JRPG with no fan-service

JRPG with no fan-service


I'm shocked no one has mentioned Vagrant Story. Dark story, dark themes with very little humour and absolutely no fanservice... unless husbandos are your forte.




PlayStation 2 can play PS1 games.


Parasite Eve, Koudelka, Valkyrie Profile 1-2 (and if you have a way to play them, the Soul Blazer trilogy on SNES, and Pandora's Tower on Wii).


* Valkyrie Profile series * Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together * Radiata Stories * Dragon Quest series * Resonance of Fate


[Resonance Of Fate Has This Scene Though](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVibNKrp8sQ)


Resonance of fate is the JRPG with the wonky battle system where the trio are sliding about and flopping like fish out of water right? I’m glad I borrowed that one, I didn’t get more than an hour into it. Wasn’t for me. That scene was pretty funny though.


Damn, instant buy


Play SMT: Devil Survivor 1&2. If you liked the first SH don't miss Shadow Hearts Covenant, there's a bit of fanservice but the game is so good that it definitely won't be a turn off Also Parasite Eve, a bit dated in the mechanics but the atmosphere is unique


Devil Survivor 2 has fanservice. There's a physical examination day where the female characters compare breast sizes, lol. Not saying that's bad, but might not be what OP is looking for.


I’ve beaten SH2, but I didn’t like it that much compared to the first one. For me, it just didn’t have the same atmosphere, I don’t really know how to explain it. PE is one of my favorite games ever, I don’t know how I forgot to mention it. I also read the book by Hideaki Sena and I would love to see a remake one day. I’ll check out DS 1&2, thank you.


The World Ends With You on the NDS and NEO: The World Ends With For PS4/PC The only downside is that the NDS version doesn't have the extra chapter that ties in with the sequel, so you'll either have to get a switch for that o look a Youtube video playing through the day (like I did)


Well if you liked TWEWY then you’ll like NEO: TWEWY. No fan-service in that either.


Basically everything that people have recommended already, especially DMXrated. But other than that if you liked innocent sin definitely play eternal punishment


I was waiting for the PSP translation, but I guess I should just play the original PS1 version.


Honestly I actually liked the PS1 mechanics more than the psp mechanics, mostly because the encounter rate is much lower and there’s actual difficulty in battles (it’s not that hard but it isn’t just press X and use fusion spells to win). There is some stuff to get used to like the fusion spells are a bit different, but I’d say overall it’s better. But if you do play the PS1 version, definitely still check out the psp translation when it comes out since there was an additional scenario added in the psp version.


I have played a *lot* of JRPGs in my life, and I don't recall any "petting" or "bath scenes", other than Blue Reflection. It sounds like I am missing out on some good stuff!


Trails of cold Steel's saga has a bit, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 BIG time, Persona 4, and 5 to a small extent. Those are the only ones I can think of, off the top.


Valkyrie Profile Covenant Of The Plume


Super Mario RPG or FF9


It's been a while since I've played it, but I don't remember Skies of Arcadia being very tropey. Fun game as well.


Shining Force 1+2 and Shining in the Darkness are available on PC and have basically no fanservice.


If you liked Baten Kaitos I would recommend Baten Kaitos origins, skies of Arcadia legends Dreamcast: TimeStalkers, a mystery dungeon clone with Climax characters in it. record of Lodoss war advent of kardis (I don’t THINK it had any fan service in it other than deedlit and Pirotess being in it) Grandia II (any version other than the PS2 port is great) black matrix A/D (should hit that minimal fan service requirement), PSO VER 1&2, Sega Saturn: The available shining games: Wisdom, The holy ark, force III all three scenarios, If you can find a copy, or image Falcom classics II, has the Saturn version of Dragon Slayer II Xanadu. It’s the great grand pappy of action RPG’s it’s about 60/40 Japanese and Engrish so it’s mostly playable. Castlevania symphony of the night, I want to say magic knight ray earth, but it’s been so long since I played it im not sure. FEDA (remake! or SNES ver) shining force clone with darker story Man, that’s all I can really think of at the moment. Ooh tear ring saga, and berwick saga, fire emblem knock offs by the old lead designers, they are pretty good, and have fan translations available.


Final Fantasy Tactics, that'll run on a PS2.


If you like horror and JRPG, Koudelka EDIT: Also you don't mention them but have you played Final Fantasy IX and X?


I should play Koudelka, I loved Shadow Hearts. I own FF IX, didn’t beat it yet, but I’m planning to. Couldn’t get into FF X, but perhaps I’ll give it another chance one day.


The Atelier Dusk games have little to no fanservice, and are from the same series as Mana Khemia. Escha & Logy has a government job setting wich is sort of school-like in atmosphere. The Arland games have some fanservice, but just in optional scenes you might miss.




I didn't actually play Final Fantasy Type-0, so I can't say whether there's any fan service in it. At least there doesn't seem to be a Fran-type character in it. Its characters are students, so that might interest you.


I think there was one hot teacher but she was side quest character.


Listing RPGs in general that I'm familiar with. A few of them do have characters in revealing outfits, but they're not all over the place, so if that's what you're trying to avoid, just let me know and I'll specify which games not to bother with. Might also help if you specify what kinds of fanservice you're actually trying to avoid. I know someone who tries to avoid fanservice-oriented anime but doesn't mind things like nude magical transformations, swimsuits and other revealing outfits where they actually belong, etc., and can still tolerate minimal amounts of more inappropriate kinds of FS. But anyway, here are my suggestions: \-Earthbound trilogy \-Super Mario RPG \-Paper Mario series \-Suikoden series \-Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes \-Digimon World series (I did play game 3 to an extent.) \-Pokemon \-The Legend of Heroes Gagharv trilogy (I did play Moonlight Witch.) \-Grandia II and III (if you can look past Millenia or Violetta respectively.) \-Wild Arms \-Dark Cloud duology \-Chrono Trigger (aside from Ayla's outfit) \-Marenian Tavern Story \-Star Ocean: First Departure \-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User \-Lisa \-Final Fantasy Mystic Quest \-Food Fantasy \-Trails in the Sky (at least as of FC's chapter-length "prologue", aside from Sherazard's outfit.) \-Phantasy Star (have played I before.) \-Dragon Quest (have played II before.)


