My Red Wings normally lasted me about 2 seasons. I’d wear them every day. The ones that look like Irish setters. They’re actually waterproof


I will completely second the Red Wing boots. Going in season 3 and just now will damp through after a hard day of irrigation start ups. The sole saver is a great idea. It actually needs some rubber on the steel plate though as I've found the shovel will skate around on the plate, even getting wedged between it and the heel of the boot.


yeah my research generally puts Thorogood and Red Wing in the same class above all other leather boots.


Do you have a link for the style you have?


[ah, I guess they are in-store only](https://www.redwingshoes.com/work/mens/waterproof/Traction-Tred-02415.html?cgid=mens-work-waterproof)


Thanks, that's fine, I'd want to see them in person anyway. I typically just get a pair of merrills but they only last about 9 or 10 months and it gets expensive.


Irrigation tech here, also in the PNW. I get good quality boots and use mink oil regularly. My feet stay dry.


This is the best answer. Get leather boots that fit you well and then mink oil them and you will be in good shape. I like doing 2 coats personally when new.


I use that Obenauf HD leather conditioner. fantastic stuff.


Am I the only one out here wearing crocs?


“primer toes”


I haven't yet found a leather boot that is completely waterproof. Someone I work with however swears by Bates boots. Apparently they make boots for the military and their waterproof boots have a Gore-Tex lining inside them. For install I just wear whatever cheap leather work boot I can find with a TPU/PU (polyurethane) sole - it's stronger than lugged rubber, Vibram, and nitrile. For sole protection, look in to the [Sole Saver](https://www.amazon.ca/Protector-Accessory-Landscaping-Irrigation-Construction/dp/B088RLXS4S), they're awesome. For service work I generally wear rubber boots. They keep my feet dry, and they're easy to slip on and off which saves some time when I have to go in to customer's homes. [I wear these suckers.](https://www.durawear.com/dunlop-green-purofort-thermo-full-safety-boots-mfg-e662-843/) They're warm and have a thick, strong polyurethane sole. My Sole Saver doesn't fit on them though so I try not to do too much digging with a trenching shovel with them on if I can avoid it.


damn, those sole savers are genius. I have not seen those in the field and will definitely check out. thanks.


I wear a pair of RockRooster 7" boots. They were brutal breaking in but after a week, I've been in heaven. They give you two pairs of laces because they don't last much more than a month. I took a file and dulled the ridges of the eyelets. I use a spring cord for laces now. The eyelets are better now but not perfect. I'm into them $90? or less. That aside, I don't know that I'll ever need to replace them. You can spend much more on boots. Red Anvil on YouTube cuts boots in half and reviews. I went through a pair of boots from Walmart in a single season. I could spend north of $300 but I don't believe I'd get anything as good as what I have now. Black 7 Inch Steel Toe Leather Asphalt Work Boots AK245 The eyelets look new and much improved! I have yet to wear through the toes. The Walmart steel toed boots i had wore through to metal in a matter of weeks. RockRooster add 1" to your height which makes you that much more confident, too!


Water proof tactical combat boots work the best for me. Typical steel toe work boots suck in the winter and make your feet tired fast. You’re walking a lot and the tactical boots you feel like you can walk and run like it’s nothing and move and crouch down etc.


Also, I want to add. Don’t use your legs to punch shovels through the soil unless it’s already broken up or soft. You will tear your joints up. Use a pick axe or a heavy sharp shooter. You won’t have to worry about tearing your soles up.


Work out in snow and ice in the Midwest. I wear Danner Workman boots, comp toe, water proof, and 8" to support the ankle. Last about two years of daily use. Use them all the time, weekends and outdoors activities included. They are insulated so can get hot in some summer weather but slog right through mud and puddles while others dance around them.


Ariat Rebar and a Good pair of Rubber Boots. Live in DFW area. Best combo ive used


Sounds like I’m due for an upgrade, I’ve been wearing the same Walmart survivors boots the last 3 seasons. Paid $45 for them and they’re still waterproof and when I scrape the mud off look fine. In the DFW area as well