Did I really see this person concerned about sour cream “going bad” in 10mins? Some people have never put away an order from Sysco and it shows.


Last time I checked, sour cream came soured from the creamery.


Like that person never done food service. The danger zone is FOUR hours. I mean. Dont aim for that but an hour or less is fine.


A long time ago I stocked at Walmart. We left the sour cream out a lot longer than 10 min 🤣


I was gonna say this! 😂 If they only knew how long stuff actually stays out when stocking.


they really said that 😂


I am living for this comment. Everyone needs to put away a large food service order at least once in their lives.


If people only knew how long their groceries sit at room temperature in the store when being stocked. Especially overnight


They’re “traumatized” by watching you get groceries in a manner they don’t like???


Yes this is the part that sent my blood pressure way up smh


apparently lol


That's exactly why I don't scan SHIT til I've got it all. Less time to pitch a fit over nothing. I do agree with doing cold last, but like this is way over the top


i’m glad you all told me this because it’ll prevent this is my future orders 😂


Lol yep definitely. And it also avoids stupid questions about obvious replacements lol


Like having them over your shoulder the whole time


I'll grab the cold stuff if I pass it on the way to other stuff (which is usually the case) and keep it in one of my insulated bags until I've shopped for the rest, then scan it all at the end before check out, no one knows the difference. I've always feared a customer responding like thia but have never seen it lol


The OPs experience was absolutely terrible & customers should never be that rude, but I do both shop instacart (full-time for a while too) & order as a customer & it does make me frustrated as a customer when a shopper doesn’t give me any time to ask about replacements bc they just shop it all without scanning then do it all at once & head straight to checkout. I get why you would do that bc of stupid situations like this & I’ve had shitty customers when shopping that are sorta like this post albeit on a lesser level, but at the same time, doing that just completely removes the customer’s ability to work w the shopper to make changes. & since I’m a shopper, if I’m gonna ask a shopper for my orders to change a replacement that I don’t like or look for something & send pics, I’ll always up the tip by at least $5 more. So anyway, I think the better way to do it is to at least scan in the non-perishables first then scan in the cold stuff at once towards the end if you’re gonna shop them all first & give the customer a couple minutes if they had any replacements.


Lol omg privilege


I too was boxing with the air around me reading that part of the text. The ff is wrong with some of these customers? What do they think happens if they leave their groceries in a car while running other errands? Eeejoit.


Boxing in the air. This. 😂


Most of the stuff customers talking about spoiling in 10mins is stupid. The only items that’ll go bad would be ice cream. Anyways, that’s a hard cancel for me.


I worked in a grocery store. We were allowed to leave pallets of frozen merchandise on the floor for 2 hours at a time. 45 mins for ice cream. These customers have no idea.


For real, all items are left for an hour on the floor sometimes. Were given 2 hrs, I obviously try not to let it come close, but yeah. This customer is crazy


Funny part shopper could grab all these items, scan it at the end, check out and deliver it an hour later and I’m sure the customer wouldn’t bitch about that 🤣🤣🤣


And if you told them this, they think you're lying. And if you showed them video proof of it, you actually wouldn't even get that far because they're impatient as hell and would just yell at you.


Yet they aren’t worried about the 10 mins to their house 🤦‍♀️


Haha I just imagined them synchronizing their watches and starting the countdown the moment they pull the bread from the freezer. The dramatic sprint to the car and peel out to beat the clock and get home before the bread turns into a pumpkin.


These types of people need a serious chill pill. Like your food will be fine Karen. Also does their food magically stop the rot process as soon as it reaches their house? 🤦‍♀️


I think the actual “bad time” on chicken and stuff is like an hour or so. Also technically the ice cream wouldn’t be bad just melted. Pop it in the freezer and you’re good to go soon haha


Re-freezing ice cream rarely ends well, but you've got more time than you'd think for other perishables. Health inspector says we can leave food out for 4 hours at the restaurant before throwing it out. Probably won't be very *good* at three hours forty five, but should be *safe*, in theory


Yeah I knew it wasn’t very quick. My mom probably told me an hour just to be sure


Refrozen ice cream is nasty. You get ice crystals all over it and it ends up being crunchy.


