Lol I remember last year so many orders that you woke up and still saw the same orders from the night before


I remember that too! I even delivered one of those late night/early morning orders. The customer totally didn't know why I was knocking on their door that morning because they had forgot they placed the order..... because it sat for so long. Lmao


Lmao I wonder why they don’t just cancel it after 3+ hours past the expected delivery time


Lmfao! It’s 9:30pm my way and there are 11 orders available. Best part is, they are garbage tips or no tips and have been sitting there all evening. 🤣 😭 I’m not even picking up anymore orders for the evening, just enjoying the screen go bonkers every few minutes shifting around these shitty orders.


I loved seeing the same batches pop back up every 20 minutes but with a different store location/grouped order every time 😭


Yessss! They’ve been doing it all night and it’s comical af. 🤣


It’s the Super Bowl of instacart!


Same here!


Isn’t 20 the max batches they can show? I saw 20 all day.


On my end it was 20 for a long time, then 21 for like 30 seconds and never again. Maybe a glitch?


Maybe, anyway, yeah, crazy amount of last minute 10 item shoppers but unfortunately all the decent human beings who tip and are reasonable don’t wait until 8 PM the night before for stuffing and cranberry sauce! 😂


shoppers should have picked, yesterday, Wednesday to go on strike.


I got tip baited in one of these. I guess they realized that no one was going to pick up their order so they had to tip.


Yeah it was like that here in Phoenix. I stupidly did a last-minute batch at 10:00 p.m. It was a madhouse, hard to find things, and the two orders were apartments in not so nice neighborhoods. I wanted to cancel so bad lol.Thank God for His grace!