Defending the Beatles from Stevie (Polite Rant)

i remember in the best bands of all time section of an episode, Stevie mentioned that The Beatles took a load of drugs and made some utter shite songs. And he said it like it was fact. I assume he is referring to songs such as “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “I am The Walrus”. I’m here to offer my opinion (ik nobody asked) which is i prefer these LSD-infused songs to things like Hey Jude because they were a lot more influential and are more interesting. Tomorrow Never Knows was the first song to ever use a loop-tape for drums. Looping drums is something that is now used on almost every song, especially in hip-hop. Proves that this experimental side of the Beatles was possibly more important than the “good pop song” beatles. But hey jude is still a banger.


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At this point I just zone out whenever the lads talk about music because they have some sensationally shocking takes


also Oasis were clearly more influenced by this side of the Beatles as opposed to the early stuff. Listen to their cover of I am The Walrus or “Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers (which has Noel on vocals and was co-written by Noel) - It is basically a re-vamp of tomorrow Never knows


Totally agree with this!!


I tend not to take Jack and stevies opinions on things that seriously. Used to get frustrated with their football chat a lot mainly because it was completely incorrect the majority of the time. Have found that if you just take their opinions like that of a host on a phone in show who you know is just doing it fall calls and texts it helps.


i’m glad someone has said it!! some of my favourite beatles albums are their later ones because of how experimental they got, you can especially hear it in the new deluxe versions of the albums that have demos etc showcasing the creations of these songs


Go listen to Piggies.




Yeah but better to take a big swing and a miss instead of just release a 5/10 song you didn’t put much effort into, it’s part of experimentation pretty rare for a band of there size to be frequently doing


yeah. yeah. true


youve only named one track and its one of their only avant garde tracks, do better


If you’re a Beatles fan I highly recommend taking acid and listening to the “love” album


they should take acid and listen on the pod


You’ve got it spot on mate. It’s become really trendy to dislike the Beatles and the majority of arguments they have are laughable


‘Rain’ is soooo good


Definitely not a podcast where their opinions are respected by their fan base. I just zone out during moments like these


i respect strives opinion i’m just offering my own


Yeah that annoyed me little bit too, I study sound production at college, and in one of the units we talk about the history of the audio industry and The Beatles are one of the most influential and important parts of that. They experimented with so much, and inspired so many people.


Also!! Oasis were mainly influenced by the Smiths. More so than the Beatles


maybe noel was but liams singing is lennon


Noel has been friends with Johnny Marr from the early days of Oasis so I think that was a given. As for Liam, vocally probably is more Lennon. But I personally think Noel’s influence is much heavier on the band.