#1684 - Abby Martin - The Joe Rogan Experience

#1684 - Abby Martin - The Joe Rogan Experience


I dont agree with how at the end she said that US should give up military power because their is no evidence that anyone is trying to take over military power. Yeah they arent trying to take over becuase there is no power vacuum. Creating a power vacuum would cause chaos and war and another country will emerge as the next military power. It is how the world has always worked.


totally agree - I don't think I want a world in which China or Russia is the sole military super power


I agree, and to act like if the US gives up power that no one will try and take that power for themselves is just naive. Power vacuums cause war and chao and someone will come out on top.


I don't have time to say anything so I'll just say she's a moron after listing to that one.


Why would you listen to anything Abby Martin says?


Abby Martin’s perspective on China should bring every single other point of hers into scrutiny- my god that was painful to listen to.


Right? Holy shit she is a lunatic. She would RATHER be a Chinese citizen knowing that her government is censoring everything rather than a US citizen worried that a private company social media will censor her. Unbelievably bad take by her.


Yeah, she spent 99% of her time exaggerating to lying


Joe should just have Abby Martin and Bari Weiss on as simultaneous guests and the two of them can just spend 2 hours hate-fucking each other.


Man that would be so hot 🥵


Have you seen Bari Weiss?




Two scorpions in a glass jar


The amount of money I'd pay to see that.


I'd watch this.


Bari Weiss is bi, so she'd like it at least.


Joe managed to turn a conversation about Israel Palestine conflict & government corruption into a discussion on time traveling aliens coming back to collect human dna & cross eyed inbred Labrador puppy’s. This is prime time JRE.


Lots of talk about taints too.


Always good to cover the taint-size-mammal-basics in any episode really


To be fair I think he actually built on his theory of "time traveling aliens", and joined it into his "aliens created humans by mutating chimps" theory. He now postulates that humans become genderless over time and fuck up their DNA, through taint shrinkage. Then they create a time machine and travel back, abducting humans, collecting samples all through time and probably seeding the early world. All to cross back into their species and fix the genderless inbred species we become... But most importantly, they get that taint back, it's always been about the taint.


Coming here 2 days later. Just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, as a Venezuelan FUUUUUUCK YOU, Abbie Martin


She’s evil. A delusional propagandist for the worst regimes on earth. That anyone takes her seriously or gives her airtime is outrageous.


I'm as liberal as they come and I appreciate her criticism of Israel in their actions towards Palestinians. One worry I have of her is why Is she never critical of the Russian government? Just the US government? She'll go out of her way to excuse other governments and it's weird.


I was generally supportive of her having extreme views on multiple subjects though I’m not as extreme of a liberal. But I had enough when she said China and Russian governments are only reacting to American imperialism and dominance. When she said she believes the world can do better and wouldn’t be as bad if the US wasn’t the dominant power it just proved she has no understanding of human nature. And I’m not supporting the US imperialism at all.


She passes off China's building of naval/airbases in contested waters in the South China sea as "China putting ships into their water" - there's no way that can be done without some form of malice. I listened to this podcast for a different perspective, and that level of dishonesty really throws what I was trying to learn under a bus


It's so beyond me that she seems to just give those governments such a pass especially if she's so concerned with human rights and freedoms. We need more people being critical of the US to hopefully keep it from getting to a point of no return but being dillusional and thinking everyone else is all peaches and roses is crazy.


Am I the only one that wants an episode with Abby Martin and Mike Baker at the same time? 😂


Nah, I want to see Ben Shapiro and her. Total fucking meltdown.


Abby Martin and Bari Weiss. They are about as opposite on the isreal/palestine question as it can get!


Tim Dillon had them both on (diff episodes) and I was pretty let down but Bari's knowledge. That's why I suggested Shapiro. In the end, we're all fucked so whoever it is I don't care. I'm just here to watch the world burn.


"toadie, right, that's the word?"


+1 for Shapiro and her


I want one with Abby & Alex Jones. That would be interesting!


SAME. Would also like to see her and Saagar


I think that one would be fucking very good and I'm being serious


Pro-Free Speech Podcasts, Anti-Israel podcasts - whatever you think about Joe you should admit that he got balls to promote these stances.


I am hoping Joe helps the highlight how crazy Israel lobbies American policy. Like I get lobbying for international law, but its insane how much they influence domestic policy.


FYI, you don’t pay your parents school loans when they die.


