😎


I think the most aggravating things is how much please this guy gets from being able to lock more people away


Fuck the government. Fuck the war on drugs. This is some petty ass vindictive greedy shit.




Alexa, play the curb your enthusiasm theme song


But alcohol is ok keep that in mind.


The garbage men


now its all, daddy, help me sell my "art" which we all know will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars even if its shit because its access to daddy. This dude divorced his wife to date his dead brothers wife and then had a kid with a stripper(which he denied until the lady forced a paternity test on him) while he was dating his dead brothers wife then got married to another chick he knew for 6 days soon thereafter. His personal life is about as consistent as his fathers life in government which has the consistency of a #2 after 30 hot wings and bottle of ex-lax.


As opposed to Kushner's cadre who got hundreds of millions from Qatar/Saudi funds the literal same day that Trump sold them hundreds of billions in weapons. Nepotism sucks, from both sides.


Why do people care so much about politicians’ family?


Holy shit, I can't believe Biden used to be able to string an entire sentence together without getting lost halfway through.


He had no noticeable speech problems as recent as 2015.