#1682 - Jesse Singal - The Joe Rogan Experience.

#1682 - Jesse Singal - The Joe Rogan Experience.


i don't agree with this guy on some big issues but he comes across as extremely reasonable and open minded so i thought he was a good guest


Dammit where is Katie, we need someone to bully Jesse


You talking about the last lesbian?


There are only 10 lesbian bars left in America


I thought it was ten lesbians huddled together in one bar.


I thought it’s down to 5 lesbian bars left


From what I understand, it's 10 lesbians, one per bar.


I really hope gay and lesbians aren’t dying off and it changing to queer and trans. I don’t know as much about the latter, but gay and lesbians have their own thing and it’s great.


No Katie Herzog, Jesse’s cohost


LOL. I know. Tim Dillon calls her that when she is his show. Give it a listen.


Lol sorry


Wait what’s going on with Tim and Katie? At the end of his podcast with Glenn Greenwald he seemed to not like her and then I googled and she doesn’t like him but Katie was on Tims podcast months ago - what exactly happened??


They just like to joke with each other. They seem genuine friends and she gets Tim’s style and like to play along. He only had Jesse on with her because he likes her so much. IMO at least.


I think we need Jesse, Katie and Joey Diaz on a show at the same time. Dunno why but the idea feels gold, Jerry, gold


Listen here you two motherfuckers


Katie, you ever get your dick sucked behind a CVS?


The best part of this, is that Katie would be 100% throw punches back


Absolutely would be the best part, and I'd love to fucking see it


I really think she'd be a better guest. Jesse by himself is a little dull.


I think Jesse did a better job getting Joe to pay attention to reality than Katie would've done.


“We gonna keep them comftuble”


Best episode of the JRE


Imagine a 6 hour shit show with AJ, Edgy Brah, and the Pig.


I bet Joe remembered *exactly* what Alex said and how that conversation went. He just wanted to distance himself from the fact that he agreed with everything Alex brought up in that episode. When Eddie was gaslighting Alex to blow up about keeping the babies alive is a top five iconic JRE moment. The [cartoon](https://youtu.be/ZYlxZtgqt60) of it is on the JRE YouTube channel. No way Joe completely forgot that.


That guy literally said to consult with the mom on whether or not they wanted to “resuscitate” the fetus. This is for cases where the baby is FUCKED up. Keeping a severely fucked up baby alive is as ethically questionable as letting them die. Sad situation all around.


Baby's not breathing at birth? Let's all settle down and have a discussion. Next step? Kill all the retarded children! Problem solved.


Just a personal opinion to those watching, these guys get more comfortable with each other in the second half after a few drinks in them, it’s worth finishing the episode if you’re weirded out by the awkward beginning lol


Good point, it gets better. I was turned off by the book thing but he acknowledge it was doochey. Great guest




Okay. I'm half way through and can hardly stand the awkwardness. Jesse just isn't that interesting either. But I'll push on.


I got super interested when they started talking about drugs. I have a strong suspicion that this guy would benefit from MDMA therapy. Then a small dose of shrooms and then a slightly higher dose each time. No need if you have anxiety to go for a big ass dose.


I agree. He has views that are now well established and were hashed out half a decade ago by people like Jon Haidt and Rogan himself (on trans stuff). He's basically just a neurotic Twitter guy from Brooklyn. Pretty boring.


Completely agreed.


I didn't find the begging too awkward, and honestly I almost stopped listening when they started talking about transgender people again.... I'm just so fucking sick of that topic, but thankfully they got off it after about 30 minutes, and finished strong.


thanks for the heads up


Well, thank you. I was almost quitting after an hour in. Gonna continue now


Lol Jesse's justification for not platforming AJ was that 30,000 mentally unwell people listening to him "might" be dangerous. So we need to worry about what mentally unwell people might listen to? Perhaps we should scoop them all up and keep them under lock and key? How can these people be trusted to live in society but not to listen to a podcast? Like crazy people dont need inspiration, the homeless lady who thinks shes a Scottish ghost heard it on a podcast? The one masturbating in the alley probably got that from a blog. The one eating their own shit probably got the idea from pinterest. Foolish.


Yep, totally agree. The fact that he kept trying to defend his position that Alex needs to be de-platformed at all is horeshit.


very well put. "oh no, violent video games and Eminem are making society violent". same mentality.


