#1687 - Jimmy Dore - The Joe Rogan Experience.

#1687 - Jimmy Dore - The Joe Rogan Experience.


Enjoyed the podcast. Love jimmys angry truth rants when he gets going. Minor complaint is that Joe kinda derailed him a few times; I really enjoyed the unexpected more spiritual talk from Jimmy towards the end but Joe didnt seem very receptive to it & changed gears too quick I thought. Actually brings me to another thought I’ve had for a while; I’d love Joe to have on a sincere legit spiritual person, someone that perhaps is out of his ‘wheelhouse’. Someone into consciousness, after life discussions, meditation, prayer, nature of the soul, etc. They don’t have to be any particular faith or path (new age, Christian, etc) but I’d love to see Joe have a serious discussion on some of the more esoteric topics of life.


Dore sounded like Duncan towards the end, which was a surprise. For some reason, Joe just seemed bored or done by that point.


Agreed. This part of the show was most interesting to me and Joe just dropped it. I guess he was already planning on wrapping up soon, but I would have appreciate another 20-30 mins on the topic.


Someone like Ram Dass, before he passed, would've been an absolutely incredible podcast. I can't think who we could get today to do this. Maybe Eckhart tolle?


Great episode, loved it


Jamie trying to politely explain to Joe that the Tom Brady video is fake is peak JRE. So obviously fake, and Joe is brimming with hubris as he doubles and triples down.


Jamie trying hard not to laugh in Joe’s face is objectively hilarious


haha I can't wait to see this part, shits always going over his head.


Nothing goes over his head. His reflexes are too fast, he would catch it.


Like roller coaster requirements


I don’t usually laugh at the “Joe-is-short” jokes, but this one is an exception.


The ball was partially deflated.


Joe is peak Boomer right now lol poor Jamie


This podcast was great but I was cringing soooooo hard at this part jfc


It was partly cringe and partly a great W for my boy jamie. He owned Joe in the nicest way possible 😂


Joe's from Boston and I think it's leaking


Nice, another guest!


The ones with the guests are my favorite


At the beginning of the podcast they mention how they will only say certain things off air. Even on Joe's show. I wonder what those things are...


Krystal, Kyle, Cenk, Ana beef and drama


I’m here for the meltdowns


All I saw was the title of the Youtube clip “Jimmy Dore’s Experience with Vaccine Side Effects” and I came straight here with a big smile on my face


I'm here to watch divorced men in their 50's say "I'm pretty right wing but this Dore guy is someone I relate to" over and over and over....


I’m here for the aging blue haired tattooed shitlibs raging that Dore criticized them again “He’s not pure enough of a leftist! REEEEEEEEE”


Hey now, some of us are in our 30’s.


Lmao You've come to the right thread




Pretty much lol


Leftists dont like jimmy because he's an idiot who is routinely wrong on most things. There's no issue for me with him being on the show and sharing his opinion but let's not whitewash why people on the left don't like him. [His political compass just sucks ass](https://youtu.be/SH_pgiRdm7U?t=326)




>The American “left” are just cucks tbh. They’re so scared of the republican party that they just accept whatever the democrats give them. today i learned the fillibuster exists and conservative democrats don't exist AND if full on socialists ran they'd somehow win 60 senate seats no problemo.


Noam Chomsky just votes for the best available out of the two. If 1 candidate says their going to make 10 concentration camps and the other is going to make 8, and 1 of these 2 candidates is going to win no matter what I'm voting for the guy with 8 concentration camps because it's ultimately less suffering and I don't think many democrats, and certainly not all people on the left even align with Chomsky. There are tons of leftists that absolutely can't stand Chomsky. Like what are you even talking about?


Dude, the Republicans gave us Trump. If they don't wanting us voting for a shit sandwich, how about give us a viable, respectable Republican alternative instead of flaming dogshit.


Dubya gave us Obama. Obama gave us Trump. Trump gave us Biden. Left, Right, Left, Right: the march of progress.


Here is the thing, leftist may not like jimmy, and I don't agree with his ideas for political tactics sometimes. But the information he is sharing on this podcast is still from a very much left perspective, and I'm glad he's on Rogan talking about this shit.


No one hates “The Man” more than Jimmy Dore. I don’t agree with his politics all the time but he does fight for the little guys out there. And no one is safe from his ire. Even Bernie catches smoke from him lol.


Jimmy is real left. Like OG left. If i was Jimmy and I saw the corporate left and the woke left have turned against Glenn Greenwald too I'd feel pretty confident that im on the right side of history


Jimmy Fanbase contains REALLY far left people and Trump fans lmao.


