Haha very good … you made that look easy


Wow!! It’s Thriving


Stunning! Would you mind sharing your care regimen if you have a free minute? I also have an older Christmas cactus that’s pretty healthy, but it’s definitely a lot more sparse than yours and I’d love to do better.


Fair warning I'm not the original owner, I got the cactus earlier this year and followed the tips of the owner. -mist it every day or other day -it does like a bright spot but not sitting in the sun -give it a full water when it wants a drink. I wait until the dirt pulls at the side. Full drink means hauling it over the sink and making sure the water runs through and giving the bottom a bit to soak. This was every few weeks in warm months. It smells really earthy when it's watered and it perks up -coffee grounds on the soil and a bit of fertilizer between spring and fall, stop in October -deep watering at least 2x before bud season. That meant carefully taking the plant into the shower and using the lightest shower stream to rinse and soak it with lukewarm water for 30-40 minutes. Get the plant fully wet, leaves and roots, and make sure it's not cold. My last big soak was mid October (probably late) -adequate dark and cool for the blooms (it's ok with a little light further from the plant) I was pretty nervous with it this first year but the cactus seems to be in good health. Neglect it but learn when it's asking for water. It gets a little dramatic when it's very thirsty and I avoid letting it sit that thirsty. Easier to do with a smaller plant. This one is about 4' wide in places and it can be a challenge to haul around for care. It has stayed put since blooming with lighter watering to keep it perked up.


How do you do the adequate dark and cool for the blooms? Do you put it in a box in the garage or something? 😅 idk how else to have it dark and cool for long enough


I put it by the window and don't turn on the lamps nearby. I live pretty far north and we only have 9 hours of low light this time of year. Didn't cover the plant. Cracked the window in the evening for a few minutes to bring in cold air. It's also chilly by the window. It was important that it got the full brightness of sun in the day and low light at night. You don't need total darkness at night, I'm sure it could help. From what I saw the drying up + darkness at night together seemed to bring out the bulbs. It didn't start budding until the soil got dry. Once it started budding I made sure to increase watering. Now it's covered in buds and flowers


Yes tell us your secrets OP!


I put them in a reply to the original comment. More work than my pothos that's for sure


60+ years old but still looks fresh and healthy. All thanks to the caretaker of this cactus


I need advice for mine! Mine is my great grandmothers and my Nana had it in the ORIGINAL pot until I got ahold of it... I repotted it but its so ugly 😭 its never bloomed. I've had it for almost 4 years


Have the roots filled up the new pot? They really like to be tight in their containers


I believe so. It wasn't too much bigger of a pot


Beautiful. It's a few weeks late. If it's any consolation my Christmas cactus bloomed in late October, so I guess it all evens out.


It did start late. First buds spotted November 18, first bloom on December 14. I saw photos of blooms on Reddit before I saw buds. Plant needed good time There's still a lot of buds growing on the other side of the Thanksgiving cactus, and the Christmas cactus only started budding the last week. Going to have flowers for months! They pick their own time. Guess yours evened it out


that is breathtaking!


Cactus life goals. Stunning!


Beautiful! My grandma just gave me a propagation from her Christmas cactus


Nice! I gave my mom some stems to propagate and her baby plant is doing well, rooted quick and shot out new growth within months I'm going to try and make some more baby plants when it's trim time in the spring


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That's beautiful. Here's mine. http://imgur.com/gallery/mAaeIvp not nearly as beautiful but I'm pretty happy with it.


Neat! Yours looks like a Thanksgiving cactus to me


I think you are correct. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.


Thanks for being civil. You have a pretty plant and I like the white flowers! Totally different look from the pink I'd like to find some other color varieties like yours and prop them together in the same pot. Make a multicolor blooming cactus 🌵🌈


I think the white comes from not getting the soil quite right. I think the flowers were more red when I got it. Or maybe I'm miss remembering or maybe the shop did something to make them more red.


Gorgeous! I also have an heirloom Christmas cactus! However mine hasn’t bloomed yet :( I moved from NY to the South this summer and I think the weather still being warm is throwing it off and causing it to not bloom


Oh no! It probably is the temperature. You can get it to bloom either through light or temperature drop, and if it stays warm it needs a longer darkness


I might have to stick it in the bathroom for a little while lol


Wait, they told me that was a Christmas cactus. Which holiday is it for??




Wow that’s gorgeous


So gorgeous! Do you have any advice on how to keep a Christmas cactus thriving?


Good lord, this is one of the prettiest I've seen


Wow, what’s the key to making them grow and bloom? I’ve had one from xmas 2020 and still hasn’t bloomed. I don’t think it’s grown any new leaves either. 🥺😭


It is so pretty