The FourSkins are playing their version of "Would You Lie To Me?" where the boys have to decide whether each anecdote is the truth or a big fat fib!

Has Alfie sucked a slug? Has Robbie played FIFA with a famous figure? Does Stevie love leaping about on stage in leather? Has Jack ever been weird around women? (Is that last one even a question...)

Come back for part 2 on episode #430!

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jacks fortnite take is absolutely terrible


New map has got me playing again, completely agree with you


Yeah I came back to play and have enjoyed it HOWEVER it must be said… if Jack is playing zero build he might not be wrong. There’s a a lot of places between Points of interest that end up being quite flat without a way up on top of the hills and such


i understand what it means it’s definitely fuelled by nostalgia but idk most fun i’ve had in a while playing with mates that are coming back to it


Came here just to say that!


Someone needs to tell these lads about indoor cats! The STDs are completely optional


Alfie saying he was gonna have some quiet time was one of the first times I’ve uncontrollably laughed out load listening in public, great ep👍🏻


You shit yourself laughing?


The chandler bit was top tier. Poor alfie definitely needs some quiet time


Why is the cat bring called chandler funny?


Because Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) died recently


Feel like a baugette would be one of the better breads to shag


Nahhh sourdough is clear mate


Could be risking a yeast infection there lad


Making a bread based joke, god that is proper kneady


True, I can probably dough better


That was second to naan


Mate you can do much butter


Ahhh baguette it mate


What do you mean, these puns never go stale


The gta rp tangent just got more ridiculous as it went on and I loved it


Only listened to Alfie’s gta story so far, however I realised how much of a happy hour nerd I am when Alfie gave his tagline, I applied for a job on GTA etc. Instantly I thought true!!! Jack told this story on the tobjizzle ep, stevie was there too! Either great acting from the boys as they’d heard the story before and didn’t wanna ruin the ep. Orrrr I just remember more about their lives than them? 🫡🤣 do I listen too much? Probably.


in absolute tears at Jacks fight with Coddy


Thought I liked jack till he slagged off the OG Fortnite map


Dreadfull Fortnite take from Jack


Had to stiffle my laugher on the bus into work, absolutely cracking episode Lads 💜


The all caught up was sensational had me laughing out loud in public


Alfie sucking a slug had me desperately holding in my laughter on the bus


Jack and Alfie saying OG Fortnite coming back is a bad thing is genuinely one of the worst things I’ve heard in my life. It turns out that bringing back a period of a game that millions of people have been asking for across multiple years is actually a good thing and gad the most players of the game at 1 time.


Had to put my two cents in here. As someone who has been a part of a large GTARP community for 6 years i'll atleast be able to share what the experience has been like for me. So i joined DOJRP (a pc GTARP communtiy) 6 years ago, for me it has been an amazing experience. Started off as a police officer and worked my way through the ranks up to Lieutenant. I am now currently what we call full time media. For me the enjoyment has always been in patrolling with friends. You get the calm calls such as a traffic violation(as mentioned by Alfie), but also the intense vehicle pursuits, bank robberies etc. for me it offers an ability for GTA to feel more realistic. Each scenario varies quite alot and they're very dependent on the effort the civ has put into it. For the LEO side there are multiple ways for us to improve our experience and RP such as detective work, SWAT and k9 unit. I can honestly say i absolutely love it. However: what i must mention is that as Alfie mentioned he tried to get into a PS4 community. Which is very limited in its abilities and possibilities for RP. Modding servers on PS4 is quite difficult and voice chatting lacks quite alot. So my recommendation would be to attempt RP on pc. It makes the entire feel of everything alot better. Police radio is usually done with teamspeak, ingame voice chat is alot easier to modify and set up to the communities liking. Scripts that are useful both for LEO and for civ can be easily set up and there are already a high amount of scripts out there. So if you can go for GTARP on pc


I've seen servers that have shifts and minimum hours, often ridiculously high (like "close to full time employment high"). Is that the case with all of them? If so, that sounds really quite sad


I think that very much depends on the server, we have minimum activity requirements to stay sctive, but that's nowhere near that. A few hours a month basically


I'm still as confused as Robbie was when Alfie pointed out that when Stevie said little scarab, it was a consonant/syllable away from a racist term. Genuinely not sure. The only thing I could think of was the word Arab which isn't offensive if you're referring to someone from certain areas of Western Asia or Northern Africa who speaks Arabic as a first language, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Was trying to be funny like a twat


Have some quiet time mate👍🏻


Not too quiet, don't want menny b to kick off




For Robbie: I also have terrible terrible sleeping problems to the extent I've had repeated incidents of where my lack of sleep has caused me to have chest pains/pains in my heart. I'm also incredibly sensitive to caffeine where even having a 300ml can of a fizzy drink will fuck my sleep up. I think the massive coffees in the morning may be slightly contributing to your sleep issues. Although I completely understand that you have a lack of sleep so you need caffeine to wake up but it's probably a repeating cycle tbf.


He probably already does know this tbf (so sorry if you do robbie) but it was the first thing that came to mind when the bit about drinking the coffees came up


Jack’s Fortnite take is honking


Definitely heard at least 2 of those stories before


Shits crazy dawg, fr fr


OG Fortnite is so much better


I can just tell that you’re terrible at the game based off that take