Yeah the only thing I wait to grab in the end is Ice cream just cuz it would suck to have it melt while shopping for an hour. This is cray.


Last summer I had a double with Ice Cream. A was a 20 minute drive across town. B with Ice Cream was a block away from the original store. Same store, the girl answered the door with an expression of loving excitement a husband wishes his wife would have when coming home. Of course she rushed right past me, it was for the Ice Cream I had just delivered.




Ezekiel bread is perishable but ten minutes is laughable.


Just imagine them trying to make a sandwich. Do they leave it in the freezer until the last minute? Do they eat the bread frozen?


I wonder what kind of bread even needs refrigeration


Disgusting bread. I've had it. It's gross. Supposed to be "healthy" but I'll skip.


It is gross AF maybe the customer just doesn't like the bread ..oh oh maybe it's a wife saying to her husband to eat healthy and he's like " but the bread went bad" cause who really wants to eat that cardboard stuff, I love a multi grain bread but that stuff is a big ole no


They were purposely being difficult. I’m immunocompromised. I am a shopper. I am also a respiratory therapist. It’s bullshit to try to act all helpless because of that. Yes, you should shop cold items second to last and frozen last, even with a bag but they were obviously not being reasonable with you at all. It would have been an instadrop for me too. And the next shopper will see this convo, and hopefully drop their asses as well because you know there will be no pleasing them. And I did not find your responses to be rude.


Cold items second to last *as long as they are all within the shopping order*. That’s my one exception. If they are on opposite ends of the store, or behind a counter (deli, butcher, etc) it actually takes longer to bounce around trying to get them all at the end than it would to just make one circumnavigation of the store. I try to never backtrack if I can help it. Frozen is an exception since it’s mostly all grouped in a few aisles and you can hit all of them at once at the end of the shop.


You are right, I do hit up the deli, tell them what I need and that I will be back to grab it, shop for my produce while they are slicing it then retrieve the items. And put them in my insulated bag. I don’t scan them until I start doing cold items tho.


This. I can no longer shop any other way. Not that I started out shopping much differently, but I did find that doing that one smooth route through the whole store works wonders. I can normally do a 40-50 item order in about 20min because I’ve learned not to back track. 👌🏼


I became enraged just reading this... im so sorry you had to deal with this. I would always cancel at the first sign of a complaint. According to customers, we're brainless morons until proven otherwise.


If they’re this picky; they should buy it themselves. Ain’t nothing spoiling that fast wtf


Produce manager here/ food safety certified manager Unless these perishables are out for more than 2 hours, maybe 4, no ones getting sick. She’s just being dramatic


yea she was, i’m a very fast shopper and was on time to complete that order in under 30 mins


Also, most shoppers transport the food in insulated bags to keep them fresh during transport


I know sour cream is already sour lol!


No matter what you did you were going to end up with a bad rating here. I’m not saying they shouldn’t want perishable done last but to continue to berate you. We can’t magically make things appear and disappear. Walking all over large stores respectful of other people takes a little time. I’m glad you canceled. Their next shopper got to see the previous messages. And I’m sure they were bombarded as well.


This bitch said they were traumatized 😂 I’m fucking dead 💀


Playing devils advocate here.. For every item we scan, the customer can see it. If you're grabbing perishables first, I can understand her concern, BUT (HUGE BUT), I can not understand the justification she used to be rude to you. By no means am I attacking you for it! I am simply stating that she sees what you're doing and it made her very concerned 😟 (and I clarified she was wrong for how she approached you about the situation). I am glad you stood up for yourself. Maybe she will learn to be a little nicer to those shopping for her when she's immunocompromised and in desperate need of groceries. As I am sure you plan out your batches, in the future, it would definitely be very beneficial to save cold and frozen for last. Soooo many customers thanked me for this, and even had a handful up my tip!