>loans This assertion really hurt her credibility with me.


She was also wrong about the embargo. It does not prevent food or medicine from going to Cuba


Also wrong about the number of military bases China has outside of China. It’s 3 and She was also wrong about the amount of carbon emissions produced by the US military. Really taking everything she says with a grain of salt here.


This was a weird podcast. Some of the things she said are interesting and seem worth discussing while she is completely delusional about others.


She said she rather live in China with its current censorship instead of being censored by social media companies here in the states. Idk she seems to defend China or maybe I’m hearing things wrong.


She hates the United States, that’s all.


all of her politics and opinions are shaped around viewing America as *the* global empire responsible for the shape of the world and therefore all it's ills. This leads her to some very sharp positions by seeing through western mainstream media party line but it also leads her to some very very dumbass positions like defending North Korea.


I think you misunderstood what she meant. I think she meant was in china censorship is clear as day and the government aren't denying that they censored certain things. But in america where freedom of speech is paraded and in your constitution you have all this social media companies working in secret to censored certain things for the the benefit of certain counterparty.


Nah she defended China and Iran. Saying Iran is doing it in good faith and was just making nuclear energy is absurd


Iran has been a few months away from a bomb for decades now. 🤔


Bingo. The war hawks want to keep.you scared though


Yeah she has a real hate boner for the US - when Joe was playing the devils advocate on the whole US imperialism topic she refused to acknowledge that some other country would fill the power vacuum left behind and those other potential countries (Russia or China) would probably be even worse when it came to civil liberties. Then her claim that Iran has only good intentions when it comes to nuclear power while simultaneously saying “well no wonder they want nukes when the US is arbitrating their agenda via proxy in the Middle East!” Was preposterous.


She totally lost me there. A power vacuum will be filled. No way it filled by better people only “reacting” to US imperialism.


Why am I not surprised that the lone, Spotify-approved, official YouTube clip from this ep is the same repeat alien conversation Joe has had with 75% of his recent guests and not any part from the first 45 minutes where he and Abby discussed recent developments in Palestine.


Also there is no Spotify branding at the end of the clip. Usually there is this 20 seconds message about how you can see the full podcast on Spotify for free, this time it's not there.


Wow didn’t even notice that. Good catch.


Exactly! But then again I’m just glad he brought her on again and still allowed for these discussions to happen in the first place. Also I found it off that he hesitated to get this episode out as soon as the interview happened like 5-6 days ago.


He was moved to Spotify for exactly this reason.


Jamie: "my time to shine, I'm gonna replace her talking about Israel/Palestine with her discussing UFO's, and upload it to JRE clips on YouTube, starting a conspiracy" Pretty sure Joe told him to do so /s


So weak, so transparent.


We want the bull




Bull! Bull! Bull! Bull!!!!!


Wonder how many people at spotify combed through this one?


I had the typical 4 - WE ARE BROUGHT TO YOU BY - *skips to end*


No ads.... weird


I had one for THE FUCKIN US ARMY.


I had one


The fact that there are states the have pro israel oath on job applications is insane! People may not like Abby but random shit like this is why I watch.


I get the criticisms, she gets a little self indulgent from time to time; the trailer for her new doc was particularly egregious. Doesn't mean she's wrong about everything though.


I agree. She’s jumped the shark but that doesn’t completely invalidate her


I didn’t watch the video but just the doomsday music was enough for me to roll my eyes.


Agreed, while I disagree with her take on a lot of stuff that information was very enlightening.


When will nick mullen be on the JRE


“That’s crazy man, you’re saying Wallace has Gromit suck his dick man?”


I think he could only do it if he had Stav with him


Tbh, there’s only two possible outcomes of a Nick Mullen JRE episode - hilarious or painfully awkward.


rogan is incapable of riffing and that's mullens entire being, there is zero chance this wouldn't be just like the norton/worm interview. just 2 hours of a millionaire talking about his diet and thinking mullen is being serious.




Joe would eventually get frustrated with Nick. ‘Listen man, I’ve met Michael Douglas and he’s definitely not gay’


He'd probably get nervous, do a load of coke before hand and end up a twitchy mess.


I think it'll happen one day he has connections with Joey Diaz


Joey coco the gorilla?


It was a bit I'm like 90% sure lol


have they ever done a podcast or anything together?