Jimmy’s fans are just people that want to see a liberal/leftist shit on liberals and the left. It’s not surprising he has so many Trumpers in his audience and gets invited onto Tucker’s white power hour.


I wouldn't describe the guy as OG left, check out his comments section lol, the vast majority are Trump supporters. If you just check out his video titles, it's always some sort of attack on the left. In the Sam Seder debate, Dore admitted he was voting for Trump lol.


Do you realize how, left/right-this or that-us vs them, you’re being? Maybe Jimmy is actual left and Trumpers are more left than “corporate-leftists” are. Sounds crazy? Well, so is basing someone off of their fan base.


Just my personal feelings but I feel that Dore manufactures outrage porn, often goes into it without having the full info or considering the viewpoint of the person he criticizes. I actually did agree with some of your points until I heard other youtubers viewpoints perspectives on him. You may disagree with this too. Vaush in particular, pretty much brought up the "what good is he actually doing for the democrat party?" Like is he influencing people to join our ranks at the end of the day? I think that's got to be a resounding no.


I thought the Vaush video detailing Dore going off about the #metoo stuff against him was the best character assassination on Dore I’ve seen. That said, I do appreciate when he goes on Rogan. I think a lot of the stuff he says is pretty spot on when it comes to the crap corporate dems pull and there’s a lot less Trump ball gargling.


Exactly. His core fan base seems to be right wingers who feel like they’re crossing the aisle watching Jimmy rant against the same leftist politicians that Tucker Carlson makes fun of every night. Only difference is Jimmy makes some side comment about wanting Medicare for All.


Wow so he appeals to a bi partisan audience? Oh the horror! People disagree with him but also appreciate what he's doing? This needs to be stopped.


Does anyone actually think his audience is bipartisan? Nobody on the left appreciates him because they see him as a tool for right wing propaganda.


I'm on the Left and I appreciate Jimmy Dore.


What info is that? "Trump wasn't that bad"?


Agree. Is he controversial? Yes. But he is at least trying to push people left and calling out progressives for abandoning what they campaigned on. I wish he would shut the fuck up about TYT though because honestly I don't give a shit. I think he thought there was a chance to push trump left because like itnor not trump has a ton of populist support even though he is human garbage. I think Dore didn't see any chance of pushing Biden left and so far that's been pretty true. He's been pushing a 3rd party now so it makes sense he attacks the left and goes on conservative shows because he is trying to offer an alternative to the current 2 parties.


He’s trying to push people left by…eviscerating democrats every single day, ostensibly for not supporting left wing ideals enough, while at the same time he constantly defends right wingers who vehemently oppose the policies he supposedly cares so much about.


Can anyone explain in a nutshell why Jimmy Dore is so hated by the Left now?? I thought he was one of them?


“The Left” isn’t this homogeneous entity. There are countless views and opinions within the larger “group” that identifies as left, many of them in disagreement with one another.


You could do a political compass of the "left" and find plenty of folks who hate each other, like Anti-fa and free-speech liberals. Or IDPol SJWs and free speech liberals. Or neo-Liberal, pro-war, open-border, pro-TPP Globalists like Joe Biden and anyone with more functioning brain cells than him.


Tbf everyone hates IDPol SJWs because they poison the left and any rational debate.


Nah they’re useful idiots and easily pleased by the tinniest bit of lip service. Democrat politicians love them


They poison the right as well but white christian IDPol is considered mainstream


There’s a lot of infighting within the Bernie Sanders coalition because of the 2020 loss. Reformists vs New Party is the current divide. Reformists want to change the Democratic Party from the inside. This includes electing members like AOC and other Justice Democrats. Jimmy Dore hates the Democratic Party and instead wants a new party to emerge. The best way to facilitate that is by continuously demoralizing leftists into thinking Democrats will never change.


I mean… Will they?


Yes. Parties change all the time. Look at where the GOP was versus where they are.


Didn't Pew do a bunch of research a few years back that basically showed that the American Right has barely moved while the American Left has swung significantly farther from the center?




Uh, that’s not what that data say at all, but ok


This sounds wildly incorrect, especially considering how the right has completely flipped on so many topics: Immigration (amnesty vs fuck immigrants) Free Trade (NAFTA vs tariffs out the ass) Foreign Affairs (Nuke the Middle East vs isolationism) The modern republican party is basically the know-nothing party. Old school republicans would be derided as dirty commies.


