Nicaraguan league is played from February to August. It's not as competitive as Lidom, but it's still good baseball. Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays and are always double-headers. Several games are broadcasted by Youtube.


This is awesome! Thank you so much. Is there a specific YouTube channel where I can catch games?


Nicaragua Canal 13 usually broadcasts live. Keep in mind that they have a single channel for all their content, so they also upload a lot of videos about left wing politics every day. This is a game from 3 weeks ago, [Boer vs San Fernando](https://www.youtube.com/live/PbKY6Qyp57Y?feature=share). I root for San Fernando but the most popular team in the country is Indios del Boer. Since you're familiar with Lidom I would say that Boer are similar to Licey, Dantos are similar to Escogido, León is similar to Aguilas and San Fernando is similar to Estrellas. There are 18 teams in the championship, everyone of them representing a region of the country. I think you will find our baseball fun, you can try watching a game this weekend and if you like it and want to get more into it you can DM and I'll be happy to share some fb pages with more in-depth content about the league.


Seriously, thank you for this! I appreciate the breakdown. I have subscribed to Nicaragua Canal 13 and I am definitely catching a game this weekend! I’ll let you know how it goes!


Looks like a great venue! Do they usually have more people attend the games?


The Dennis Martínez national stadium in Managua is the largest stadium in the country. That is the one you saw on the video I posted earlier. Ironically the national stadium it's only at full capacity during the playoff round. People from Managua prefer to watch the games on TV rather than driving or taking public transportation to the stadium. In the countryside you'll see smaller stadiums but almost every weekend they're at full capacity. In my opinion this happens because Managua has way more entertainment options than other cities, so in other smaller cities the weekend game is The Event. Also people from other cities can go to their stadium walking, while in Managua a taxi drive will cost you more than the game ticket.


Found a [video](https://youtu.be/xV42pQLV8UY) of the venue at medium capacity


College games start up the last week or two of February.


Only the California Winter League which is USA based. The only other action is the Carribean Series.


The Salvadorean league's Copa FESA usually starts in February but I haven't heard anything this year. Probably because of qualifiers for the [Central American Games](https://centrocaribesports.org/juegos-centro-americanos-y-del-caribe/). Asian leagues are playing their spring training friendlies as well.