Follow Friday/Follow Chain - May 10 - Share Your Usernames & Find New People To Follow!

Follow Friday/Follow Chain - May 10 - Share Your Usernames & Find New People To Follow!


Little bit of everything photography related. Been focused on warmer tones lately, going to transition into an abandoned theme soon. [@_kyleboykin](https://www.instagram.com/_kyleboykin) Send me a message that you found me on Reddit and I'll follow back accounts that I like. Thanks for checking it out!




My mom just started her art account, and I'm helping her find a community of fellow artists: [@bajcreationz](https://www.instagram.com/bajcreationz/) Happy Friday!


Suedesully I follow back but if you unfollow I unfollow as well. I post memes but photos of my travels as well. Just DM me that you are from reddit


[@Rujabes](https://www.instagram.com/rujabes/) I do moody, artistic model photography! I update 5-6 times a week and would love to connect to some new talented Reddit folk. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Where are you based? I'm an actress/model based in Phoenix, AZ [@ryanljenkins](https://www.instagram.com/ryanljenkins)


Hey! I'm based in Seattle. Your work is lovely, and I'd be happy to schedule a shoot if you're ever in the area




Following! [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/)


[@scienceofyum](https://www.instagram.com/scienceofyum/) Deep discussions about food: the science, the art, and the history. Food scientist.


[Naztehrpr](https://www.instagram.com/naztehrpr/) I post anything that catches my eye. ie: from life or anything awesome I can take a pic of. Usually (follow back) all that chooses to tag with me in my adventure lol. I will know if you unfollow. So don't waste ur time just to gain a huge follow fanbase. P.S: I'm no epic photographer, all my pics are taken with my iPhone X. :D


Hi everyone my name is Carla and my Instagram handle is @dupersupercarla. (https://www.instagram.com/dupersupercarla/) I love photography and subtitles so putting the two together seemed like the way to go. Send me a dm that you’re from reddit and I’ll follow you back! Wishing you a great Friday.




[miloszzurekk](https://www.instagram.com/miloszzurekk/) I always follow back within 12 hours! * L4L * F4F Into fitness, and want to connect/engage with people.


@karma_jane Follow for follow, will engage.


>@karma\_jane Following - [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/)


Personal account. Anything I fancy. Dogs, shoes, travel, etc. https://www.instagram.com/balog23 Always follow back :)


https://www.instagram.com/alexaquiva/ Hello friends! Name is Alexander and from the Dominican Republic, will show you what amazing some places of my country are! So follow me, will follow you back! Dm me on IG if you are from here!


@lavenderanchamomille It's mostly may face and used to be my photography


Following! [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/) There's a typo in your username - should be @lavenderandchamomille


[@very.dumb](https://www.instagram.com/very.dumb/) Chicago forever. Forever Chicago.


23 year old from melbourne. hit me up, im very active on here! Personal account. ill know if u unfollow 🙈 [My instagram ](https://www.instagram.com/joshhsutherland/)


Do you love music?! I'm super excited to share my new project! Go follow me @celebrityplaylists! I share music that famous people are listening to. It's a great way to discover new music and rediscover old favorites. Thank you! @celebrityplaylists https://instagram.com/celebrityplaylists?igshid=8697wc85k8xi


I also keep an updated Spotify playlist that is linked in my IG profile.


Hello, I draw people’s requests, most of which turn out pretty ridiculous. Hoping to get some more to add to the collection. Will follow back (I will unfollow if you unfollow) 👍🏻 [@LetMeDrawThatForYou](https://www.instagram.com/letmedrawthatforyou/)


followed! I draw too!


Awesome! Your drawings are really clever. Just followed. I'm @whatkatydrewnext


[@francismajorpain](https://www.instagram.com/francismajorpain/) Greetings from Texas, I do portrait photography. DM me if you want follow for follow.


Do you ever visit Arizona? I'm always looking for photographers to work with and expand my model portfolio: [@ryanljenkins](https://www.instagram.com/ryanljenkins)


[@caispictures](https://www.instagram.com/caispictures/) Photography account. Posting my travel pics from around the world! Content consists mainly of landscapes and portraits. I'll follow back other photography pages! Send me a msg!