They often are. Look at Mitt Romney or John McCain. The base of the party now calls them left.


AOC is no reformist. She’s simply bent the knee and calls for change and while falling in line.


Provide me the evidence in the last 40+ years that the Democratic Party will ever change. (i.e. fight for policies that help people like Medicare for All, living wage, free college, student loan forgiveness, ending corporate wars, criminalizing bribery and insider trading for politicians, etc.)


Obamacare could've accomplished quite a bit but was neutered due to republicans not willing to work with the left at all. Living wage is a big issue, I will contend though that the stimulus checks we've gotten from the dem leadership have been a good start but much more work is needed. Biden did pull the troops out of Afganistan, I'm hoping he will do much more there though. Not saying the dems have done a lot - the reality is way more work needs to be done, but some work has been put in. Gay marriage is a good example, 20 years ago that was unthinkable to most Americans.


Why would you expect anyone on the left to like him if he spends 99% of his energy bitching about the left? Give me a right wing equivalent and let me know how they like him.


There's a massive schism on the right between conservatives who are reluctantly a part of the Republican Party and establishment Republican RINO Neo-Con's like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham.


Joe has never had a right wing guest on who shits on the right. But it seems like all of his left wing guests come in and shit on the left. How does that work? Left wing, right wing, it doesn't matter - as long as you shit on the left then you're perfect for JRE!


To be fair, as a leftist, I hate all other leftists.


Shitting on the left is more financially lucrative.


>Shitting on the left is more financially lucrative. Because the owners pay really well to oppose and divide an electorate with bullshit that would benefit said electorate.


Yep, exactly.


Probably because 90% of mainstream media already does that. Colbert, Kimmel, Noah, Oliver. Take your pick.


Okay so Joe Rogan is basically Trevor Noah for the right.


Didn't Alex Jones shit on bush's cabinet? Is he not considered right wing now?


The modern right wing has essentially disowned Bush. Bush has publicly condemned the modern republican party, and Trump has publicly condemned Bush's role in the wars in the middle east. Show me an example of a right winger shitting on the current republican party, not the republican party from 15 years ago


As an outsider, (Australian) I think American politics had gone mental since Trump started running maybe even since he was questioning Obama's birth certificate. Now the right a batshit crazy and the left seem to be self indulgent prats concerned more with if a person with a dick has the right to enter a woman's bathroom than if thousands of brown people get bombed or if the Guy who won the presidency is actually the same guy responsible for the crime bill of 94' that let hundreds of minorities feed the prison complex. Shit Hillary was big on invading Syria effectively helping push the neo con dream agenda. of the 7 countries, how many with oil are left? Syria and Iran that's 2. It's crazy all it took was an orange maniac and the left is willing to accept the neocon agenda of yesteryear. When the media sold war in Iraq and WMDs and it turned out to be false people stopped trusting them and they wanted boots in Syria the citizenship protested and forced them to covertly sponsor terrorists instead. All it took took was a useful orange idiot and now people be lapping down the Media's shit like it didn't happen. This is why 15years ago matters. Cause short memories lead to repeated mistakes.


And then he spent the last 4 years being a run of the mill MAGA pundit.


Big fucking deal, Bush has been gone since 2008. Big anti conservative push there. And regular right wingers shunned Alex Jones more when Bush was still in office and still had power.


I'm referring to guests who purport to represent one side of the aisle but then come on the show and spout off rhetoric from the opposing side of the aisle. If Alex did criticize a republican cabinet that left office over a decade ago, that wouldn't really be what I'm referring to, since his rhetoric is obviously very right-wing. The modern republican party hates Bush and Bush has spoken out against the republican party. Criticizing Bush is a very Republican thing to do in 2021. Which right wing guest criticized the modern republican party?


Alex is complicated, obviously lol, but as someone that followed him closely as an impressionable teenager back in the early 00's I can give some insight. He always kinda leaned conservative like other kooky right wing militia types but that didn't necessarily mean Republican, at least at that time. I remember he mentioned the Constitutionalist Party favorably a few times. He was strongly anti-Bush because it connected to all his 9/11 conspiracy theories but had little opposition to him or the Republican Party at all outside of issued related to his conspiracies. He didn't even focus on the Democrats much, probably mostly because they were so much out of power at the time. A little bit of Clinton bashing and then heavy on the Skull & Bones stuff in the '04 election, but that was just as much targeted toward Bush as it was Kerry. More Bush honestly. I grew up, realized he was full of shit, and tuned him out for years. Gotta say, even as crazy as I knew he was, when he started popping up in the national conversation and as a Trump supporter at that I was a bit surprised. The guy who dedicated his whole life to warning us about the scumbag elites trying to screw us all over dropped down to his knees and opened his mouth for that exact guy.