Damn this guy took 2 piss breaks. Joe was like wtf lol


You tend to piss a lot when you drink that much koolaid.


A lot of jokes here but I like how this guy challenges Joe


Yeah he did it in a very non douchey way, conversational


I havent finished, but so far I have seen him challenge Joe on "platforming" alex Jones, then interrupt Joe's defense by asking if he can talk about his book 3 times.


I wish that happened more often. Respectful disagreements and pushbacks are healthy. That’s why I love lex Fridmans podcast


Lex is a national treasure


Challenges Joe by bringing up Alex Jones and then gets shown that what Alex said was right. Edit: I love watching my karma go from +20 to -5 when the r/politics cuck brigade shows up.


No, Alex was not right. He twisted the facts around to make it seem diabolical when in reality it's an act of compassion. These babies that Governor Northam was referring to are not viable. Think of deformed babies born with their heart and intestines outside their chest. When these babies are born, the mother is supposed to talk to the doctors about how far they want to go with resuscitation, knowing that the child won't live for more than a few hours. Is it right to have them hooked up to machines that will extend their tortured, short lives by a few minutes or hours? Or should they be placed on the mother's chest so they can experience some form of human connection before they pass away. That's for the parents to decide after consulting with medical professionals, and that's what the Virginia bill was about. It's extremely rare and tragic. **That's** what Northam was talking about. And then Alex comes on the podcast and tells everyone Northam is killing babies so he can harvest their organs. He lied and it's disgusting. Btw, governor Northam was a pediatric neurologist. He had to see tragedies like this in real life. He was in the room when babies were born with horrific deformities and watched them pass away. He's probably a bit more qualified to speak on the subject than Alex Jones.


Right, Joe was talking about it like it was a baby with a funny nose or something. Non-viable literally means no chance of survival.


Why ya gotta bring up a funny nose around Jesse for??


Aborted babies organs are harvested. Right or wrong its still true.


In certain conditions fetal tissue is used for scientific research but Northam was talking about babies that are actually born. So we're not talking about fetuses. There's also no killing involved, and no abortions. If a mother gives birth to a non-viable child and decides to hold the baby skin to skin for the only few moments they could possibly have together, that's not an abortion.


Huh? How do you get that from keeping the baby comfortable while parents decide what to do with it? He said non-viable or deformed. There is a lot of wiggle room there. I believe the law also stated 3rd term abortions for mental illness. Which Is very veg. But to be honest don't think it's fair for parents to be held responsible for a downs kids for life. I just don't like abortion being used as birth control.


Imagine being so deranged you actually believe this.


That was sooo bad just turned it off right there


Which is why this episode is so obviously contentious here. Rogan-ites complain about people being in bubbles but get worked up when theirs are questioned.


Jesse “Epstein killed himself” Singal


Occam's razor


Mark Normand looking good




His nose is looking extra Jewy.


Havent seen one comment about “I’d suck so much dick” from how when they talked about changing to a woman for two days lol


He tries to recover by saying his wife would probably make him. Sure Joe. He probably has a button under his desk to summin Hincliffe for moments like this when the mood strikes.


This is Herzog erasure


Guest brings up Alex Jones conspiracy theory involving harvesting baby organs Joe fucking Rogan,"We what?!?!?" In comes Jamie with the assist.


Rogans Alex impression is dead on 😂


Well.....*moves closer to microphone a fist away*....He did play him on Sturgills album


He also does a good Bill Clinton 😳


I was thinking exactly that! He does such a perfect impression of Alex Jones with that voice of his haha


I didn’t know who this guy was. I like how he was most upfront out of the gate with it


Guest tries to misconstrue what the governor actually said, they play the clip and the governor said what Joe and Alex thought the governor said. That was an unlistenable guest