Hey guys, my name's Sydney and i'm an aspiring beauty/fashion/lifestyle/self confidence influencer! follow & dm me letting me know you came from reddit and i'll follow back!!! ​ [https://www.instagram.com/sydneeeyb/](https://www.instagram.com/sydneeeyb/)


@rob.mills Hey guys, I'm a UK based filmmaker who posts short cinematic videos alongside a bit of photography. Will follow back film or photography related accounts or anything I find interesting :) https://www.instagram.com/rob.mills/


[@leyonle](https://www.instagram.com/leyonle/) Personal account: I post a variety of things — let me know you’re from Reddit and I’ll definitely follow right back!


[@its.ahtrap](https://instagram.com/its.ahtrap) Travel. Street. Minimalism. Let me know if you’re from Reddit, I’ll follow back if you’re in the same niche.


Suedesully Mainly travel and memes. Follow for follow. Unfollow for unfollow.


Hey guys :) this is my insta account : [https://www.instagram.com/sanny.13/?hl=bg](https://www.instagram.com/sanny.13/?hl=bg) I post mainly photos from my travels, nature pics and personal photos ( all shot by me). Follow for Follow as usual <3 please DM me in insta, that you are from Reddit :) <3


juliangonzalze been late to making one. just made it yesterday!!! just looking to talk to new people and get my followers up!






Hello everyone! I cook/bake vegetarian food 😊 I’m excited to meet more people on IG! https://instagram.com/mg.cooks


Hey follow me @suedesully I post memes and photos of my travels for internet points Follow for follow. Unfollow for unfollow. I try to be engaging as possible. Just send me a DM saying you are from reddit so I can follow back.


Hey guys I have a cannabis apparel brand I make mostly hats with joint holders on them! [https://www.instagram.com/HighHatsApparel/](https://www.instagram.com/HighHatsApparel/)


[@alexpopa94/](https://www.instagram.com/alexpopa94/) Hey! I'm a romanian artist, I'm mostly posting photos of my paintings and drawings. Check me out, follow me if you like my stuff ,and let me know you're from Reddit so I can follow back and give likes :) Please don't try to follow and unfollow, I'll see it anyway and we'll be both wasting our time.


[@angelroundtrip](https://www.instagram.com/angelroundtrip/) I mostly post travel photos, but since I haven't been traveling much lately, I'm going to start trying out different kinds of photos now as well. I just posted some Mario Kart x Gudetama photos! I live in Japan, so I will post a lot of Japan-related content. Please take a look!


[@wosheed](https://www.instagram.com/wosheed/) Hello everybody, check out my photos, if want to me follow back, message me on direct! THANK YOUUU!


https://www.instagram.com/e.milyholloway/ Be.milyholloway I post every single day and it’s usually little fun things about me and my friends or something we did that day!


@theroblife Cars, nerd stuff (for example I will be at ComicCon in July) and the occasional pretty girl when I am able to find a model.


@ambrllgnsthtcs12 is the user! Also I'm into food and traveling lots! Will follow back and if u need someone to chat, I'm here for you too!


Follow me @suedesully I post mainly memes and photos of my travels. Follow for follow. Unfollow for unfollow. Shoot me a DM so I know you're from reddit


@_thetoiletpaper_ Me and my girlfriend started an instagram account where we post pictures of mundane common day items in different situations. Would love to have a chat and follow back if you dm :)


Lifestyle photography, IG: jaw_kay


Heyy, new instagram account (discounts, promotions and stuff) take a look:) @bestdealsglobally




Following - [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/)


[Here’s me!](https://www.instagram.com/jordan.watke/) I’m a landscape and nightscape photographer from Minnesota. I just got back from a vacation in Ireland, so expect some tasty landscapes from the Emerald Isle!


Hello people! The last few weeks I have been in touch with amazing material from all around the world, so I continue to give it a shot! My instagram is this https://www.instagram.com/kirstenmar_/ I mostly do landscapes and street photography. I am looking for accounts that have landscapes, street photography and architecture! Please, do not follow me just to unfollow me after a few days. Message me to tell me you are from Reddit and I will follow if I find your feed interesting :)


Here’s my page (Dj,Photographer, regular 9-5) https://www.instagram.com/dj_macmillz/ let me know you’re from here. Please don’t follow/unfollow.. I know who does it and I unfollow back also.


Following - [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/)


[https://www.instagram.com/\_michaellazzaro/](https://www.instagram.com/_michaellazzaro/) ​ Hello, Reddit. My feed is kind of a mixed bag so you're better off just checking it out yourself. Mostly pics from NYC and LI suburbs. Let me know you're from Reddit and I'll follow back IF I like your feed.