Master comedian Joe Rogan wouldn’t pick up 90% of the jokes. Like Maron said he would just sit there confused and say “I don’t know man, it’s weird like that.”


I'm here for the comments.


"spotify said they were working on comments" - joe 6 fucking months ago rogan.


I just want a functional podcast feed i can refresh without closing the app.


*[Sorts by Controversial]*


I think she has good intentions for the world, but she really shits on the U.S. to an uncomfortable extent. She's not wrong about how bad the U.S. gov and military overreach can be, but she literally said at one point "I would rather be a Chinese citizen at least then I know I'm being censored and manipulated." Opposed to the censorship we have in the U.S. HEY, you get to say that because you're in the U.S. appreciate that at least, we can be heading in the wrong direction but its not too late to fight for that freedom. We have a constitution to uphold and the right to do so, good luck doing that in China.


>"I would rather be a Chinese citizen at least then I know I'm being censored and manipulated." These types of comments blow my mind, but serve as a grim reminder that people like her actually exist. There is no rational logic to that line of thinking. It's pure indoctrination and hating something so much to the point you would rather be suppressed by another (more evil) power. Every single opinion she spews is mixed with a flavor of hatred for her own country.


I found it oddly naive for her to state that Chinese citizens know they are being censored and manipulated. Do they really? I highly doubt the average Chinese citizen has any idea how restricted their freedom truly is.


Do you think US citizens have any idea how manipulated we are? Not trying to say youre right or wrong, but I do think China and US are both currently attempting to control the masses via (mis)information. Totally different ways, yes, but both are extremely manipulative.


I think the extent of manipulation in the US is sadly predominantly from individuals willing to be manipulated rather than the manipulators. People that believe the shit CNN, FOX, or that bat shit crazy add they see on Facebook don’t have to buy into it.


A firehose of bullshit. I don’t need to go into every detail, but the premise that the only country that would be an empire is America is absurd. The panoply of civilization is the story of empires becoming and unbecoming—Persia, Macedonia, Rome, the mongols, the Ottomans, The French, the British, the Japanese, the Chinese. How did the Chinese borders get carved out as they are? somebody conquered somebody else and “China” grew into the size it is today. It isn’t like borders have always existed— they only exist as a result of conquest.


Where Shane?


The amount of misinformation is crazy lol.... She claims Israel went on a terror in 67... When it was the Arab countries that attacked Israel lol


This is completely wrong, Israel attacked first in 1967 and they have admitted as much


Sure thing pal.


>Menachem Begin also stated that "The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches did not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him." I'm sure you know more than an Israeli prime minister bud


Mountains and rivers can be moved Human beings can not. Have a good night my friend.


The amount of lies and misdirection was staggering, and disappointing that Joe didn't fact check anything for the third time she comes to stir more shit against Israel. It's ridiculous, pathetic and very evil.


This subject is not about left or right, democrat or republican. This is about human decency. Also, how can it be that reputable academic institutions in the United States make you sign a document saying you won't criticize Israel? If you are a substitute teacher in the United States and you criticize Israel you're fired? A small business owner cannot win a state contract in Georgia or Texas if they ever criticized Israel? WTF?


When I applied to be a firefighter for a city in Texas, the application had a mandatory check box that stated the candidate pledges their support to Israel, and will not boycott the Israeli state. I ended up getting disqualified because of my weed and psychedelics use though so that's a whole other issue lol.


This was the weirdest thing. Remember when Netanyahu went to congress and the republicans were cheering like it’s a fucking Michael Jackson concert?


lmao damn you're right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRf1cdw4IAY


Pledge your support for Israel? To work as a firefighter in Texas? Please tell me you are being sarcastic ! Is this real? Sorry I just cant imagine this is even possible let alone legal!


It's real and legal, and not limited to firefighters. I saw it again later when applying to jobs as a public school teacher.


Well thanks for clarifying ... Wow ... America is no more... We're doomed......


It's not legal. Every court challenge brought against such laws has seen them be thrown out as unconstitutional. It's just about having enough people willing to file challenges.




This is mind blowing. I had no idea such a concept existed in the USA. WOW.


Woah woah woah hol up this is some r/holup shit When I read about that they were doing this in some states I thought they meant like a loosely term used for the middle eastern states .what the fuck


if I saw that I'd nope the fuck out. just, wtf... toddlers fighting in the sandbox... for 3000 years... it hurts my head how dumb the fighting is.