He's not misconstruing it at all. The scenario that they're talking about (which is incredibly rare (1% or less according to planned parenthood)) is where you have a late-term, non-viable baby (i.e. brain dead, severe mental/physical disability, high probability of mother dying during birth, etc.) that cannot survive on its own outside of the womb. The 'resuscitation' that's mentioned is keeping the baby artificially alive post-birth after medically induced labor i.e. a premature birth. [https://www.vox.com/2019/3/11/18246702/trump-abortion-ralph-northam-virginia-green-bay](https://www.vox.com/2019/3/11/18246702/trump-abortion-ralph-northam-virginia-green-bay) >But I think a lot of the confusion is that people are conflating abortion care with comfort care. For example, there are some patients that are in a similar scenario where their pregnancy outcome, for whatever reason, either a fetal anomaly or something in their medical situation, did not result in a pregnancy that will survive for very long outside of them. And **so some patients elect to undergo something similar to a labor induction, which allows them to deliver what they call their baby and be able to actually spend time with it and be able to offer it comfort care**. > >Again, thinking about the scenarios that I’ve seen, it’s really terribly heartbreaking scenarios where it’s a desired pregnancy that people want to spend last moments with before this baby passes. And to think of the patients that I’ve seen that have gone through that, where they just want to hold their baby one last time before it passes away, those are the scenarios that these politicians are suggesting that we are performing infanticide on. Jones tries to paint an entirely different and sensationalized picture in the form of a conspiracy where the state and doctors (medical industry) are the ones making the decision or encouraging the decision for late-term abortions **specifically** so that they can harvest their organs which is patently absurd.


Yup, I sometimes like Jones but he took this shit way out context and warped what was actually being said to fit his narrative. I'd put Jones at like 80/20% where 80% you need to actually look into what he's saying and 20% might be bullshit but before you dismiss him as a crazy man do some fucking research. You'd be shocked at what is actually true.


No he didn't. Alex said he's killing babies and harvesting their organs. The Virginia bill had nothing to do with killing babies. It was about allowing the discussion of how far they want to go with resuscitating newborns with horrible deformities that could only live for a few hours or minutes.


We love to default to extremes. After listening to knowledge Fight podcast for the last 7 months, I feel like I've seen behind the curtains. Alex Jones is a dangerous liar, he doesn't do "research" all day as Joe claims, most of the time Alex reads a title and constructs narrative around the article that is not true, just like Jesse said.


Alex said the governor was harvesting organs. I don't think the governor said anything which could be construed as his intention to harvest organs.


Lol the governor didn't say what Joe said at all. But that quote was a nightmare I see why you were confused.


Totally unlistenable guest. He seems weaselly.


Woah! What state was Rogan talking about where children as young as 10 can get turned over to the state if the parents disagree with the child affirming its gender identity. What?!


It sounded like he was referencing this story from Vancouver, Canada. And it's a really sad story. https://www.city-journal.org/canadian-father-jailed-for-speaking-out-about-trans-identifying-child Most the cases in the USA have been parents who are divorced, and one parent thinks the child should transition and the other shouldn't, like "James/Luna Younger" in Texas. There was a 17 year old in Cinncinati that was sent to live with grandparents, because the parents weren't supportive of the child's transition.


Listen to the first half hour of this and I realize I need to watch the Alex Jones episodes... I've never watched them in their entireties.


How?? The first two are literally top 5 JREs of all time




I think my favourite takeaway was at around 2hr10m when they were talking about psilocybin mushrooms and ego. I related so much to Jesse in his anxiety and the way he explained how he feels mentally. I tried mushrooms to try and experience what Joe is talking about, and I had the worst time of my life. Anxiety knobs were twisted to the extreme and this was only on 1g of dried shroom. When Joe said that bad trips are just our ego trying to tug at the rails, I was hit with realization because that is exactly what happened. I wanted the ride to end. I didn't know where I was going or how long it was going to last. Once I accepted and chilled the fuck out, and after a bit of ego-death and experiencing a larger guardian deity that was symbolic of a better myself who talked me through the rest of the bumpy road, did I finally become happy and anxiety was no longer. I'm too afraid to do it again due to that memory, maybe I should though to override it with a more understood and happier experience. Great podcast.


Jesus, what you wrote is beautiful. It makes me want to try mushrooms even more. Edibles used to turn my anxiety up to 11 but just going with the flow and accepting of what ever feelings came my way helped me have fun experiences. It’s helped me recall and explore some things about my child hood and how my parents where raising me in regards to how I raise my own kids.


I love bud but i have adhd and it makes it worse and adds anxiety. My anxiety is only getting worse. Meds don’t help so I will try micro dosing. I’ve had success with psychedelics in the past. Im running out of options and I will never take benzos


Magnesium threonate has been a godsend for my ADHD, absolutely unreal. I will sit down Sundays and plan my week, regroup, focus, get work done


> was only on 1g of dried shroom You didn't experience ego death friend. Ego death is a LOT different and requires a LOT more mushrooms.


I was also partially drunk before hand and smoked some weed. I lost all sense of myself and kept thinking in “we, us, our” felt like i became a mushroom hivemind. I stopped caring about who or what I was. If that’s not ego death, then idk man.


It’s just a very low dose. Could have been some strong mushrooms though. If you felt it was a special experience then it is. Alcohol doesn’t enhance a trip though. It just probably dehydrates you. Weed mixed with shrooms is usually a bad combo unless you’re done tripping. It gives you much more anxiety. If you ever get the urge to do it again, only do the shrooms. It isn’t a party drug generally.


> It gives you much more anxiety. That's highly personality dependent. When I was younger weed never gave me anxiety. I used it to chill out trips that were too heavy. LSD and mushrooms mixed with weed was fine.


Thanks for the advice. I figured as much about the weed as it’s something that gives me anxiety without other variables at play. The mushrooms i received were from a friend who grows and prides himself in his knowledge of mycology, so I don’t doubt they were likely quite potent. I’ve been itching to try it again with a less clouded mindset, but anxiety typically talks me out of it lol.


If you're used to smoking weed it can help with nausea. I do agree that when peaking you should stick to shrooms, but marijuana can be nice right when you eat and also when you're coming down.


Alex Jones episodes are JRE’s most entertaining by far. Censoring information based on the susceptibility of retards to believe anything and the sensibilities of cucks like this jerkoff is preposterous.


Agree. You turn on Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, etc and they'll have on foreign policy "experts" and you're like "wait a second... aren't you the same motherfucker who was wrong about Iraq having WMD?" and we are supposed to act like they are normal people? Their foreign policy expertise is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and trillions of dollars wasted. Alex has been right far more than he's been wrong.




This. A society safety proofed for morons is unlivable for the rest of us. We have to accept that idiots are a part of life.






This dude looks like an IRL Goblin.


I nose err mean know right?




Pod save America is the worst. It’s just a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party


I mean, did they ever say they weren't partisan? I get it if it's not your thing, but it's an odd complaint about a podcast explicitly represented as a Democrat strategic podcast. Btw, I'm not defending it. I don't like the pod or think it's very good. Just an odd complaint.


I used to enjoy Krystal and Sagaar. idk if it's the fatigue or not but I can't stand em anymore. Way too biased.


Yea I feel like they try to come across as neutral, but their videos are too clickbaity and they don't really add anything more except repeating what's already known. And they have a clear bias with their content now.


What is their bias? I don’t watch or listen to them at all, just curious


Rich people and establishment bad. Not the worst bias IMO but definitely still a factor.


Is avoiding rabid dogs a bias too.


Lol that was a good one


"Pod Save America" is just setting an agenda nobody that matters is following, bending over for republican support then saying "welp" rinse and repeat adnuseum. the lesson is that democrats cave and republicans always do what they want. I stopped listening soon after 2016. nothing they say matters and they act like they are playing 9D chess. just because you play 9D chess doesn't mean you are good at it.




This episode had zero substance


Haven't given it a listen yet, but I guess Katie couldn't make it? Sad.


She wasn't invited.


She would make a great guest.


Moreso than Jesse IMO. Jesse using BARPOD inside-jokes on the JRE was so annoying, but I guess he was nervous


I'm 33 minutes in. I can sit through some pretty insufferable guests, but this guy is such a fucking douche. I dont know if ill make it. Edit: also props to Joe for shutting this guy down when he was about to defend child-rape Island.


Yeah he is pretty freakin’ bad. Does a terrible job at presenting arguments


What a beak!


Schnoz checks out


I fucking hate people concerned with platforms. The only thing you do by silencing someone is show you're afraid of what they'll say. If AJ is so fucking nuts then let him speak and everyone can make the judgment. It is no one else's responsibility to screen information for others. Very definition of elitism. It's also hilarious that he so easily transitions to giving Warren a pass for lying about her race to get a super powerful position at Harvard. It's all out of convenience and tribalism.


This dude is a journalist but doesn’t think Epstein island was real??


What pedo downvoted that?


This dude is like treading the line of monetizing the anger against cancel culture yet take the MSM view on literally everything


I don't think he was saying that Epstein's island wasn't real, he was saying we don't know that we have videotapes of politicians fucking children like Joe claimed


Pretty much this. To elaborate we don't have indication or evidence for the more salacrious claims of ritualistic abuse/murder of children for blackmailing powerful people by the illuminati or whatever. The stuff we have evidence for in Epstein is basically on the dl pimping of teen girls. Same thing happened with the governor clip. Real thing, bad extrapolation.


What pedo downvoted this?


Dude has a nose that could sniff out a killer at the comedy store from the east coast.




I am curious of how this one will be recieved. Dude gets a lot of flack, but is a pretty mainstream progressive. This said, I would have preferred his podcast co-host as the guest, blog on dog balls > book on replication crisis.


Was just listening to her on Tim Dillon's show. Was pretty good.


Blocked and reported is pretty great imo


I liked this one! It's funny, at first it was like they both felt obliged to hit bullet points on topics. Which I didn't totally mind, I get it. Like y'all know Jesse had to take on Alex. But, when it turned genuinely conversational, it got pretty good! I also like that Jesse pulled his books out of an old Target bag, haha.


Fuck this guy. If you don't support free speech 100%, you 100% support censorship.


Exactly. There’s no ands buts or ifs


Y'all motherfuckers talking about Jesse's nose so much. SMFH. It does, however, make me wonder if his obsession with the Alex Jones discussion about aborting deformed fetuses has to do with the crazy shaped honker on his face


Nobody nose for sure


shut it down


Who’s this guy telling Joe he shouldn’t have Alex Jones on his podcast because of how big his audience is?? Yea Alex can be crazy but it’s Joe’s podcast, he can do what he wants!


This man is dissing my boy Alex. Alex Jones is the man.


I get that Christmas/christianity/amanita muscaria has been brought up a million times but first time I looked up the old Christmas cards with mushrooms prominently displayed. Pretty cool.


Omg. Poor Sammy Sosa. After hearing on Rogan, I googled him and wow he looks awful. He looked so great before naturally. Jeesh this poor man


Whenever Joe talks about the Old Testament he get the traditional interpretation wrong. It would really help to have an actual theologian on the show some time.


I found this guy incredibly annoying and disagreed with a lot of what he said


1:55:12 Joe "oppenheimer nukes highest of the high" (expression of technology giving even a weak person power) Jesse OBVIOUSLY JOKING "and then you have podcasters!" Joe completely serious "what do you mean? How are podcasters more destructive than nukes?" Jesus Joe


Why does he hate Alex Jones. Censorship is censorship.


Joe “Trump has normal size hands” Rogan


lol what is this in reference too?


He mentions this towards the end of the episode


Ty kind sir Trump is way bigger than joe but joe saw him having the same size hands and went HAM on the MSM


Trump having tiny hands.


Well, they’re be angry about this one! I love it though


We need less "progressive Jewish journalists from Brooklyn" and more Alex Jones in this world.


Did anyone notice they censored Elizabeth warren's native American %?


At 58:45 they censored the %. Anyone have any idea why? Something seems so off about the vibe of this one too


So when does r/politics arrive? Also. Imagine thinking that parents allowing their kids some form of transition therapy isnt child abuse.


How many spotify employees will quit today?


Guy looks like a Jewish pedophile.


Completely dismissing Epstein's Island and shot down by the Alex Jones clip? Yeeeeaaahhhhh I had to turn this off by the 25 minute mark. This dude is another delusional journalist lol.


Listening to this guy talk about "deplatforming" Alex Jones is so fucking cringe. Per his 'objection': They literally played a clip of Gov. Northam saying that after the (out-of-womb) baby is successfully resuscitated (alive) that THEN a decision is made whether to terminate (murder/euthanize) the alive baby. Then he is the one 'twisting' the words, and Rogan is a bit too intellectually inept to fully follow along and understand such distinction. Incredibly dishonest and bizarre from Singal. Then he reverts back to the "WELL SANDY HOOK!" tagline. Yes, Alex Jones said regrettable things about Sandy Hook. He's been on air for what - 25 years? Put out 25,000+ hours of content? He's said some regrettable things, and been proven wrong here or there. The 'kernel of truth' argument, is even better juxtaposed when you look at many mainstream media narratives that lack even that kernel. In some regards, I trust Alex Jones infinitely more than CNN, etc. The ultimate talking point would be Pizza Gate. Where Wikileaks proved incredibly bizarre coded language used amongst the DNC elites -- and also incredibly disturbing child sexualized art collected by the Podesta brothers -- not to mention the $60K "hotdogs" and "pizza" and "children will be in hot tubs for our pleasure" etc. None of which is EVER covered when DNC pundits bring up the subject. And what happens? 'They' ignore 95% of of the leaked content, and just hit taglines, "ALEX JONES CAUSED A MAN TO SHOOT UP A PIZZA PARLOR!!!!" Yawn. This guy is a victim of his own0 partisanship. Unscientific and rhetoric infused positions, while talking about subjects and people he understand little about and the veracity of science? Cool story bro. As the millennials say, "Miss me with this episode."