Wait what do you mean „at least as of FC‘s chapter-length „prologue““? Sorry English isn’t my first language


I never played any further than that, but if that much is anything to go by, I wouldn't expect to see all too much fanservice in that series.


Ah I see. But Oh boy if you knew 😂


>Trails in the Sky Unless you are able to stop after the Sky or even the Crossbell duology (although this start to introduce more fanservice), I wouldn't recommend this series in this thread. The latest games (starting with the first *Cold Steel*) have a lot of fanservice with everything OP says they don't want in the edit of the post.


To be honest, the most fanservice I've ever seen in an RPG would be the PC-FX-exclusive Makeruna! Makendou Z, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone except diehard fans of what this game called Kendo Rage turned out to be part of back in Japan. Although I am also a bit leery about Persona 4 and 5, having not seen much of 4 and given certain things in 5.


Devil Survivor Overclocked has the kind of characters you might expect from a Persona-style game, but no fanservice in terms of writing. The girls have generous boobs, but outside the character designs, nothing in the story really draws attention to it. Heck outright romance is only implied in a few places. Record Breaker's much hornier though. Digital Devil Saga's pretty lax about it too, there's a few sexual themes, but it's mostly for the sake of Hindu symbolism (yes really) and otherwise is more about violence. Even early Personas don't have much, it's mainly the Hashino directed games that go overboard.


Wild Arms 3, Only fanservice is how intricate some of the dresses are in the game. The first 2 wild Arms are good too but you don't need to play them to understand 3.


Some recs (typed this up before I saw you don't have a Switch, so I've added consoles in brackets): - Octopath Traveler [PC / Switch]. (There's one party member in a sexy outfit, but it's not for fanservicey reasons, and the artstyle makes actual fanservice pretty much impossible anyway.) - Radiant Historia [DS]. - NEO TWEWY [Switch]. - Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume [DS] has no fanservice I recall. VP 1 [PS1] and 2 [PS2] are a bit more questionable in terms of character design (eg characters like Freya, Aelia, or Alicia), but the story content itself is not fanservicey. - Older FE games are not at all fanservicey (FE7 + 8 [GBA] are good starting points and playable on DS), and I'd say FE15 [3DS] is also good in this department. FE16 [Switch] is mostly good about minimal fan service AND is a school setting game, except a point near the start where it decides to throw an anime cutscene with a moment of pointless boob focus at you (which never happens again). - Pokémon [various]. :P - Undertale [PC / Switch], if you're fine with JRPG-style games made by non-Japanese devs. Questionable: - While I personally love Tales games, they're pretty anime tropey and typically have optional hot spring scenes, so if that bothers you, avoid. Certain character designs are also fanservicey (eg Velvet in Berseria, Milla in Xillia, Judith in Vesperia), though typically in a way that at least makes some sense for the character. - Suikoden games have a recurring character, Jeane, who exists pretty much just for fanservice. The games also all feature 108 recruitable characters as their main selling point, so it's not unusual for a few to be a bit fanservicey in terms of design. Finally, Suikoden games have bathhouse scenes... but for character development purposes rather than pure fanservice. That said, 1 and 2 should be pretty safe, and the games aren't fanservicey in terms of plot (5 is a personal favorite of mine).


I will add that in Tales’s case, many of the 3D games come with optional costumes for characters to wear so that you don’t have to see the outfits much, some of which are conservative


Smt strange journey on the nds.


Have you played Xenogears?


No, but I’ve heard good things about the game.


Tales of series?


I don't know why you're getting downvoted? Tales from what Iv seen so far (currently up to Vesperia) has absolutely no fan service.


I don't know, people on reddit are strange


From the ones I have played,I think there is a small bath scene in Berseria and Vesperia. But well it is optional. And Velvet from Ber shows plenty of skins.


They usually have a beach/hot springs scene, but it's always optional and you specifically have to go to the place.


I was thinking about playing some games from these series, but i didn't know where to start.


You can realistically start with any of them. I think Symphonia is the only one with more than tangential ties to other games. But they can all be played stand alone without losing much. I personally didn’t like symphonia.


Tales of Arise is the latest entry and a good game. Tales of Berseria is also good but I'd recommend Tales of Vesperia for first time players.


Perfect suggestion! There are a lot of games worth to play but these are a perfect start point


Thank you.


Seeing as how you enjoy older jrpgs, I actually highly recommend starting from the original. Tales of Phantasia with the English patch for playstation one emulator. It's actually a really great game, just played it for the first time last month, so my opinion comes without nostalgia biased.


There's fan service in VIII and Nocturne at the very least but someone should compile a least of these because people ask this what seems like every week for some reason.


Maybe it's just been a while, but I don't remember any fan service in FFVIII.


Every poster considers different things as fan service so there isn't really an answer. I mean kingdom hearts from conception is disney fan service. If the OP is more specific like 0 mentions of human anatomy It's a bit easier.


I never understood what fanservice even means. Basically just erotic things?


It’s basically an overt wink and a nod to the fans, so skimpy outfits, or almost nude bath scenes, stuff that typically wouldn’t matter story wise but thrown in for the fans. There is more, but that’s the surface answer.