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I love her boobs


Good art, crappy character tho.


Finally somtjing other then eve


aye but tbf amber was a bitch in the show


Not really she knew he was a super hero. And he never trusted her enough to say anything. And continued to lie.


Yeah that's like a very big part of being a superhero


I like her, but I can also admit getting mad he ran off to get into his outfit and save his friend while also knowing that was what he was doing the entire time is rather fucking absurd. If he stayed like she wanted and didn't save his friend, he'd be down a friend AND Amber would freak out and ask why he didn't do anything. That's a lose-lose scenario and a bad spot of writing.


Yeah, but the. I remember high school relationships and they felt so serious everything is the end of the world, Plus I think its just setting shit up for the next season, Get the majority of the fan base against her for some reason


(Slight comic spoilers near end.)I think she wanted him to stay and fight like he is now rather than running off and changing, i don't think she likes the idea of a secret identity. Especially when it messes up your life. Which is what you should expect of a normal person who doesn't understand the superhero life. Which is what eve had been saying to him and warning him about the whole time. The comics amber came for mark and got a super hero and mark broke up with her because its unfair to use the I'm a superhero I have to do this excuse. When she never signed up for that she signed up for a normal relationship.


But if she knew he was a hero the only thing messing up his life was her choosing to be upset with him. Of all the things a boyfriend could be lying to you about literally saving people and sometimes the world on a daily basis should get a pass. She literally made him feel like shit for no reason. Also it's his secret to tell. And if he tells the wrong person that person can expose his identity and endanger him and others. I don't think a high school relationship even 5 months warrants her to be able to demand his trust. he didn't even tell from what we can tell from the show is his best friend But on a less amber is for the streets note. This art is fire. 10/10


Yeah. But remember. Most High Schoolers take their relationships to seriously sometimes.


Yeah exactly... that's my point. Just because she thinks her relationship is more important than literally saving lives doesn't mean it is. Her perspective doesn't make her reasoning just. Also she pretended to not know he was a hero.. saying eve was wrong about him. That means she knew why he didn't make it before when he "got hit by a truck".. while knowing after he saved them at the college and still chose to make him feel like shit. I can agree SHE 100% believes she was right. But she isn't. Don't get me wrong neither is Mark entirely but ultimately I agree that if he didn't tell his best friend that him not telling his girlfriend was also the best decision. I also don't believe they should stay together blindly and him keep being late and her still hurting because she doesn't think he trusts her. There was just a better way to go about it. She didn't have to be so rough with someone who literally just saved your life.


Still the reason shes like this is for them to use what is said in the comics so mark can break it off. She didn't sign up for a super hero boyfriend. She signed up for a normal guy and she doesn't know how to act in a relationship with a superhero. She doesn't understand and that's why she acts the way she does. She thinks in a way that the relationship is supposed to be focused on them. While he is focused on helping others and she cant wrap her mind around that.


Also this stemmed from ecchi art. Which amazes me. 😁




Show the booobs man


she sucks


Great art but the worst character