If the previous damaged screen worked besides the damages it had, put the previous screen back on to see if you get any response. If you are getting any type of response with the old screen when you put it back on, swap it again to see if the new screen starts working. If the new screen doesn’t work a second time but the previous damaged on does, then the new screen itself that has the issue and you would need to buy another screen. If you are not getting any responses with any of the screens, when you connect it to a power source, or a computer, you need to take it to a shop and get a third opinion on what the issue is because at this point it could be anything like a battery or power source issue, motherboard issue, shorting out somewhere, any other damage like the back, and I’m guessing you don’t have the tools or experience to actually figure out the situation. It becomes a process of elimination at this point. Good luck


Was the battery unplugged when you connected the screen? Was the display working and the phone booting before the replacement?