Why almost no one is talking about this in this thread?


If you read through this thread carefully, there is clearly an organized online mob steering the debate away from this and other serious discussions. They're either launching personal attacks on the guest of the podcast, or flooding the thread with copy paste messages on how fantastic Israel is. Some are even steering the debate towards other perfectly legit subjects such as why some titties are better than others. And it's working.


This is why. Israel has a “internet defense force” where they go on posts like this and post a bunch of pro-Israel bullshit while attacking anyone who dares say Israel’s apartheid of the Palestinians is wrong https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Internet_Defense_Force


This explains why on Twitter I see accounts with “I stand with Israel” on their account bio and no picture of the user.


Yup, they tend to come out in full force all over the internet. It’s really weird and saddening they’re going to those lengths to try to attack people saying their governments actions are wrong


When manufacturing consent goes too far, gets intertwined with religion and now you're stuck cucking yourself to a foreign nation who clearly sees your predicament.




He got Spotify’d


You mean SNL'd?


One thing that's not talked about enough is how amazing Jewish titties are. Have you ever seen Palestinian titties? I haven't.


Just take a look at the comments of Ben Sharpio's sister, where they comment things like "I can't stand hearing her but can't stop looking at her"


She’s a milk truck


I knew a Palestinian girl in uni, she was hot. Not the biggest titties though, you have a point.


I met a palestinian girl in college too, my god that girl was beautiful. I wonder how she is doing, especially now, since she moved back to palestine after graduation.


I’m really pulling for you two. Take your shot


Jewish tittles get 2 thumbs up


Hey Spotify employees! Quit bitching and do some actual work on your shitty platform. Worst web video player w/ base features out there. And comments! Unacceptable that you're so big and produce such CRAP software. Less time spent bitching about content and more time doing your fucking jobs. It was fine at the start of the JRE move, having to catch up but its been so many months now, its really inexusable. Two 20 year old devs would have done a better job.


2 stoned and lazy 20 year olds wouldve already finished this shit in the easiest way possible literally months ago.


You Sir/Maam/They are correct.


On this woman’s first appearance she claimed that the US was the aggressor in the Korean War. Not just financially or anything like that. She claims the US invaded first. You know, the war where the US didn’t even get troops there until two weeks into it when NK had already conquered most of SK. Take that for what you will.


She said a lot of blatantly false things. Like that the U.S.'s #1 export is weapons. Joe was just asks "what, really?" And Abby has a look like "hmm I don't know if that's right" then hammers it home with "YEP WEAPONS!" Of course guests are allowed to make mistakes. But she just doubles down on pure bullshit and would never admit she's wrong or see another side. Hell, she'd rather double down and defend Russia than admit she was wrong working for the Kremlin


The US is the number exporter of weapons in the world. About 37% of all weapons exports are from the United States.


It's debatable who started the Korean War. There were skirmishes on the Ongjin Peninsula instigated by the South/Rhee in the summer of 1949. English language sources sparsely cover what happened prior to the North crossing the DMZ. The wiki for the Battle of Ongjin casually mentions the incursions during 1949, and if you search hard, there's maybe one source in Google books that addresses it. "Prior to the Battle of Ongjin, the two opposing forces already had three clashes near these mountains in 1949.\[[1](https://web.archive.org/web/20111001033111/http://ki.warmemo.co.kr:8101/warmemo/jsp/data/view.jsp?type=1&pkey=625CB00001)\]" Edit: "clashes," the ultimate vocab word to shirk allocating blame for starting a conflict




Yea that's when this episode lost me


She’d be disappeared if she was a Chinese citizen talking about their government/ military like she does


The beauty of the US is that nothing is stopping her from doing so. Why doesn't she?


Because she's full of shit.


Thinks Iran doesn’t want to produce Nukes….What?


This is crazy. Federal Student Loans are dischargeable on Death. They pass to the estate. They are not inheritable. The film about the US military as the enemy of the world. 14 million cars is the size of Bavaria. A Single cruise ship can do more. That's not good. But she's wrong. She's also hot. And engaging, but wrong about so much. LIke 12 bats in a fruit shack. Just bonkers.


Damn if this is this sub’s reaction to Abby, you guys are going to lose your shit when he has Jimmy Dore on this weekend lol.