[@m_lac03](https://www.instagram.com/m_lac03/?hl=en) Just a random guy on the internet seeking validation from strangers on the internet.


http://www.instagram.com/chowmanderr Mostly landscape and nature photography. Happy to meet new friends!


just followed you!


Hi everyone, my name is Matthew, I'm a graphic designer and aspiring Illustrator. Always looking for creative types to follow! ​ [@jim.co.inc](https://www.instagram.com/jim.co.inc/)


Passing along my mom's art IG! We just recently got it up and running: [@bajcreationz](https://www.instagram.com/bajcreationz/)


Hello all. My feed is mostly landscapes and a bit of travel. :) [@jose_f_c](https://www.instagram.com/jose_f_c/)


Great shots in your gallery, followed :)


Thanks dude!




Amazing pics. I need to get on your level


http://www.instagram.com/chrisjeba I post photos mainly of food, accompanied by bad puns when I can think of them. I follow back if you DM me that you're from Reddit!


Help me to get 3500 Follower mates ❤️ I follow back and I leave some love. [https://www.instagram.com/mawero93/](https://www.instagram.com/mawero93/) @mawero93 German portraits 📸


Following - [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/)




Hi! I'm shooting **landscape** and **street,** mostly travel content Check it out! [@kamil.badura](https://www.instagram.com/kamil.badura)




Great feed to follow! Will make you hungry tho 🤤


Memories from my Jeep excursions mostly in Southern California. I try to throw some astrophotography in when I'm camping too @[wayfinder_jku](https://www.instagram.com/wayfinder_jku/) Today's post is a recap video from Easter in Utah!


https://www.instagram.com/jesse.milani/ Nature and wildlife photographer from northern Ontario Canada. Been getting into outdoor rock climbing photography as well




Right up my alley, followed :)




Following! I love the fractal patterns! It reminds me a bit of when I was a kid with a spirograph. Really cool! (I also accidentally followed from my other account. Fixed it - sorry!) @whatkatydrewnext


Thank you very much! You can expect more fractals soon :)




https://instagram.com/seahbiyang Here! I'm a amateur photographer trying to improve my mad skillz. Follow me and I'll follow back. 😂


[https://www.instagram.com/seekingkallos/](https://www.instagram.com/seekingkallos/) ​ I post once a day M-F on food and travel. I'm currently posting photos I took while on a tour of the DMZ, South Korea.




[@monthlymammals](https://www.instagram.com/monthlymammals/) I draw the same mammal everyday for a month. Nothing serious, just goofing around.


My name is [Stanley DeLarge](https://instagram.com/stanleydelarge?igshid=pm5u01pv41lt) and I'm a Romanian visual artist, full-time painter, part-time other visuals, so it's always fresh. I mainly deal in portraits, I have a signature style and palette, so to speak, so I hope you'll find something that interests you over there. Not to mention, I take what I like to call "the cheapest comissions in the Universe", as I try to collect old video games, those are an equally good currency. I'm like *this* close to reaching 700 followers thanks to this amazing community, so if you all could help me reach that milestone I'll be sure to return the favor tenfold. Let me know in the DMs that you found me on Reddit and I'll follow back and like your feed until I get artrhitis.


My mother is also an artist. She is new to IG and is looking to follow/share with other creators! [@bajcreationz](https://www.instagram.com/bajcreationz/)


Followed! :)


Thanks so much!


Hi Reddit! I'm a photographer and I love meeting new people! Send me a follow and I'll follow back. [@thegreatestshahman](https://www.instagram.com/thegreatestshahman/)


Www.instagram.com/sebsama3 Returning this year to the platform, personal account 100% mobile photography... F4F, L4L. Will engage


@hwksnest I am a music maker, guitar player. beat maker. i share music related content and such. will follow back. please follow and like a pic right after or comment an emoji if you can and ill know you came from here so i can follow back


[@grub_and_guzzle](https://www.instagram.com/grub_and_guzzle/) for photos of my homemade meals and craft beer.. Let me know you're following from reddit and I will follow back!


[just my personal account. ](https://www.instagram.com/tylerstormm/). I will follow back!