The Republican Party continues to exist because conservatives can compromise among themselves. On the other hand leftists fighting leftists is a long tradition of the left (see Robespierre) Also socialists (the type that like to “joke” about guillotines) are not going to have favourable views of liberal Democrats.


I bet most if not all of jimmy dore fans are right wing. And they talk about some classical liberal bs.


Alex Jones spent a bunch of his energy bitching about bush and 9/11. Pretty sure most people consider him right wing regardless. Joe has had him on a few times


LOL Jones is considered right-wing because he went far right as soon as Obama took office and stayed there after he realized how much more lucrative it was than being an apolitical conspiracy theorist. I grew up in Austin and used to watch Jones on public access in the 90s when he would go on multiple hour rants against the various local police departments. Now, he attacks people who express those same opinions.


Alex spent the last four years being a boring maga pundit.


So? He was pretty much a Trump worshiper the past 4 years, which is really the only requirement the right wing cult has. His criticism of Bush was promptly forgotten after that.


Problem is the bitching re how nuts the far left have gone is warranted. Even moreso from a leftist. Why bitch about the opposition? That's easy and talking/argu points are already mostly out there. Critiquing yourself and your team shows maturity especially in the current ludicrously immature media environment we suffer in yet continue to prop up and never see go away.


https://twitter.com/skepticalspice/status/1419827505981272083 in a nutshell


I fucking love Jimmy’s epic rants.


Take for example US bombing in Somalia. Jimmy has done 3 videos on bombing in Somalia which has been happening under 4 president's since 2007. These bombings are waged against Al Shabab, an Al Qeada offshoot. Weirdly enough Jimmy released those videos under Obama and now Biden but completely ignored it under Trump. He's a faux leftist that understands his audience is right wing populists and he needs to keep up the content tailored to that crowd.


Pretty sure one of Dore's bigger beefs with Democrats during Trump's term was that **they** weren't calling out Trump for bombing foreign countries, because they were totally fine with it. And they are, they just gave the military **another $25 billion on top of the obscene, bloated Defense budget.** He criticized Trump plenty during his administration, but he usually goes after Democrats because that's who he's trying to change. >He's a faux leftist that understands his audience is right wing populists and he needs to keep up the content tailored to that crowd. Is this a joke? He goes after the DNC ***from the left***. Ah yes, the infamously right wing talking points of universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage, prison reform, ending foreign wars, ending homelessness, free public colleges and legalizing drugs.


Thank you for being one of the only people in here with common sense. I'm so tired of hearing JD get called a right winger. Just say you don't like him personally. No right wingers regularly talk about stuff like M4A.


> Is this a joke? He goes after the DNC from the left. Meanwhile most 'Leftwing' MSM attacks the Republicans from the right Jimmy isn't perfect, but he is oldschool left who after a lifetime of watching the DNC shift further right has given up hope that they will ever reform and actually become a party for the people. Mostly because they work for corporate America and have no interest in the people.


Because he calls out the left for their bullshit.


Only if they don’t go on his show. Tulsi who doesn’t support Medicare for all gets a pass because she went on his show but AOC is the worst villain in the world because she won’t shit on Nancy Pelosi’s desk which will instantly get us Medicare for all. Now excuse me I need to do my daily Two Minute Hate for AOC, who won’t even come on Jimmy’s show and won’t even answer his dms in which his asked for feet pics before calling her a bunch of misogynistic names.


He sounds virtually identical to right wingers. His YouTube is just drama bait with other leftists and shit talking leftists for not going on his show or doing exactly what he wants.


Interesting... I didn't realize right wingers regularly push for Medicare for All, a living wage, addressing climate change, legalizing drugs, ending money in politics, getting out of other countries, etc.