thank you for the tips ☺️ i’m definitely using all of these in my future orders


Assuming this os a Publix order... Do you have the aisle numbers shown in your app?? If so, that makes it easier to plan. If your app isn't showing you the aisle numbers or locations, try to memorize where one item is (that's close by), scan it, go back to dashboard then back to Batch. It generally refreshes for me. 😅 I usually do Deli (for hot items. Customers don't like hot items to be piping hot when it reaches them, and you might come back to long line that'll make you late for delivery), Bakery, non-cold produce, then hit up the dry items aisles. Cold items are usually along the wall so I can skip the frozen until I'm going back up the cold items. Then to meats, seafood, and lastly, the cold produce and deli. Walmart also sells an insulated tote can bag for 5 bucks, can always put them in your cart as you shop (saw many shoppers do this lately, very beneficial as well). 😊 I wish you the best hun! 🙏


WOW!!!!!!! Just bc they aren’t using bad words or attacking you does not mean they aren’t being absolutely rude. I’m glad you canceled their order.


Instacart is just surreal


First of all: the fact that she thinks things spoil within 10 minutes of you picking them up is rediculous. Secondly: what’s hilarious is on the customers side once you check out it says your groceries are safe in a climate controlled environment. That is LOL funny because I can only guess how many shoppers don’t use the cooler bags and just throw shit in their trunks. Probably most.


I could never shop for anyone else, as I’m not even very particular with my own shopping. We don’t have instacart, but do have pick up at Walmart and I LOVE IT! Just go online, order my shit and sit and wait for them to come out and load. I add no substitutes, as I don’t want them to try and guess on other items, but only miss out on a couple things. It’s a blessing. I always tip them $5, even though they say they can’t accept tips they always grab when I put in area groceries go. If we had instacart, I would definitely be willing to tip more, for choices on substitutes and having it delivered to my home. People need to be much more appreciative of having options and realize they likely are not as picky when doing it themselves.


You let this go on for too long. As soon as they started I would have contacts support and made sure they didn’t get their shit.


Exactly the reason I collect refrigerated items as I go, but place them in the top basket of the cart. I don't scan them until I'm done and ready to head to the register. The customer is notified of those items found last.


love this


For future reference, no matter how many orders you have, always shop for perishables last. That customer was a straight up lunatic though. As soon as I got the message about the bread I would have cancelled her. It’s not about the request, it’s her whole vibe.


yea exactly


OMG!! I’m in hospice. I have virtually no lymphocytes and stratospheric neutrophils, yet I don’t even think like that, much less say or demand it. Ironically, the customer is creating their own leukocyte storm by stressing out, releasing inflammatory cells and cortisol. How does one live like that?!? Two things I’m picky about: Serrano peppers and delivery to apartment door. (For the former, I write “no jalapeños pls; sub w/habaneros if unavailable.”) I’d be in constant crisis mode if I worried about all my ice cream. Being immunocompromised—or otherwise sick, vulnerable, frail or disabled—doesn’t give anyone the right to create a living hell for others.




lol have never cancelled in an order but this one… i would’ve.


it was my first cancellation too


Traumatized Lmao girl bye


“If it is in the cart longer than 10 can you swap it out?” So… what if your shopper arrives in 20? Do you throw it out or request a refund?


But why did you shop the perishables first though? If you have cooler bags, they'll be fine. In the future don't tell an asshole that you're working on other orders besides theirs bc it's all about them and they'll complain no matter what. I'd cancel in store and avoid the bad review.


I do have cooler bags which I should’ve mentioned but I wasn’t thinking clearly cause of the messages. I ended up canceling it.


Good for you! People are d!cks 😒


I know right


Even in an hour and a half long shop, I've never had any perishables get even close to warm. Maybe it's because my stores stay fairly cool year round, or because of how I organize my cart, but I can't imagine anything going truly bad in the short time you're shopping and delivering.


Depends on where you live and weather.


I live in Florida. The stores have air conditioning lol I keep all my cold items together. I used to take insulated bags in with me but I'm so fast now I don't even worry about it. I do use insulated bags and a cooler during transport of course, though.


Lol I shop how I see fit. I've never had any issues with frozen or perishables getting warm, and I stagger that stuff throughout my shop due to how Kroger is set up. I do keep all the cold and frozen together in the cart, and on the belt so it all gets bagged together. I also keep my cold bags in the car. Never had any complaints. Sorry your customer was so narcissistic and took it out on you. :(


Fuck those ppl


On the second message… Cancel ! Bye!! Tipped what $ 5 for 63 items. Got to be kidding??!??