[@thousandarmscracker](https://www.instagram.com/thousandarmscracker/) i paint i cook i design i train i game


http://instagram.com/chasethesun90 I post a mix of stuff but I've recently been trying put different things on different days: Tuesday I do drinks (mainly coffee!) Wednesday fashion/beauty Thursday Photography Food Friday! Saturday is Caturday. Sunday/Monday random things I didn't get round to uploading during the week. I'm also trying to upload a little video every day (most days) to give a story behind the pictures I've uploaded or will upload.


I'm [girl.on.saturn](https://www.instagram.com/girl.on.saturn?r=nametag) This is just my personal account, with some photography, stick and poke tattoos, and of course my supermodel cat. I love being a part of the Reddit/Instagram community, and seeing real people and their passions. It's been very inspiring and I hope I can continue this!


@chickstravel ​ Just got this account up and running again after 2 years! Go give it some love and we'll repost you on our insta story!!


Honestly a bit boring, really just my dog. However: [https://www.instagram.com/riotinthewest/](https://www.instagram.com/riotinthewest/) Follow for follow and all of that.






https://www.instagram.com/starry.meadows/ I follow back, my page is Lit fashion, clothing inspired by literature , I put my art inspired by books and classic authors on T-Shirts and stuff 👀 I’m bad with words as well😂


https://www.instagram.com/stratos_av/ @stratos_av Personal account posting mostly outfit pics. Let me know you are from Reddit Follow for follow


Greetings from Australia. I post stuff about my life and a bit of nature photography. DM me that you are from Reddit and I will follow you back :) [https://www.instagram.com/just\_a\_lamb/](https://www.instagram.com/just_a_lamb/)


https://www.instagram.com/linard_h/ Based out of Southern California and I love the outdoors. I take landscape and astro photos of the places I travel to. [Here's my recent post](https://i.redd.it/fi4a77ryzex21.jpg)




>Following. [https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/](https://www.instagram.com/herbbaker1/)


Howdy Everyone! Over at [@inasianspaces](https://instagram.com/inasianspaces) posting the beginning of my spring photos now. Just message me and let me know you're from Reddit and we can be mutuals or whatever (=


Follow for follow @moosaaaziz


Hi friends! I am a photographer and I have two accounts :) I look forward to following you back and supporting your work! :) https://instagram.com/sparksidephotographyforfoodies?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=w1zyxaw8dsdx https://instagram.com/sparksidephotography?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1h2gxowf6cs8n


@timeglides I post everyday shots from my photos. I follow back, just let me know you're from reddit :^)


[@jesterjjoker](https://www.instagram.com/jesterjjoker/) Post life, fit pics, photography, nightlife, bugs, random shit Follow me and I follow back. Active liker and let me know you're from Reddit, 10 likes with a follow.


Hello everyone! My name is Qasim and my content is based on healing, love, spirituality, and more Check out my page plus i will follow/like back users with similar interests! (Also send a message if you’re a redditor) [Qosmic Qasim](https://www.instagram.com/qosmicqasim/) Thanks!!! ❤️


Down to earth guy here living in NY & my content is mainly adventures, art, travels more plus i follow & like back!!! (also send me a message to let me know you’re from reddit) [@quasimoddoe](https://www.instagram.com/quasimoddoe/)




Gave you a follow. Love the feed. [jeffreyjiphotos](https://www.instagram.com/jeffreyjiphotos/)


hi everyone, happy to have met great instagrammers here please follow me at [@israelv](http://www.instagram.com/israelv) posting pictures of landscapes, portraits and occasional drone and osmo pocket videos. i’ll follow back.


Hi Everyone, I love photography and my profile contains landscape and nature photography. Please check out at [https://www.instagram.com/my.pixelography/](https://www.instagram.com/my.pixelography/)


@shots.berlin www.instagram.com/shots.berlin Streetart in Berlin, Germany. I'll follow active accounts of all types. I'm super active within my mutual followers, engagement rate atm 40-50%.


write me a dm so I know you're from reddit


Heya! You can look at my profile at [@comedenechaud](https://www.instagram.com/comedenechaud/) I'm a photographer living in Norway, with a focus on wildlife and landscapes. Recently got into birding, come have a look!


Hard edge abstract artist here! [@laeudaimoniaart](https://www.instagram.com/laeudaimoniaart)


[@lpldesignsnyc](https://www.instagram.com/lpldesignsnyc/) Hey everyone! NYC based graphic designer - Posts are typically images I've designed, logos, and invitations. Come by and take a look!