Jimmy is this weekend.You know Jimmy going all out TYT on Joes podcast. It if he talks shit about Kyle or Krystal.I bet joes pushes back


*Joe unites the left*


Saw Abby Martin was on and came back to reddit just to see the comments. I knew it would be arguments and a bloodbath. She definitely gets some things wrong but everyone does. It is always interesting to listen to people from all political spheres. Btw noticed several comments were identical. Guessing Bots.....


Do classic greys have human taints?


Human taints you say? I sure don't


I’m reading this comment while listening to the taint debate


Finally someone asking the important questions


This has many comments already and only a few upvotes so it has to be good


I hate when people speak like her. Over exaggerated dramatic voice. She sounds like a politician


I hate when guests like her say "Joe" throughout the conversation. "Look joe; this is it joe; it gets worse than that joe." Just sounds so phony.


Yup, I've been told a few times that you shouldn't "tone police", but usually by people who talk in the same tone as her. Not sure I buy it.


Yeah it just sounds so fake to me I can’t stand it. It reminds me of Bari Weiss. Just the constant state of being appalled about everything


I can't help but think this is the way a lot of people are on this very website.


She seemed like she was about to fake cry multiple times... "these are chiiiildreeeen." She knew she was talking to someone with a lot of conservative views and was trying to get as much of her sides argument in as possible before possibly being countered. I wish Jamie had the balls to call her out in this one I have a feeling him and Joe were biting there tongue in the beginning that's why Joe talked about random silly topics.


every time joe questioned her on her claim and then followed up with "wow"... thats when you know its cringe af.


As someone who knows the region what she is saying is absurd. I support Palestinians rights freedoms, and equality but I do without picking sides. I also don’t support current U.S. policy or aid toward Israel as israel is more of a slave to Uncle Sam then a soldier. But regardless if you’re from the Middle East you know that leaders hate minority’s ask the Kurds, yazidis, Armenians, middle eastern Jews, Palestinian refugees in the Arab world, Assyrians etc. She talks about Jewish led pogroms that took place in May, which didn’t really happen, both Jews and Muslims were being attacked and it is very nuanced, but she won’t talk about the history of nazi ambassador fritz groba making deals with the mufti of Jerusalem to spread anti Semitic sentiment in the region, leading to events such as the farhud and others initiating strict political divisions between these populations. She won’t talk about he Iranian protests right now for water or the Iranian dissidents being imprisoned or the fact that the Iranian people’s nickname for their new dictator is the “butcher,” as he is known for killing political prisoners and young dissidents. Not that Palestinians don’t suffer or that the Saudi’s aren’t equally as bad but it seems that middle eastern rights and freedoms only matter when the middle easterners are being oppressed by Jews or America. And trust me all middle easterners who live under authoritarian leaders want to be free! Not just the ones who are connected to America and the Jews. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza do indeed suffer at the hands of Israeli policies but if these activists actually cared about middle eastern people they would be sticking up for all oppressed people in the region and not just the ones next to Jews and they would stop spewing propaganda directly from the mouth of genocidal regimes. There are 6 million Jews in israel and 200 million Arabs in the Middle East. The eastern backed Shiite governments would love to rid the region of Jews because then they could just focus on their own sectarian conflicts with the Sunnis, (saudis and gulf states). Jews and other minority groups in the Middle East simply get in the way, complicate the power dynamics of the region, add US military funding and presence and their existence is “evil” to authoritarian religious extremist regimes trying to rid their land from “western capitalist oppressors.” And sadly I don’t think any of these movements or governments genuinely care about Palestinians rights their movement has been hijacked by geopolitical competition between the east and west. Also jews in Israel have empathy, and their anger comes from genuine places of insecurity and trauma. They are not all monsters most in fact are from the Middle East where they were persecuted and tortured by Arab governments but most have forgiven and most want peace. Abby doesn’t promote peace she promotes one good side and one bad side which promotes war and a winner not peace and compromise. God bless the Palestinian and Israeli people but the truth is they are both people reacting to situations they get put in. Abby clearly tries to dehumanize Israeli people she doesn’t understand that they (like the Palestinians) are the ones who actually have to live and die in this conflict most Israelis want peace but shes spreading division and intolerance. Please stop picking sides in this conflict my friends and promote peace and compromise both of these populations have suffered enough. Don’t be like the media, politicians and academics who promote war, tribalism and divisio as the only option so they can continue to control our minds and bank accounts. May peace and coexistence prevail! Peace and Love!


What is this shit? We want The Bull.