Lmfaoooo what do they think happens when it leaves the store??


10 minutes?!?! Things can stay out for at least 2 hours. I’ve eaten things left out for 5 hours and was fine.


All cold and frozen items should be shopped last in my opinion, it's how I shop for others while working.


It’s how I shop for myself too. Seems like a no brainer.


Bruh a customer like this just needs to go shop for their damn selfs. They think they walk back and fourth in a store while they shop getting perishables last ?? I doubt it. She probably will end up getting banned sooner or later because not everyone wants to put up with that


i agree


A customer like this needs to go wolf down their food in the grocery aisle and then check out with the empty containers - because food safety. 🤪


This bitch probably paid $2 tip too


actually no tip 😂


i’m almost positive


Mental illness.


Definitely. I was coming here to say this as well. OCD type obsession/paranoia




If they’re so crucial, maybe they should just order delivery from another app or send someone they know to get it for them. Sounded like they just wanted to try and get more free stuff because “you weren’t listening” I can’t imagine the frustration with this customer.


Or maybe they should pay an Uber $30 to go to the grocery store, do her own grocery shopping and pay Uber $30 to take her home plus she do upload and unload the groceries herself


They still wouldn’t have been happy if you told them you had/were using insulated bags through the shop, they would still want their perishables last. If the customer explicitly did mention at the beginning to not shop the perishables first then still why would you…? I don’t think the customer was particularly disrespectful, more so extremely frustrated. Also you were not being rude to them. I don’t shop perishables first a majority of the time, even tho I have insulated bags. Definitely would not have told them after those messages that I’m doing a triple.


you’re right, i definitely should done them last even though i had the bags. i’m going to stick to that for now. thanks!


For times you don’t want to walk back and forth in the store you can pick up the item, put in insulated bag, but don’t scan till the end. Hope you get some better custys today! Make that$$


What a control freak!


Isn’t Ezekiel bread?? How would that go bad in 1 min!


I don't even know why you had put up with all of that. I would have just canceled the moment she/he started mentioning what to sho p for first(hell I would have never even accepted a triple batch in the first place)


Oh my god nightmareeeee


OMG!!! Did you contact Support and cancel their order?? I hope so, because this was straight-up abuse. Maybe Precious should just get off their pampered duff and do their own shopping!! BTW, I eat hummus and Ezekiel bread, and that's a total load of BS about those items going bad 5 seconds after being removed from the fridge case!!!


Wow...like that bread been sitting on the shelf for like a week...haha. what a friggin weirdo.


More like it's been in the freezer the past nine months.


It's possible the customer has some sort of psychological disorder. No scratch that. Clearly the customer has some sort of psychological disorder that makes them extremely paranoid about cold items going bad. On Wednesday I had just got done at the grocery store shopping for myself when I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be downtown in like 5 minutes for doctor appointment. Thankfully it's cold out in Wisconsin right now so I wasn't too worried, and thankfully I'm a delivery driver and happened to have cold bags for my own self in the back of my car at all times. So I put all my groceries into the cold bags and went downtown for my appointment and by the time I got home my ice cream was all soft and squishy but it was still perfectly cold and safe of course. And the Frozen foods were not quite so Frozen but obviously still plenty cold enough to be safe. LOL that would have been at least an hour and a half in the car not counting the 45 minutes or more that I wandered around the store with them in the cart... lol


there was definitely something different about them, possibly something related to paranoia. understandable, but it’s important for those to shop for themselves if they suffer from something like that, or have someone they know do it (if they’re afraid to go outside).


If they got time to watch like that, then they should just get up and go to the dang store.


I swear some people think we’re just robots! If you want something so specific then get ur butt up and go shopping for yourself. I know there’s some people who are truly sick and can’t go themself but this right here it’s just ridiculous


The entitlement!! I love how they only care about themselves, screw everyone else's orders. How long do they think the other orders will be sitting in the cart while you're busy responding to them?Then the time spent returning her items, refunding her items only to retrieve them again after. The level of service expected here will never be met. They need to hire someone themselves to run their errands if they are that particular and so easily traumatized.