Followed! <3


https://www.instagram.com/chadcmason/ Just a young guy trying to grow my following Fitness, cars and trucks, some men’s wear and me and my fiancé. Got future travel plans too. Follow me and all always follow back. I don’t do the follow unfollow trend, just dm me and say your from Reddit!


[@cindymarshall_](instagram.com/cindymarshall_) i post makeup looks!!


https://www.instagram.com/jerome_litness/ Fitness, dieting, night life/events. Fitness and dieting not to be taken seriously :) DM me that you're from reddit and I'll follow back!


[@veeranummi](https://www.instagram.com/veeranummi/) Sharing sketches, art and selfies. I follow back, but please DM me that you're from here. Thanks and happy weekend to everyone! :)


My mom's account has similar content (probably won't be as many selfies) and is looking to engage with fellow artists: [@bajcreationz](https://www.instagram.com/bajcreationz/)


Thanks, followed her :)


https://www.instagram.com/karinaco_/?hl=en Student from NYC, I just post pics of myself and things I do 🤪


[@afchai](https://instagram.com/afchai) ​ Personal gram containing food, fashion, sneakers and architecture!


🇳🇴🇳🇴Photos from Norway. New shot every day🙂: https://www.instagram.com/perfectmrmax/ 🇳🇴🇳🇴


Hey guys I don’t really post much but I’ll follow you back if you follow me first and message me !! I’ll also comment back on your posts if you comment on mine @ewmichy


https://www.instagram.com/majukooo/ I post botanical illustrations! I would love to follow some people back!


My mom is an illustrator! Her IG is very new: [@bajcreationz](https://www.instagram.com/bajcreationz/)




[notcorey941](https://www.instagram.com/notcorey941) Personal page of me, dogs, girls I date until I delete the pics, and memes. Follow for follow and honestly link me stuff so I see it since the algorithm is poop.


Hey redditors! I have a personal account. DM me that you’re from reddit and I’ll follow back. I like to post stories with amateur gym tips, so look forward to those :D [@tellnoel](Https://www.instagram.com/tellnoel/) Cheers!


Hi I'm Tim (@tim.r) a graphic designer, travel lover and part time photography student using instagram to share creative, interesting photos from my life and travels while hopefully meeting others who do the same! https://www.instagram.com/tim.r/ I always spread love on my feed and will follow back anyone with an active account, I'm very active but DM that you're from reddit if I don't get back to you fast :)


Hi I'm Tim (@tim.r) a graphic designer, travel lover and part time photography student using instagram to share creative, interesting photos from my life and travels while hopefully meeting others who do the same! Just back from an awesome week in Amsterdam for King's day weekend so will be sharing images of all the amazing creativity I saw there over the next week. https://www.instagram.com/tim.r/ I always spread love on my feed and will follow back anyone with an active account, I'm very active but DM that you're from reddit if I don't get back to you fast :)


I also wanted to share my Mom's art account which I'm assisting in getting off the ground. It'd be awesome if any redditors would like to follow: [@bajcreationz](https://www.instagram.com/bajcreationz/) She is an amazing artist/illustrator w/years of experience and talent available for hire and selling prints of original art. Handmade Pencil, ink, watercolor, mixed media-she can do it all! The account is pretty brand new right now, but we are working on posting regularly! Other artists of reddit and IG are welcome to follow and engage. I'm the primary social runner of the account while she learns the ropes, so bear with us :)




Hi! I’m Cici and I have a lifestyle/food/skincare account! I follow back (and I don’t play follow/unfollow), and comment regularly to help engagement! I’m at 11.8k and happy to amplify and expand my network and yours! Happy to support all! https://www.instagram.com/cici.loves.cheese/


https://www.instagram.com/hxesuay/ I post way out of the mainstream. I’m somewhat a spam/depression page, but I post mostly lightly offensive memes as well :)


Hi, I post mainly pictures of my travel destinations, nature, food, metal shows pics and videos. Join me on my account, I’ll follow back and give some likes if you let me know you are from here ! [@nope_0wl](https://www.instagram.com/nope_0wl/)


Dom_Olivares Just like following others from Reddit! I actually follow back unlike most accounts I try to follow on here lol


I just got some new Game of Thrones tarot cards so I'll be sharing lots of that soon! Plus plants, crystals, and more tarot! https://www.instagram.com/eucalyptus.witch


Portraits, models, and some travel landscape. Mostly shot on film. Follow authentically (don't feel compelled to follow if my feed isn't your jam...likewise I am not obligated either) and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read some captions. All love. [https://www.instagram.com/jim.portraits/](https://www.instagram.com/jim.portraits/)


[@mikewinsdaly](https://instagram.com/mikewinsdaly) I post concert photography, electric skateboarding, fitness events, traveling photos! Message me that you are from reddit and I’ll follow back! I've found so many interesting users to follow from these threads!