One thing Joe loves more than meat, is a slippery slope argument.


His sauna has a slippery slope


Can someone give me the tldr on Abby Martin. I am a dumb Aussie with no idea who she is. Based of the comments all ready, I feel before I start listening I need her background


She worked for Russia today news because she went on “America is a world empire” rants all the time. She supports Castro and Meduro and essentially blames America for everything.


She's an independent journalist who focuses on international military occupations, interventions and empire-building. That sort of thing. She gets a lot of abuse and smears because she dares to criticize Israel and the US. When a pic of Joe and Abby was posted on this sub indicating she was going to be upcoming guest, [the top comment](https://old.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/omzap1/abby_martin_journalist_documentary_filmmaker_were/h5oe1jk/) (that was later heavily downvoted) was calling her a holocaust denier (absolute nonsense) and said the show would be her talking about trans issues (wtf?). Clearly this was intended to put people off from listening to her. They also tried to smear her by saying 'oh she worked for RT' so is a Russian agent. Yeah, she worked for Russia Today, had her own show covering things that mainstream networks wouldn't cover. She had complete editorial control of the show (Breaking the Set) as is evidenced here where she criticized Russia's intervention in Crimea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJOoMGCV6vQ The clips should help demonstrate her credibility and that's she's not afraid to speak the truth even when risks her job. She discusses it at the start of the show. She speaks out against military intervention whether it is US, Israel, Russia or China. She is, in my opinion, one of the best journalists we have covering these issues. Incidentally, the submission/post I mention above was deleted by the mods. When I asked why they said 'rules'. I asked which rule as the submission was a photo of Joe and Abby which seems appropriate for this sub. Mod said he doesn't have time to talk about rules and I should look it up then muted me. What a pleasant interaction, I can't even see the rules on my app but is it really that hard to say which one? I digress.


She’s an actual journalist in the sense where she packs her shit and goes to report on what is happening on the ground. She’s been to Israel before and has a bunch of footage on her YouTube. Israel and their JIDF hate her so they coordinate smears to attack her on social media. Look at this thread full of people crying about not being able to get past the first few minutes. Hilarious because they jump right into criticism of Israel. They don’t want anybody to listen to Israel’s horrific war crimes.


Thank you for your time, appreciate it


Bring on the hate, I think she is interesting. It's nice to have a left-wing perspective. Just like it's interesting to listen, when Ben Shapiro is giving the right-wing perspective. Can't we agree that it's beneficial to listen to different ideas? Also, she's easy on the eyes.


I'm with you. As painful as it is for me to hear some crap I disagree with, I'm still gonna give them a chance. We all should unless you want to live in a bubble


What she said about Cuba was criminal.


I agree with a ton of the stuff she’s saying - the Palestinians have a fucking terrible situation and have no real human rights. Israel treats them like garbage and i think any rational observer can see that. BUT she’s so biased when she discusses a lot of these situations. She just presents completely warped and one sided views as if they’re fact. I wish joe would check her on some of her more egregiously wrong interpretations of certain situations. Like how she describes israeli settlers just showing up to an Arab house in Jerusalem with a gun and telling them to leave. It’s so much more nuanced than that and she refuses to acknowledge any of the complexities. Not saying what happened is right, it’s not. But she just completely ignores any real context


Why are you guys attacking her character, is it because she criticized Isreal?


For me it was when she said snipers shot 500 people in the head (as stated previously by someone else) and that most of them lived. Then my feelings were compounded when she emphatically stated that student loans are passed onto your children if you die. This is just not true. Federal student loans are fully discharged when you die. I know this for a fact because my family did the research to determine the correct amount of life insurance needed to cover outstanding debts. She just flat out lied about this and when Joe asked Jamie to look it up there was no follow-up. First link when Googling "do student loans pass on after death" is a [Forbes article](https://www.forbes.com/advisor/student-loans/what-happens-to-student-loans-when-you-die/#:~:text=If%20you%20have%20federal%20student,the%20following%20federal%20student%20loans%3A&text=Direct%20unsubsidized%20loans,Direct%20grad%20PLUS%20loans).


What really annoyed me is the part were she says something along the lines of i havent see any of this police taking people away in cuba. she has looked into cuba and has not seen that... right. I literally watched a youtuber get kidnapped by the cuban police live on a daytime spanish show.