Honest to God, shipt will deactivate you over things like this. What doesn’t matter to shipt is (1) you’re clearly being patient with this customer yet she’s making your job nearly impossible (2) you’re following all her illogical instructions yet it’s not enough for her and (3) you’re standing up for your rights as a shopper and not allowing yourself to be bullied. NONE OF WHICH SHIPT FEELS YOU HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO PROTECT. This would never happen with Instacart. They seem to have more respect for their shoppers and are very transparent with tips. You know ahead of time what your minimum tip will be so you can decide if you want to waste your time shopping for it or not. If an IC customer offers “0” tip, that order won’t get claimed until the customer amends their order to include a tip. Shipt throws their shoppers to the wolves. Anything you say to the customer other than, “Can I please come over to your house and wipe your a** for you?” Is met with criticism, condemnation then deactivation. Truth.


The only thing more ridiculous than this customer was your need to engage that shit, that's a drop right out of the gate.


What a privileged and entitled twat. I can't even imagine how much food waste her family contributes to. A loaf of bread, even Ezekial is not going to go bad in less than an hour outside the fridge. Also, I hope she doesn't eat at restaurants but likely does and because she can't watch them prepare her food she is able to eat it without being traumatized.


For ducks sake. I would have replied once and once only and said I shop how I see best fit.


What is a forager


Lol I thought is was a typo but it came up twice. Nothing on Google either, oh it's a brand of yogert.


I never tell how many orders I’m shopping for unless customer asks, and I never pick frozen or perishables first .


First of all, this customer is way over the top and dramatic. But I can kind of understand if they’ve had a bad experience with spoiled perishables - it’s not difficult to get those things last and it really is the best practice. What I’ve done is grab perishables, store them in my cold bag, do the shopping and scan all the perishables at the very end so it looks like I waited for them until the very end (: I’d have done this for this customer just bc they’re a pain in the butt. Or I’d have cancelled. Don’t micro manage me. Edit; sometimes I’ll even send a pic of the perishables in the cold bag, to reassure the customer they’re food is well taken care of. Especially during a double. I don’t do triples.


I usually find the items first but leave them in the fridge until the very end, then when I'm done with all the regular shopping I'll go back and quickly grab all the frozen stuff and scan it all in one go.


What a c-u-n-t


If that were me, I would have been in prison by now. Do they fucking forget we have instructions to get to where they live?? 😬 Oh.. you're a saint. I would have driven to their house and proceeded to do some very illegal things...


i’m dead 😂


Bro you don't need to be delivering anything💀


Oh good grief...


Now just hope they can’t rate you


That’s an impossible customer right there.




I don’t understand how people can be like this! Drives me crazy! I’m so glad I’ve never encountered this type of thing.


Just pick frozen items very last and keep all cold items together so they will stay cold. Ideally, you should use some type of insulated bag/cooler and ice packs or just plain ice. (You can improvise for the ice packs using old water/soda bottles that you've refilled with tap water and put in the freezer the night before). If you dont use ice/icepacks, have the cold items double paper bagged (as paper slightly insulates)


W T F 🤷🏽‍♂️ S M F H.... Cancelled!


You took to long to just cancel it …


What kind of bread goes bad in ten mins? Why would I want that


nothing goes bad in 10 minutes 😂 i don’t think stores would be allowed to sell anything that would


Wow. She was worrisome.


They are horrible smh as a person with anxiety this would have caused a break down for me. I hope you are doing well after this unreasonable demanding bratty customer


it definitely affected me mentally. i also suffer from bad anxiety (which is why i stuck in the convo for so long), i luckily came home to my esa doggos who calmed me ☺️ too bad they can’t come with me.


well i'm confused....were you shopping the cold stuff first?