Surprised by the controversy here in this sub. I've never heard Jimmy Dore before but he comes at everyone here pretty fairly. Honestly.. he had some pretty valid points about Biden and Covid I didn't consider before


I thought it was a pretty reasonable conversation and then I came here to find out I’m wrong


Any time I watch an episode of JRE that I really enjoy, the comment section here is always a giant dumpster fire. This one really ain’t too bad comparatively though


I feel that and I don’t get it. It’s like watching a completely different show


I’m convinced very few of the people on this subreddit actually watch or listen to the show. For example, one of the top comments on this thread the guy said he has never heard of Jimmy Dore. If you’ve never heard of Jimmy Dore, you don’t watch Rogan, I promise. He literally talks about Jimmy Dore week after week. I doubt a week goes by that Rogan doesn’t mention Jimmy Dore on at least one of the shows from that week


I have that thought too. The other thing I’ve noticed is multiple comments that are worded similarly pushing an idea. At first glance it doesn’t look like much, but something seems off about it. For example, I see a lot of comments stating Rogan talks about his opinions as facts while stating their opinion as a fact. I can’t tell if they don’t realize what they’re doing or if it’s intentional. Also, a lot of comments portray him as some misinformation grifter Fox News person. The thing not many seem to realize, Joe is talking to the guest not the listener. The only time I see him look into the camera is to say “Hey folks I’m a moron don’t get your information from me.” It’s really weird to me




A fucking men


"Joe Rogan needs more leftists on his podcast" Jimmy Dore comes on. "Wait not that kind of leftist"


It's so nice that Rogan is balancing out all the right wingers shitting on the left with some left wingers shitting on the left


so you think Joe Biden is a leftist? lol


He just had Abby Martin on.


And holy shit was it painful. I feel like she lives in another dimension where everything is completely different


I like Sams harris description of Abby Martin


Haven’t seen/heard that one. Can you paraphrase?


Lol yeah how else are you supposed to let the best ideas in the free marketplace of right-wing ideas float to the top?


It’s not joes fault most leftist celebrities are utterly boring to listen to


If you don’t know much about Jimmy Dore and watched this episode, would you expect people to think this dude is some kind of serious leftist? Unless it changes tone, I’m an hour in and all I hear is extreme vitriol for “The Left” and him going on Tucker Carlson. And Joe thinking that you can’t be bought and paid for if you’re not on network TV (Ben Shapiro).


How do you define a "serious leftist"?




This comment section be like: Jimmy isnt a leftist cause he attacks the left more than the right. You guys are like childern if he doesn't attack the people you hate he cant be on the same team, even though your team is nothing but empty rhetoric.


Thank you. Dude I dislike trump and I get called a trumptard because I actually think.


This comment section will be great lol.


I haven't been on the sub in a minute, but saw the Jimmy Dore episode post and immediately threw some popcorn in the microwave and logged in.




My new favorite guest




Without even looking I can guarantee half of the front page of that tedious sub is STILL about Trump.


I swear the JRE subreddit Is full of people who've never seen an episode


Just like he said: “ they hate podcasts because they can’t control it”. This is their way of controlling it… astroturfing


Remember when Josh Rogin's top comments were "how much adderal did this dude take?" and "Is this podcast playing at 2x speed". That episode blew my fucking mind and to see that as top of the discussion made me suspicious of astroturfing.


Love Jimmy. This was a good episode


When Jimmy brought up Chris Hedges and Aaron Maté I wish he would have then said to Joe, and you should have them on your show. Think how many times people like Ari or Joey Diaz have been on, but Chris Hedges and Aaron Mate haven't even been on once.


AOC fans mad lmao


She’s pushing Biden left any day now! Oops we bombed Somalia. Huh. Oh well.


There is already negativity in this comment section.


apparently "right wing populists" are adamantly for single-payer Healthcare and think all cops are bastards? weird shit going on in here


Shtlibs gonna sht. It's what they do. You can begrudge a monkey who throws poop.


doing the thing you are complaining about in the same sentence you are complaining in. Neat!


Joe bringing up Kyle Kulinski a trillion times is funny considering how much he hates Dore.


Who hates Jimmy, Kyle? He got involved in that drama, but I don't think you should say he hates him, he's repeatedly said they are good friends and how much he likes his work unless he's said otherwise recently.


This. If anything Kyle rides Jimmy's dick hard.


I bet jimmy was seething wanting to say what he really wanted to but bit his tongue.




>His poor response probably lost him a lot of listeners. He lost 7k youtube subs and over 200 patreons


Love Jimmy and I'll make the same comment I did on the Bret Weinstein post: We are fucked


I'm excited for Jimmy! Don't always agree with him but definitely a good dude to have a beer with and shoot the shit


Joe doesn’t have enough leftists on! No, not him! We want David Pakman!! You fucks just want people who parrot the same DNC talking points we can watch on CNN or MSNBC any night.


I tried watching Pakman a few times and almost fell asleep.