[https://www.instagram.com/henry\_do/](https://www.instagram.com/henry_do/) Not your typical travel photos 😉


[feedingaims](https://www.instagram.com/feedingaims/) If you’re a foodie then follow me for yammy pics! (Aspiring) Food blogger here! LMK you're from reddit and I'll follow you back! :)


Hi ! I saw on your account that you're based in Orlando, FL, we're a few hours south in Naples, FL and we make delicious homemade artisanal gelato ;) You can check our account here : [https://www.instagram.com/gelatocesibon](https://www.instagram.com/gelatocesibon) :)


https://www.instagram.com/discord.img/ Looking for them active accounts to follow. DM me on insta and I'll Follow back. https://www.instagram.com/discord.img/


Hey guys! I always find great people on here to engage with so if anyone is interested follow me and I'll definitely return the love! Just let me know you're from Reddit. My page is all about traveling to new cities and seeing all the coolest sights! My latest video from Korea's Demilitarized Zone is also up so check it out if you're interested in visiting one day. https://www.instagram.com/eclecticemissary/?fbclid=IwAR0SJ8Xn-ImTtxQ_B8QgFtGSLPgg7GBQimpvri-wWxjRZ3ZlhIOxU7Idp_I


www.instagram.com/blytheycosplay Cosplay, photography and pets


[@CharlesButlerPDX](https://www.instagram.com/charlesbutlerpdx/) Thank you to anyone who follows! You have a follow back for life. 😁🙌💀☠️


[I](https://www.instagram.com/pidgeplays/) basically run two: [https://www.instagram.com/pidgeplays/](https://www.instagram.com/pidgeplays/) – my husbands gaming account [https://www.instagram.com/sarahbonddesign/](https://www.instagram.com/sarahbonddesign/) \- my design account


Hey follow me @suedesully. I post memes, and various photos of my travels. Follow me and I will follow back. Unfollow and I will unfollow as well.


Hello! I'm Nebojsa, 26 and come from Serbia. https://www.instagram.com/n.p.92/ On my page I post mostly only things from my life, a bit of editing when i'm bored, photos from travel and some selfies, but please read the following: I'd like to connect with people that share same interests with me, I posted here once before and got some cool people in the following. DO NOT FOLLOW if you're one of those who follow/unfollow, it's very obvious and I'm tired of that. Besides I check unfollowers+ app and I will follow back only real people that post meaningful content and like my stuff back. (that means no companies or singers/actors that have managed accounts).


Amateur photographer, based in Toronto. I'd love to connect with more of my fellow Redditors. :) [@chamsography](https://www.instagram.com/chamsography/)


Hi! Mi name is Joaquin Gomez. I’m from Argentina and I’m a track and field athlete. I need to gain followers to get a sponsor. So it would be very nice from everyone to help me. Pls follow me at: @gomezjoaquin_ [Instagram @gomezjoaquin_ direct access](www.instagram.com/gomezjoaquin_/)




Hey guys! I'm into street photography. If you enjoy my stuff then follow me and vice versa! :) [https://www.instagram.com/j2th3bee/](https://www.instagram.com/j2th3bee/) DM me to say you're from Reddit. Thank you!


Hi there! I've been experiencing so much troubles with IG and engagement lately, I don't know why I'm losing so many followers, probably shadowban (whyyyyy????). It would help if I could reach new audiences here on Reddit, as I can't do that on IG anymore ;( [@i.am.aggie\_](https://www.instagram.com/i.am.aggie_/) I'm a female sound engineer/producer from Poland, living in LA. I'm focusing on color schemes, aesthetics, cool places and photographs, healthy lifestyle. I'm usually pretty active on stories and try to edit them beforehand so they're cohesive. Check it out for some cool photos in LA and places I travel to. Thank you!