No freaking way


She’s traumatized because her shoppers probably bought spoiled stuff to begin with 😂


So question here: what order does the shopper pick the items? When I place an order I do it in the order according to the layout of the store. So where I usually shop the store is setup in the following order: produce, meats and seafood sometimes bakery and breads kinda in that section), then dairy. The aisles with dry items are in between obviously. So I usually do produce, meats, breads dairy and then finally frozen. Either way I’ve never actually checked what order the shopper picks it up. I’ve never even checked my frozen stuff when it gets there. I only care that I received all my items.


Wow , what a douche bag


I bet the drive to their house and the time they take to unload it is more than 10 mins. They don’t need Instacart - they need Sysco to deliver from a refrigerated truck. Nothing goes bad in 10 mins. You can spend 10 mins in the check out lane. I’m traumatized reading her comments!!! Lol


From my experience too, it’s always the people that say they’re immunocompromised that are the most difficult customers.


And probably not immunocompromised


i would’ve cancelled after the first paragraph


What a fucking asshole... damn.


Omg sour cream last so long


This would be an instadrop for me, NOPE do not never do this. I have a blood disorder therefore making me immunocompromised. My rbcs and hemocrit are usually mildly low but due to enlarged spleen my wbc's (lymphocytes) are sky high even though I don't have an infection. Basically my body is saying OH HEY our body doesn't make enough rbc's and the ones it does make it is a lot smaller and dies quicker so we'll just overcompensate with more wbc's that do nothing. I HATE IT! It's a form of immunocompromisation. People think that to be immunocompromised it JUST deals with the wbc's which isn't true. But I ain't certainly going over board, they're just trying to make your life hell! You shouldn't have to take that. What about the drive to there? It might take more than 10 mins with traffic therefore IMMEDIATELY you would have gotten downrated because it's just a tinnnyyyy bit colder than freezer cold.


if more people knew that IC forces mutli-orders i bet complaints like this would go up 100 fold.


Coming from a person who is has various food handling and food management certifications. Food can be the what they called the food danger zone 41 degrees - 135 degrees for up to 4 hours before it’s considered unsafe to consume. This person has absolutely no idea about how the world works.


I…. I got a brain aneurysm reading that. Ezekiel bread does perish fast but like…. Not THAT fast. And the forager sour cream does not spoil within 10 mins 😂 tf


Considering it's not even actual dairy...


I mean vegan dairy CAN go bad (I’ve learned the hard way after 15+ years of touring I’m vegan so I cannot get food poisoning 😩) but golly gee… the client clearly has never been stuck in traffic in 90 degree weather


I bet they’re woke too


Dear Lawdy! I’m run like hell! It seems she needs a personal attendant, and a Xanax. (I almost need one just reading this!). Often I see shoppers complaining, and totally don’t agree with them, but YOU ARE A SAINT! You weren’t rude at ALL! And yes my all caps is me yelling! 😉. If this “customer” want to draw a map for the acceptable path and order in which a shopper is allowed to place a grocery item in their cart they don’t understand how IC works . I communicate a lot with my customers, but she had no interest in what you were saying. It’s honestly creepy to think she’s sitting at the table with a stop watch and a score keeping notebook. I just can’t! Yeesh


Someone needed to pay that $2 priority fee to avoid the bundle.


As someone else who is immune compromised, fuck this person for using that as a weapon and means to manipulate.


You guys just restored some of my faith in fellow shoppers. If this was posted from the customer the response from other shoppers would have been to rate 1 star and take the tip. The responses I’ve read have been very logical. In the future even if you grab don’t scan until the end. Also if you are shopping a store like Publix go to the deli first for chicken and ask them to put it in the warmer for you. Nothing is worse than going there last and they don’t have it. If you have to contact them for a replacement, grab what they have and put it in the warmer and at a reasonable time send them a message about replacements and hopefully it’s in what you have. Glad you stuck up for yourself and canceled. It’s sickening watching shoppers continuously take foul treatment because they are scared of bad ratings. Cancel them! The next shopper can see the comments and I hope they do the same


Am I just the only one that would have told the customer if they’ve had this many problems to go get the shit themselves? If you are so picky about the way you want your stuff, go grab it yourself(this doesn’t include those who are handicapped or aren’t allowed to go places, this is for lazy mfs)


You handled that way better than I would have.


This person must be a nightmare at a restaurant!