Recently tried Sam Seder but so far there are too many takedowns and mocking of other people.


that guy's so obnoxious


Playing Pacman is way better


I can’t believe the amount of left gatekeepers there are. I used to be left growing up, back when we were raging against the machine, anti communism, pro love, pro inclusiveness, pro equal justice for all, pro free speech, and pro freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Now, it’s poopie but with purple hair


when was the left anti communist? the band rage against the machine literally use communist iconography lol


what you're describing is neoliberalism but all that fluffy feel good stuff you're describing is couched in "tax cuts for the wealthy and no labor laws" while implementing policy that destroyed the middle class.


Jimmy is interesting & fun to listen to. Looking forward to this one.


“I mean Biden is bombing Somalia right now!” “What’s going on in Somalia?” “I don’t know. I just did a show about it.” “I love your show by the way.” I came out of this episode of fan of Jimmy. But this was a crazy verbal exchange.




"This sub is full of whining leftist shills" - this is every single top comment in this thread. I'm fucking lost. Wait, if it was, then why is this every single top comment?


Jimmy is a good guy


So lemme get this straight… Jimmy wants the federal government to use its healthcare expertise to provide healthcare for all, but doesn’t trust that same federal government to make sound evidence-based decisions around vaccine approval?


Dude what are you talking about? He took the damn vaccine and then had side effects.


Holy fuck did this guest bring out the folks who came to this sub from r/politics when Joe had Bernie on and then stayed to just bitch and bring negativity. There’s so much vitriol in here I think even some of the astroturfers can’t help themselves. Dorks.


You've spent hours of your life retyping this message 600 times since the 2016 election. Why?


Yes, this sub is now filled with shit dorks.


this is going to be bad. everybody hates jimmy dore but redditors *really* hate jimmy dore. this comment section is going to be a shiiiitshow


I like Jimmy Dore.




Already is with them not understanding that you can be progressive and anti-establishment without being a right wing trumper too


The unhinged reactions are actually alarming. Didn't know leftists hate Jimmy dore so much.


Jimmy Dores a guy I used to like until I realized he was bassicly just an asshole and whatever little bit of thruth he was giving I could get from somewhere better.


This is spot on. He's not particularly insightful or offering any good ideas and just wants to be mad about how ineffective the Dems are in power. Yeah, I agree with that in principal but there's more nuance to the political side of things then he ever feels the need to go into. He's just another Youtube political grifter who found a niche


IMO the real problem with Dore is that he just makes videos that right wingers want to listen to. Does anyone on the left actually follow his shit at all? If you check out the comments, the vast majority are obvious Trump supporters. More or less these people just think it's fun watching a "leftist" attack the left. A big part of Tim Pool's grift.


This is kinda where I am. For whatever good ideas he preaches, he throws too many tantrums and acts like a complete child so often it’s hard to take him seriously


Why does Jimmy use Venezuela as a good example of socialism? They were starving before Americans did anything? Is he not aware their country is starving due to their policies?


Are you not aware the country is starving because of sanctions? > [As many as 40,000 people may have died in Venezuela as a result of US sanctions that made it harder for ordinary citizens to access food, medicine and medical equipment, a new report has claimed.](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/venezuela-sanctions-us-excess-death-toll-economy-oil-trump-maduro-juan-guaido-jeffrey-sachs-a8888516.html) And this study was from 2017 and our sanctions have gotten even worse…


Big fan of Jimmy Dore


“I got the vaccine and now my neck hurts!” Damn man that’s crazy. I got the vaccine and my girlfriend left me, my cat died, and I lost all my money gambling. This vaccine has ruined my life.


And just after that he said that he got a medical condition along with other people which he takes meds for.


Does Jimmy talk about TYT ?


Nah no mention of The Young Turds


Fuck TYT


He mentions them once or twice, seems like joe doesn’t want to get into it IMO.


That’s all he talks about usually


I like him more than TYT, but his game is all outrage.


I'm here before the Shareblue shills find out about the vaccine comments in this episode. *Dabs*


Onnit is not FDA approved


Onnit also isn't being mandated by first world countries


Jimmy Dore keepin it real as always.


Thank god for men like Jimmy Dore speaking the truth in these times of outright censorship we live in, including on r\*ddit


Joe really didn’t understand why people were taking the employment checks instead of going back to work at a restaurant. How disconnected can you get..


He didn’t say that at all.


Right? Joe said the opposite, Jimmy said most people want to work.






Joe talking about poverty and homelessness for the 95792269563 time as if he had perspective on it.