Golden age of Happy Hour

I can’t name an ep in the last 30+ that I haven’t enjoyed. Even episodes with guests that are in completely different worlds to what I enjoy have been so entertaining.

Big props to Jack and the team for smashing it recently, some of the funniest moments and personal favourite conversations have come out of recent episodes so keep up whatever it is that you’re doing right!


i think alfie featuring more has helped it so much, the dynamic is awesome and i couldnt agree more, every episode makes my life better.


Is respect the opinion. Personally I’d say the ‘dream’ era (idk what else to call it) was better but it has been good as of late


Dream heist was prime happy hour


Dream theme parks with Mac Beans world of dreams will forever be one of my fave episodes


It’s really not… 2020/21 was prime happy hour


Agree with this mate, for me particularly ep 426 has been peak Happy Hour. Definitely a golden era rn