Hello JIDF! Look at all these comments and downvotes. Absolutely seething


Oof she had some good points until she started praising China. Sorry lady, America has done some shitty things but I’d rather be an American over a Chinese servant


Stopped listening to her once she started doing propaganda for the Venezuelan dictator. I'm skeptical to her journalistic integrity.


" The south china sea belongs to china why else is it called south china sea?" I'm paraphrasing but it's essentially what she said. "Why didn't no one care when jews burned down a sacred mosque but they cared about when notre dame burned?" What world is she living in? You mean culturally christian countries with believers still in them care more about a cathedral than a mosque? I can't believe it.


The "china sea" comment was insane. Just [look at the fucking map lol](https://i.imgur.com/ir9jqeb.jpg) - how is not an invasion?


Oh Christ...I usually do a lot of push back on idiots here ignorantly ranting about China, but she really said something like that? I guess the English Channel solely belongs to England now, the Indian Ocean entirely belongs to India, and hell, we gotta give all of the Gulf of Mexico to Mexico.


Israel didn’t burn down Al-asqa: Palestinians set off fireworks that set fire to a tree. There’s a pic of Jews praying at the western wall looking overjoyed while there is flames is the background. Are they overjoyed because they think the mosque is burning or because they are always like that at the western wall? Either way it’s not just a lie, it’s pure propaganda that’s easily proven false.


Why is being anti imperialist controversial?


They touched on it in the episode but the idea of anti-imperialism doesn’t seem to be controversial. It’s when action to be anti-imperialist is taken that some people become afraid that some other country is going to fill the void, and we will no longer have our way. I’m leaving out the whole debate on whether or not our imperialism is effective or not in getting our way, but our military might does give the feeling that it is. While I don’t care for US foreign policy at all I do see the argument. It’s not like you can’t look back throughout all of human history, and see that someone was the top dog.


JRE needs to fact check her the same way they do Alex Jones. She has some big open statements that Joe just breezes past.


My favorite was 500 people were shot in the head by snipers with exploding bullets... most survived. If that didn't come straight from some random Palestinian she met on the street that she took at face value with zero investigation... I'd be surprised. "They came and shot us by the thousands! No tens of thousands... we were just buying fruit. They had exploding bullets and I saw 500 men, women and children shot in the head... but we lived, we are stronger than Jewish bullets!" Abby Martin... "that's got to be 100% fact."


She said student loan debt gets passed to children if you die. Completely false. Federal loans are discharged, private loans are responsibility of your estate. If your estate can’t pay, they can’t come after children for additional money.


The Cuban embargo excludes the import (to Cuba) of food and medicine FYI. She said the embargo was starving Cubans and preventing them from getting medicine. Couldn’t finish the episode after that. Edit: Typo


I gotta be honest. I tried, but I can't bring myself to listen to two and a half hours of Russian propaganda. Edit: This bitch literally just said Chinese citizens have it better than Americans when it comes to free speech. No pushback from Joe. Come on dude.


When did she say that


she didn't. She said "at least in China the manipulation is visible, in US with corporations, ads and social media people aren't even aware they are being manipulated" - paraphrasing.


Unless somebody talks shit about marijuana Joe generally doesn't do much pushing back on any guests, so par for the course here.


Ok, I just listened to the whole podcast. I think you're lying. I did not hear her say that. Provide a timestamp or you're just a liar out to defend Israeli crimes against humanity by painting Abby as a useful idiot. And FYI, she got fired from RT for criticizing Russia's actions in Ukraine, she even talks about it in the pod.


I have seen a fair amount of Abbie Martin and she has been relatively ambivalent at best on CCP issues. She is not an outright tankie but if you expect her to criticize any leftist regimes she will deflect to the US being shit as well rather than saying that communist nations are bad and cleaning house as I would hope someone who holds power to account would. Which is why I don’t take her too seriously. But locally (in my city of LA) she is a pretty good anti war organizer which I think we need more of so you take what you get.


1hr 28min 21sec “I would rather be a Chinese citizen and know exactly how the censorship model works than actually herald the first amendment as somehow working in this country.”


Methinks Joe would like to take a gander at Abby's Golan Heights and perhaps her Gaza Strip


Hasbara operatives all in the comments


The comments on Instagram are way worse, everybody says she's lying but no one can specifically tell where she lied


FUCKING THIS RIGHT HERE. Abby: Israel massacres Palestinian civilians. The top comment here: RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA