That’s so sad to read. Llewelyn’s Q is part and parcel to the original charm of the franchise. He’s an institution, and the production company didn’t take care of him. Very disappointing.


He lived a very interesting life. He’d been captured during WWII, attempted to escape multiple times, and was sent to Colditz, an “escape-proof” POW camp.


That sounds like a fun read - any recommendations on a biography?


[This is the definitive one, I believe.](https://www.amazon.com/Biography-Desmond-Llewelyn-Sandy-Hernu/dp/1857701879)


No wonder he was so pissed at Bond for damaging all that expensive equipment.


Also, no wonder he didn’t want his lunch touched


Can anybody verify this? My gut instinct is to not deny the possibility, but it's still pretty surprising for such an iconic character, an iconic character of modern film itself.


I thought it was pretty common knowledge that he was only paid per day (and practically at scale, too).


thats weird, if I count correct he was actually in 17 of 25 Bond movies.


This was circa Goldeneye so he had two more to go. Hopefully he got a little more consideration as the franchise grew quite a bit over the next decade.


I think he was in two past Goldeneye, so that accounts for the off count


I don't know if Llewelyn was in the actors union, I don't know which Bond movies were union productions, and I don't know what the entire union residual deal was back then... but if he was in the union working on union productions, he would have received at least some contractual minimum back end payments. And he likely had a better contract than the union minimums. I'm assuming and haven't done any research.


Per Diem scam


Rest in Peace. Really sad what happened to him.


In a way, but I thought at the time "there are worse ways to go than to make it into your 80s and then die suddenly in an accident."


He had to save that money for shirts at Dan Flashes. One of them is $1000 because the patterns are so complicated.


You see a store like dan flashes, everyone in here is a ggressive version of Q, all fighting for the sam shirt, of course he came in.


It’s a shame Q didn’t equip Bond in Octopussy with a safari hat with flaps in the back.


Did he do Conventions (autograph signings?)


Yes and I hear there was always a long Q to see him


Haaaaaaa... Yeah, ok. Have my upvote.


Not sure how much of that is actually true... of course he wants *more* money. He took part in marketing tours and was certainly paid for that. Then he did tons of ads during the 90s.


I think the 15 minute screen time statement was a bit embellished. His screen time alone in licence to kill was relatively sizeable. I'd love to see a breakdown of his actual minutes of screen throughout the franchise


You have come to the right Reddit for that ask.


Kind of sucks that he had to do all those ads just to make ends meet, but at least the ads are fun.


After checking his Wiki page, as he was privately educated and his father bought a Bentley from WO Bentley himself, there was probably an element of family money to keep him going


Did he have to? He was famous as shit, Im sure it was just easy money for him and the alternative was full day jobs in television


I think he needed a better agent


With a licence to... licence.


Yeah, he should have been able to get more work. The last couple of decades were nearly exclusively Bond, which, in a way, does make a good bit of sense for an elderly man, as he was. If he was otherwise retired, perhaps, it was no longer about the money. This implies that it was penny pinching, but there may have been a deeper reason why he chose to take rail service. Limos can be rather boring and unsociable. It would be interesting to know what his final paycheque was in comparison to Ben Whishaw's initial appearance fee.


Nobody does it better


Shame they’d write him up like this. Kinda put him on blast there


This is so sad. I've only gotten into the bond films this year, having watched all of them twice already. I was heartbroken to see him be replaced, especially with John Cleese, of all people. For him to not get royalties or anything is insulting.