Never tell them you're doing a multiple order. Never even hint (especially with Boomer customers) that you are having difficulty doing your job. They don't need to know that. At all. Boomers love to do this kind of stuff, especially to GenZ. Simply getting the cold items last (like you're supposed to anyway per IC rules) would have solved this before it started and this interaction could have been completely avoided. Always, no matter what, project confidence and competency even if you have to fake it.


No, Ezekiel Bread doesn't go bad within 10 minutes. That's insane. Clearly this customer does not understand unsafe holding temperatures. Ezekiel Bread could sit out for two days and not much what happened to it but after that it might start getting a tad stale.


Maybe you should of shopped for the perishables last...?


Cancel it and move on


I do have words- INSTACANCEL that b!t(h 😃😂


Fucking asshole Im glad you asserted yourself good job


What a c***! Stuff doesn’t go bad in 3 seconds


It seems like no matter how hard you try or how good of a job you do, you’ll always have customers that expect you to bring them the world and still fall short. I would just say do your best on the next one like this and take the hit to the chin if they leave a bad review


Kindly, f**k them.


*ices Ezekiel bread in the cart and throws it through their living room window, straight into their freezer, upon arrival*


Go. Shop. For. Yourself.


Fuck that person


Frozen items are the only ones that would be bad after the time it takes to shop even if you got perishables first. They're being so dramatic omg.


That's who the C-word is for...


Annoying as fuck. I’ve grabbed milk first on most of my 2-3 hour Costco shops and been perfectly fine. And I’m in Florida lol


How are you spending 3 hours in Costco, lol? I've shopped 50 item doubles, with a flatbed, at Costco in under an hour. Unfamiliar location?


what a moron.


*traumatized* omffffggggggggg shop for yourself snowflake jesus chriiiiiiiiiiiiiist


Um I’m sorry but the customer is 100% correct here…. They may be a bit picky but can you blame them? I honestly think it’s reasonable to say please don’t grab frozen stuff before the last 10 min before checkout. I think they were being assertive (to use your words) to get what they needed done across as they’ve clearly been screwed plenty but need this service. Get dairy and meat 2nd to last and frozen the very last. If you can’t handle multipl orders properly, don’t take them. And you can refund items without them requesting first??


nah there was way more context to the situation. i did make the mistake of grabbing the bread first but i saw the sour cream on the way to the grocery aisles and impulsively grabbed because the customer started to stress me out. that was my mistake. as i stated in other comments i usually never shop perishables first. i also can handle triples, i do them a lot, never had any issues.


just grab & don’t scan the damn Ezekiel & forager and frozen shit till last few items. problem & headache fuckinsolved


and the app wouldn’t let me refund, i usually can


This customers a loon. But why did you tell them you can’t refund items on your end?


for some reason the app wouldn’t let me?


These are my favorite customers. They know exactly what they want and provided clear instructions. I guarantee I would’ve got a tip increase, a glowing review, or both. There’s entirely too much entitlement within this sub. It does appear that you haven’t been in the trenches very long so it makes sense why it was handled this way.


nah im sorry these people are the entitled ones and expect way too much for how much they’re paying us. i understand that some people might want certain things done a particular way, and that’s fine, but only when within reason. this customer’s sour cream and bread will survive unrefrigerated for longer than 10 minutes. they need to get a grip and be more reasonable and respectful.




I hope their immunes are compromised.


I would have told her to go fuck herself tbh


At what point did she even want her order to be shopped… I’d be afraid to scan anything at all. She’s insane.


Customers are getting worse and the tips are getting lower


Customers don't shop as Instacart expects us to. They are ungrateful and arrogant monsters.


I definitely think you handled that extremely well. Customers need to understand that we won’t tolerate being abused like this. As soon as I get messages like this I drop the order.


What an absolute retard tbh


They were not rude in any way. They did ask nicely and you were not responding. I know you were shopping multiple orders but that's still no excuse to not respond right away. You were the one being rude...You yelled at them with your very first sentence back to them by puting the (!) after. How do you not see how you were being rude to them and not the other way around. They were respectful in everything they said to you! You were not!