For a dude who came on Tim Dillons podcast crying about trying to be canceled it’s pretty eye rolling.


> They literally played a clip of Gov. Northam saying that after the (out-of-womb) baby is successfully resuscitated (alive) that THEN a decision is made whether to terminate (murder/euthanize) the alive baby. You make it seem like theyre just deciding to kill babies that temporarily passed out but were revived and are now fine. The babies in this discussion are those that cant survive on their own. Theyre alive for more than a few minutes only because machines are keeping them that way.


His sandy hook behaviour was more than just ‘a regrettable mistake’ come on man.


I’ve heard this guy on The Fifth Column podcast before and he’s pretty great. Speaking of The Fifth Column I’d love for Michael Moynihan to be on. He’s hilarious and has pretty reasonable takes.


Joe should have a conversation with Megan Fox. She can share her Ayahuasca experience and the feeling of sitting between Donald Trump and Justin Biber during the latest UFC.


this guy has a shnozz


You can be an ordained minister in 45 seconds online


A couple of interesting tid bits squeeze through, not bad episode


Sick edit in the convo about Alex Jones.


Yeah this guy was incredibly underwhelming, his attempts to make Joe slip up and his rude anxiousness to self promote his book was all just pathetic. His cohost Katie would have made a far better guest and is just saddening when others can have a chance to voice their stances on this platform


I have no beef with Jesse, but Katie would make an amazing guest. She definitely would mesh will with Joe while being really entertaining.


Katie who?


Katie Herzog. She has a podcast with Jesse called Blocked and Reported. She smokes a lot of pot and started a [substack on the subject of dog neutering](https://moosenuggets.substack.com/). She would mesh well with Joe.


He seemed nervous at first.


This one sucked. Jesse is a snoozefest


Love joe asking him if he has kids. This dude seems clueless. What parent wouldn’t give their child a pill to help w autism? What two year old has any clue what is going on. Joe just nodding and laughing


That was great - this guy was like "when kids are talking at 2." Bro, you clearly don't have kids.


You and Joe both missed his point


Yay! Jesse mentions Jonathan Haidt! Hell yeah! Everyone should read his book - Coddling of the American Mind with co-author Greg Lukianoff Everything going on In the world, those two men researched it and called it.


I hear some tears in a section of the Spotify office and here on this Sub!!!




…what press?


“Say what you want about Elon, he doesn’t lie” Except he claims to be the founder of Tesla and PayPal which is verifiably false


Love Jesse!


It's the " They say crazy things cuz they had a major accident as a young person " Rogan show ! Jesus christ, for a guy who's always talking shit about people always having excuses for their behavior he loves using it that one when it comes to his friends. Rosanne, Alex Jones, Kinison.


traumatic head injuries can, and often do, cause behavior changes. why are you anti science?


I can’t tell if people on this thread are being sarcastic about getting offended over certain jokes or not. But if they’re serious, man, things are really going down the drain. Offensive shit IS funny. I feel so bad for stand up comedians these days. They talk about this dilemma often. Even they have trouble telling these “offensive” jokes because the crowds don’t laugh. Younger generations can go all out with whatever but come on. Grow some tough skin people.


don't worry, reddit is full of crazies. you seem like a normal person. these people are not.


Aw thank you! :)


Oh Joe, you misunderstand how terrible T_D was.




agreed. it was 99% hilarious memes and 1% assholes who ruined it for everyone else




yes, it was clear what was going on. anyone who would champion corporate news attacking a counterculture subreddit is a fool


Sorry but this dude's nose is too distracting. Gonna have to listen to audio only lmao


I never understood watching a podcast.